03 12

  • waking up to extreme pedophilia. in-person 5.30 at the black car.
  • it all has consequences, and the 20 USD bills from Zurdo are traceable.

Historic Landmark Governor Mansion

That's going to be an inexpensive Uber ride. From MKE to MKE... but I think this is in fake MKE anyway. The BMO account is fake, but the person who wanted a chance... might have to pay some fee, but it's still the least expensive way to change fake money into real money. My money is real, even if I'm out of it .... but one month is long to keep my 8k payment hostage. For the AirBnB person, it's the only chance to get real money. However the BMO dude fakes it, I don't care. But he can only do it when he gets real money. Not for HTML illusions. No stalker gets paid. Since 03/20 latest, but most always had fake accounts.

  • No answer from MG - keep pushing
  • Login to Uber is not working
  • Normally, they get you a ride to the next place. I'll ask my case manager if they can help with that, also, because I literally had to spend all my money. We learned that the evil staff here who stole my debit card, has no intention to return it - but one month is a long time.
  • What they really meant when they said I did not pay AirBnB (which is nonsense... today, I added my bank account and paid with it, but until then, I paid via PayPal or card. You have to pay to book. I was the only one who paid. That's the truth. Always with the same money, likely, because only my money is real. Well, was for now.
  • The AirBnB person demanded that I register at an untrustworthy stalker site. This must be protected, as a homeless German clone stalker has access to the key codes. I know that all AirBnB are stalkers, but they normally hand out in shelters, and they do not install attack or other suspicious things at their homes.

That is the link I was forced to fill out. That is something AirBnB can NOT do.

ChristopherHello Sima,

We are happy to confirm your booking and look forward to welcoming you on Mar 25, 2024 at Midtown Milwaukee: Experience Comfort and Style in Our Airbnb Bedroom!-B.

To make you feel right at home, we will need some details about you.
Please fill in the information in your Boarding Pass here:

We hope you have a wonderful stay!

Additionally, I neither received a door code nor a link to an app. The "host" better fixes that. And you are responsible for removing all German homeless trolls quickly, because they wrote the last messages, in my mind.

That might be where they get their money stolen.

It's too much in a dead city. And I had to buy at least one suitcase - even though I own a house with my husband, have my apartment rented out to my ex, and then some.
The host gets his money, if they leave me alone.... the stalkers will pay, though, the German homeless who tell the stalkers here to steal my debit card and other payments.

Price breakdown
$34.48 x 31 nights $1,069.00
39% monthly price discount -$416.91
Cleaning fee $50.00
Service fee $74.55
Taxes $14.04
Bank payment savings -$15.53
Total (USD) $775.15
  • Pedophilia call day, FBI/cops are buys writing warrants for the arrest of callers the Army cannot take out immediately.
  • 5..30 at the black car has been canceled. Customer postponed.
  • I'd say the service is worth 600, and that's what I wanted to pay.
  • Independent of the host... you should get the German homeless addressed asap. They're all pedophiles. But the whole group is.

If you haven't done so already, please use the following link to access your check-in instructions:

This is the only way you will be able to access the unit.
  • that's illegal, the service is now deleted in the real world. The host will get his payment... at least I have to pay AirBnB at the time of booking. BIS 03/20 this illegal service that likely blackmails both, hosts and guests.

I wonder if I'm now listed as the host, but that's a gang stalker-internal tool. AirBnB knows I'm the guest.

Your check-in instructions will come to you at approximately 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time which is 1 hour prior to check in.

When you arrive at the home, you just simply click the check in button

That will notify us that you have arrived to property

To the property*

You are all set.

You can disregard any automated messages other than your check-in instructions that will come around 2pm

You will receive simple and easy step-by-step check-in instructions for access to the unit at that time

  • this only means I will have to have data on that day. If I cannot enter the premise, (that is 'not bombed, by the way), AirBnB will get me somewhere else. Kevin was not there either, when I arrived, and it was a little stressful to get the key box open. I understand that this time there is no key. However, this blackmail will be responded to accordingly. Turn off all Gs of the stalkers spamming AirBnB with their blackmail. If my phone would not work, I could go to District one and ask them to help with AirBnB.
  • AirBnB is watching. It's owned by Onision, too. They confirm that every booking via AirBnB is paid for, because they charge first. At the time of booking. You cannot book without pay. What happens via illegal (against the TOS) third-party-app and emails from a "Housing authority" (like, what do they have to do with anything?) is outside the scope of AirBnB. Stolen payments for hosts can be returned at the same time mine get returned. When the thief stalkers are dead.
  • pedophilia call no 6 or 7 today
  • constant Bluetooth bothering, and other intrusions
  • get everyone who messes around at AirBnB still, also, so that there wont' be thefts and problems.
  • You will pay for the sex calls, and that's the snake hissing. yesss yessss yess. We will kill all of you filthy perverts.
  • Next pedophile caller. Do you know what you pay in fines? And all the company you stole, bought with blackmailed money want to be owned by my husband. ... they write it in our names, but it's really my husband. Time of in-person meeting change requested.
  • coming in to the next pedophilia call. They're really showing - the pedophiles. For 1B each offense, I'm good. That's what I agree to being bought for.
Milwaukee: Experience Comfort and Style in for March 25, 2024 - April 25, 2024
For your protection and safety, always communicate through Airbnb.
ChristopherChristopherDear Sima ,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to an amazing co-host of ours, Tamara Johnson. Tamara has been with us almost as long as we've been in the business, and we couldn't be more grateful for her expertise and dedication.

Tamara is a nationally known educator and Non-Profit President and CEO, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. With her help, we've provided exceptional service to our guests and created unforgettable experiences over the years.

Tamara's passion for hospitality is infectious, and her commitment to excellence is unmatched. Whether looking for recommendations on the best local restaurants or needing help during your stay, Tamara and I are always available and ready to assist.

We're proud to have Tamara on our team, and we know you'll love her as much as we do. Thank you for choosing our Airbnb, and we look forward to making your stay unforgettable.

We are excited about your upcoming trip!

Best regards,

Corporate Housing USA
  • The host said to ignore the auto-mails. It's a strange set of emails I have never received after a booking. Like, the host doesn't have that many objects. Corporate Housing USA.
  • AirBnB would get me to a different object, if the German homeless mess up the entry. If money is stolen from hosts - I can only help it when I get my money back. My payments to any non-gang stalker or, in this case, a stalker who does not f' up, stick. The BIS copies them in the real system. However, as I do not want to be in yet another AirBnB or shelter, the German homeless pay high fees. I would have my 8K payment, my very filled accounts, but the German homeless had the non-hired staff steal both of my debit cards.
  • I'd be in our house on my island with my husband, surrounded by our resident Cartel's and representatives.
  • No guest can steal at AirBnB.. that would have to be a spoofed-on-spoofed website where stalker book.
  • That said, the stalkers cannot steal/steal it, just ... they cannot put your real money on your fake html-stunt account. AirBnB pays to your real account. That said, the 3rd party app is more than shady, and all German homeless must be removed quickly. I'm not sure why the pedophiles now call one after the next.. I'd have waited... but.. the cops stay on every call anyway.
  • micowave murder attempt again
  • too much rape and rape-lie talk. They claim guests had ripped off hosts. Not possible. Just try to book something yourself and cancel. Will still be on you card/PayPal/bank. I'm tired of this time waste, and I don't care what they believe. AirBnB will get me into a place, if I cannot get into the place I paid for.

That's one of their fake channels where they impersonate everyone... looks like the Heisenberg from another video?

Several went there.

Mariposa, the wife of this shelter's landlord and nearly as dangerous. Very loyal, too.

He went there, too:

  • Next pedo call
  • One attack after the next. The overheating is critical, though, might be only me.
  • Remember my curse: I wished for you that you will be only around people like yourself for the rest of your lives. Curse worked on us too, and we're happy.
  • Rapist group. Still German homeless clones.

Why, welcome to the family, Rolls Royce

A little fun... she was made a monster kid here, and the homless stalkers killed her, and nearly 300 Onision "dated" or "collabed" with.

That's the landlord, and he heard you say that my time is up.

Remove the "blur" ... do your "women" have little peepees?


It was not irreversible. Yet.

Then Shiloh came here.

Nearly 300 "leaders", if you want to call people like that Wesley Marks, Phil Provins, Snoop Dogg, Fauci, etc "leaders".

Of all the people I know, this is the one I would not mess with.

I forgot who she was supposed to impersonate.

Good riddance, Miranda Teabo 3 (or so)

Do they see colors? What do they taste? Our lab already has the answers.

Onision explains the current phase of the game.

Attacked in and kicked out of his facility, the shelter did not pay rent for. Good luck.
  • very expensive attack. We take all cocoa who wants.
  • Also, make sure you took control of alcohol and tobacco EVERYWHERE.. or we get into trouble with the governments.
  • And coffee... several heating up murder attempts - still buy homeless German clones, and they are OLD. You'll all die from old age, keep stalling.

I don't like "Bhavi"'s post mortem voice... most of the bots in this video were last seen on Holiday Island.

Larry June recently passed away? Is that sad? I don't know him. Neither does my husband, but he kept making bot videos of him.

King Fool stole from Pablo. Thoughts and prayers. Apparently, he had an accident while filming a bank robbery.

Except my father and sister-in-law and Griselda's 2nd man... the non-Sinaloa... were not really there.

The others were supposed to bring the money back after filming. I'm not sure what went wrong... the son of the thief, the fake bank director, is in this shelter. Doppelganger, too.

Maybe King fool just got arrested, who knows.

Berner was another poser who loved to pretend he knows my husband (but thinks my husband is El Chapo, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel), and is besties with B-Real.

All the stalkers impersonated either Pablo, my husband, me or Marc Veith. You cannot do that to Cartel/Vanguard.

Lenin Ramirez stole weapons from Guzman, and a horse from Sinaloa. The horse is fine... the Maria, I don't know. Lenin Ramirez paid the shellters 250k to leave me alone. We need the payment back.

More dumb homeless shelter cannon fodder waste our time. The heating up doesn't work for me.

BIS fine them extra, please, something where they hurt others, that should be safe.

  • Child-to-death rapist Snoop Dogg is botted in. My husband has never and would never film with him. Nobody of Vanguard would.
  • They keep scamming in Borderlands as if their life depended on it. Fines, please. These losers waste our resources x billions. Sick, sick, sick THOUSANDS of nobody-lowlife-useless eaters used to steal from the governments to pay for their "jobs" of killing us.