V will take 20T. See that you find them, BIS.

  • woken up by their necrophilia expert and pedophilia experts again. They tell her to be as evil as she can, blackmailing her with her right to stay
  • my laptop is dangerously heated up, through the use of the deauther tool and that means shooting electricity at me, because the laptop was turned off..
  • We're no psychos, and we will not torture/stalk your monsters fake wives and wives with peepees to death. We'll just kill them softly. They start to take over for their men, too. No, thanks.
  • For some time now, we charge the most dangerous stalkers we can find for stalking events, and we communicate via the memo what this is for.
  • Every hissing is 100k each. That's 30 x 100k from the last minutes.
  • We'll burn Peter Ganther's apartment before he moved in. Marc's too. Pablo, check if it's a new built for all houses where parasites keep coming back.
  • Every everything costs you. But it's just... a stunt, really. We take our money back when we find you with it.
  • Also, use a bot to check where this IP is blocked. Take all stores, 03/20, it's stuff they stole.
  • Thousands of them make our lives miserable. Maybe it's time one of you does the same to them.
  • Examples of things you miss for blocking me everywhere:
  • We got out in thousands today and burn their GMO shit, including all Weed. You knew it's illegal, and you had enough time. We need to rush, bc of the emergency that I again do not receive any payments
  • We take their life insurances
  • Please write into law, that for ten years (how long to you have to claim it? That's how long we need it, and Raoul will be clever to detect expected patterns.... i.e. they trying to cash in the life insurance in drag as their sisters (GROSS)). Pretending the inheritance is via proxy who died, too. Things like that.
  • R+V is our main partner in this. No payout without brain test/hair test and "ok." R + V had unnecessary costs for their Holos apps. We will make this one for free, we're their fixing other apps anyway. We'll make a life insurance scam detector, they can sell it. We take 400K each. We keep a copy of the code, it's owned by the bank, too. Ok, orders coming in #lifestylewithPablo .... R+V would like 500K, includes initial installation. Then, they'd like to hear (we had a mini Stammtisch of only nice people) if other insurances are interested in get-togethers. Informal, no stress, no obligation. I only know Alte Leipziger, UKV and R + V, really... ... realistically, R+V ... do you want to hang out with folks from Signal Iduna? Or more Allianz? There was another very unlikable, forgot the name for now...
  • I would appreciate if a cool insurance like our three from every country started an informal relationship. Let's add some real neural networking to the artificial neural networking. There's enough fees to buy one (has to be recommended by president/King/Cartel leader), but I will not get involved. It's owned at 2%... and .... I mean... R+V sometimes invited me for internal parties and things... so, I'll always care about my former customers and...... oh well, they'll all be my customers again, really, they all ordered intranet TFF (The Fortunate Few, accountability self-learning) and Fenix. Every insurance also needs to block the known illuminati list. Plus, I'm excited to learn how people without an ID could get all the insurances, not just with evil companies. Everyone at R+V is invited to a crowded get together at Erbismuehle. They need an hour or two, but please go now. They'll serve raw milk, bread with butter, filled jalapenos, coconut cake, French Garlic soup, and then some.
  • They told both dead stalkers in this room not to leave. It's everyone's right to stay in the room, but they normally leave. The thing is that I'll have to wait to use hot water. It will turn off when stalkers tell their trolls. That's their mind reading. Dead stalkers telling them everything they see. No wonder they are insane.
  • Necrophilia call or pedophilia call coming in. BIS, fine along.
  • You'll miss the actions we take to step by step remove the illuminati ability to harm us.
  • There were just two real/real/real murder attempt while I took a shower. My husband is running wild. if anyone, including you who read this, but know it anyway, know what I do. This has the most severe consequences for Americans world-wide. And people like me, with US passport, all need to be checked. Only one in the room.
  • My roommate complained earlier. They now have her on extreme stalking, too, and this will not stop. The old ones "who never did this and that" coming out now - they were still alive, and tons of leads and loot. Needed for the murder attempts, thefts, blocking me, and all the other stalking. All memos show the reason for the transactions, but I tweeted that ... weeks ago.
  • We need to check the background of all persons with a US passport and Americans (with a different citizenship.) I have an US passport, and I appreciate this very much. The more eggs we overlook now, the more millions or billions are dying next time. Every American needs to report to the nearest (or any, really) Zollamt in Germany, border control/customs in other countries, within seven days. It's not that many. Real and fake (ossi clone) Americans who "never did this and that", are doing it now, and it's a valuable lesson to learn now. We need to do what we can, and write the rest into law and stone before this releases us. BIS, please freeze all accounts until a check or until seven days have passed.
  • new rapist group... same places as always. They just let the same "program" run (but it's all manual), and different rapists target your breasts, vagina, back, everything. The last ones have died, but I cannot go through all of their rapists alone. Find more multiplicators. Check every "American"/"Canadian".
  • Also, check every German, and everyone who ever held a German passport, especially outside of Germany. All Germans who are in the US at this time, will lose their citizenship/birth register entry, etc, today, as they are proven illuminati. Germany offered free flights, when they told EVERYONE they must leave the war zone.
  • Game designer
  • no wonder they make bots from our people
  • How did he look? He didn't look like an illuminati, or did he?
  • Who is he? Except not Hedy Lamar's dad. Banker?
  • Please generously recover funds. I'm not sure why ... one of the really biggest stars of Hollywood, where people just say "The Garbo" is .... vanished from history. But who here is not, huh? I'm also wondering what her maiden name was, if she's from Norway (not Sweden), and who played in the 1930 movie Hells Angels. "Maiden name"... she doesn't strike me as someone who'd marry easily.
  • Who was she at the time that she's been considered for a leading role. That she has an accent was known, and it was rare they took someone with an accent for leading roles. It seems intuitive that "The Garbo" would have received offers like this, and she was a star back then. This looks like an illuminati "look faintly similar."
  • Please check Grace Kelly and "Princess Diana". Keep in mind that Royal Houses are an invention of illuminati, to steal belongings of my father. BIS and....... Kostya... a little support? Can they make loudspeaker and radio announcements to leave official and unofficial.
  • We still don't know if the whole planet belongs to my husband or so... BIS, can you take an inventory of what has been spent by Royal Houses? I know the Netherlands, Spain, England hardly spent. I think India signaled they kept everything, even though they had to put it to work.
  • 20 Trillion, also for making me sick and 200 hourly now stalking events.
  • Make a theft complaint, kill everyone who accessed Amazon. They try to steal the only 'expensive' thing I ordered.
  • take out everyone at Amazon, PayPal, BMO. The people with chances do not occupy buildings, and this is extreme stalking.
  • BIS - you cannot report a fraud transaction on BMO.

I paid with PayPal balance for an Amazon order. The Amazon stalkers first booked it twice, faked it on BMO, too. Now they have the German homeless in the chat, who cannot refund. You have no idea how we will escalate, if I don't get these two fraud payments back now.

They run a refund scam on my order, that they charged twice.

The charge is (Amazon chat)

You double charged me (via PayPal Balance AND BMO bank), and then run a return scam on my account. The image is below. I will get both payments back, but we're now going through a group of German homeless stalkers who access this system, but cannot make refunds.
I need 38,64 USD x 2.
You double charged, and then you pretend I returned, and faked a 5 USD refund, that you also didn't send.
The image of the return scam:
One transaction:
Transaction amount $38.64 USD
On BMO there's no ID.

And then on BMO.. how did the same charge get there?

  • only German homeless in the chat. We'll escalate in ways I don't even know yet.
  • All fake mental health cases get evicted today, status set to "illuminati, vogelfrei", accounts closed ... all fake mental illuminati world-wide.
  • dissolve all negative facilities.
  • BMO stalker pretended they cannot hear me. It was also German homeless. The Army has them.
  • PS: We will NOT make a case it's just them or them. It's all of them. The lowest layer always does the dirty work, but others are also just one reset away from sitting homeless on a bench, manually trying to scam a few USD, that cost them 1B times as much, but take money I need NOW away from me.
  • Yes, I requested to find the illuminati hiding in insane asylums. Who did that on my expense again, will leave, too.
  • They mess with Zoho, too.
  • All these stalkers are in mental health... what's their business accepting Amazon chat?
  • Now the chat is off. 03/20 fake Amazon. Get my double payment back, too, we unfreeze their last account when I get my payment back. I will have to get it from PayPal once, but not BMO. Amazon will have to refund that, or it was the last item they shipped.
  • Army, x all insane asylums they occupy. Why do I have to go through one after the next? The whole facilities.
  • Again, 03/20 all of Amazon, and freeze their account until they process my refund - or not. Then I get their account balance later.
  • Stalkers, if you cannot man the Amazon chat, does that mean you admit it's a spoofed system, and that Amazon long left the fallen US?
  • Get the facilities, too. At the minimum, they'd face a court trial for involvement in the mass murder conspiracy, but I don't think so. 03/20 everything.
  • If illuminati decide to listen to people in mental facilities, homeless people, that explains a lot.
  • Please process the lists with Germans and Americans from other countries, that do not have a real identity, and have not passed the check.
  • Get ready to turn the 3G off, for real. The German mental homeless think it's theirs.
  • We 03/20 all Amazon CS "salaries"... the theft will be cleared.
  • My teeth get attacked. I take Shell and BP. 2%, but I don't think the companies stay active. Like, what's the point? OPEC partner sell oil, someone transports it to a storage, from there it gets distributed. Doesn't have to be Shell or BP. Do your thing, BIS/Putin.
  • Also, please freeze all 3rd party everything at Amazon. How many dead stalkers drive for them in death hunts? When the thefts are cleared, I'm more open to ignoring you.
  • Also, Interpol and several local authorities write theft/scam/financial fraud/pedophilia/return scam/refurbished scam/SNAP scam, stalking, mass murder, spoofing a system with the purpose of isolating victims to kill them secretely, break-ins, and then some in your names. Yes, and cop killers. Bc you are cop and soldier killers.
  • Stalkers inform me that they are blocking me on Amazon. Turn the power off. (It's not Amazon... it's a hidden warehouse, and we'll bomb it today.) Army, remove it. They are guilty of extreme stalking, every single order, and they hide me.... by sending my parcels to fake Salvation Army in Indiana/WI first. All three warehouses leave today, it's not where my stuff is from anyway.
  • Is it worth it to steal 78 USD I urgently need from me?
  • Also, clean up every hour at MG, MM, and Neurogym. I have not received my January payment, but it's on PayPal since the 15th... well, we removed the like 99% of my commission they pretend to steal, but they fail to inform their other stalkers that they CANNOT steal. Even before I became the owner and boss of the Bank for International Settlements.
  • The German homeless stalkers emptied gang stalker accounts. They messed up their memory and used their account. The ones who forgot who they are, for instance, but also yours... did they tell you an insane sounding reason why you must not touch your account now? Yes. They're insane, you're insane. They use your money since 03/20 - not ours. I mean.. you see me going on about 1.08 (Amazon still owes me from my canceled Prime)... and you think they stole my money and I'm calm? You have not a cent of our money when this is over. We find money of Cartels you attacked so that they forget they have not been paid... but you could never get the payment in your possession. All that was planned for January 1st, but we caught it.
  • Your "fake FBI" account is the real FBI account. Just they filled it with "Heisenberg" money.
  • I mean, are you that dumb? You live in shelters, low middle class houses, in fear someone knocks and asks for your ID.... (which will happen).... how can you be so poor when you're so evil?
  • I still get daily fines for my blocked sites/accounts/bank accounts, by the way. You made me the richest woman in the world. Well.... it's a good place for networking, and I have all country leaders here for quick decisions.
  • We'll shoot 78 in the face, daily, until the theft is cleared. Army, you got the first 78? Who is laughing??? Freakin' Cartels. What's so funny about it? I think it's Pablo pretending he's Mark Thompson who is in trouble all the time for laughter.
  • On BMO it's pending, and you will harm yourself if you get BMO kicked out.
  • More teeth attacks and blutooth. Burn St Vincent, please.
  • 78 more tomorrow.
  • James, you have things in Brasil to address? Let's do that today. Elon.
  • The dead necrophilia person makes sure everyone could look in here. I don't think anyone does, but it's another daily stalking action, and I also could not sleep a single day since the extreme stalkers came to this room. I take for V (Shell and BP... they couldn't explain so we x it. I'm sure there's enough folks to transport oil from Arab countries to whereever.) The US HAS NO OIL. And there's no drilling anywhere without permission. All fake US permissions are revoked.
  • Remove all drilling companies and 03/20... unless they're authorized by the King of Kings or my husband. It's ... honestly likely that my husband owns this planet... and we... were looking for someone to represent. Maybe V was my husband's organization and money, and Blackrock the one of my father. Everyone still has memory problems.
  • BluTooth is going on my nerves. It's an immediate death sentence to order/perform any stalking action against me, including the necrophilia stalker and other dead evils.
  • We'll send 4 more B to every country. From Shell/BP. We hope, but do not require, because it's your money, that you spend half on repairing illuminati damage to the environment. You can also donate some of the 2B you might use for this purpose to countries where "Big Oil" went havoc.
  • We bomb out several orphanages. Monster in them. Over 600 world-wide. 03/20, too.
  • Fake COVID insane asylum homeless still going strong. They run out of things to do... just wait until the phones turn off. How about now?
  • My teeth are still getting hurt, blutooth disconnected/connected. We take all election companies, such as Dominion voting. Complete 03/20, fraudulent elections happened in nearly every country. We give them back to government, cleaned, and we'll charge 400k each.
  • More bluetooth bother. 03/20 all voter registartion places where fraud happened.
  • Still more. 03/20 all "schizophrenia", "bipolar", "adhd" and other illuminati diseases, and put "doctors" either on the kill list or in front of a court. The copis, in these war cases, don't need to wait or make a case. for "illuminati", you get the red carpet.
  • More blutooth bother. We take all buildings, according to a list Dave made. Castle, temples - all the tings where people who were told to steal my father's money, but didn't want to, "parked" money.
  • Any sale of products regarding fake diseases is highly illegal. Bourla, can you put a list on the live-stream? I understand that war is not fair. Just look at my situation. You will not be reimbursed. We hope all gang stalker diseases fall off, even chronic, but ... we don't know. Imagine how war normally looks. It's too much effort, and .. you cannot sue the government for temporarily being the loser of a war. It's a policiy war, fought through infiltrating from the bottom of the bottom.
  • Please write that into law. That war losses are just that, sadly. Governments... cannot heal if they have to give away the money they just received, and we need to stop the class action insanity anyway. Sue when you've been wronged. Not because you can take advantage of a company or individual. Governments can still do what they want, I just think they cannot afford it, and it cloggs the system again right away.
  • 03/20 and put on the list evil laywers, long, long list... ours contributed, too. Koch, Harttmann, Fuchs, Arnecke, Schauhoff and .. Stella (I cannot remember her last name.)
  • The next homeless hurts my teeth. Sitting in front of the insane asylum where he got kicked out. Baerchen.... vielleicht ein wenig ernster? (... the Hells Angels)... he's at the trash cans.
  • I still have no refund. My teeth still get attacked. It's now monster kids. Because they are ALL the same. They are rapists, too, by the way. They are everywhere where the goodness and deceny of others can be exploited.
  • Gypsies and others who made weird things... my husband and I just want to be forgotten. You get my parents back, though, for .. worship. No weird things, please, we're common street people.
  • Blutootth is getting too much. I also do not want to be in pain bc of a few mental health patients, monster kids, and other homeless without any value. No contributions, nobody loves them. What are they staying for?
  • I cannot use my headset like this. Onision.. Kai is crying, her teeth hurt, and then some.
  • They still hurt me, and it's still insane asylums. Are you sure you got all Aurora?
  • They seriously started another "rape to death" and another "drug" "show." Do you see how urgently they have to die? Ideally, before we see how they really look. The "Females" with their nasty peepee (can someone tell them that female humans.... do not have peepees?), their sweaty hands, bad skin, washed out look... maybe only one eye? Mabye the head form of a an ant? Some of them are... very much not human. Lab is still more likely (and confirmed for some lines) than 'aliens'.
  • We have reached the end of mercy. They blew me up completely... that's the "pregnancy" show. They say it's via poison they still put in food here.
  • Marc.. think of something. Ok, you are. Blow all of them up, too. They loved doing that to african people, and then claim it's when the stomach is empty.
  • And that's where your money went. Not "Elites" or rich people. Your taxes paid about 12 of them. Just... your government had to take loans.
  • That's a good thing to do for today. I still want my stomach normalized, and it's dangerous. They try to pop venes. Every stalker now gets into their "die from pain". Now.
  • How can I help to show you which ones to kill first? It's fucking homeless, Army, get it together.
  • We will now remove ALL fake credits and loans. Governments were forced to pay blackmail, pretending it's a loan, but they had to spend it mostly on the leechers. The professional homeless. Many countries will go to 0 debt. All African and South American countries are debt-free.
  • The others... different numbers, but no country has more than 30% of now.
  • I still need my refund from Amazon, an explanation of the return scam, and info how they make sure it does not happen again. BIS, 03/20 all fraudulent loan payments. Scam bounce with a memo "illuminati blackmail fraud" .. or something. Then... rename the accounts of the fraudulent lenders in Slut Mohammed, and... there won't be balance left, I don't think so.
  • 03/20 fraudlent class action law suits, too, put the "lawyers" on the list.
  • Someone will poison the water in the bodies of illuminati, until they stop attacking me. Or they die. I hope the latter, honestly.
  • Rape talk at me, still attacked. Please make sure everystalker gets the message, O
  • Run their rape and preggo "show" on their mothers, sisters, daughters, and grannies.
  • Did you ever 03/20 NATO payments? If you can still find some...
  • Raoul, can you turn off the spoofed German banks they put up? Time for some truth.
  • did we give that to Marc? If not, I take it 2%, but I don't expect many orders. Lockheed Martin... if not, a similar company.
  • Pls disable VMWare for everyone who has not paid (and similar programs), or who abuse a company license.
  • Read my thoughts regarding Holos, do it, and I post it later. Do it with Crystal Info and Reports, too, please, and that includes stolen AlterX licenses. If that was the name. Ok... just be careful with unknowing thieves, Bill.
  • Holos will format your disk if you run a deactivated license. Crystal Reports will attempt to put a BIOS password. Crystal Info will randomly change fields in your database. Microsoft... no idea. Bill wants to be full Cartel now, and ... the GeForce ....
  • Stolen IBM/Sun hardware ... will play Teletubbies from hidden space. Seagate drives, will do the same. Only stolen ones, though.
  • Hey, MFer... Bios locked? Try "Slut Mohammed"
  • Sorry, no, try "penis"
  • I said "try" not that it's the actual password.
  • IBM, can we kindly have an authentic Vietnamese speaker on the remote management support line? One-language person, please.
  • Salesforce.. can every call be announced as: "An illuminati involved on the mass-murder of billions of humans is calling with an artificial voice". What about other contact center software?
  • Hey, iBM... I didn't know you can format your database servers as FAT32. But is it clever?
  • What if you need more bifrost zombie network space? What if they can only use 30% of their storage (but don't tell them, just let them lose data randomly, like every USB stick owner)
  • Bill could you pull it off that every Windows computer tells the real rime? Probably not ,huh?
  • IBM Lenovo team.. you got a list of computers where "admins" entered "Slut Mohammed" and "penis" repeatedly? Maybe a Penis is just case sensitive? Try Penis.
  • Let's mess up data marts, you guys... every life insurance has only one customer, Slut Mohammed, and the salesperson was Penis P, the region is Eisenach/Eastern Germany. Same with banks.
  • Amazon chat is still down. Who has 78 ideas? Snowden? Bring it on.
  • Can every stolen phone(service) start with an announcement? "This call is from a Nazi clone who will murder you" I'm sorry for the rape-born. It's not fair to them. Would you prefer "The product of rape of a female human, by a non-human is calling"
  • Deutscher Bundestag. Go home. If you're not a hostage, you've never been elected. Leave the building in the next two minutes (no, stay, I'm just being fair to feel better about myself). Angels... all devices there are stolen. Our brands. They'd love for you to steal them back and do whatever...
  • Next Beamte cleanse round. They....... lurk in the Kanalisation and places.
  • Redirect all calls to illuminati to a central voice message, by James O'Keefe (of his A voice) explaining they are under investigation for calling a mass murderer.
  • Next tooth attack from a factually homeless who could still steal enough to pay their rent. 03/20, and that's mine.
  • We moved thousands of vessels, by the way. Some think they're still in the palace of my father, but they are either in a mass grave we found where the "Baerensee" was, or in a Schreber Garten Kolonie. There are a few more collection places. The Hattich is one, too. ... just a piece of apple tries, grass, a little trees.
  • They are running to a hidden port now. They think a ship went through. And it did. Our bad.
  • What? Who told the monster kids/wives/and the other contenders it's a "last illuminati standing" trip? Are you serious???? The new monster bride of El Taco killed the whole ship? Put her in snake pit.
  • By the way... Beto castrated the ... illuminati woman who uploaded the fake videos on his channel. Do we want to know how he castrated a female?
  • it's time again, Onision. Delete all their slut accounts. 20K fee (now at 60K) for illegal content, and a police complaint for being banned but making new accounts.

My husband collecting a bill.

the son of the MFer fake banker illuminati is dead - in this shelter.

I'm not sure what you expect from stealing a single USD from me. If you know I'm in a homeless shelter, and you know you removed my access to my money..... kill yourself, really, you just live in fear knowing we will find you.

Pablo, Griselda, El Chapo, my husband made these series. With support of governments. You have to pay attenttion to know who really got punched in the mouth or shot.

Oh, Boaz is the 2nd of the IT group, but... Raoul, pretty much moved to the background. He's busy with the bank, too.

Pepe is great, too. Married to Alice, he played (hard) in both, La Reina del Sur and Queen of the South. He's a street power with a hint of LinkedIn. Therefore, he leads a successful Cartel in Spain. Where we have a division of the Sinaloa Cartel (a massive one), and him.

He's here, too. You just can't see him (yet), if you're the past. Or have a VR on your brain.

They're not all here, but very many. All South America Cartel leaders, all German (except the Turkish Hells Angels boss and the German Hells Angels boss... hang out in the palace of my father and... SMOKE?)

Many more from Europe, the Chakuza boss came, and Ai Weiwei is a hostage here anyway.

They tried to rip off my husband, when he wanted to purchase Margarita for us. They put his name on their unlisted killer island. No way to or from the island. Until... someone made one. It's now Holiday Island. Venezuela confirmed that my island stays my island (it's likely just HAARP-flooded, or someting, but it stays an island.)

But only one laywer got shot during filming. They told me the other one is so trustworthy. I respectfully disagreed, after a while.

My teeth still hurt.

Put the dead prostitutes of the other pimp on a ship, too. Last dead hooker standing, but give them a Schlauchboot, they're not that many.

Our vehicle boss, a man of many names (he takes the names of mafias he takes out. El Santo, Don Vito, Al Capone, Sonny Black, Sammy the Bull), let only Alice live. That does not mean he let Teresa Mendoza live. Just Alice.

That also does not mean he killed Teresa Mendoza. I think she just ... ran. I don't know if Teresa was her name. The Sinaloa Cartel as a group complained about "the bossy one."

Then she was caught in the bed room of El Chapo, touching my sweater.

Last I heard is that "the bossy one" left the Mexico building 3 with 10k. Apparently, she got robbed right in front of the building.

There's no Queen of the South. There's one Queen, and that's my mother. There was an illuminati money changer in Culiacan. No Queen. No successful person. Just an electroweapon stalker, Kampf Lesbe.

Gang stalker Cortez killed the whole fake Armed IRS before he passed away. Peacefullly, to the sound of a chainsaw that cut him open. A maneater, like most of them. They really killed the gang stalker and ate him (only the live-stream sees the oriinal or who had my PCloud)... you can clearly see the fake Batman. The real one is fine.

The guy ... has a monster kid. I'm not sure why they did not want the real president, Epifanio Vargas to play. He played in La Reina del Sur. Cortez... evil. Sadist.

By the way.. the guy they ate in tacos.. he had an apple in his mouth. Two of the first thieves in my room were last seen with an apple in their mouthes, too, but then nobody could see them. Someone stole their apples, but not them.

Cortez had four incidents in the series. A fire attack (fire on kerosin), this show case, an attempted takeover, and then a chainsaw.

What do you mean, Castel dearest? You're the 2nd man of Pablo Escobar. That's.... extremely high.

There were two gang stalkers who called themselves Reynaldo - but they also have 7 Wes, 7 Jeff, etc. Hell knows that that was about, huh?

Oh, I forgot this. By the way.. the two compounds of "El Santo" - a gang stalker boss who had folks live in jails.. anti-civilized with hens and cock.

all wannabe dealers had a lifestyle accident, following a government intervention (including La Capitana)

He wanted the homeless dead, too. Monster kids was not for pedophiles.

What to do now? Next attack on my teeth. Take out the "Hanau Massaker" places, please.

This has Zurdo Villa, our Argentinia boss. And then a former competitor of Pablo. I'm convinced it's the brother of my husband. And he was looking for me. I "know" him from La Reina del Sur.

He leads our second Colombian Cartel. They stay focused on Cocaine.

everyone looking a little cooked up and stalked... all feeling better now (except me).

Oh, look, the guy who stole from Pablo again.

Dying homeless and mental health cases still attack my teeth. Freeze them, please, and age them 100 years.

They say that's Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, a dead ex leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.

PS: I take 2T for the attacks and blutooth stalking.

This is the only real/real image of Pablo I know of.

That's his only son (currently a little older than his father, but.. that should fix itself). He's the President of Colombia, Juan Pablo Escobar.

THIS is El Chapo, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. Aka Scorpion King. He's here. Why would a grower from Colombia lead a, in comparison (before they got involved in other topics) smaller drug seller Cartel?

Chapo... here's a bot test. Oh, look, they have the same panels and lights.

Wait, this was just a bot check. He's here often, just not in my room. V are no rapists, they don't do anything I don't want.

He came here for me, too, right after Pablo. It appears many people were looking for me... Maybe my husband wrote a book as Nostradamus or something. That's why he "vanished", and my husband sent his father to Sinaloa MX 3, to cover for Chapo. However, they ran into a hostage situation. With "the bossy one."

The Army and my husband are looking for you, to kill you.

That's my ex. Marc Veith. He will kill you.

That's my brother. He will kill you. The Army, law enforcement, EVERY Cartel in the world will hunt you.

That's my ex ex. He will kill you.

That's my parents. They will kill you.

And then Guzman is the President of El Salvador, aka El General and we have our Mexican WEAPON salesperson.

I dont have real images of both. Guzman has never been arrested, by the way. Pablo... made a joke. This was HIS jail.

Interesting house, too.

They ordered a death hunt on me, from my great friend. He killed the one who ordered. He ordered in person, for "The Queen of the South." RIP "bossy one."

He's Hashish, but he's also the leader of the World Army, with La Capitana as his second.

I told you I'm not her.

At the end, the person confessing, Eugenia impersonated me. I did not know. Onision did.

She's doing fine.

Remember: Your new landlord, but you kick me out.

  • the terror is another 1T. It's too much.
  • BIS Kueez Entertainment LTD

His wife, Mariposa, is nearly as dangerous, maybe more civilized. She f'ed up the ones who did not damage their brains, with liquid cocaine. A mix of flu medicine (they put tainted cocaine in there that attacks white blood cells, Aspartame, and Fluorid.

  • they still blow me up to get an arterie to pop. I take 2 Trillion for it.
  • General.. the kids need you in Germany. It takes too long. I'm in pain, and it's dangerous. I look pregnant. My skin will also not recover. Kill them.
  • 1T because homeless took it upon themselves to prress on my bladder. They're there since the death hunt. So they were there to kill me. They'll get my death hunt now.
  • Germany... you let three illuminati mass murder into a shelter. This will blow up now. Lesson for the next involved. That's why they can still attack me. Everyone who knows about it, leaves, too. You made your pick in "good" vs evil.
  • Hand over a list of the lowest levels you wrote off.
  • The attacks are getting more.
  • Onision, quickly, make sure all penises are visible on the foreheads, and everyone in Germany knows it's illegal to give them as much as a cup of water.
  • Please give them a sepsis top-up. They attack only me now.
  • The have Mexican fillings. Use this weapon.
  • New law: The sale of any electronic weapon (may it be a 30USD infrasound weapon or professional tool), is illegal, and it comes with heavy fines. Using an EW on a person just once, is a lifetime sentence, unless you're an illuminati, then it's a death sentence.
  • borderlands crash
  • one attack after the next. That must be Trillions. Expensive hobby to have written-off stalkers who don't listen to you, and who you cannot reach, by design.
  • Take out all illuminati in the Amazon queue. They just blocked me, by the way, and it's not helping. Onision, it's time for you CS bozos to leave, too. BIS 03/20, and they are grouped. You should have stopped the murders.
  • I cannot start Borderlands anymore. Kill them. Again, please reclean at facilities where you were, such as Steam. YOU KNOW parasites leave eggs behind.
  • The terror noise is the loudest again, Sinaloa. You get 1B, and you pay me 1B fine. Ok?
  • We will not begin the world-wide Amazon cleanse, all overrun countries, please dissolve. They are grouped. Thanks, Onision. Take them out.
  • They manually mess with my controller. Elon... please write on a piece of paper that you every 8 hours reclean every building we emptied.
  • The game keeps freezing now. Blutooth stalking.
  • I now take for V.... BIS did the list from the Tim Gielen movie, thanks for that. All major dance studios. Dina can lead them, I recommend to add Marlene.
  • Remote power shell. Again. BIS, keep charging.
  • Log Name: System
  • Source: Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig
  • Date: 3/17/2024 5:22:38 AM

  • Event ID: 10002
  • Task Category: None
  • Level: Warning
  • Keywords:
  • User: SYSTEM
  • Computer: SM
  • Description:
  • WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped.
  • Module Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mtkihvx.dll
  • Event Xml:
  • 10002 0 3 0 0 0x4000000000000000 374201 System SM C:\WINDOWS\system32\mtkihvx.dll

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM
Date: 3/17/2024 5:23:04 AM
Event ID: 10010
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: SM\Sima
Computer: SM
The server Windows.Gaming.GameBar.PresenceServer.Internal.PresenceWriter did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.
Event Xml:
10010 0 2 0 0 0x8080000000000000 374202 System SM Windows.Gaming.GameBar.PresenceServer.Internal.PresenceWriter

Is that how they hijack?

Log Name: System
Source: BTHUSB
Date: 3/17/2024 5:12:18 AM
Event ID: 16
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: SM
The mutual authentication between the local Bluetooth adapter and a device with Bluetooth adapter address (c4:56:4b:98:ff:e7) failed.
Event Xml:
16 0 2 0 0 0x80000000000000 374195 System SM (c4:56:4b:98:ff:e7) 000000000200280000000000100005C0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 3/17/2024 5:11:58 AM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: Application Crashing Events
Level: Error
User: SM\Sima
Computer: SM
Faulting application name: Borderlands2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x62e434e8
Faulting module name: Borderlands2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x62e434e8
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00b3d0a7
Faulting process id: 0x0x1C7C
Faulting application start time: 0x0x1DA785B45E397FA
Faulting application path: G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32\Borderlands2.exe
Faulting module path: G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32\Borderlands2.exe
Report Id: 80d5518f-d234-449f-a431-fff54e684fda
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:
Event Xml:
1000 0 2 100 0 0x8000000000000000 38146 Application SM Borderlands2.exe 62e434e8 Borderlands2.exe 62e434e8 c0000005 00b3d0a7 0x1c7c 0x1da785b45e397fa G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32\Borderlands2.exe G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32\Borderlands2.exe 80d5518f-d234-449f-a431-fff54e684fda