• clean up MG, no response, keep cleaning every hour, until they do their fake job, or no new parasites enter
  • the nasty pedophilia call you listened to woke me up
  • 2nd "kill you now" group. All Germans. Only Germans knew about the princess thing, and Persia perhaps... but they looked into that a long time ago
  • I'm not getting more fines than the BIS can find loot
  • That I'm being told my time is up, and they (for the last time) fake-evict me with "paid rent" (as this belongs to Onision) is the most painful mistake they made in their lives.
  • Remove the ASN of in the spoofed system, too
  • They put something into my hair shampoo that allows them to attack my hair
  • all the German stalkers are LONG, LONG, LONG dead. They know that. There's only dead and victims at all still open shelters. By removing me from here, the risk assessment changed for people who will use the weapons next.
  • I'm convinced now that they do not look like humans. Not the dead, not the clones, not the half-artificial. Too much is like animals. If you revisit the classic image of an alien... is the head form that of an ant?
  • I don't want to see them.
  • I'll say it one more time: No shelter has paid their rents, and any non-V should leave. Hired staff may be there until the Vs are gone, that's it. You are legally evicted, and you're only keeping the Army out with a simulation... it does not mean nothing happens to your vessels (or mine), it just means you do not know.
  • My food and drinks will stay poisoned, until we eventually get them back. Any food that Amazon had for me is mine.
  • Who delivered again to stalkers, did not use the chance they had with us.
  • You should get more careful with offenses, you can hardly pay the fines anymore.
  • The constant blutooth intrusions.. we take all legal stuff around this topic. Snowden Thomas, define a standard, define how to detect/handle intrusion.
  • All countries: please put into law that "was der Volksmund nennt" black magic and voodoo come with a death sentence. Word it as a conspiracy of a group of people to the disadvantage of the human race or another group. Also, a death sentence for everyone who does not dispose properly of corpses. I'm stalked by dead people.
  • The typo and blutooth master.. extra fine, BIS. "they just want you to do this or that".. just die, creepy crawlers.
  • They still charge 1B for Borderlands intrusions. Hope it's worth it.
  • I'm running low on soups... stalkers say "delivered to mail room" is more stalking. Also, they sent a message that the water is recalled. I will need a refund for that. We remove all SNAP from Germans in the US now. Then Joe Biden will refund me for the newest stalking actions. I hope my soups are here, I go through 8 130 calories soup in no time.
  • All SNAP fraud gets 03/20ed. Nobody, really nobody, has any business buying/selling on Amazon, bc Amazon long left the country. Except whitelisted, but they don't order there. The Trish I last met is dead. If that's the same ("we just told her to wear a different wig") they are not listed any longer. The person I met this Monday is dead. I'll look for my soups a little later, and tomorrow there's the next horror meeting. Every meeting was abusive, and I was called a liar while the other person lied. I was disrespected every time, too. It's too dangerous. We cannot leave people they can 100% control.
  • They have over 270K non-humans on giving us cancer alone. Your tax dollars pay your disease, your fake medicine/surgeries, and, finally, your murder.
  • They cannot give 100% Aryans cancer, though, but (as you see in my example), they can make us very sick.
  • Microwave attacks, several rape talk, intrusion and EMS attacks. Stalkers saying they are my husband. Long dead, German ossi clones. Not even humans. Fines keep running... for every stolen bank account, every fake-blocked social media account, and every site they took down or I'm blocked from. 1b every hour, as it's to isolate me to murder me without your knowledge.
  • they deleted emails 1b each, one head from each
  • BIS loots along. Check the live-stream.
  • Everyone knows what's going on here. Only few whitelisted won't be reconsidered (all Latinos are good, all Vs, all bosses). What's going on in this room today, I stop talking about it. All staff that knows about attacks for weeks... thank you for another "I will kill you" day.

Time is flying, when you're in the matrix.