• I just have enough of all the scams and stalking. The Amazon stunt will have consequences. Fraudulent Amazon "customers" who put their return scams in accounts like mine, the few who actually pay their orders, get kicked out. They are long deleted in the real system, this is about the spoofed. I have not received my refund, just two more dumb messages, that I do not have to read.
  • Stalking on all-time-high here, with necrophilia and other dead worker ants.
  • Do they realize they pay for every Borderlands stalking? It bothers me... and YOUR TAX MONEY paid thousands of them just for being in the game, shooting women (who they then killed/raped in real life, too)

A tracking experience in fake Milwaukee

Delivery by Amazon

Tracking ID: TBA312131015964

Sunday, March 17

4:11 PM

Package delivered.

Milwaukee, US

10:40 AM

Package is out for delivery.

Sturtevant, US

3:05 AM

Package being processed at carrier facility.

Sturtevant, US

2:58 AM

Package arrived at a carrier facility.

Sturtevant, US

Saturday, March 16

9:07 PM

Package left an Amazon facility.

Waukegan, Illinois US

1:21 PM

Package arrived at an Amazon facility.

Waukegan, Illinois US

10:31 AM

Package left an Amazon facility.


8:13 AM

Package arrived at an Amazon facility.


Friday, March 15

5:41 AM

Package left an Amazon facility.

Baltimore, MARYLAND US

Thursday, March 14

10:24 PM

Package arrived at an Amazon facility.

Baltimore, MARYLAND US

Carrier picked up the package.

  • immediately temp disable before you can remove. I'm getting sick from so many evils connecting to each other over my head.
  • several attacks, now they are attacking the fillings again, they made in healthy teeth... I take all microwave technology and holographic technology. It's war technology, if you think about it.
  • Now the next murder attempt I take 1T for V
  • I'm still blocked in the chat or it's still off. Cops, can you try, please?
  • For several fake and artificial diseases, I charge 10M daily. The fake COVID guys... put them on the kill list, it's enough.
  • And the blutooth guys, too.
  • 20T (yes, they found so much), bc I'm being attacked with, likely, medium range infrasound, and I feel like I'm about to die.
  • They always murder like you see them try to murder me. They isolate the victim, take their money, they cannot reach out for help, they get kidnapped to a fake, hidden place, where EVERYONE is involved (minus a few victims), and then attacked and raped, until they die from diseases, an attack, or end their life as the only way out. It's murder in either way.
  • Pablo, please remove the rapist group from my breasts, from inside and outside of my vagina, my belly, my back, my head, and the ones pretending to lie/sit under me. Age them to death.
  • That's their 'drug death hunt' again, with the rape "show", the pregnancy show, and the regular "we will kill you in this "session" or we don't get paid. You'll get paid alright. Just wait, they'll come and pay.
  • Electricity and water must be owned by trusted or governments. Who wants it? The Energy group is willing. Including Trump, Putin, Opec, and others. My father... had to join the Energy group, because of the strict "no career politician" (or even KING of KINGS) in our V connection. It's also very strange to have your parents with you, in a situation like this. I don't even want to know how much they suffered, and the blonde raped my mother, too. He's dead, but... he still runs around and steals food from victims, and space from victims.
  • I'm not sure what's the shocker now. This is known to everyone since last December or even November. There's a 100% trade embargo on the US. It didn't start like it, but every week you kept me hostage, and the world witnessed you rape and torture me, stealing my money, knocking my teeth out.
  • If I survive, I'm glad they got me. It's how all the others died, too, only they don't have this ex and this ex ex and these customers/collegues, etc.
  • Nobody can sell to a list of countries. The V embargo on the US is for at least 100 years, possibly forever - NO MATTER who takes this land. .... maybe there's things we don't know. If there's a devil country, it's this. What is this hell hole even? "Godless void"? Where's my husband? He's here, but he's not here.
  • Never again oil, alcohol, tobacco, gas, weapons, cocaine for the fallen US. It's a challenge for Vegas, I recommend creating the bestest brand. That would be the only thing I would allow. Selling is easier for them than buying, they just have to deliver before payment, or it will have to be an escrow account. The gold is fake, the USD is illegal, the bills here are fake, there's no bank, and there's a banking boycott, too, for at least 100 years. The illuminati stole all money of all US banks - just like you see them do with me, and then murder me.
  • We send the final payment to every country in the world, no matter how much we might still find (we might reach the end, I think)... more would be a risk for the markets, and we can only send another final HUGE payment, because everyone was shopping, getting the money to the people.
  • I hope you will always somehow ... not know/know but know, that V loves you. That's really the only thing I want to change in history. I feel it's my right to be anonymous. I'm the BIS boss, not an actor (and I'm not saying you should lose your right to privacy, Fredo, pls suggest anti-Pararazzi laws), politician, or in a profession that invites cult of personality or visibility. I neither want to be praised nor dissed. Just not talked about. My husband is the same way. We're loners. To a certain extent.
  • I do not want my face out there, always hated images and videos and rejected them, as good as I could. Don't want you to say my name if you don't meet me in person. Fair? Because of the things we're responsible for, the group who knows who we are must stay small. We might hide, if that's technically possible. All of us have been hunted, harmed, stalked most or all of our lives, because of our skills or something else we have you wanted. Humans were influenced. They screamed "death to anti-vaxx", about an artificial disease and a bioweapon. That's how fast it can go.
  • Please work on fierce privacy laws. It's not hindering law enforcement. What's hindering law enforcement is that we were outnumbered by criminals. A healthy society can afford a few black sheep. Even as a stalking victim, I never said that what's happening to me calls for taking everyone's privacy rights away. Even the IRS or law enforcement cannot look things up. Or get info from my bank. You gotta file a case, and we'll check it is a case.
  • Lottery .... Pimp America, you take this topic? Names of winners must be protected. Please talk to Bill Gates about a simpleton OS with fewer risks.
  • That's really it, though. Go, produce tobacco and alcohol, and live without cocaine, or order grape sugar in another country, if they sell. Not now, though.
  • Law enforcement is with us. They know.... they are human, and if they can, they'd snoop around after an ex or something.
  • They crashed Borderlands twice, after I defeated a thing called "The Bunker" .. what losers. Your tax money paid for hundreds of thousands just bothering you everywhere online.
  • microwave murder attempt for 20b
  • Every country in the world receives a FINAL (unless it's project money returns) payment of 20B each.) Maybe hang on to some, you got enough to spend. Nearly every country is debt-free, or as good as. We go to as many countries as possible, and as it makes sense. We change for all members (not necessarily all owned) that we pay taxes where we use the infrastructure, but we also expect fair taxes, no envy-fines for success.
  • Mexico is still open (the National Park) for hunters of illuminati. #huntwithPablo

We have two Fredo's, and both are splendid. Chris Cuomo (the original Fredo), and Fredo Santana.

Black skinned people look high to me, because they don't get red. They were heavily attacked.

  • Pls x Maybach, and Rick Ross/Trina get each 5%.
  • Zurdo Villa, in addition to rebuilidng our Argentinian Cartel, joined the transportation topic. He'll coordinate a lot with the IT/Security/Telco groups, as his focus now is technology in vehicles. In this function, he reports to Dorian.
  • We're discussing Gera MX (kidnapper mafia.... Epifanio Vargas, the Mexican President, ordered weapons for 2B from my ex, Marc Veith, and didn't get them. Gera MX was supposed to kidnap me. But then he changed his mind. Then they made this... 2n of our Bolivia Cartel, two Bandidos, the wannabe kidnapper, Gera MX, and Pepe the Kid of Santa Fe Klan.

We're discussing Ceylon (and if they need support to grow in peace, I think they're strong with tea?), Guatemala, Uruguay.

Dorian requires Robert de Niro at this side, but Benicio del Toro, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Antonio Banderas would be free to join other Cartels, if they wanted. They're some of his men, Dorian's.

Romania... gypsies... Brad Pitt would like to join you. He's an experienced Cartel product sales person, too. Are the ones from Fight Club there, too? Religion: Buddhist.

Ok, so Ewa/MAS will get Brad to ... where the Gyspies are in Romania.

Gera MX would be good for a leadership role. It's his time.

What's your thoughts, Guatemala, Uruguay, Ceylon (we have tobacco, alcohol, exclusive, too, and we're interested in keeping/getting herbs, spices, coffee and tea clean, too), Chile?

We're ready to start something in your country, with talented locals.

Estrelita of Santa Fe Klan is ready for a leadership role, too, plus Tiro Loco is willing to move, too. That would attact a few Bandidos.

We still don't talk (until the illuminati are gone)... I think Benicio is interested in the Airport topic. Adan is thrilled.

If none of our three Italian Cartels claims the topic (and I get it... Sicily focuses on hashish now, Palermo still on cocaine, but it means also a control function in medicine/all other drugs, and Milan has mostly joined the IT topic), Estrelita will go to Italy and grow wine. And Natalie is interested, too. She has the resources.

As we are responsible for alcohol, we also need people to take care of vendors and distribution. France/Italy/Spain have a ton of wine, Portugal, Germany, Austria have some, too. And then the Northern European countries have Met and nice things.

There's no physical addiction to alcohol (mental addiction is still possible), and less addiction to nicotine, if cigarettes do not contain evil chemicals.

It's all tained with illuminati bioweapons, but we put an end to it. We're really burning (with Army, law enforcements) GMO fields down, and fields of vendors who refused to remove bioweapons and purposefully harmful ingredients.

Estrellita will move to Sardegna, and take inventory of "the alcohol of Europe."

It's possible that the role is too big for one, but for now, we put her as 2nd on Alcohol, next to my father-in-law, who owns Rioja (my favorite wine) and Lagavulin (our cult whiskey.) "Orang Utan Klaus."

  • As we neither say non-owned by us companies cannot produce alcohol or tobacco, but that everything has to be distributed by us, we use resources for ventures we do not benefit from. We also test every product for the public, before it goes to the shelves, no matter if it's our products or independent producers. I'm wondering a contribution from the governments of the world is possible, a fraction of the cost for fake alcoholism, really. I don't know what current alcohol testers were testing, for them to overlook every single bioweapon. They are all fired today. Most get on the Army list. BIS 03/20.
  • Putin/Dave, can you ask, please, also for Tobacco? Cocaine and Hashish, we keep 100% of the production in our hands, it is historically the most abused recreational/energizing substances.
  • We're producing a plan on how to make alcohol products safe, but also not push independent, VETTED, vendors out of the market. It sounds like a logistical nightmare, but it has to be done, so that we can consume stimulants safely. After HR fraud checks and after the blackmail is gone, it will not impact the price negatively, BUT... if products are too cheap, this might be adjusted. Like, I personally have no idea how you grow grapes, produce wine, mature it, put it in a bottle, get it to a store, and it costs 2ESP. Normally, the store would have to add 100% (that would be bad and risky low) of their price.
  • As consumers, it's our responsibility to do our part in influencing the change and fairness we all seek. It means paying fair prices. But we also go back to a society where everyone can afford fair prices. We're down to spending a little under 10% of our available income on food. Like, really? Some spend more on their TV subscriptions or at Starbucks. It used to be over 30%, in France even higher. Guys, we create ourselves with the food we use to fuel our engine, our brain.
  • Artificially inflated rent prices made rent a too high cost factor, and that, too, has already changed. It's not communism if a government protects their citizens, it's what we pay them for.
  • Most countries work on Universal Health Care, making good health care affordable for everyone, free for those who need it. An estimated 80 or 90% of doctors participate. Some accept private patients, and "Universal Health Care" might have to wait 20 minutes longer, but you get the same necessary and useful health treatments, just no posh luxury. For that, you can pay extra, though. Universal Health Care guarantees a bed in a hospital, but not a single room. Things like that. It works.
  • For countries who have full electricity weapon protection, and HAARP detection: We sell out stock with bioweapon (not very unhealthy, if nobody activates the weapon on you) in it (what people drink .. since forever), we sell 50 - 75% off. Every kind of alchol is on sale. Whole ships preferred. If it's too much, please find an agreement with a neighbor. #boozewithPablo As always, Hans coordinates, and from Cuba, we still have (a little dry, but easily refreshable) cigars, best rum for sale. Cuba refused to add bioweapons. That's the only reason US illuminati isolated that country, and kept it financially poor, but not mentally.
  • It's strange to offer licor with bioweapon, but it would be stranger to pour it all out.
  • You're in Guatemala? We had a leader there... he vanished. He was physically in horrible shape, a hostage forever, and his wife. Nearly starved to death. I would like for Gera to go there. The problem drug dealer collected a group of evil, fake "mafia", there must be the real men too of the currently old man of his wife. Gera... they're hiding there. Take the Bolivians with you, please.
  • Other countries with ideas and no active Cartel #visionwithPablo. Most of our Cartels are not local, but with the new topics, there's work everywhere.
  • My Borderlands keeps crashing now, when I want to enter "Angel Core room" so. A new problem. No refund from Amazon, either. The accounts stay closed.
  • Then.... Winnetou was always doing tobacco, but his son (who decided to stay in tobacco, too) was selling cocaine. These men (some you can see in Queen of the South, Season 4, I think) are interested in building something new, too. They have street power, with a little white collar, but as all of our Cartels, they need to hire 1 or 2.
  • Uruguay has not touched their money. They are bigger now, Paraguay, the illuminati isolation camp (but it didn't work, like everywhere else), is now a part of the country again. We send the Winnetou Jr men, and the politiican they say Pablo killed. What say you? Anyone? #economicwonderwithPablo
  • Yes, it's possible if law enforcement has capacities, that they get some inspector jobs, too, and the respective government will pay an extra. We try to keep administration lean, but we really don't want to be poisoned with products that should bring us pleasure and nurture our bodies and brains.
  • I expect corruption to go down relative to fairness in pay going up.
  • I think we should share inspectors. Between medicine, recreational plant-based products, etc.
  • There's still some ex US cops for hire. Survivors. They just need a citizenship from you, as all US citizenships have been revoked. Mine is still intact, until I can get my Swiss and Mexician papers and Diplomaten Pass. Some FBI, too. We found a few more in other godless voids. #copwithPablo
  • I will take something for the constant fake coughs. At the same time, they try to get the dead stalkers mad.
  • 2B for the fake coughing. It's... unbelievable that our tax dollars and stolen money pay for this.
  • An investor group of the "foreigners" in Vegas and non-real Americans (people with a mostly European/Jamaican identity), together with George Clooney and a few friends, want to buy Las Vegas. I'd say ... we don't sell. The more I think about it, the more I think selling land was the ultimate Matrix betrayal. They can pay taxes for it. And use it. But if they spray Roundup or do other things that harm they land, we intervene. Midlife crisis or a fascination with Anarchy? Something like this, I think - they want to form a new nation. Except that, likely, my husband is the boss of this whole thing, I think it's fair, as they want "real Americans" out. General is prepared. Las Vegas guys, stay in your houses/hotels. ... unless you're in Cesar's Palace, where eventuallly a "Heisenburg" will have to jump out the window, to escape a fire. He thinks he's on the Titanic.
  • They're still shunned for now. The Las Vegas ones. Most lived in the US for very long.
  • PS: Hollywood stars and other actors are on boad of the "i buy Las Vegas" team, too. I'd say we can sell all buildings, they won't be expensive, as ... the last time I was there, they were generally not in good shape. All land sale might have to be reversed, but my husband/father will look at it with a constructive, positive mindset.
  • I don't know. America has such beautiful nature, but I just want to get away. There's something... that makes evil more possible here or something.
  • What's the plan for Canada? Who is interested to start there, new?
  • Something wrong with this channel... who is in the thumbnail? Looks ike Eugenia.

Without any judgement, Diego Armando Maradona is not part of our Argentina operation. I'm not even sure the person was a soccer player. Or... how long he was him. Deepfake expert on it. (PS: It was also clearly "hand").

Argendina is the only country where we removed real mafia. The Turkish.. were more... homeless level or ....... very long dead.

I don't think there ever was a "Godfather", and it's the dumbest most self-framing word a branding expert, such as beloved Martin Lindstrom, could think up. I think it's like "Heisenberg", "El Mencho', just a group role.

The Italian Cartels were not that strong in sales numbers. South American's are and were. Ours are now huge everywhere... just the status quo was not "super big." GottiBo were active outside of Europe. Natalie, too. The big Italians (Dorian took out), were active in America.

I'm also not sure that "rat" in "mafia" (seems to indicate criminal activity, vs Cartel work that is of a different nature, in parts over the law), means people who told secrets. Like, what secrets? Where you buy, who you sell to? Every cop knows that. If someone "ratted out" Gussor, and took the recipes, it would be a bigger business risk. But what if it originally mean the illuminati there? I was also never a fan of the "rat pack"... were they said to have "mafia connections'? I had no active Cartel involvement, until four month back. I now think Mafia is a bad word. Cartel is not. And rat...... in borderlands they have lab rats, plague rats, rats are the only ones in the game who steal.

  • Now more losers come in and connect to each other on top of my head. Death sentence.
  • By the way.. the woke sh*** (a cover for normalizing pedophilia and abuse), is off the table. Real transsexual people don't stand out, and they can use ... the bath room of the gender they committed to, via up to 12 dangerous surgeries. Everyone else, stays out. No males in female jails, etc. And the public is not there to serve the sexual perversion of submissive illuminati who just want to gross us out, as it's their kick. Should be treated like exhibitionists, bc it's forcing their sexuaity on you.
  • We evict more orphanages (with monster kids), mental health facilities, and such today. illuminati hiding places.
  • Also, analog "BLM", can you kindly 03/20 all forced budgets for illuminati nonsense, and we give 15% back to the respective governments.
  • Also, all Stiftungen, such as "Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft" can apply for a cleanse via #fixmeDaddy - they get half after cost back. "Cost" includes 2% BIS fee and ... removal teams.
  • Can one Cartel per country where we are present, please coordinate who takes care of other products? The Alcohol boss is "El Mencho" (Sinaloa Cartel affiliation as he covered for Chapo), the Tobacco boss Winnetou, but the Cigar boss and, really, Rum boss is Gaery Morales.
  • And then the leader of the World Army, is the boss of Hashish. They ordered a death hunt from my great friend, and he had the single biggest Army in the world (nobody really knows what Russia/Persia have, and now I can't ask until we talk again), with 22K trained men.
  • Keep in mind that evolution isn't a linear process. We certainly bring back "real men" and "real women."... and the freedom to still pick whatever you want.

  • the latest murder attempt costs them, and it's agai from a mental health facility, an insane asylum.
  • We take on an oversight function. Too much evil is done in the area of therapy/psychiatry. This new topic is lead by Ellen, my friend from McHenry. With that, she will receive an offer (or more), with citizenship. She's currently in Las Vegas. England offers. Ok, done. She can go to my (our) bed and breakfast, and you
  • Governments, immediately freeze/disconnect all systems.
  • My father also authorized me to speak for him, for the duration of this war. I ordered for him a Holos-based app. A risk management app for governments. illuminati come from the bottom, you don't see them coming, until it's late. The app can warn about a plethora of things. If the McKinseys come back, for instance, when the first evil or fake CS get hired. Whether problems are by design or real... many more applications.
  • Holos is owned by my bank, and we get 2% of the sales priice of a project that includes a Holos app, whether it's consulting as pre-stage to app development, or app development.
  • While we are at it, we check security, and see if we can still find out who sent data to where. Rest assured that every piece of data about you, is in every evil hand.
  • We sell this for the realistic price of 100M. We sell that the King of Kings get warnings about developments that might be detrimental for his people. My short sales experience makes me say "realistic." Governments willl need training, hardware, collect a ton of information, and much more. It's a "government BIS" app.
  • Rosanoff joins Ellen. As the boss of the mental health team. They'll begin at fake diseases psychiatrists diagnosed world-wide, and go from there. Some illuminati stunts only worked because the whole industry/job role is taken over. We'd love to 03/20 that asap, and execute. A therapist must also be taught properly. You cannot put someone who's sad after a loss on pills for the rest of their lives, or diagnose an angry kid as this or that. Try meditation/mindfulness/less invasive, harmful things first. We fixed the aspartame, fluoride, MSG, other harmful additives part.
  • And... my teeth get attacked. It's harder to breathe for me (therefore, for everyone), if too much evil is around me. They know that. That's why they always new the "good one" are real and really there. Otherwise, they whole stalking wouldn't work. I would never listen to them, and it really helps that we stopped talking. Not it's just their insane, evil blabber.
  • Macron, that's an education topic, too. The whole doctor/therapist training material needs to be rewritten, too.
  • Also, at least Germany... please pull lists of doctors who got paid for ... evil procedures.. such as removing the female parts of perfectly healthy women, and other surgeries. You know best what you were forced to pay.
  • PayPal denied my case with the obvious theft of Amazon. Another German from a mental facility. Once more, we will kill every stalker who went back into any of the buildings. We froze their last account, and we froze the accounts of stalkers there, who watch the continued theft of my money. Every stalker gets a charge in the amount of the theft, the thefts will will be cleared. Nobody leaves anywhere with anything stolen, and things like that are thefts, too. You will die over the thefts - one way or the other.
  • They hard-freeze my laptop now "so that I cannot shoot Jack on the highest difficulty". Onision, put all "jack" as birds.
  • PayPal pretends they can see charges on my BMO account, I guess. Only two persons are allowed to handle my PayPal stuff. The ones who report all my stolen payments to the IRS. Everyone else, gets killed upon system access, email access - any access at all. PayPal disabled my ability to report this clear and proven theft.
  • The BIS will notate as memo: Theft from victim, in a murder conspiracy against humanity. Every Amazon stalker pays, too. From their frozen accounts, same memo.
  • I will get the charge back, though, but we'll likely go through tens or more of stalker groups again. On both ends, Amazon and Paypal. If Amazon does not open their support today, they're done, too. And I didn't publish the last PayPal calls yet, and I'll make sure to record any calls regarding the scam and theft. You cannot have insane people play with money. How can that work well.
  • General is there... hard eviction for the email writer...
  • I get attacked by the evil mass murderers in several places. We're on the right track. Also, Macron, start an emergency nurse education program, please, most nurses in most countries will leave. Unless they are just trained wrong, they know that COVID is BS, so are DNA tests, and the only thing you can find out via the blood type (that doesn't matter in transplants), is if someone is an Aryan.
  • And they keep sending manual stalker messages from PayPal, bc they don't care if the accounts of the living get frozen or not. The dead don't care about money, no matter what they say.
  • This shit is on for longer than we... think we're alive.
You can nearly hear the A voice of the "line" that's now hanging out in shelters and insane asylums