Black Communities matter (in stalking)

While the German-led international nerd-mafia doesn't have to leave their house to commit blackmail, kill people, and take over their profiles, they need people to do the dirty work.

Someone has to do the actual stalking. In my case, so far, it was 90% black folks. And Onision.

I won't share my Spectrum stories because Devin (my last encounter) obviously shared the link to this website with his bros and sis. Thereafter, I received normal CS for the first time.

You can read the Amazon/UPS story (that, as all stalking stories, has nothing to do with the companies itself, and happens ONLY at the lowest hierarchy level) HERE.

Once you're on the list, you'll also receive text after text from companies led by fake profiles. Taken-over profiles often, but also completely fake personas with AI images.

Hey, if you're a lawyer, have a look at this LIST.

An important movement minimized - BLM

In the past, I was the first to constantly speak out against racism, inequality, and discrimination of any form. However, Onision, (to his accord) doesn't like black people.

So, what does he do?

He gets them to participate in “gang” stalking, and do the actual dirty work.

The “girls” involved in the Twitter group attack on me turned out to be all black males.

The two attacks from taken-over profile “Repzion”—all black males playing women. See these files. I didn't look deeper. Whoever will, can go down yet another rathole of fake identities, lowlife scams, and .. black males.

I've been stalked, cat called, harassed, harmed (always “little favors” only) by so many black folks since 05/2022 that I will have to stay silent on this topic for a moment. The black person, using the identity of Wesley Aaron Marks, tried to kill/kill me. And he referenced surveillance tapes of my ex partner, his sister, and all sorts of details about him. He said that he had killed my sick, old mother in Germany, and the fake messages I recently received from her hacked Gmail account, might or might not have been from him. We'll see.

Onision blackface

How it changed my brain temporarily

First, I have to retrain my neural network that has been changed by a repeated negative experience with a certain part of society.

I understand that it's not THE black people. I don't understand how it can be so easy to recruit them at this high number, and motivate them to harm innocent people. Self-righteousness is a sin. And then, you should also check your intel before you play street law enforcer.

They probably have no idea that they're participating in actual murder. The little scammers most likely don't know that their emails and phone numbers are associated with dead people. Murdered people. People stalked to death. And that they support an anti-American movement, designed to harm the United States of America, and its institutions.

Onision hates “bad” people, and he has dug your grave already when he hires you to do bad things, ESPECIALLY against me. He has set up everyone involved in the murder attempts on me, and the kidnapping.

This will be a hit for the important BLM movement. And the criminals who were after my ex partner, myself, and even a few of my beloved LinkedIn connections.

Because Onision is right (“I never killed anyone. It's always the others.”) It's the sum of “little favor doers” and corrupt people in mental health billing, police, and jails that kill people. That you don't get your emails, your service never works, and every support experience is an exhausting, long-winded, unproductive experience. I'm uncertain if these people realize what a massive and horrible crime it is to, for instance, participate in getting people wrongfully declared mental or imprisoned.

That said, they might not ALL be aware that electronic weapons are used before they start their targeted harassment, and “reputation management” campaign.

Also interesting: Why did Miranda Teabo delete her FB/LinkedIn

At this time, I don't have any evidence that inciting violent riots is yet another electronic weapon stunt, but I consider it likely. Currently, I'm just like, “get the crime wave under control.

Public Lookup fake text

I was procrastinating yesterday, and did a quick public lookup.

I assume someone else is going to look deeper.