Why did Miranda Teabo delete Linked/FB?

The day after I posted about this "employee of the State of Washington", they completely changed their profile to "non-government" employee. And they deleted their Facebook.

What's understandable is that they might wanted to get rid of an overly aggressive BLM link.

It would be this:


Miranda Teabo's Facebook was up until two days ago, and she also identified as government employee:

Once Onision reads this, the profile will probably be changed back. In that case, archive.org can help.


Frank Teabo

Teabo, a nice family

Still to follow: An article about "President of Cascade" (mental health medical billing), Patricia Teabo. On Facebook, she's a flight attendant. Most prominently, she's dead since 2017.

John, Miranda (Frank is missing)

Data broker reports (as these people opted out and deleted like crazy after I looked):

Frank Marshall Teabo

Frank M Teabo

Frank W Teabo

Jonathan Eric Teabo

Miranda Teabo military email

Miranda Teabo

Miranda Teabo Outlook

Patricia Teabo (died 2017)

PS: Don't come at me with "privacy" when these people tried to kill me, and so far, effectively kept me from even reporting the murder attempts. They have a zillion identities, and I never got to the bottom of the rathole. Wesley Marks and Onision identified as being a part of this, while someone else kept referencing "Illuminati" and "McDonalds" and also Aliens and Ufos. They said one of them is called John. Or Jon. Sounds the same through AI voiced or whatever they use with their electronic stalkerware.