The last to say it's not the government

I haven't posted in a while, because I'm too preoccupied with other issues. I'll get evicted again shortly, my account is empty (I cannot even by simple things, such as trash bags and Ibuprofen for the inflammations the weapons cause), and I focused my energy also on trying to save my own life, not just the lives of others.

Through all available channels, I forwarded easily fixable problems to the US Government, and all its institutions.

Nobody did a single thing. Since last March.

People are taking companies back, and it's easy to see that things happen. Just not for me. In addition to a list of stolen payments the government could help return, there would be a million ways to help.

The killer troupe always told me that Stacey Abrams paid 200K (from a fake government account, whatever that might mean) for the death hunt on me. And that the three 1st this and thats want me dead because Onision allegedly told them I would know about the fact that they “eat babies.” I assume it's just placenta, but where would they get it from?

I thought that it is the most ridiculous claim ever, as well as election fraud (I found fake identities that look like taken-over identities at Dominion, meanwhile). Onision swears that they "eat babies." I'll just put it out there, because I've seen the horrible things Onision gets people to do.

He exploits weaknesses, and makes shitty people 1000 times as shitty.

I didn't believe a single word, and said so loudly.

However, the government watches me die. I tried to get the info about the coup d'état on several countries to the military. As my reach is limited to digital communication (there's a whole black community of black males coming after me in this horror city), I don't have too much hope.

It's all nerd stuff. But at the time I realized that, it was already late. Financially, connection-wise, and health-wise.

The kicker is that I also didn't share publicly that Onision holds weapon dealers hostage. One is my ex partner, the second my brother, the third is in love with me. They have to watch me die by the hands of the US government (that don't move even what I'm owed legally, like every citizen), and it will not change their stand on delivering weapons to a country that's overrun by German-led nerd criminals with racist agenda, and peasant group criminals, such as black “communities” in the US.

I never felt taken advantage of or exploited in my life. I feel betrayed, exploited, and taken advantage of by the cowards who are good people, but they don't do the right things.

I feel betrayed by the US government. Whatever that might be at this time. As I shared in another post, Donald Trump is stalked (easily visible on Kiwifarms) too. It's safe to assume that every official who cannot walk straight to the door or utter a complete sentence, has some form of problem.

Everyone, who is held hostage in the electronic weapon connection, has the same issues I have. My laptop is in a better shape (hacking-wise) now than most of the others. They can't easily help. Some have tried, but Onision would steal the payments and put them on random accounts.

In any way... I end my one-sided “relationship” with the current US government right now. Not with the military, elites, or other institutions. But who gives them orders?

It doesn't look as if I get out of this.

A few weeks back, the one calling himself Wesley Marks told me they would poison me. A few days later, I was sick for a week, and have not yet recovered. They used Amazon to send poisoned food. Now they say they'll kill me on the street, when I next get evicted. Slowly. Onision says they will take me somewhere without cell phone reception (see QLINK), and I would die from pain.

Now, that's not going to happen.

Please continue efforts to save the world. It will have to be commoners, like myself.

I was the one that said it's not THE government, and not CIA/FBI/DHS, and the others who just witness me die slowly. Not even the citizen service of following up on theft is granted to me.

The consequences, and I'm not just referring to the fact that folks here feel betrayed too, of not solving this problem, is that the United States of America, as well as other countries currently led by Nazis, will have trouble buying weapons, and certain technologies.

Criminals, on the other hand, will have trouble getting money out of this country.

This will not change through my death. Or the horrible things done to me on a daily or hourly basis.

I'm with Alfred Herrhausen on this. NO BLACKMAIL.

PS: I just want out of this country where “politicians” go after innocent people who are not even activists. All lives matter, but not the lives of mass murderers.

PSPS: I received zero donations. Probably not an important enough topic. Don't bother, though. It's really too late for $10 to help.