List of Fake "Amazon" emails & Phone Numbers

During the stalking, poisoning, and whatnot attacks on me, I came across the following email addresses and phone numbers exclusively used by the Gang Stalkers who hijacked parts of the Amazon system.

This list is not exclusive, but any communication from and to these email addresses and phone number are NOT Amazon.

UPDATE (before even posting this): I'm writing this, while I am in yet another horror stalking chat. The video below might show that my live-stream helped Amazon/QAnon/Mafia/GOV to see what exactly the gang stalkers are doing, and which buckets (or what) to disable.

I won't even take more time to post the other emails/phone numbers I found, you could just to the Facebook site and look at live streams. Law enforcement was watching, and they have all the info they need, unless the Army was there first.


They have switched from secure NordVPN to IP changer (unencrypted) "VPN Unlimited/Solid VPN."

They use a NordVPN server in Afghanistan. While NordVPN protects everyone's privacy, they were not on board with hosting mass-murderers, responsible for likely 80% of all evil in the world. That sounds too much, but only, because they are masterful framers. You might think that it's the mafias, elites, corporations, your neighbor...


After briefly switching to VPN Unlimited (VPN Solid), they are back to NordVPN, a few extra clever also use “Fastest VPN”.


UPDATE: They switched from NordVPN to VPN Solid (VPN unlimited.) Looks like their "OEM" version is merely an IP-changer. No encryption.

They exploit mistakes. I'm not saying these folks/entities are innocent. But really nobody wants to destroy soil, food, health, entertainment, and live in a dystopian world of sick, unhappy people – except them.

Fun fact: Except the links, on the record, several agents stated that all information below is "fake." You can watch the videos of live-streams in other Amazon stalking articles, or listen to calls on Rumble or my podcast, to see that they shared these numbers.

TIP: Request your data archive for CS communication on the Amazon site. Does it contain your recent customer “service” communications?
Also, the fake chat window is missing the “print” button, and agents refuse to send transcripts of communications.
If you're in a stalking call, let the agent leave. In that case, you get the opportunity to review the chat, and real Amazon sees that.

List of fake Gang Stalker Amazon email addresses:

  • (you might think, "but sometimes...". No, never. You're outside the Amazon system, if your confirmation, refunds, etc. come from this email).
  • (you get this when you report break-ins, that have nothing to do with the Amazon “keyless” entrance, or anything else legal.)
  • (in the end-phase of the slow, psychopathic murder, they have your phones and computers, and will reroute any electronic communication. They stream everything on their four gang stalker servers. And then the "top" have a Discord, where they do voice chat. With voice changers... for... security)
  • (you don't get through to Amazon via any BBB, at this time)
  • (see below, leads to a plethora of real names, fake identities, more emails and phone numbers the mass-murderers use)
  • (spam sent to emails stolen from hijacked chats, with their affiliate links, because they're high IQ persons)
  • (unclear, which made-up team that is, the "concern" team?)
  • (they open the emails, and then send an undeliverable message from there, then changes the content IN MY INBOX, after I tweeted about it, see
  • (all variations)
  • (plus local variations)

List of fake Gang Stalker Amazon phone numbers:

  • Mr. Bryant's number, 8137742845 (you get it after you paid ransom for getting "unhacked."
  • (206) 922-0880 (yet another number belonging to yet another fake identity of Masculine. Callbacks via the hijacked "request a callback from" come from there.
  • 2066667010 (number of the fake "Legal Department", in case you want to reach out to Amazon. Belongs to Rodney Lester, WA.
  • 866-216-1072 (I received that as the "real" CS number.)
  • 1-888-280-4331
  • (800) 300-9009
  • (408) 790-6400
  • 2022662171
  • (206)266-0246 (after the 0880 number was blocked yesterday, new AZN call from Microsoft stalker)
  • (206)266-1000 ("official" number, as listed on hundreds of sites)
  • 800-388-5512 ("Amazon account and login issue department", but, according to caller ID Amazon Fulfillment Center VGT1)
  • Newest number from the "callback not available" form ‪(800) 433-1914‬

List of fake Gang Stalker Amazon URLs and short links:

TIP: Even as a non-technical person, go to a site, such as this:, and see if looks normal. If you're unsure, just say that on Twitter and tag law enforcement, or #QAnon

List of fake Gang Stalker Amazon physical addresses:

Amazon Law Enforcement Response Team, Inc.

2021 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

e:, Inc. - Amazon Development Center India Pvt Ltd (Main Office)Q-city, 2nd Floor-Block A & Block BSurvey Number-109,110,111/2, Nanakramguda VillageSerlingamplayy Mandal, Ranga Reddy Dist.Hyderabad 500032 , India040 39921111, Inc. - Lab126 (Main Office)20450 Stevens Creek Blvd.Suite 126Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 790-6400

Main "address" that they give out as their "legal department."

Office Information


P.O. Box 81226

Seattle, WA 98108- 1226


  •  (206) 266-2171


  • (202) 266-7010



Other peculiar things

This is alleged pedo "Phil Provins", friend of "Wes Moast"

EMPTY Chat history, except a chat on Amazon UK

Data Broker Reports on some fake numbers:

TIP: You can do them yourself, but a simple NOT Google, but DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yandex, alternative search engine search will often show there's a problem.

This info changed drastically, either today or yesterday. Luckily, I had this (and many others) already downloaded.