Prime NOW break-in, poisoning, Hijacked Orders

I recently discovered that most problematic orders (where the issue is not a delivery issue) are from Prime Now, LLC.

Prime NOW, LLC appears to be an unauthorized third-party company who hijacks Amazon Fresh orders of stalking victims. It makes it easier to understand, how the criminals at Amazon can hide their murderous stalking for so long.

I've been poisoned three times in total, recently.

Twice it was Aplenty food, and I still have a sample. I don't think it's needed, because police investigates this for quite some time.

Often, I didn't report missing or decaying items, or when they put potatoes on a carton of eggs, because I assumed that might cause problems for my Amazon account.

As most gang stalking victims in the end-phase, I rely on Amazon Fresh. They take SNAP, they deliver, at a time when I long cannot afford a car, and get harassed by black males as soon as I enter the street.

Additionally, (I still have to share the recording and post about that), a white stalker who knows Miranda Teabo II, the fallen DEA agent (Masculine), has a key and takes stuff out of my room, every time I'm not in. I don't think he'd still do that now, but you never know with these logic-resistant criminals.

Huge update to follow on Miranda Teabo, aka Emma Schaefer, aka Colleen, aka many others.

You'll learn about "Colleen" when I post about the next fake case, later.

As you can see, "Prime NOW, LLC" is not an authorized seller for Amazon Fresh, and it's not apparent to buyers that some orders are hijacked.

It so happens, that ALL orders from this seller (on LinkedIn, you can see that they are led by fake identities, only) either

  • contained poisoned food (Aplenty)
  • had missing items
  • decaying items
  • crushed items
  • delivered to the wrong address

and other problems. Especially, the poison attacks were evil, and I lost my sense of taste for about six weeks. I was very sick for two weeks.

I'll send them a request for settlement with a two-day deadline, and then give this to the police.

Break in by "Amazon"

The most worrying is that, next to a "neighbor" I mentioned above, the person making the deliveries for the stalking company, Prime NOW, LLC, has a key to this house.

That's a break-in.

Amazon isn't worried about it. The stalkers say that they "have" the police. I don't think so.

Anyway, I'm currently in an hour-long chat (it helps law enforcement) trying to get the chat transcript from yesterday. I think I even had Miranda Teabo in that chat. As Erika.

I only have this video to share. Brace yourself, it's as hard to watch than the stalking chat HERE.