Another Murder Attempt

This was not the first murder attempt, ever since I had a relationship with a person who has a bit of influence, and since I am in love with another person. Let's leave that aside.

What brought me to the United States is that I was targeted in Germany, where I lived for the first 41 years of my life, and the FBI investigated for several months. They found crimes, but they couldn't link them to a specific person. One day, one of them told me that they don't think they can help me soon, because it appears to be either a spy or someone from organized crime. He was referring to how technically advanced the methods and tools used against me were.

I left Germany, where I lived as a US "immigrant" (I was born in Frankfurt, Germany) happily, with just one suitcase. I soon learned I was dealing with a psychopath, and a change of location didn't bother them.

In retrospective, the police person was right, just that it appears to be organized nerd crime (they call themselves the New World Order or Illuminati, but have nothing to do with governments, elites, mafia, or even gangs. About 80% of the US “Illuminati” are call center agents.) And then, they utilize a few lowlifes, and general criminals.

The latest murder attempt, two days ago, comprises several steps:

  1. Theft of any money I earned, was owed, and even donation that generous people gave to help me survive this. Two people came forward to the police, whether they reached the real police or not, they could repeat their statements again. They noticed I didn't receive my donations. It's hearsay, I heard it from Martin Lindstrom and Marc Veith. Bankers can check (the customer services is infested, so it would have to be a banker who looks), that several institutions lost their banking license over severe financial fraud.
  2. Deletion of my Google Voice number, I used everywhere as 2FA. I cannot log in to several products, and I lost access to many conversations I would have to share with law enforcement, to make my case.
  3. Deletion of my debit card. First, it was blocked, according to the "New World Order", as a revenge because I reported a Skype transaction as fraudulent, and they lost their ability to issue numbers. Also, they said that they were frustrated, that I caught the first non-existing case, because I had a forwarding from an old AirBnB address I was at. They like to file their non-existing cases without the knowledge of the victim of false claims. It's just so that their background looks as if they fell off, when they finally kill them, get them wrongfully incarcerated or locked up in a mental facility. Often, people commit suicide.
  4. Closing of my account. The reason mentioned was the Skype dispute (they had not opened at this time. I have a recording of my voice only, the bank person might have used a recording blocker (or it was another technical issue.)
  5. Deletion of my prepaid debit card of GreenDot (who also lost their banking license. Not because of me, but it triggered a general investigation.)
  6. Fake eviction. Even though my rent is prepaid for the whole year (to REAL Baylor Rentals, from my Chase account), and there was no court case, I got evicted. I am under the impression that I got evicted by Sheriff impersonators in a costume.
  7. Hacking my website in two ways (changing DNS entries and messing up the rewrite rules, and then some) so that my site was not available, and at the same time:
  8. Putting the same (likely Microsoft-based) hack in front of Facebook that's also in front of LinkedIn. Neither company has blocked or restricted my profile.
  9. Redirecting any calls to police or FBI

It isn't that I am the first to die like this. It's just that it's the first time that people see all the details.

People get silenced. Their call redirected via harmful APN (see: HERE), their internet traffic hijacked (I've shared Wireshark protocols broadly), their social media accounts, emails, and websites taken down or blocked from the outside view.

During the fake eviction, there were gang stalkers all over the place. The gang stalker electrician, the crack head neighbor who takes out little things, one in a car (might have been Prime NOW, LLC), even one on the roof. What sickos. No order in the world would consider these foul lowlifes more than cannon fodder.

Who would have guessed a technology used by the Illuminati is in other hands, too. (They might have had a blurry sight.)

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