Urs Koenig is Missing

Who's using his identity?

Urs Koenig Marshall Goldsmith

Urs Koenig was yet another high-level coach in the neighborhood of Marshall Goldsmith. With myself nearly killed, Martin Lindstrom missing, and eight more missing coaches around MG, it appears systematic. I think Marshall Goldsmith is a blackmail victim himself, and I will present my clues that make this claim plausible as soon as I can.

A German-led organized nerd crime gang is taking over influential profiles on LinkedIn. For what purpose? To influence public opinion? Push for mass stultification? Everyone takes Marshall's calls, and they can do fake voices. Could that be it?

After I rejected the connection request of the Urs Koenig impersonator, I posted publicly on LinkedIn:

Thereafter, he visited my profile one more time. Potentially surprised, as Marshall Goldsmith (related) coaches would typically gladly connect with each others.

That tells me that my post has likely not been seen. By him? By anyone?

Another potential reason could be that they might share taken-over accounts as a group. However, I cannot say if that is also true for high-level profiles. I'm believing that the black males posing as females on social media, porn sites, dating sites, deviantart, etc. share accounts. That might explain the lack of knowledge from one to the next criminal and the high number of phone numbers associated with taken-over profiles of dead people. Or let's say “missing” people. I don't know if they're dead. Yet.

They hijacked my sites and profiles AFTER they tried to kill me.

On LinkedIn, fake profiles keep sending connection requests that I refuse. Like, didn't they notice what I'm talking about? Apparently, no. Or do they think I'm dead, and now one of them is running my social media?

This is why I switched to public lookups and live-reporting the FBI. However, the last time I checked, the FBI had a Cloudflare certificate. Cloudlflare appears to be a company that (knowingly or unknowingly) helps the criminals to make websites of victims disappear or appear differently, to the public.

It might be as simple as adding an IP (i.e., of a CDN) to the bot list temporarily—or SSL certificate trickery.

I've been told several times that my website, wasn't visible from the outside. Only a few days ago, I hopefully got what's going on and could free it. The signup form led to a company I won't name here, but marked for authorities. They also (if everything went well) have a complete copy of this and my other website.

I tweeted about the Cloudflare certificate on the FBI tip form. Did they see my tweet? Someone did.

As of today (01/09/2023) the Cloudflare SSL is gone, and the IC3 report form is unavailable. Homeland Security removed their online tip form, after I live-streamed a report to them. You now have to call. I and phones is a different tale I will tell soon. My calls were already re-routed back in 2004, and at this time, I cannot afford a phone any longer. While the government helps people who cannot afford a phone line with a program called “lifeline”, it appears the “gang” stalkers made sure all or many providers are in their hands.

Onision says they “his.” It would make sense for the "gang"stalkers as the cancer could only grow to the size it is through their ability to suppress information. They are not mafia. They are not scary in person. A simple power outage would strip them of... everything.

They're lesser. They're much lesser.

People still could see my live-streams on Facebook and someone made another change to the FBI tip form that now looks like this:

Like the main site, this would now be a digicert certificate, but the tip form isn't mentioned on the SSL so that it leads to that error. Cloudflare would hide that. I'm not technical in any shape or form, but I believe that this would allow attackers to easily reroute to a spoofed site.

I had the same problem with my website. Cloudflare is hiding the issue. Hopefully, that means the FBI removed their site from Cloudflare.

Low-key IT, support, and HR positions are latest since remote work often taken by the stalkers, though. It's easy to make it appear as if the whole world is against someone, when you just need a single, simple minimum-wage worker in the right position. (See Amazon stalking.)

How the cancer could grow to the size

Except (but that's a different part, really) a black gang, this doesn't appear to be a massive crime group, and (again, except the black males) mostly people who only act via digital devices. A nerd gang, never having to leave their computers.

It's incredibly difficult for victims to get visibility for their receipts and claims. It's not that half the world went corrupt or bad, it is just a high level of sophistication in technical trickery that I already reported to the German FBI in 2010.

I posted publicly on LinkedIn, tagging the profile of Urs Koenig

The only reaction was to visit my profile once more.

My problem is not to find evidence. My difficulty is to get through the technical nerd-hurdles. However, police always knows 9 times more than they let on. CIA/DHS/FBI probably 90 times. And Martin? 900.

I cannot say whether there might be a single rotten apple or not. However, the only “officials” I know ARE supporting death hunts are some black cops. They have to be involved wherever people report “gang” stalking. That makes my presence in this horror ghetto city they stalked me to, Milwaukee, unsafe. My letters often don't reach the recipient (including border security), and nothing electronic SO FAR worked.

My fundraiser is invisible, emails addressed to me get deleted, letters don't arrive, and much more.

Looks like this is slowly changing, even though I hate the publicity.

Back to the topic at hand (click on the tag “Marshall Goldsmith” regularly to learn about other missing coaches in his environment.)

The Urs Koenig impersonator

As in all of my lookups, you find more crimes than just one. You are welcome to comment. For time-reasons (and also because I am constantly under electronic weapon attacks), I post it as is. When I have time, I'll go through my footage and mark all crimes suspected and found properly.

If you know me.... you know that is not going to happen. (:

Info on at least eight more coaches will follow asap.