Is Martin Lindstrom missing?

Several coaches around Marshall Goldsmith are missing, and their profiles have been taken over. I also survived a death hunt in the last second.

Martin is considered one of the 100 most influential people in the United States, and the world's leading branding expert.

Recently, my beloved mentor Martin Lindstrom stopped tweeting, and he there was also no new episode of the famous M & M show. With Marshall Goldsmith.

It appears coaches around Marshall Goldsmith are targeted by the German-led international crime gang. I still have to report on missing coaches, such as Tim Koenig, and others.

It appears that his last action on LinkedIn was to “mark” other missing coaches.

Martin is quick to respond to emails, but he didn't respond to my last message. As he stopped using a phone about five years back, I cannot think of another way to reach him.

Given the high number of missing Marshall Goldsmith coaches, and that Martin has a show with Marshall, I will have to bring that to the attention of authorities, like the other coaches I already reported missing.


  • stopped Tweeting
  • didn't publish any new videos/articles
  • there are no dates or new episodes of the M&M show
  • didn't respond to my message

Join me in praying for Martin Lindstrom, and all the other missing coaches.

Please support my investigation. I wasn't supposed to survive the death hunt, and am (as you can imagine by looking at the content of this site) under heavy attack from the inside and outside.

#1 Branding & Culture Expert, NYT Bestselling Author. TIME Magazine 100 most influential people in the world, Top 50 Business Thinker in World (Thinkers50), LinkedIn #1 Top Voice US Influencer 2021/22

At this time, it appears as if the criminals have not taken over his identity, and we can hopefully avoid this by making the issue public.