How Onision still manipulates major sites

As you can imagine from the content of this blog, I need to share information on the framing and illegal actions against my former partner, Marc.

Here is what I have tried so far:

I sent a message on Facebook. The message remained unanswered.

I sent another Facebook message to his friend. I have not received a confirmation that he received the message.

Onision contacted me impersonating Marc's friend Peter. He said the Facebook account were his, and that he had received the messages.

I commented below a YouTube video.

Also, I came across this bot video.

That comment is not even in my “comments” list, I checked earlier. So, not as if the channel owner deleted it, as if it was never posted.

The same happened with a LinkedIn message. InMail, to both of the Peter Ganther accounts. The credits were taken. The messages are not in my sent emails. Furthermore, I was able yesterday evening to message him again. That's not possible if you don't receive a response to an InMail. You can message via the regular mail feature as many times as you want. But if you use InMail (most often to solicit), you can only do so once, unless you receive a response.

And then there are a few meanwhile typical potential fakes listed for the company, so that I'm doubtful if it even are his profiles.

More likely yes, otherwise deleting messages would be rather pointless.

So, the credits were gone, the messages appear to be deleted, not ignored.

I contacted Marc's IT Admin (he is no longer on LinkedIn). His profile is taken over. Marc does not have a profile on LinkedIn at this time.

Marc is the boss of this company. It would be a rather strange compliment.

He didn't want me to call Marc. Referred me to “Frau Ulrich.” Onision is frequently in IT, CS, and similar roles. I don't think he would reroute my calls at this time. So, on what level was the intrusion planned?

I read on LinkedIn that Marc's company had a major cyberattack incident about a year ago. Two of Andreas Steul's email didn't check out. Like the usual pattern of several names associated with it.

He reacted strangely to me asking him about it. Called Marc a narcissist also, which he really isn't. Claimed Marc tries to hang out with him, but he's not interested. Stuff like that.

It's not possible to see Marc's comment when you click on “comments” or “likes.” Would that be because it never happened?

What worries me the most, is that Onision has said about 200 times that he had killed Marc. The only reason I connected with Andreas, my former classmate, is to find out if Marc is still alive. So, it was one set of messages to get this information, and then I didn't contact him until I recently needed to get info to Marc.

An addition without receipt is Xing. Marc has a profile there, but you cannot get through there either.

Then there is also a problem with his business email. I have noticed that Onision uses something like a fake email. It's like something between you and the recipient where messages get deleted or changed. I don't know how he technically does it. If you send too many messages in a short time (like 2 or 3 shortly after the last), they will bounce.

I will report this isolated incident to the FBI. Onision will, as always, try to mess with the transmission of the IC3 form so that I will use as many other ways as possible, each one adding another layer of risk.

PS: I have not reported it yet. I'll wait until I am sure what's the right thing to do. When you know, you know.