The Fairytale Death Threat From 2010

In 2010, I received an eerie death threat. The account who sent it to me called themselves "Maerchenonkel."

The most important part of it was that the woman in the story would “vanish” because she knows too much about the organization.

Back then, I was still believing that the Exi I was stalking me, and I could never make sense of it. He is leading a transportation company. And I knew nothing about this “business.” At this time, the only person alleging (in my police complaints) there might be more to him was me.

However, I was just going by the extreme, uncommon stalking methods used against me, deepfakes of his persona, emails from “his” accounts, and text messages sent from “his” number.

The only thing I was telling the police about was

  • massive manipulation of major sites
  • deepfakes
  • spoofed calls
  • impersonation
  • hundreds and thousands of fake profiles on major social media sites
  • hacking, impersonation, taking-over of profiles of real people

What would that have to do with the business of the Exi I? No matter if we go by LinkedIn or the rumor I might have wrongfully concluded.

Now I know that he has been the original target. During the death hunt, Onision and Ugly Murder Clown were referencing surveillance tapes from 2004 (maybe earlier too) they had of Marc. Onision still has them, and once authorities get to the cellar in Milwaukee he's hiding at, they'll find everything on his hard drives.

I tried to find out how much data he has stored on physical devices. When I said, "even if you start scrubbing your 30TB drives now military-grade, it would still take...". He said he has much more. And he did not delete a thing (in my mind.)

I assumed because I've never met the nasty kid that wouldn't leave me alone, it was just a random online creep.

That was before the psychopathic stunt when Onision told me Marc couldn't be stalking me because he's too poor, and the stalker is Vanguard.

I know think Marc is the brother referenced in this fairy tale. Also, we have learned who “vanishes” people en masse.

And, yes, about THAT business I know “too much”, and I'm sharing it with you to the best of my abilities.

A pattern in elite gang stalking

You see, in my mind, most “mysterious” things can be drilled down to organized crime and greed. The longer you look at a UFO, the more it looks like something related to organized crime.

In retrospective, I think that I was a setup for the Exi-I. Obviously, not knowing about it.

I know of other people, including my ex ex Michael, who met women with an agenda. As myself, they might not be aware that they were a setup. At first, when I noticed it, it didn't make sense to me.

However, if you want to get to a wealthy, well-protected person with hacking protection, going through a woman, especially a woman who's new in the real target's life, is a clever idea.

Perhaps, one day, they'll come forward with their stories.

A simple rule of life: Nobody takes a risk without hopes for a specific outcome. Not even aliens.

People who report abductions in gang stalking, are purposefully misled, not crazy. You can read the conversation I head directly after I survived a months-long terror campaign and 6-day street death hunt, with involvement of a single black local cop, HERE.

I've learned a lot since, and don't stand by all statements. For instance, I didn't name every person I believe is involved, for instance, Kevin Kuschel.

You can read the conversation (likely with Onision, who—either himself or through his “people” - is responsible for most online misinformation on this topic) HERE

More subtle death treaths

Ever since, death threats have become more subtle or less traceable (electronic weapons.)