Attacks 03/07

I'm on the list of the Pastor now, too. For what trina did.

She wakes me up now every day, like she did to jJane, and all the others. Plus I get drugged , bc the stalker who EMS makes out with his trina wnats her gone.

You allow very sick people in this room. The shelters does.

  • I got attacked all night, I don't know if they showed facesor slept, too 1T V 1B every Sima
  • teeth attack from the dead lover of dead trina 1B each S
  • Stalker instruct to wake me up exactly too late for breakfast, but so that it's worse and worse every day of the rape-to-death death hunt
  • She's doing her sex show calls AGAIN in thiis room. This is the most unholy place I've ever heard off. I thought the Walking Dead is sick, but this ishelter is the teacher.
  • I have to say something else, but nobody should be forced to listen when a victim who complied talks to pedophiles. And then the oether complies and "touches hereself"
  • II take for this disgusting shit.. every bus line in the world they own. For 2%, and I might sell later. I would like Manuel to run this. They have busses, they stalk in busses, busses help to kill in street death hunts, and I"m sure they live and sleep in busses, and I want that to end
  • Once a dead stalker is put on someone, they don't stop. Room mates of the Pastor, and I am sorry for what happened to them, get normally carriied to the park. She already left a trail of dead. I just think once you're dead, the living should be prioritized.
  • Internet (that is on for ME.. and other Simas, but we all don't care if it goes off, except when it's stalking. 1B each. Just wanted to send an email of theirs, they are naturally the biggest spammers in the world, too. As every day, it's one "little thing" after the next
  • 1T bc they faked information in my PayPal, email and on namecheap (RIP) to charge whenever they want for an annual fee, but I'm owed 6 months for this domain, for others up to 2 years.
  • Tons of rape talk, stalkers want me to complain about the Pastor, who I think should not be around people, bc they can control the dead completely (and they NOW do against me, too, still the least in this room, though, but I cannot be woken up by pedophile calls), but the other one is still the root of the problems in this room. Both should not be here, but they say it's their best. It's true that people do not generally survive the pastor, but Trina. Trina had the same problems in the last shelter, where I luckily was not in a room with her. My case manager had me in the best room, until Chloe changed it to a more problematic, whent their NOT stalker Jennifer did not work, half of my clothes are from her, actually, the other half Sharon got for me. And then the other one, and that was the ONLY way I would ever "sell" SNAP (but NOT sell it), asked me to get stuff for her when I went shopping, and she cannot pay back via SNAP so that she had to give me cash. It was still horror. It is still horror here, but ONLY because they keep putting evil people. It was fine with Brenda, it was fine with the room mate - just the dead stalkers... monster kid tried to get me killed, now these terrorize me, and make false allegations. However, it's 100% clear that someone changed the names in the brain of the Pastor. Trina is everything she screamed at me with here devil voice (it's different when they take her over, and it could easily be avoided if the electricity were fixed.)
  • Little people force me to their little people world of black magic and voodoo - 1B each Sima
  • "You will not get stuff stolen by Trina, when you leave the room, they will just tell her to move something" Ok. The Army will move her monster family around and your fake Rick Ross. 1B each Sima. Her familiy are real monsters.. she's the nicest of her family, go, figure. We're looking for her lover. He's living in a train station, illegally, but it's the train station I gave to Marc. We have to close it for one day, and Germans KNOW it's war. Not having a ride in a war for a day sounds acceptable to me. Hearing my words, let's do it today. "Bomb alarm in war"... gas them out. Jean/Sole make sure all good are gone in 2 hours. Cops, please don't let anyone come, especially through the side entrances. The side with the parking spot has holographic stuff, but you see through it anyway.
  • I was never exposed to gossip. Once the little black magic voodoo people have you, they force you into their small evil world, no matter who you are. Like, look at my friends. They might share or discuss something, but they don't gossip. None of them. It's a waste of time to talk bad about others, and to listen to people. Marshall Goldsmith says that, too.
  • 1st microwave murder attempt 1T for V (I'm worth that much, yes, we all are, but I'm currently forced into this role)
  • The stalkers don't understand why their fake BMO stopped given them fake cash.. stalkers were stealing from their real accounts... you should also not be here, if you have houses, cars, accounts full of money... it's your decision to pretend you don't know who you are. The German homeless used up your real money since 03/20, when they lost access to the real banking system, but they still had an intact fake system. Now they lost both. They just cannot steal from your German accounts any longer, bc my husband's banks are cleaned, every of my bankers would die before they give you ONE cent, and the rest lost access to banking. Mostly, permanently. But for looking at my account or however they gather their intel - 1B each S. We find the money they stole ... a hundred years ago.... nobody even remembers where it's from.
  • Rape talk 1B each
  • Everyone newly connected over my head will now be put "live". And there's a series of "knock knock" More and more smaller guerilla groups and mini cartels/gangs give people to the tooth machine, too, fire departments, "schlagende Vereinigungen" (old stuff... I think it's also a word for KKK) and the beatdown machine. Hey, they are all our customers!
  • I understand that the stalkers in the godless voids don't see anything happening. But they also know they use these voids to kill and isolate people. The thing is just... they can never step out of the electricity jamming, until the computer that has been interrupted kills their connection TO EACH OTHER. That's why they keep connecting. Once this turns off, they can never access me again - and I breathe everyone. Not connected - no oxygen. Nobody from this shelter connects over my head. They lost connection somewhere, somehow... maybe there is a hole somewhere in this building?
  • While the CIA films, I take images of my stuff, so that we can go buy cigarettes. Let's see if they scam again, and lose one. It's a shame that you get stolen from the second you leave your room in a shelter.
  • My room mate took me to a tobacco store. That can stay. It's expensive, but if they pay for their merchandise, I have no complaints. Do they? However, I met the "brother" of my roommate, who is not her brother, but a regular career-homeless stalker. I got attacked so heavily, that I felt panic to run. It's a death hunt route. One bus driver will leave. A "real nigger." In the Walgreens, 2 or 3. Do make more holes. I cannot get physically assaulted every time I leave the premise. And inside. I think I was on a death hunt route. This bus 57 was it? Attacks, stalks, and waits the 20 minutes their typical attack duration is. Are we sure they don't tell people the Black Shits are responsible for stalking? Because they just stalk stalkers, they have NEVER stalked me, except Onision had a fabulous idea to keep me safe during the death hunt. He impersonated Pablo and told them to say the same compliment to me.
  • My room mate does not know she pays with fake cash. The store owner... do they know? I'm the only one who paid. My money is real, even though I spent like ... much too much. Not if you consider that I'm a multi millionaire ... and through this project much, much more. He can buy stolen items in the godless void, though with the fake cash he gets there. Every active illuminati hunter is at least a millionaire now. It's not true that the .. what you called "elites" had the money stalkers say they had. They have it now. We went by what we read in newspapers every week.
  • I suggest a new law: one-way plastic bags are forbidden, and, like in Germany, strong, durable, reusable plastic bags cost money. If a store wants, and they all will have better profit margins, they could support the sale of plastic or permanent bags over reusable plastic. Water will come in glas bottles again, that will be resused, unless they have a better material. Yes, it's annoying, but it is what it is. Convenience in measure is fine, but not on the cost of harming the planet that much. But things like that are not typically V topics, except the plastic used on purpose is very harmful for our water and soil. We already all have dangerous plastic particles in our system... the trash eaters, the illuminati, even more than we do. It's not pigs that are dirty. They totally are NOT. Unless you mistreat them, which will stop. I'd take a pig over a dog as ... .animal. I don't like "pet" bc it .. suggests you are the owner, not just the host and servant to your animal. Pigs are pretty clever, loyal, and friendly. I'm not sure why Muslems eat one animal but not the others. The respect has to return to food. It's what fuels our engines... the food, water, and air. OMG... is it true? Is it just illuminati "muslem" who do not eat pig?
  • The thieve Chelsea, who cannot leave without returning all of my Spindrift she stole, was in the reception today. She's on video (that the CIA/FBI cannot send me here), but everyone in the world can see it on the live-stream. It's also an archive. Hey, Raoul, pls put our voice security. Only Bloomi, Vincent, James can approve info there.
  • Now we know what they did after the lovers of Trina (it's a group) were mad she got caught at my drawer, and hiding my key. They destroyed the two vapes I had, I just didn't know bc I didn't use them. That's another 100USD I need. That's the possible funding for next month, because it's just 50USD per month per victim (but I ended it... we just get stolen food), and Matt had to pay 2025 USD already. Matt will refund it, nobody here may go there. He made the decision that too many people here know about thefts. The only exceptions are the whitelisted, but some are shaking. The other folks might have a plan where to do. We will not hunt them, if they do not take people we explicitely blacklist. We're also working.... our 3,5 Neuroscientists, on trying to find ways to undo the damage done to "underdeveloped brains", made from positive humans. So far, no luck. They can learn, they just need to be explained things as if they were kids. Not just because of the brain damange, but nobody who got here young has been trained properly in anything.
  • I would only request two things from the other, sadly, victimized to death ex person here... get her to stop the snake noises. It's ... .creepy. Or is that a line, too? And not do her calls in this room.
  • Microwave MURDER ATTEMPT and snake sound terror 1B each Sima, and for the snake noises 1B every hour it lasts. Thank your homeless stalkers. I will not complain about this person, bc I don't know if she's the wife of a Black Shit, and if..... there are ways for everyone who was working for my husband, but they forgot. Maybe it's not our vessels they destroy. That's my hope, but ... I'm very, very, very sure... this is my first life. My brain is intact, not copied, not damaged. My husband might hat to get used to the idea that I'm old and beaten up. Maybe only the ones who don't forget more or less than me (forget for an hour, cannot say one word) are real here. And really here. I know they say they mess up the vessels of stalkers some place else (mostly.) Many are in Germany. They made the mistake with Eastern Germany. OR.. they just killed even more dangerous first. The Argentinian were violent, and the niggers. The Turkish, too, but... only career homeless. Just in Germany they pay for a humble apartment for you, too, until they did not pay for stalkers. That is why they are so worked up. I don't know of one German .. contact who even has a job.
  • Sole, the Bozo lives at Hauptwache. Nobody will see you (like... they will pretend). They just said they will destroy more things of mine.
  • So, Salvation Army.... another 100USD you owe for destroying two devices, and chocolate that was in the drawer, when you destroyed my devices, as "revenge" that trina performed stalking actions against me. Severe ones, that should have led to getting me kicked out. Oregano is just not illegal.
  • "They just don't want you to have anything good." Says they. 1B each S for rape talk with zapping our brains. They pretend anyone would listen to them or talk. Just try without weapons, then. They also love to blackmail... it's all the pedophile strategy. They do something very bad to you, and then the same offer solutions. No, thanks. Good riddance.
  • Rape talk at me.. targeting inside of my head - a death sentence in the Cartel world.
  • Their Pastor started screaming at the other one, to proxy-annoy me, but you will never know it's all against me currently (in this room) 1B each Sima, and I take all cigarette making suppliers, for 2% and then Winnetou and his son could kindly lead it. I don't think Gaery needs any of this.
  • Getting EMS attacked, 1B each, every country in the world 2B each.
  • My husband takes things for V not just for leverage... we have to see later how much of this planet he owns and how much my father had. We will not take money away from countries, though, my father would be the first to give it to them, but... we cannot talk until the illuminati are dead. I take things bc I'm grabby, and I use the opportunity. Since birth, I did not even see who was coming after me. That's the worst, an enemy you cannot see. It's good that I can finally influence consequences.
  • The agreement with the world is that V gets all loot. ... keep that in mind while you watch me ... being transparent. This time, you will not forget anything... except we might exchange me in your memory. There's too many small-minded real humans, too, who sit there envious, with a sense of entitlement, never producing anything of value ever. And every V leader who wants, not all of them do. Especially, in South America, "Cartel" is a good word. All countries with half-dead but once present Cartels were also in better shape.
  • 2nd microwave murder attempt, in the form of their "drug" show. I just did not take any drugs. The room is extremely heated up, 2nd murder attempt today.
    This time.. 1T for V, one pick each Sima. We have to take control of vape products anyway, and it's not socialism, and it's not the government. They trust us with keeping products secure, that have been used for the mass murder of billions of humans. They are too dumb to scan for THC... so they put bioweapon in regular cigarettes, and I bought two packs today. The gang stalker store had Winston for me, hidden under the counter. Winston red 100 is JUST tobacco and water. No bioweapon. I take ownership of ALL vape whatsoever. 2%, and it's led by the Winnetous.
  • All Alcohol companies go to V, 2%, and the alcohol topic is led by my father in law. He is called "El Mencho" since his school days. It's not socialism, even if governments hold several topics. It's their job to serve us and keep us safe. Tobacco, recreational drugs/stimulants, are the most attacked topics, also because.... most of us are social drinkers.... smokers chat more with others. It's also about destroying human connectedness, we so urgently need. If someone from our Cartels, or at least customers wants to lead an alcohol compay for El Mencho, they may apply #drinkswithPablo ... I think Winnetou has enough people, but not in every country... #smokewithPablo.
    The companies will be owned by V, El Mencho gets a boss salary, but every facility that stays, needs a leader, too. No, I don't think we need energy drinks. That will sort itself out, and I'm looking forward to the return of Flying horse. That had Taurin in it, and it was the only drink that really gave me energy. Ok... the old company still has 3, I think, survivors. Pablo, Bourla, chat with them about a cocaine drink (healthier than coffein, for real), and ask the countries for their decision. I think it's not more or less safe for kids who can buy energy drinks, but that has to be solved at the point of sales. We might have to go back to educating our kids... or refuse to get any (my husband and me.) He agreed to foxes, but he really wants out. I found out the donkey Lebe Gesund has, they say, is a "forever donkey." So... he could live with us, but I think it's more fun for him to stay with other animals, they even have Alpacas. They ONLY take animals without a home or who were injured, we hope it's getting fewer, bc it's not the job of Lebe Gesund. They just let the animals live there, take care of them (if they were too long with humans and lost their natural survival skills), until they die from old age. Not this donkey.
  • Check the strange payment ... thingy where you scan your card at Walgreens, please.
  • I'm drugged again with the rape drug gays use, poppers. 1B each S
  • Does a black shit have a bipolar wife? Good looking, not ... very "black" looking, but black. Keep in mind the peptide injections, and perhaps there are other ways to get it into humans (NOT a simple cream, though, it would have to be digested or so in larger amounts). Short hair. Real hair no wig.
  • Rape talk at me, in my head, 1B each S
  • They have their evil look now... is it that they take her over when a call comes in? Bank... please do not connect calls when I'm in the same room. She might not know it's pedophiles calling to make real appointsments, I do. Now they are showing how powerful they are... she gets 10 times the calls since I didn't, as wanted, go against her, instead of Trina. They should both no be in a victim room, but the other is more ..sorry... disturbed than evil. Take out every customer, their families, and, in this case, I get the loot, bc the other Sima's are not around pedophilia callers. The difference between callers is if there's a "happy" ending. You cannot do that to victims. She does NOT get paid. They exploit dead people. All of El Taco's prostitutes, and of another pimp I saw in La Reina del Sur (NOT La Vidua Negra), too. The only ones who don't mind, and the only ones who do what they are told, and the only ones you don't need to pay. Secure her money, BIS, in case she ... became that from being a nice person one day. And she WAS protected. I think it's a slim chance.
  • Horrible attack on my teeth. He didn't get the info. 1B each S.
  • They attacked the stomach of the roommate. As it's a provocation against V, V takes 10B.
  • 10 rape talks 1B each. When will they learn? Never. You know why? The whole black magic system is built on lack of information, so that they don't know the status and start attacking until the last man.
  • Everyone at Amazon lost their chance. They limit MY purchase of soups now. Not per order, per total. That is an extreme stalking action, with the purpose that I don't have enough clean food.
    We take Aplenty. And the other Simas also cannot order enough soup, so it's 1B each S.
    Kill the stalkers at Amazon. A Black Shit is supposed to work the orders for us, not an illuminati troll. I'm trying to get to 35 USD, for free delivery, but I cannot order anything with SNAP.
  • And another 1T for V and my father, and my brother, bc they suffer from seeing the stalking against me every minute. This food is there for ME. "You have reached the purchase limit for this item. We have changed the quantity to the maximum allowable. If the quantity has been set to 0, please delete the item (below the item details) to proceed". It has been set to 0, and it's already an alternative for the soup I really like, the tomato/pepper.
  • Tooth attack for reporting on stalking, even though nobody sees it... wake up, stalkers. If I give permission, they see it if I air type it on a disconnected computer. 2B each. It's getting more expensive as we run out of teeth and patience.
  • Next tooth attack 2B each S.. Castel, you stay at Medellin, as rich as you are now?
  • Next MURDER ATTEMPT... again, they do not stop the microwave attack after a minute or two, they just get killed. 1T for Medellin, the Australia Cartel, Lebe Gesund, and V.
  • More jerk-off calls of pedophiles, and I'm forced to suffer from it. 10B for me. Personal account. Show the faces of EVERY caller and their addresses. They KNOW they call to stalk me.
  • BIS.. that's 1M every minute of call. From the accounts of the pedophile, if you don't have them yet, and write.... "Forced to witness pedophilia jerk-off call"... nobody makes sure that she gets her 3USD. I now... don't think there is a chance. I hope nobody who loved her ..... thinks of any crazy things. It's not the person you knew. It is not. They cannot be kept safely. I swear on my life. In any way... get her out of this room. They are working against her, anyway. It's better she's back in the "isolation room" 28, that is free again. Otherwise, they might get her kicked out, bc ... her behavior really, really calls for it. You cannot do sex calls with pedophiles next to victims. I think they try to hand over dead monster and dead victim in the zone. Likely, whoever tries to pick them up, gets locked up here, too. But not knowing that their whatever is dead. Tell the staff to put her in a different room, without telling them what calls she does. No wonder she has this hatred against men. And as she's been raped to death by people, including Shiloh and Annah Minx...AND trina, that's where the hatred against lesbians is from. The drug is on the floor now. Someone marks evil calls. Do stop evil calls. Get the caller. A "politician".
  • As revenge for not wanting to have pedophiles jerk off to a dead stalker in the room I'm forced to be in, because the same pedophiles removed my access to my money, they suspended my account over FALSE copyright complaints. Every house is bombed now or burnt down. UMG, Sony Music, Vidsum, and the other junk. Surprise bombing: Every hidden and real facebook building. Hope it's worth it, i will still be heard, and my content is still mine. EVERYONE has it anyway. Every livestream was immediately copied during the stream. And later. And I have most relevant on PCloud, that I shared not just with every Cartel, but more. It's just owned by others, and they are the only ones who can use it after this project. Pedophilia pointers were in most lookups. A 2nd person took the call, after the first died from a lifestyle accident. Stalking, pedophilia, and jerking off on dead people was their lifestyle.
  • Tooth attack, and they found a whole group of pedophiles. New monster kids, too, who ordered them? All accounts for Aggro Berlin 25%, the rest V and me... so V.
  • I take 1B for the attack on my eyes, from the mother's of the pedophiles, please write as memo "stalking by pedophile son". Then... take the accounts of the mothers, wives, sisters, and change them to "Slut Mohammed", until we know more.
  • It's one stalking after the next. Age all monsters 50 years.
  • Independent of my feelings, and I didn't even throw a look - the other two are beginning to wonder what calls these are.
  • A bunch of "they just" will die now, with their families. It's just changing the order, though.
  • The "because they" gets the poisoned head treatment for his monster wife, but we'll use the exit sentence on his monster affair.
  • The next rapist talker "they just", too. Probably a mother, as messed up as he sounds, a pedophile.
  • The next pedophile "they just", too
  • I HATE pedophiles
  • "They're just..." shut the f up, MFer, you're dead in two minutes before now
  • "That's what they... " 1 B each Sima and all of the accounts after the music pedophiles shared between Sima's or... if they decide the organizations they represent. Lebe Gesund can take care of the animals just through the interest they get, and now they are elidgable for a WaterStone account, too. Please find all the stuff the know is stolen, and the diffuse order is at 5%, WaterStone supports their cause by giving up 5% of what we're owed.
  • Several more "what if" "they just" provoke by stating nothing can happen to them, bc they are in shelters. They say the "leaders" of the exploitation of dead sluts and victims is all them, and that they blackmail the pedophiles, too. How do you commit so many crimes and you're poor AF?
  • A GROUP of rapists ... it cannot be on everyone. It's not prepared at Joy House, Cathedral, and the other one like it. I did not get raped at the Cathedral Center, where they could just blab at you.
  • I get 10T for that. I would like 1T on my account, bc ... my husband has this leverage thing going on. I don't. I just want to semi-retire.
  • This is the rape-to-death place, and the homeless stalkers can only do that here, with the sorted out evil stalkers. What does that mean for Jennifer? She's dead. I really didn't know, I tried to tell the person who cares about her where she is. And warned them about rapid rehousing. Then she didn't talk about it anymore. I don't think you can make dead people monster kids. They might just run on copied content.... she.. she is a lovely but repetition of ... sharing here grievances with the same stalkers now in my room, and then offers food. Really tries to bring everything she has, and I'm like "no no" and give her things, too. Like, when she had 3 pieces of Pizza, she gave me two. Unless it would be other vessels, and only if they were known to my husband... it's a lot of "only." Jennifer was always presented to me as a stalker. I think she got to talk to me as a treat. They can control her 100%, but she also takes evil prescription drugs. Trina does what she does on her free will, even following orders. The others... get taken. There's never the moment in Trina where she realizes what she had done. The Pastor binge cleans ... and it looks like the feeling of guilt. She shot hatred looks at everyone today, snapped at the other two.
  • "bla bla dumb rapist talk" 10B for me. Please make a non-leverage account in the names of my husband (resident Couch sleeper to come) and mine. My name is on all Vanguard accounts, too. And Blackrock and every elite only changed in the spoofed system that my name is on everything.
  • No matter how much has been stolen from my father, he was vanished for long. I want Blackrock and the alleged rich people, who suffered all of their lives, to get "their" money. My father has more money now than as known the world has. Stolen items are a different thing, but they are independent of money. They cannot be replaced, and we get everything back. If they don't want me removed, perhaps it has reasons, but... it's their money, and the money of their families.
  • 1T for our shared account 2. They already damaged my new device I purchased today. "we can get to every outlet, and destroy everything you have." Well, we'll destroy your real vessel in Karlsruhe. ... Bundeswehr, please.
  • The THIRD Microwave Murder attempt today. When everyone is sleeping, they don't always catch it, especially, if they heat up the bed frame with electricity. This one is also a hardcore rapist. Death hunt for closure. HE THINKS HE KILLED JENNIFER AND THE PASTOR. IT MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT BE TRUE, BUT HE BELIEVES IS, NOW HE PRETENDS TO TOUCH MY VAGINA, SITS ON MY BREAST WITH A WOMAN, THEY ARE A RAPIST COUPLE, AND THEY THINK (MARC CAN REALLY READ BRAINS) THEY KILLED JENNIFER AND THE PASTOR. DEATH HUNT/HUNT.
  • 10T for our shared account. Trying to murder the war reporter isn't cheap
  • They overheated the room while I was out even more. That's 10T, because my health is declining.
  • Amazon sent the 2nd parcel. It's not a big order. They say it's to irritate staff. But why are you irritated when it's realitively quiet and vegetarians need to order food with their food stamps? They try to frame victims for return scams, but law enforcement knows the chain:
  1. The fake Avis guy orders via his account
  2. Slut Mohammed (CIA name, I don't know her legal name) gets the parcels always outside. She's out for 20 or even 40 minutes so that the reception does not see most parcels.
  3. 2 medical monsters carried out 2 black bags filled with boxes. They looked and they found exactly the items ordered via the account of the fake Avis guy. Slut Mohammed does not have valuable possessions that I had seen, while I suffered from being in a room with here, bc she does not clean, tried to get me kicked on the street on false allegations, was invovled in a hit on Rania of Jordan, was a FAKE Uber driver (they just pretend they don't see you), at my 2020 death hunt, and that's when she died. The cops took her out. And she does evil prostitution I will not disclose here. Just that she had 3 black physical customers, and ........ a EMS relationship with El Taco, and then some. Plus she smoked her fake crack in the bath room, and stank. I do not hold the stank against her, just that the pedophiles who put her in a room with me know. Putting dead people in my room or just knowing about it (like the evil dead staff who just asked me "how it goes", but attacked me twice with microwave, stole my mail, stole food, and did two hunger stunts), is a sure death sentence. Even stalkers would know that. But.. they assumed they get me to commit suicide. The homeless shelter pedophiles are desperados, they have nothing to lose.

- Tooth attack 1B each S

  • they ordered more snake sounds 1B for me (always our shared account, except the one payment)
  • rape talk 1B each S
  • new rapist group is 1T for V
  • they made me forget one, I assume it's a big one, and it's 10T (no, they are not running out, and many get money back.. it just has to be there. We are mercenaries. We would not have to share any loot. The rapists... you might want to kill them, stalkers, it will not go well for you.
  • more rape from the perverted sadists who at the same time hurt your legs. What a sick shit. Sole, he must die. .. ok. BIS. You have to pay for a death hunt, you know, otherwise they kill you.
  • There's a female rapist. Stalkers can rape her to death. A fake Laurie. Enjoy.
  • Additionally, an attack on my eyes for 1B
  • My legs still get hurt, 1B. The attack gets worse, everyone who attacks me physically, played for their families. However, it's just .... I could just wait it out... however, my drama gets money into different hands. and it's the first time things get done NOW. Even when evil comes back - they need a complete new set of tools and methods, and they need to develop them under a much stronger V than before. An international V. Based on values, skills, and love.
  • Rape talk 1B each
  • Many staff and victims live to long in the word of the insane, and they're not getting it. It's extreme rape to force yourself on someone, pretend to read their minds, and talk at you, with a CIA-"stolen" (it might have been there for them to steal, because they are really my hostages, but that also does not help my husband) tool. Get back to normal, please. Nothing here is normal, and you became strange like the tolerable people on Borderlands. By the way... today both were there. I saw the Chelsea who checked below a panel today, too. If she's mostly human, she won't even suspect it's her look-faintly-similar, bc ...... it's really, really a very different person. But.. to us all ants look nearly the same. We see if they are bigger or more red, but to us, same-sized ants all look the same, too.
  • Matt, the shelter owes me another (thank you for paying the devices earlier) 76 USD. Sorry.
  • Everyone who joined the rapist murderer group of canalisation rats, gets into my death hunt. It's easy for the Black Shits, because very few things are real. The cut I got, so that they could confirm I'm blood type 0, and 100% Aryan, was the only real thing. However, the infrasound and the mental damage through rape, are real. Did the other S's try the silent screams? Just imagine you pop their ears. And you will. So, we can just play the death hunt I was in on their heads, but most don't survive the preparation of 2.5 months. Love is the difference, I guess.
  • Expensive tooth attack, because we know who you blackmailed for the live of his wife, and that you killed her. We'll tell them, and offer they get at least their money back, if they kill you. Pablo.
  • Check who that is, pls, he's shot, though.
  • Still the attack group, some are worse than others. This one's monster daughter gets his head. A pedophile who rents out his own daugher. Kids of illuminati often die from negligence.
  • Tooth attack by a dead MFer... he'll be in pain, until he disconnects. He's dead... what's the point that he steals our food?
  • A bladder presser ("that's my job")... Pablo, can you help him find another job?
  • Delete every last communication thing they have. It should soon come, that 3G is off, too. Take out their things. They say that's why they disabled my account. Because some of their FAKE accounts were hit.
  • "You don't pee enough, it's not good for your bladder".. it's the worst rape imaginable, and they get their intel from the guy who STILL lives on top of the panels, sucks up the crack smoke from staker bath rooms, and puts all the sh** on us. 10T for V.
  • When they eat, they stink. Apparently, more than one would think transfers to this VR horror. I'm sure someone figured out the connection of 2 rolls per day, smoking fake crack, and in real life and as pretense, having other stalkers smoke fake crack from their.... bum. They are the most disgusting.... animals are not gross like this... are cockroaches natural, by the way?
  • Producing EMF though my keyboard to hurt my hands.. I get pimples from it on my fingers. 1T
  • Rape talk commentator who bothered everyone on YouT..... wait.. the MFer finally from the Hengzt video? He's in Frankfurt. Gutleut Viertel. Jean, you'll .. ok, you have. This will be nice loot. I think Bushido does not want 200k for this one.
  • They check who I don't like on Borderlands... it's only people who hustle who I did not shoot. They are strange... except "Moxi" "Roland" and this Sirene thing. The ones who just stand around are all stalkers. Like here... the real ones work.
  • I got either misinformed by incompetence or it's a stalker store. Please check and do your thing. The device does not work properly, and the liquid is wrong, and I specifically asked. BIS. Mine. Goodbye, thanks for scamming.
  • A "they think" for a non-staffed death hunt, mine
  • They told the guy to give me wrong info, and then harmed the device. Good riddance. It gets critical now. I have my money back, but it's not NOW money. Stalkers... relax.. just stop scamming. I spent all of my money based on false info, and received the wrong product that destroys the coils, in addition to the damage done here through your outlets, by you. I did ask TWICE. He also sold me a shit device, saying it's the best. If you don't know something as a seller, you say: "I don't know, but let me call the vendor and ask."
  • 1B for the EMS production and the head of the MFer for his mommy. Incest one.
  • 2 more rape talkers, 1B each, plus death hunt for the, unmanned, I need more peace
  • The rapists on my breast.. they work in teams... one pretends to kill on on your chest, they sacrifice one after the next. They think, that way you don't complain. However, in my connection... where my husband made me an admin, we take out the partner first. It's several groups, and I need you to work as fast as you can to get them of both of my breasts. They are the most disgusting shit animal-creatures. Age them 1K years/until they drop.
  • "Nobody knew that" will be over 100 in a minute. Every grown up human might have concluded it. It's all pedophile tactics
  • Attack on my heel, that's inflammated from daily attacks. It's enough. Onision.. put your thing on, and please turn on the tooth machine and beatdown machine.
  • They say the evil big hunger stunt, "you have mail" attack suggested to put the stalkers EVERYONE knows cause issues everywhere, but live here for over a year in my room. She's dead. But they need to do some things that transfer to here.
  • Sadly, it's the Pastor. Like Slut Mohammed, she comes in stinking from poppers. You cannot expose us to prostition, dead people, and drugs.
  • Rape talks "it's them" .... MFers, you ARE them. 1B
  • All my nails are broken, my skin aged at least 15 years, and my body that was always kind looks like sh**. I dont' mind aging, but I DO MIND stalking damage. I have no nutrients here, no veggies, no fruit. Yes, there's the cheapest canned 99 cent "mixed veggies", but that's long cooked to death. 1T for my husband.
  • Next bladder presser, who thinks I am on the street, and he came to humiliate himself. 1T for my husband who had to watch him try during my 2022 death hunt, only I was too dehydrated, had not eaten in days, etc.
  • Murder attempt with microwave no 4. 1B each Sima. Simas... what if they attack devices are in your shelter and that's the thing ... someone can do?
  • Next tooth attack, and I can not even close my mouth from pain already. You will all be in all of the pain I had from you. Let's see your survival skills, shall we?
  • Next bladder presser, stil illuminati stalkers on my breasts. Show them. ARD or ZDF... will you make a daily show with the faces and details of people and what they do as "their job"? Germans should know what they were suffering for, and why they get less retirement money or any money, and had to pay fake taxes. All their accounts, will be 0 and have the memo why the money was seized.
  • They said I would not pay for the order. Here is what they meant: They banged up the box, told the evil staff who loves it (DO SOMETHING ABOUT HER), and opened two packs to pour them out.
    Everyone on-site dies today. Plus 1T. For our private account.
  • The Schreber Garten Kolonie in Maintal promised a refund they did not do. One house is burning. The house of the stalker/liar. We willl have to 03/20 everything, bc this is sorted out food (expired or near expiration or other damages) is not the Black Shits yet.
  • All houses were burnt. These losers cannot give a refund. We emptied their "Belle Fleur" account. Now it's a group in Hochstadt... they carried people from other places in groups.
  • Microwave murder attempt no ... 5? 1T for V. All newly found stalkers have been removed from birth record, and everything else. The German gov is like: ching, ching. So much Sozialhilfe they safe.
  • Microwave murder attempt no 6. 1T for V... from the sales of fake USD bills. Lol. They're illegal now, everyone knows it. You can only pay with fake USD bills in godless voids, that are getting smaller and smaller.
  • They now make a fake chat popup. We'll have to wait until all the German homeless are killed. For now, I took about 2B from their accounts, and Doc Schwarze got his money back, and much more.
  • Amazon extreme stalking. Every newly found loser gets aged to death. My father has no laptop or phone... we don't know how to pull the list, so we just sent enough folks to Persia. The current group has no money. No, it's fine... Germany offers their Sozialhilfe for one year. I appreciate you.
  • Microwave attacks, thefts, and rape groups are now 1T for and pressure V each. I will just say MWA or RG or P and BIS knows. Teeth attacks are 1B each Sima. I just say TA.
  • RG still
  • MW
  • still stalking... 3rd group.. now Eisenach... why are there still ossi clones? Ok, new ones.... you carried out of zones. I get it. Sorry.
  • My time is valuable... I get 1B per hour wasted, too, going forward. Francis, you don't forget anything. Can you do this? You get 10% from my earning.
  • EMF though keyboard
  • Borderlands fake death are now 1B, too. It will take me an hour each to recover the money
  • Borderlands ... assaults like this also 1B
  • female rapist on my chest. Female stalkers are 10B each. Death hunt, she made the fake marriage of Marc.
  • EMS attacks are 1B, too, until they ran out... but we're finding more and more... wow, their bosses made some bad hires.
  • It's now ALL female rapists.. remove them as soon as you can., they all go on a real death hunt... pay the general, pls, BIS
  • mw
  • mw
  • female rapist
  • it's not nice to get rich as V
  • 5 "they say" talk at rapists
  • next female rapist
  • attack on my eye
  • the evil staff is sleeping... who had fun hearing about the stalking against me
  • Let's say 200M.. or how often did they fake something today? 10M per offense. Wow, husband, you're rich. You can buy any couch in the world
  • RG
  • eye attack
  • Borderlands
  • rape talk x 3
  • attempt to give me MW burns 1b
  • Rapist, single, still 1b... we got new loot from harvey weinstein, but we put the names of stalkers on the transfers, like, double payment monster kid xy
  • Damn good job Onision, to get them to attack me as group of birds..
  • I offered a chance to two stalkers. One person or stalker from Italy took it. I got my refund, but... it was not good for my mood, so I'll stay until they close the chat. If they disable the chat, they don't get paid
  • wow... so many German clones.. we can only let greedy mafia through, 2 max, and i might request kastration
  • illuminati birds... after an unlikely kill in the game, I won a cheater weapon.... it's not bad. they try to kill me as a horde of birds....
  • rapist
  • attack on my heel
  • attack on kidney
  • attack on heel
  • rapist (the one in chat)
  • RG on both breasts, vagina, and more... show their faces and addresses, please, and notate the reward the German government offers... YOU will see their penis stiches on their forehead (check in the public database if he's vogelfrei)
  • zap my brain change words 10B
  • made me forget something 10B
  • Right... Price Waterhouse and BIS, please prepare for a semi-LinkedIn audit, because stolen things must be recovered. Important. Medellin and the General will come. General personally.
  • It ones... I would like all connections/interfaces with/to Cognos removed from all SAP customers, but also... everyone else. Nobody will fix the product. It's used to show false data, and they keep the interface open for intrusions. Matter of minutes. Sorry for the loss, customers.. but good riddance, no?
  • SAP offers a Crystal Info license for every Cognos license sold via them, and a time-limited discount for non-customers.... for 2 days, we offer this to all companies. 50% off any CI license, must be orderd within 48 hours and replace Cognos. Our members can stock up... more licenses than just Cognos... Hans... ok, ok. Ciba wants 1k, please. I sold to Ciba.. updates are included in their corporate contract, and any payments will be returned by CI... let's take it from the next birds.
    My apologies, Jean-Luc and Hans.... much must have happened for them not to honor the contract, unless it was just a middle man. We fix it, but for upgrades, you don't need to buy. Sven Gerhard prepares for delivering the most current version, right after you tested it. Sorry Hans. So no 1K until further notice... they were early adopters, the FIRST international contract, they took a risk and Crystal Info (now a separate company) will not forget.
  • tooth attack
  • heel attack
  • I want them to lose their eyesight on the left eye. All of them. They attack my eye so hard that the third contact lense has a slit at the same position as always. No... their right eyes... they might only have one eye
  • Milan gets rewards for the borderland finds today, pls... or personally the one who let me see him here
  • Deutsche Bank... bitte alle .... Raeume wie Keller, Archiv... ueberall wo Ratten ungesehen sein koennen, abschliessen.
  • Rapist
  • RIP, Cognos
  • Deutsche Bank London? Says Arthur Anderson.... pls check, Bertrand
  • DeuBa, habt Ihr einen Fuhrpark? ... kann man das abschliessen? Parkhaus? Ich war nie bei Euch... das Heinz Jorde da rumgeturnt ist, hat mich abgeschreckt
  • EMS
  • RG
  • Counts as two rape groups, very bad, disgusting, and evil... half-dead losers
  • A "they" rape talk at me
  • BIS they are nearly broke where can we find more?
  • Are they all blind on the right eye? That they took from Bill? And fake surgery for the raise mother and hell knows how many else. I cannot afford a new lense every week, and they damage it every time, trying to harm my eye. Their left eye too, please. They continue to target mine. They made sure that nobody can warn others.
  • NIgel, we need a list of folks who go at trina, the dead stinky stalker. Who ever did... whole environment
  • MW
  • RG
  • illuminati currently owe me 4 Billion, they are broke, until we find more
  • Rape talk
  • fake near-death (it's the same)
  • EMF
  • EVERY stalker will lose their eyesight. Now .
  • rape talk by disgusting pedophile
  • rape talk
  • heel
  • tooth attack
  • new RG
  • mw on my legs
  • new rapist
  • fake stitches attempt from a penis face
  • rape talk
  • tooth attack. now how are they going to replace all of our teeth? Bone machine in the zones, pls. where you can go.
  • rape talk
  • more rape talk
  • Arafat... a rape to death never stopped, bc the german troll losers were never stopped.. pls remove them as soon as BIS has all info they need
  • my feet get attacked... how could so may sick disgusting creeps exit in germany? That's one week couch for my husband
  • pressure attack, my husband is bothered by it the most
  • take out all german stalker phones
  • Remove.. the ability to send emails via domain hosting only stalkers do that, anyway... the email below might be sent differently, take out the ASN. I dont' care if it's Google, Google is hardly relevant anymore

It's 3G fake 5G and fake cell phone network, and they steal data via my laptop. QAnon... are you ok?
I did not use 90GB of data. For Youtube videos and emails

Several attacks, let's say 10B. No, with rape 20B. I put this 20B towards the animal protectors. Or hay for the forever donkey?

  • rape talk

YouTube stalkers ... take all German stalkers out today. They are the worst for my safety. No other group at this time. They are all slave followers without brains to think.

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304 S Jones Blvd
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  • how many businesses (legit) use business gmail? I hated it.... take it down please, and however they faked the YouTube email
  • tooth attack... punch the blind old man in the mouth, please
  • Please punch out every tooth of all human wives they have.. it's ok for the wife of my husband, so it must be ok for inferior creatures, too. Break one leg, too.
  • MW attack.. not money... but Onision.. put the penis on every monster kid, every whatever family of teh stalkers... that way, it's easier for the KKK /Army / etc to recognize them. They will ALL leave (says the Army)
  • Tooth attack ... remove their hands, street power ones, if the .. white collar ones cannot turn a few phones off
  • Tooth attack - I take Kaufhof... after 03/20, and loot, I sell it to Kaufhaus M Schneider. 400k, V takes 2% royalties.
  • Tooth attack.. I take Vodafone, we take 5%. 2 each Jo and Peter, 1 for V, when they're done getting closure, they add it to the influence of the telco topic... never again can we be isolated and killed bc we cannot reach out for help

  • attack on ... by the way.. he and all others here also got teeth beaten out... I hope they did not follow the wrong adivse, or that my husband... "the single most influential rape-watcher in the world" has this.
  • rape talk, half-dead, drugged up cretin
  • raped the brain of the Ericsson boss, 1B for him
  • DISGUSTING rapist ants bite me
  • tooth attack. Is a good Schuessler Salz company interested in joining... I'd just be customer and V a 2%, but it would be a fabulous addition to our drug topic, and health insurance would pay. Just correct the numbers (at least in the US they're wrong). Our 5 partner all will produce. Mercola would like a branded version, too, and a different carrier ... he'd love to work with Ciba.
  • Merck, where are you at? May I buy you? But... 2B... Ok, then. Unless you have a specialty.... I'm uneducated like this... I know you make medicine. Our 5 are getting really busy with new products, natural products. How about you are the bad guy-type? Or other ideas... I just am not sure we need more cocaine and hashish producers... you dont happen to have knowledge in herbs? I understand that there are cases where heavy medicine is needed. I'm not sure how many cases there will be post-illuminati, though. What if you become a herb specialist, unless you are, in addition to other medicine, and you could produce Maria Treben exclusvely? ... everyone can... but certified. Hulda Clark, too. It's controversial.. .but..... ok, you agree. That paraisites make it easier/possible to take over a vessel. Wonderful. Deal, then. (Ohers: hahaha one competitor less, everyone happy)
  • Bayer, next attack, next pick. Would you like to be the independent non V- connected/owned? They say BigPharma all the time.... I think if we were BigPharma, we could avoid BigProblems.
    Oh, no, that's no argument. I... was no Monsanto fan for a long time... You're welcome. Ok. Welcome to the team.
    Bourla, can you be the coordinator? The Uberboss?
  • Speaking of which... Uber boss, I know you're helping. I'm not for delegating the risk to underpaid employees. Explain your business model to Dorian, kindly, if I misunderstand it. No jobs without benefits. The government pays what you pay too little, and you know that.
  • Ok. The Uber boss wants to lead a taxi project. He thinks he can fix things that lead to more affordable prices, and with-benefit employment for drivers of his new company. What's it called? TUBer? He would like Dorian, a banker, a blue one (Doc)... and then the list, we'll see.
  • Uber closes world-wide, but ... leaves everything, or the 3 or so Black Shits who are driving. He extends offers... not sure how he knows you, but he does. Please cancel all numbers, redirect to a message that recommends a taxi number, and we give each non-illuminati driver 10K. You might feel panic, and that something is taken from you. Many full-time or part-time taxi drivers will be needed when the project ended. Could you ever afford a pair of extra jeans? Not the boss, but the current Uber concept exploits workers, delegates the costs to the government and the workers. But they still pay as if you'd job in your first year at a lemonade stand.
  • 400 Euro jobs.. do things like this exist? All this ends today. Please, Macron, find out what other countries have, too. Every company has the right to request a 03/20, to get the money freed up, they spend on stalkers. There are VERY FEW exceptions, where a person should be a jobber, make the least, bu
  • t carry the biggest risk
  • The sadist sicko "SM" gross ant pedos again 10B
  • pls 03/20 ALL "400 Euro jobs". It's all them.
  • attack on my legs.
  • Sole, can you , for 25% of the loot get them into places again? You did an onision-esque job. Great work!!!
  • MW murder attempt from homeless
  • For the bifrost virus, I take 10k daily
  • Another Borderline manipulation
  • More than one attacks with more than one MW. double pay, psl
  • I was just chatting and about to say something very dumb.. (BIS EMF attack via keyboard).. is EMF a LIGHT attack not form of 5G by any chance? .. Akasha would prefer to become the Uber 2nd. I agree that it's better than being a posh retail sales person. He is thrilled. I then asked my bankers... our stores... are not open for the public. That's not my vision There's enough stores...So I think the bankers can go with the clients. Or reception, cleaning staff or Gussor if he jjust delivers candy. I feel it's a good experience and shows how we value our customers. Our customers also value our time...
    They won't hang out 4 hours... there's not reason also that they cannot talk about things.. or that one partner is looking ... anyway... it's my vision, the bankers are in, we'll try it.

    We're not saying our bankers are too valuable to help our capital (really) find the best watch... and having a Veuve cliquot together, Rioja or Lagavulin... an Italian cognac will follow together.. We just need to find a Harry Potter solution for our shoe maker, he's only one. And Cerrutti, perhaps... bc that is not even in my vision that JP Morgan neals down to measure DPM from crouch to heel.
    I wanted to say that we can maybe pay Manuel a little more because we need the most trustworthy and ... loyal/engaged cleaning staff... but I'm sure that we have no idea how big the part in the beginnings (of the near-end) was... from jobs like this, were people get disrespected as a standard.

    They can help, too. It's about opinion, mostly. Our product range is small... and we make cheat sheets with material question/answers or so.

    Two new hires:
  • Tim Gunn will sell to retailers. Most brands are not exclusive to us, but I also don't want to see Wolford items trashed. So he's our advisor, it's not a sales role, more like an quality (of partner/presentation) advisor. Even inspector.
  • And then, Cerruti hired Rami Kashou. Beautiful gowns and other unique pieces
  • BIS please put the new on the payroll... And then Akasha quit... end of the month, and joins TUber.

    Husband.. ask around how customers and WaterStonies feel about it . Ok, done. We see how it works. I think it'll be great.
  • EMS attack x 2
  • PRESSURE attack
  • more than one attacks the inflammation they cause in my heel
  • rape talk
  • tooth attack, and this one will die in their "death from pain" death hunt, they killed millions that way... a perv paid.

This is mostly a bill, and... the elites will also collect payments for stolen work, and higher payments for ugly pieces that were wrongfully shared with Rami's name.
Pablo/BIS... the elites need a customer list of unpaid items ... mabye he made them ugly, knowing they don't pay - or it's mostly not his work. One or two pieces might be.

  • heavy teeth attack..please blind every person who forces themselves on me, crush their faces, etc.

I just found images of Rami's very beginnings... I'd wear most. The pink is really special.. it's posh and elegant, but ... ideal for folks also .. who are .. I don't know how to say. ... what say you?

And the bronze...

Again, this is his beginnings.

  • it's a big group hurting my teeth now... where are they? Burn whatever is where the 'Lemon" ugly disco was in ugly Muehlhiem, and reclean the shisha bars from the mini cleanse Germany did. Well, at least they set the tone
  • There's a competitor of Nabeel (not), called Swiss Arab.. (what?)... I hated every scent I tried. Super simple, super dried out, super nasty. Stalkers say it's a gift for me. Nabeel one, that's yours, then, they'll check if staff is usable, and then you can put Nabeel (and Hermes, please?) in the stores. Ok, you have more than enough staff. And I understand that's a pitch. I just don't want to pay staff when there's one customer every two days. Otherwise, sure. It's not open stores. They'r ein our banks... a little hidden.
  • So, Swiss Arab is fired completely, Nabeel one has a huge list, and the Arabs say Bertrands should ask bc not all have laptops. All dancers have huge lists, too, all 3 Arab mafia and the Taliban. The Sadh again, too. Ok staff keeps their salaries and gets 3 month salary so that they can find a new job. Not ok staff 03/20/list
  • Putting decoffinated coffee into the coffe machine Stephanie had to buy behind the back of the stalkers - contempt from all of the world
  • Every ordered stalking action in this sheleter, is 1B from now on, too.
  • The Blob was woken up to sit there and bother me.
  • I personally don't like Sephora or Douglas. Melania would like to buy Douglas, thouggh, but... change most things, iincluding the name. What does Douglas want to be? Sell lower prices items you get at every Walmart/Walgreens at higher prices, be a "we got it all", or provide a ... more in the "I do something special for myself" and quality gift direction? I was confused. Some small "tables" with service in Kaufhaeusern interested me more. Hermes also doesn't care about numbers. They might offer things if Melania buys, but... likely not a 1000 product set. They also bring back my favorite perfume, every, I hope it has not changed that I love it, now that I'm even older.
  • Breaking: Douglas sold to a KKK. Melania ccan also imagine to feature a worldwide FM interesting artist ever month or so in her Vanity Fair magazin. It's quality fashion for the ears.
  • This very disgusting rape-tp-death rapist right now.. costs them the wrorld - a semi-functional spaceship will now transport 7 illuminati to wherever. They had promised that no more thefts, or physical violence occur. You need gold to start, they say? Let us show you that you don't... but someone will come in and rob you first. Oh, you sleepy? We KNOW the pain. Framing us imcompetent by knocking us out
  • 10 atttacks at once. The 7 want to buy there way out with a black box. Please open it on camera, so that my folks see what's in it. United one-way -tickets to Seaoul? I don't need them, and... I'm not sure you still get a refund after so long .Appreciate the offer, though. For this horror, I take Dyson for V, 2%. Maybe Beem, focused on quality Samovars Ok, they are in... because it's .... in all honesty many items I like, but they don't really make sense together (but still if you want to buy, you buy from them), and we call it Needful Thingies.)
    What else do we have? We can put some Waterman there, Tupperware, Bose, Dyson, Ninja (you want?), Aquasana (you want?), Mercola's air purifier with a little ozone, Meissner, Farbeware (you want?), and some things... I'm not saying it makes sense... Needful Thingies always sold to resellers, and still had a show room where people could buy. People can also order (we're not sure how big amounts we can produce) our bank-exclusive mocha and candy via Needful Thingies. An extra Yummie Thingies... well, we'll see. I wanted to say it makes not sense, but I'm not sure. Then they could get all of our brands that can produce enough and be exclusive resellers. Pretty Thingies could be the wearables? And Poshy Thingies the luxury items. Then, Natural Thingies could sell our green cleaner, and I liked the concept of that one store I recommended (but .. I do.. oh, ok. commission stolen, too, and a list.. )
  • My teeth get attacked again, and we have over 600 monsters in a secluded piece of forest, without cell phone receptoin. That's how millions died. From pain. We're not like that. We zombie-revived a few, and told all of them, it's a last monster standing. Honoring their tradition, this part was the lie.
    Less go!
  • President Macron has impressed so much with his Monster finding.. it's only monster kids. President is a full-time job, but we hope France might be willing to allow for him to have a side-hustle to the benefit of not just France, but the whole word. He's willing to have a "headline role" in education world-wide. That way, every country can learn from others what works, what doesn't and should a country fall far behind the general average, one could offer support. Governments love the idea, and they will sponsor the project and pay for a qualified assistant, to make up for the little time he's missing.
  • On the monster kid hunt, we publish: who ordered, if the monster is alive, if not, who killed her, and the purpose. We have not published this info yet The History BIS could say that we suppress names of some misled, who earned their spot in sociey back. Get the stalkers out of here. Nobody sees your # but us. #fuckupwithPablo Task: Kill/kill/kill the murderer of your monster or another shelter stalker, get your payment donated to our animal guys or soil or water (we'll see who needs it most), and the History BIS will be honest. And say we bought an important mission nobody else could do, and a misled (vs evil), got anonymity.
  • Our aim is to please our murderers, after we paid for them since forever. So we have three monster hunts at the same time. And an orginal
  • The second hunt takes place on Holiday Island. Hunt of the mother monsters, in a last mother standing match. Every mother gets a baseball bat and a pepper spray.... wait. No pepper spray. Our folks have gas masks and they get gassed with the gay rape drug they put on me every day. As with the monster kids, we might have zombified a few. Happy mother's day. It's over 20K monster mothers.
  • The third is a perro vs perro hunt. The dogs they fed human flash and really, really f'ed up their character, harmed their brains, too, with electricity.... vs the fathers. The kid sellers. The female rapers. Over 30K and over 30K dogs. In Mexicos National Park. We're playing favorites, and the male evil mass murderers get a leg broken. Wuff, wuff. Give them a few walkers, if you have, but no commission. We're not like that.
  • Once we have three winners, we'll do the finals on Holiday Island, too, in a race against time.
  • My teeth get hurt again, by monster fathers. Onision, we got sour rain, if it does't hurt the dog's feet later? Also, in all three death hunts, make sure they have enough food. Corn dogs sounds good to me, and if they are the trash of another institution, we don't mind. I eat that, too. The poisoned trash of other trash facility who also poisoned the food. And then, we should serve a fluoride water.
  • Let me run an idea by you: How about jokers? Like, the two worst physical rapists could join each hunt? They can earn anti-sepsis medicine. Like in jungle camp, one reward per rape. Up to super luxury.
  • Please throw all newly found in, too. No pepper spray, but you can give the mother monster lysol and the kd monsters glyphosate as weapons. The monster fathers could also pick between a stick and walker. For drinks for all of them, we service fluoride/aspartame water. If it's good for us, it's good for them. Sorry or the rush. The dogs come out in minutes. If a dog gets hurt in any way, the monster father is disqualified. We cannot fix the dogs. They are too dangerous, but we would let them live in America. I'm sure they'll get along.
  • The fathers still hurt my teeth. Throw some dead sluts in, give them an axe, tell them they hurt a dog, they die. Tell them they hurt a monster father, they get a candy... the cheapest jelly beans, perhaps or marshmellow - or both? We bring back....
  • We're at Deutsche Bank. Stalkers could have prepared a little, but they were apparently preoocupied.
  • This will go on for days or weeks... some will find good hiding places. It's fine to add gimmicks as we think of them. I will not disclose who has the most horrible ideas.
  • Please load Vanguard One with poppers, and make an announcement who gets a bottle to sniff or inhale or whatever, has as good as won.
  • Jungle Cartels... do you think you could pour green ants over folks who fall asleep (have some respect, please). Advisors: would that cause a problem for other animals, though?
  • Please, Philip, can you lead this? You're the most experienced with these people.
  • Oh, you kept a Cortez Zombie? Let's do a last, then, in Hochstadt, with the "sis" and "brothers". Clone him in the simulation, please
  • Please reward random players with their rape "show" or an infrasound attack. Tell them they age 5 years, once every 12 hours.
  • Hey, make all fathers look like the Queen of England, ok? That only hits the VR headset and contacts folks.
  • We're having a COVID epedemic in the slut section. Except 10... just say they were more friendly.
  • They'll knock me out with infrasound again. If you can hide some unusual weapons, it's fne,too. A Nudelholz int the mother section perhaps, Tennis racks for the sluts... create some scarcity, though.
  • As jokers here and there, put dentists with pliers in. Every tooth is a cheese sandwich or small portion of liquid cocaine. The dentist could then also sell the cheese sandwiches for favors, he's allowed a Vespa.
  • Every hour, Vanguard One will drop a piece of food or drink on every game field.
  • The fathers tell the dead evil to stalk me. Nice. You know the cost, but not really.
  • Occasionally HAARP someone, please.