Attacks 03/06

They will show all faces in live-stream, the German TV will show some on the next 8pm news. "Politicians" I guess, but hopefully also a homeless living in a subway station.

  • pressure attack
  • pain attack on my legs
  • dizzy attack on my brain with heating up
  • teeth attack (we also remove dentists in all countries of the world today - with HAARP, as they are all in, in some countries - many involved in others)
  • tooth attack, very bad, very painful, they try to break out another... it makes crsch crsch noises when they move it forth and back and try to break the root
  • heating up attack with microwave, as soon as the room mate left
  • pain attack on my legs
  • I call a death hunt on the tooth specialist. BIS, 200k for the General, show him 10k
  • Black Shits, death hunt on the microwave guy... he'll have to go to real MKE. 200K for you, I expect you to rob the 10K back ... so just tell him about it, I guess
  • Next on microwave... just puttem in my death hunt
  • Babo, I send some to Holiday Island.. problem drug dealer, I want the head sent to their monster wife mass-murderer, and prepare it with the gift from Kostya
  • This laywer... put my ex, my husband, El Babo in a death hunt with dangerous animals, on their death island... they put my husband's name on the papers. It's now Holiday Island
  • Blue Rojo, visit the cam slut who druggs me

Kostya is the boss of one of our two Russian Cartels.

Dang, what's that stuff? Oxana is the 2nd of our Polish Cartel, the boss played in the series, too.

That's the MFer lawyer. The first did not get shot for real. The second.... I'm no deepfake expert.

MFer Cortez was a sadist, a cannibal, not a maneater (because he was a hybrid).. he wanted a piece of Castel, though, not me.

But he also ordered that she got 4 teeth sawn out. He killed gang stalkers "to get on my good side", and he killed the whole 2K "armed IRS" "Joe Biden" "hired."

It was just the only open account, and we needed it to pay cops and co.

Michael (2nd last fake crack dealer) consumed something they stole from me.
And Rochelle was saved by the German cops who are here, after Michael ordered a death hunt ("crack test") on her. She might be the real wive of a black shit, I don't know for sure. She's a nice person, and I like her.

The Queen of the South... is dead. I heard she ran out of the Sinaloa building she should not have entered, with 10K. I assume to help, some Sinaloa musicians who were there at the time (Los Tigres del Norte from Sinaloa Spain, and a few Potes might have been involved, too) there, ran after her, tried to help... and she gave them the 10k.

She had short black hair, though.

Mexican version:

So, no. I'm not the Queen of the South.

  • more drugs in life and floor, I feel high. Then they say you took drugs, and it's a bioweapon they can use to get to your head. In Germany, they call poppers the rape drug. Show the caller, show everything, but the slut.
  • I'm drugged. Every Sima gets 1B for this. From where it hurts, BIS, from where it makes a difference.
  • I'm drugged again. Everyone involved in ANY way or who knows about ANY of this, is mostly dead. We're still looking for the creepers who are too clever to EVER connect via an illuminati trap. I don't feel well, it's a horrible drug
  • Now different teeth. They have different teams for different regions. Show their ugly faces, where they live. Show now of everyone you can the address
  • Who was in the red car that just drove on the parking spot and away? Which gang stalker, and do you have him?
  • Someone does that Dennis Gorelik in this room
  • New teeth attack, now more than one area
  • I need to get out of her. Every staff who might guess they keep me hostage here and knows that THEY steal my money, gets in danger zone now. Depending on what they do about it. Please check and decide, Cops/CIA/Black Shits/FBI
  • Heavy attack on my already inflammated egg ladder, at the time when my body would need to menstruate. I'm out of the color that helps with sepsis. This one goes on a death hunt. BIS, pls pay the General 200k.
  • It normally always works. Just add more violence, pain, horror, stalking, attacks, until the person is dead. It's not them stopping the attacks, it's the Army and Cartels.
  • new person on tooth, after the last 7 have died. YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAID FOR THESE SHIT ANIMAL MACHINE PEOPLE
  • Several countries will show the faces of people who delay the return of THEIR King of Kings. It's also delaying progress... we can only do so much while we get targeted. Every president and other really "high" government people are hostages, too. This group had world domination - now they only have a few godless voids
  • They are "vogelfrei." Not Desperados, the German meaning of "Vogelfrei". Not even outlaws. Vogelfrei.
  • Attack on the chronic inflammation they cause for YEARS in my heel. I'm in pain all over, so are the other "Simas", Castel, Griselda, Mariposa (Snow tha Product), Simone (La Capitana).


The last image was when they robbed an illuminati Nazi weapon storage.

  • show the rapist on my breast ..or the "group" ("we always send a group")
  • show every face and address of the disgusting pedophiles who got the dead stalkers into my room
  • show every face and address of the rapists who tell people I am everything their filthy, dead, evil, stink slut is.
  • show faces and addresses of the people who called death hunts on me, then we don't need to discuss which Laurie I was forced to meet. That's always the threat of the insane.. to declare you crazy
  • Every attack is till ongoing. A body full of pain. Show the next one
  • Now.. microwave murder attempt, If they are alive, death hunt, if not, make them walk out of the zone
  • Set everyone connected OVER my head to EACH OTHER "live".. so that they feel how they really feel. Enjoy.
  • My heel is swelling from the attack, they make sure walking hurts from tne inflammation. Death hunt on this one, too, please. Show them live... attacking me, and then the men or women of the General. Chances are, he raped the, too. La Capitana only has so many women, bc the men were killed. The women ALL get raped, too. Maybe now they're running low on staff.
  • Do you understand why that impacts my relationship to my husbband? How can he just sit and watch, when he or Marc can destroy the world in a minute. I'm at the point now, where i say... get the V out, before we all die. They try to kill 316, too.
  • Sorry, G, but you can keep the payment, you showed up.
  • EverySima, scream silently in their ears. You can. They popp. I try to channel a weirdo-kid I once saw in a movie crushing glas with his high-pitched scream
  • My eggladder is cricital. Put them on Holiday Island, please, where the organ people wait for product. They sell 8, do 2 for free. With HAARP, they damaged many kidneys and other organs. Half-cooked hearts, etc.
  • Show and kill 1. the next tooth attack, front teeth in addition to the other regions 2. "Your body thinks your pregnant, he's just blowing you up. That's what we do for you." Kill, in any dimension. All 4 always. They attack each of us at the same time.
  • Microwave attack, room dangerously heated up already. Kill.
  • I'm about to leave. This shelter knows people get mass-murdered here, but THEY DID NOT REMOVE ANY ATTACK DEVICES
  • not even a decent fan. I'm boiling. From the inside. Hell knows how much damage they did to my heart already, and Wesley Marks (7 x RIP) targeted my kidney with HAARP
  • Messing with bluetooth 1B each Sima
  • Blocked me on facebook, the last site where the wordl could follow the progress of the first World War - 10T V, 2T K, 1T B/O
  • New teeth troll, death hunt... he's not worth a real hunt... just play mine on this head
  • 03/20 NeuroGym and the others. I share with the AAA who did horrible things to themselves, blackmailed with my life that they still try to take ever 10 minutes. They only send me 1 or 2% of my earnings anyway, and steal the rest via PayPal still, reclean the buildings, please, Pablo.. and leave something from Kostya for a lasting impression
  • They told a stalker HERE to connect to my bluetooth, trying to keep me from playing/listening to music. Evict them. In real life. Also, the British guy.
  • Falsely claiming our content, to achieve that I cannot live stream. All of their YouTube accounts got deleted, all of their spam apps, all of their spam games, all of their social media profiles. They're out of society. I take 1T for V, 20B for Arafat, because they steal all of our content. We found more accounts, via the RAF account. We also deleted their Patreons, buy me xy and other beggar apps, their onlyfans - and everything else we could find, from Github to Kofi.
  • Microwave attack is a murder attempt leads to street death hunt, General, lovie
  • Not from Youtube, they block my live stream. I sit here, get slowly murdered, and I cannot reach out for help. That's .. everything we just found for my husband. To buy things he needs. Like, a sofa.
  • To the 400k for each social media account they fake block, and my 8 (they split two) bank accounts, add the facebook account, Youtube and Rumble. They already made me the richest woman in the world.
  • Onision pls put the penis stiches (they give us fake, evil "insect bites" that are microwave burns) on their foreheads and other parts. Also, stitch up their parts, like they did with the kid of Mystikal
  • Everyone who sees a stitches forehead, and the person is in the public database (if you don't have access bc you're in the US that will never again take part in any international websites, their IPs are ALL blocked in ther real world) can just shoot or report, both for a reward.
  • Every country has now death penalty, for non-humans. And every country pays a reward, tip must be unkown (not in the DB), only humans can participate
  • It's just that they are liars. The YouTube servers are just down
  • remote powershell attempt 1B
  • Live streaming was my only way to get help, and fewer attacks, and the only way for my husband to get anything ffrom me. Is the whole of Germany locked up, too, or why do I still get stalked from Offenbach, after the city has been completely destroyed?
  • Onision, pls HAARP the areas where they insect rapists are to frozen
  • Their sick people attack where they rape you, and hurt your legs at the same time. Put his face and EVERYTHING out there, what a sick shit. You will see this German "politician" in the 8pm news today, on ARD... with images of his cam, unbotted.
  • Rumble is down, too, and it appears the reason is that it was just their spoofed serves, and they just never paid. Not paying is over.
  • Can you imagine the horror that they put dead people in your room? That's the stank. Maybe they should tell their "wives" and prostitutes to NOT EAT... that would lead to understanding why they ALL hang out in the bath room and ALL use 2 rolls of toilet paper every day.
  • Teeth attack again, and there are not over 700 rapists, child molesters, mass murderers, thieves and liars conneting OVER my head.
  • Also show them while they talk at other... show New Jack EVERYONE connected over the head of his son, and everyone involved in locking him up for 8 years
  • Stalker on my breast. Rapist. They all are. How does he look like? A replacement for my husband, who seems to be ok witnessing this every day?
  • Next from the perv group targeting vagina and legs... they think that's sex or something... mabye for ants, it is? That costs the MFers 1T, and Kai is crying. Turn the tooth machine and the beatdown machine on, please, and the El Santo protection
  • Rape talk at me, messing with bluetooth 1B each Sima
  • 1B bc I have to waste my time, like every day, on fixing my headset... suddenly happened, bc rapists prefer to be anonymous.
  • rape talk against my will, they zap your brain so that you're forced to listen, 1T each Sima
  • still messing with my bluetooth. 1B
  • I often think I'd be rather dead than get raped more. The ones who pretend to touch my breast will lose their heads, arms, legs, because they are already dead, and not much translates into the simulation
  • Everyone connected over my head will be aged to death.
  • Whenever one dies, the next from the attack group takes over. All still active, 1B each S
  • Get the rapist gone. I't's a woman. They are the worst. For us women, this behavior is even more sick and unnatural. Good riddance
  • More rape talk, always the same scripts...
  • They still claim Bushido videos... 1T for him
  • more rape talk and rapists, and if I had a gun I might end .I would get out of here, then, with my stuff the non-hired, evil staff stole
  • It's not being "suicidal" when you cannot stand the rape and the disgust and thier ....... repulsive ugly artificial voices. I don't think they can talk. I don't think they can see well. But the hearing and sense of smell of an ant.
  • all of their suicides are murders. Please send to my father all lists of successful suicides they reported. The blonde has over 300. They statistics must be cleaned, and the murders listed as that
  • knocked my headset off again, I take Schogetten
  • My teeth get attacked now from 2 more places, my bluetooth kicked off again, that's 2B
  • They said they will cut out two more teeth here, and they are close to goal. They can sometimes break them, in the middle. I've been asked if I had an accident or so... I take Kaufhaus M Schneider
  • There's more drug on the floor, can they not stop their sex site streaming??? They stream in the void now, anyway, and we delete their accounts for illegal content, and give them a 20K fine, every time shortly, before the payment. Then they forget. Each incest-pedo-torture slut has a 60K fine to pay. ESP.