NBKC Bank escalated

A quick note: One part is hearsay. The part that's hearsay is that the very person who first took the 400K Martin Lindstrom sent (when he realized they stole my other accounts at Chase, TCF Bank, and Capital One) gave me the "supervisor" stalker call below, and closed my account.

This email is from a lawyer (or impersonator) who states they sent 3,500 EURO to this account, that is (likely) fake closed. Meaning they did not close it, and just removed my access and blocked my debit card.

NBKC Bank stole

  • 400K Martin Lindstrom sent to MY account (it's on an account in my name, I have no access to)
  • 90K Euro (45K Euro twice) from a small inheritance
  • 39 USD plus 2.99 USD for a fraudulent Skype transaction they manually booked
  • 800 USD that were on my account when they disabled it
  • 3,500 Euro that arrived there, likely, yesterday.

They still have "member of FDIC on their website, even though they lost their banking license.

I learned today that another transaction arrived. Whether it's closed or not, they deleted my user, and it's the next account I cannot access. They deactivated my user.

I have neither received a check, nor the over 800 USD (with the fraudulent Skype transaction), or the equivalent of 3,500 Euro that arrived recently - even less access to the account with the 400K and the 45K Euro x 2.

In a coordinated murder attempt (see HERE), they disabled my debit card. Right before I got fake-evicted. Without a court case, by someone impersonating the landlord and two costumed gang stalkers who played Sheriffs.

They deleted the "number on file" the very day before the email. Again, it's a coordinated murder attempt.

You can hear the call here. My apologies for the poor quality. However, they had also deleted my Google Voice number the day before (and Amazon stalkers made fun of it in the Amazon chat.)

Call 1 (the day before the fake eviction, and the day after my Google Voice 2FA number had been deleted)

As you already know, Martin Lindstrom sent 400K to MY account, when all my other accounts were taken by the "Illuminati" from the New World Order.

Not only did they book that to another account in my name, with my SSI, they also took a small inheritance of 45K Euro. Twice, actually. The FBI recovered the payment, but it was taken again.

The very same person from call two (sadly, you cannot hear them, and I cannot tell you why recording them didn't work), has personally stolen my funds (hearsay). The CIA would have the full recording.

I heard that he discussed he'd spend my money, after I'm dead. That's hearsay, and I won't tell that to the police.

I have less than 1USD, all of my accounts stolen, and while the banks lost their license and are out of business, I might not survive until the payment is recovered.

Call 2 (only my voice)

You will never get a bank account again

I've been stalked into one house where people die. The stalkers claim I will never get a bank account with this address. Apparently, they somehow block it via a software banks use.

I have zero debt. But I believe it. This country is currently in the hands of Illuminati Gang Stalkers.

I cannot survive or afford to go through illegitimate banks, like I did with stalkers in the Amazon support, or stalkers answering police and 911 calls.