Gang Stalker "Officer" Miller, District 2 - Milwaukee

Today, I went to the "police" after realizing that I cannot reach them via phone. ALL calls from

  • Google Voice
  • Truconnect Lifeline
  • the CRC

are redirected to gang stalkers. They probably connect the call if you mention your cat is stuck on top of a tree (or something). But never to report them or get any form of help if you're on their kill list.


Calls to (not) the police

Hope my calls don't get rerouted

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The fake police officers

Assault by fake Sheriffs

During the trip, I was heavily attacked with electronic weapons. I think it was "just" infrasound. It can make you feel very sick, weak, and in pain.

At the police station, District 2 Milwaukee police

Inside of the facility, I felt as if I'm about to pass out. This was definitely an EW attack.

The officer who spoke with me (or at me), was entirely uninterested in learning about my evidence or problem.

He had only one goal: to brush me off. He refused to call the court to ask them if this case exists, and he refused to call the Sheriffs. A simple call to the court would have done the trick.

Then, I requested he called the Sheriffs. After his initial refusal, he came back and said they didn't pick up the phone. That said, as these calls might get redirected, it was a risk to ask. Fake Sheriffs will always confirm fake things.

A mistake he made is: He claimed he sees the eviction in the court case search. He also claims it's normal that eviction hearings are done via Zoom (I informed him it was an in-person hearing, and nobody showed up). He must have seen that there is NO eviction.

He claimed there is an eviction in my name (there's not), and that I'd have to go to the Sheriffs. But I was reporting an assault and murder attempt.

As you can see for yourself, I have evidence of 80% of my claims. One would think a police officer would be glad to finally get names, faces, and so much more. Well, a real cop likely would.

Then, I tried to report the theft by NBKC bank, but he didn't want to hear it. Onision (lil sh***) claims that he discussed on the gang stalker server he would get my 3,8 K, if he refuses to file a report.

A fake cop at a station

In 2020, I was drugged at a Milwaukee police station. The footage should be still there. A female police officer told me that the black cop who did this is not one of theirs. That also applies to the street death hunt in 2022. Where cops kidnapped me. "This was not one of ours."

The police officer explained: They just come into our station. We don't have these tools (CIA-stolen electronic weapons), only the fake cops have it.

Also, Jeff Bezos has never sold electronic weapons to the police force.

Nobody sold electronic CIA weapons to the police. I didn't understand the full relevance and tragedy of her statement immediately.

Gang stalkers force themselves on our police forces. To my knowledge, they were impersonating Pablo Escobar. So they made it appear as if they acted on the order of Pablo Escobar. A very powerful individual.

Two things about Pablo Escobar:

  1. He's not a psychopath
  2. He doesn't work with psychopaths


If Pablo Escobar wanted (I'm not implying that ever happened) someone dead, they'd die. In a few minutes - not an endless psychopathic "little things" death stalking.

I'm not sure how the world or police force could believe for a second that this man, who gave so much back to society, would be behind things like that. The stalkers tried to kill his son. Until a few months back, he was in critical condition himself.

Good news: Pablos' son has recovered, and Pablo is back.

However, there was someone else who impersonated him. In Milwaukee only. The lil sh***. Pablo doesn't have capacities to contact police stations personally. There's also no need. He's a producer. Wholesaler, you could say. The lil sh***, on the other hand, "took over" for Pablo, and he's aware of the damage he did to his brand.

That said, only gang stalkers claimed they'd work for Pablo, are police, mafia, black disciples, and whatnot.

They are 80% customer service agents, delivery drivers, and similar. The rest is a mix of lowlifes, a few from drugs, and pedophiles.

Psycho terror is a powerful weapon. The gang stalkers have hardly any feet on the street, and can be arrested/taken out by the Army and friends easily.

PS: I still have the problem that I might die from "no money", because there's hardly any law enforcement agency currently working at full or half power.