Skype is out of Business

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PayPal stalking

PayPal lost their banking license

As Google Voice numbers are highly unsafe, and the numbers will all be released shortly, I was looking for an alternative. '

The attractive offer of Skype caught my eye, and I signed up for a flat rate subscription.

As soon as I received the email from PayPal, I saw that something was wrong. I came to detect the pattern of a spoofed email, with the strange wordings they chose.

The payment recipient is an Illuminati New World Order gang stalker, and suspected pedophile. His name is Dennis Gorelik.

Apparently, payments have been stolen from Skype (Microsoft) for many, many years, more than 6 years at the minimum.

I cannot say, at this time, if this refers to people who, via their machine ID, can be identified as the group of next murder victims, or to everyone.

To my shock, I saw that the order receipt has been sent to an email I long have lost. It has been blocked by Google (Illuminati gang stalkers) about eight years ago, as a result of hard-bouncing the spam I received as Wesley Marks provided my email address to the world's largest spammer. He adds all gang stalking victims to this list. We have it now.

Any access in the past years, would have been by them, and that will be easy to see. I think they all use either VPN Solid or NordVPN, as they access sites through a virtual machine that runs in Afghanistan.

Skye will refund victims

On a positive note, the CIA discovered, that the accounts of the New World Order scammer are nicely filled, and put a freeze on them. That said, known gang stalkers cannot get any transactions from CapitalOne or JP Morgan Chase anyway.

Every single transaction, after the banks either inform their customers and offer a payout, or they get dissolved, will be looked at by an international commission. These people, who all drink “liquid cocaine” (whatever that might be) and human blood, don't act like rational human beings anymore – maybe because they are not normal human beings.

Skype cannot issue new numbers, and all of their existing number will be released.

Sadly, that will be an inconvenience for other victims, but communication isn't safe there. Calls get suppressed, recorded, shared on the gang stalker VM or rerouted.

Fun fact: This is going to impact the gang stalker communication on a broader scale. Apparently, they implemented malware at Skype, and they manage their whole system through there.

A few screenshots of the scam

I'm tired, as I'm being stalked all day and all night, and these people connect to me via an electricity connection, that is only possible in prepared stalking houses, such as 3022A W Pierce St. in Milwaukee.

As I mentioned (or was that on Twitter?) one of the owners of PayPal has connected to me via the CIA-stolen technology to inform me that

  • they stole a small payment of mine on EBay a few days go (EBay might be the next company to go down over New World Order fraud)
  • they "always do it like this" (that they send an email that indicated a refund has been made, but the victim doesn't receive it, and the payment agreement (subscription) also doesn't get cancelled
  • they will not let me log in now, so that I don't see that the subscription is still intact (I do not have to log in for that, because I didn't receive an email that it's cancelled
  • and the typical bla bla of "today you will die."

Here's a link to one of the headers of the emails I received: CLICK

What is interesting about the "chargeback" (which is also not the correct term, technically,) is, that the PayPal case is still open. Also, you receive an immediate email, when a charge has been reversed (or a subscription agreement has been initiated or canceled, for that matter.)

They are trying to steal my last dollars, so that I cannot delete my Google Voice number, they can access at any time. At least, that's what they say, and as you can see for yourself, it checks out.

Who uses my long blocked Gmail account?

What worries me tremendously, is that this account carries the email of an account, I have lost over eight years ago. It is and was never associated with my account "". Apparently, the gang stalker also couldn't verify it, BUT as I have used Skype in the past, my Google voice number is a registered "allowed caller ID."

I didn't receive payment confirmations (other than from PayPal directly), and have no idea what has been done with my personal information.

These mass murderers need to be stopped, and they will. Luckily, Mafia, Elites, Gangs, Pure Brain People, my friends, and some business people are helping, until the US Army gets back to power. Currently, most organizations, such as the CIA or FBI hardly function. These attacks have been going on for too long.

As you can see on this websites, finally, the murderous actions of the cannibalistic pedophile "New World Order" Illuminati have consequences.

Again, this was NEVER my Skype name or associated with my Xbox account. It's pretty rich to spoof a system, steal from Microsoft and mark my transaction as "fraudulent", because I opened a case on PayPal, after neither the Skype nor Microsoft support are available.

This is not even the dumbest scam I've seen in my life, the most traceable and easily explainable - it's also, likely, the last thing any of the involved parties have done.

I'm not sure how they communicate. They use Telegram, Skype, Signal, and share a virtual machine (they have four, membership is depending on the peasant group, leaders (unknown) are too clever to ever touch anything traceable), but the foot doesn't seem to know what the arm is doing.

They followed through on their blackmail threat. If a victim asks for their money back, they will deactivate the account.

What a business. That was.