NBKC Bank Lost Their Banking License

NBKC Bank engaged in some of the most disgusting fraud and murder conspiracy a bank can become guilty of.

They conspired with other "Illuminati" from what they call the New World Order, to kill people as a group, and then steal their accounts.

In my case, after he noticed this group stole all of my bank accounts, Martin Lindstrom sent a 400k payment to MY account.

The FBI had recovered 45K Euro from my stolen small inheritance. They have stolen again the amount from my account upon arrival.

Lastly, as discussed on their gang stalker server (hearsay), they MANUALLY booked (and, therefore, stole) the Skype fraud payment.

Stalking by NBKC Bank inSkype is out of Business an coordinated effort to murder me

While this wasn't the first murder attempt by this group, that is interested in possessions of some people close to me, it was a thoughtfully planned assassination attempt.

  1. My Google Voice number I use for 2FA has been deleted
  2. Problems with my internet traffic are known. See HERE.
  3. My IMEI has been remotely changed, and a "fake" APN has been forced on my lifeline phone. See HERE
  4. NBKC Bank blocked my debit card. They claimed, on the record, it cannot be unblocked.
  5. They sent spoofed emails, and harassed me with repetitive messages to several email addresses regarding the fraud charge they manually posted.
  6. On a virtual machine used by mass murderers, they discussed to spend my money after they killed me (hearsay, but the CIA has the record)
  7. They had me assaulted and forced out of my horror room by two criminals, in Sheriff's costumes. No eviction, the rent prepaid for the full year, no court case, and the alleged landlord isn't the owner of the house.
  8. Then they closed my account for disputing the "Skype" charge. Someone else might have a better record. I have only my part on file.

This triggered a thorough investigation that led to the removal of the banking license of NBKC bank.

Instead of informing their customers about the loss of their license on the same or next business day, they tried to close all of their customers' accounts and steal the money. They also failed to return my stolen funds.

NBKC Bank may never again apply for a banking license. My account is frozen, but I'm currently scared I might die from "no money." I have less than one dollar, while over 18 Million USD have been stolen from me, by the "Illuminati." I received over 368K USD in generous donations, that the group stole directly on Gofundme, another company that's out of business in the real world.

The Illuminati can play a little longer in the alternative version of the internet, but from now on, transactions won't stick, and what I'm reporting here is regarding the real world. All named institutions are out of business in the "real world."

In the war against the "New World Order" Illuminati, who are mass-murderers and anti-humanity, the "good" banks are taking part, and they intend to get rid of the bad banks..

Also see: List of financial institutions who lost their banking license, in the biggest purge in the history of banks

No matter if I survive this or not, court and criminal cases have already started against the murderers. Stealing from people they killed was their "business concept."

The investigation led to several other fraudulent institutions that will also lose their banking licenses and ability to perform manual transactions.

If you read this, you're still alive and MIGHT get your stolen funds back. It appears as if they spend the money of their stalking victims after they passed away.

I will publish the stalking call at a later time. This day, too, has been painful and stressful. It was just what they announced - a stalking call streamed on a gang stalker VM. The purpose of closing my account was just so that I don't have a cent, or a phone, when I get assaulted and locked out of my prepaid horror room.

On the phone, the agent (it's hearsay that it was the very agent who stole the 400K) did not answer why the "bank" didn't respond to my in-account message. In the chat, they stalked me.

I know you believe me, so that I skip the extra time. The emphasis was on "calling", because they deleted my phone number the day before.

Also, they deleted my user. With that, they took away my ability to send my few dollars there to a debit card.

However, that wouldn't have worked because Green Dot Bank (another Illuminati New World Order organization, closed my debit card, too, on the very same day (without mentioning the reason... I guess writing "because we want to kill you" would have been a little harsh.)

I cannot order food

In addition to poison attacks, and constant stalking by the company who hijacks orders from people (500 - 1k at a time) they kill, I cannot order food from Amazon any longer.

This was my only option. I only have SNAP benefits. Working is impossible, with this kind of stalking. I neither can pay the high shipping costs the fraudulent gang stalker company imposes, nor order without a valid debit or credit card on file.

I don't even know how I could receive payments, at this time. According to the gang stalkers, they put the horror house (where my rent is prepaid for the whole year from my Chase account) in the systems of every bank so that applications get auto-rejected. That said, they took my key, and I'm live-streaming how I'm trying to reach the police for five days now. All calls get rerouted, from all three options I have to call.

With over 18 Million in my name, I have less than a dollar, cannot order food, was forced in a mental facility, where several gang stalkers work. And then, a company put fake information about non-reported, non-existing debt into my credit reports, with the declared purpose that no bank will open an account for me.

On the gang stalker server, the Illuminati discuss who gets what part of my money, after I'm dead.

Over 500 people die every month like this. 95% in the United States of America.

Lastly, any country, mafia, gang: Help me leave America. I will die here. While I have a nicely filled account in Germany, too, I cannot access it. I need help with a ticket to get out of this hell hole of a country.