Real Life Murder Mystery

Crowdsourced Investigation 

This is a crowdsourcing project for an unreported crime. The crime includes stalking, kidnapping, several murder attempts, hacking, drugging, and more. With your help, we can get more clarity on details about the acteurs who might be serial killers. As a local police person IS involved, I don't feel safe to report the murder attempts yet. Also, most of the stalking was done by an influential German person from organized crime (likely.) This has to be reported to the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA too. The stalking has been reported in Germany, where the FBI investigated. They found crime, but couldn't connect it to a person. Together, we can.
"Drama-YouTubers" and other negative individuals are NOT welcome. 
Please register for a symbolic fee of 1$, or a different level, if you want to become a supporter or sponsor of this initiative.
Another Amazon Stalking Chat

After receiving false information yesterday, I understood that the Amazon customer service system is taken-over as a whole. There's no way to send a letter, get a call through to real Amazon leadership, or get to their real customer service. It's as if they run on a server in Afghanistan now. If a real CS […]

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Amazon Stalking III

The first part of the black Nazi community Amazon stalking is HERE, the second part HERE. Amazon stalking has now become criminal. In addition to a few “little things” cases, I've been poisoned. Twice, in the last two months. I will detail that, after a police investigation. The stalkers (who are constantly connected to my […]

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Request for Settlement Baylor REntals Baylor Investments
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PayPal Gang Stalkers Didn't Hear The Shot

I still have to update the PayPal stalking case with fake phone calls, and the most current stalking. Where, by the way, PayPal never mentioned they'd be pursuing any action against me. They're now trying to threaten me with a non-authentic looking letter. I might be nervous about the stress of proving their documentation as […]

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Blackmail of Site Owners

While the gangstalkers have several ways of blackmailing innocent site owners, I thought I share a little example, because the speech makes me think this is a Wes Moast (Wesley Marks who knows Chris (the fake lawyer, and then some)) who currently lives in Chicago. Side note: He is not a member of the Black […]

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Open Letter To PayPal

I will update this post with several more stalking chats, and a phone conversation with a CS agent who refused to provide the name of the CS agent "Ransom" (he said it would be the name the parents picked), and didn't confirm whether taken-over identity, Rugby player Noah, works for PayPal or not. Please check […]

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Open Letter to TruConnect

Also see the calls all or most lifeline customers get HERE. Open letter to Truconnect Wireless from Aurorasa Coaching

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Open Letter to 988 Lifeline / Vibrant Emotional Health

See HERE And the delivery: Lifeline Chat and Text _ Lifeline 1.pdf from Aurorasa Coaching

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Open Letter to BBB Wisconsin


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Open Letter to DNF Associates, LLC
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