What payroll is Chris Hansen on?

Chris Hansen has a rather peculiar role in all of this.

He's a professional.

Onision kept telling me that Hansen is on his payroll. For instance, he said his initial bad video/audio quality was mocking me. But is he really?

Onision likes to reference something that happened in my life. For instance, by filing complaints about my ex, I "sued the wrong person." The German FBI looked at my phone/computer, but they didn't find anything. Unsurprising, given that Onision possessed government technology.

I don't think this early post was a joke. I'm on the receiving end of abuse with weapons that, thanks to the plethora of fake websites, I can't even mention any other way than establishing a community, where many other “unbelievable” crimes come to light.

Profilers can understand Onision's language better than I can. A considerable part of his video is about/against me. Some reflecting real-life events, others are about his misconceptions. It appears, also false information he received from my ex when he contacted him as myself.

Side-note: On five horrible days and nights where Wesley Marks tried to kill me, he tried to make me admit to a deadly car accident that never happened.

According to the Internet, Chris Hansen has been burnt once in a predator investigation. That, according to the internet (I'm not saying I have formed an opinion on what I believe yet) led to him losing a job.

Currently, Chris Hansen is partnering with Wesley Marks, and even Anonymous Gene (whoever this might be.)

He is not directly involved in, but aware of the "TCAP" community, that is almost a Chris Hansen fandom.

Within this community, several kiwifarm stalkers found a home. As well as maybe worse. I'm suspicious about people who make their channels about pedophilia and hide their identity and faces.


Phil Provins

Wesley Marks

Here's what I am thinking:

Chris Hansen might be on a payroll, but ... for different reasons than we are led to believe.

He's a professional. I found Wesley Marks' shady identity (or more like 60 of them) in a very short time. As well as his Amazon wishlist, that he works in porn, and that he's overall a disgusting piece of human being.

I don't believe Chris Hansen partners with someone anonymous who "can't show his face because of his job."

I didn't mention that earlier, but the time has come.

I think Chris Hansen is after Wesley Marks, and potentially more of these freaks.

The "forced looking" profiles I showed the FBI Germany and Chicago.... I hope people will spare me to see more horror than I already did.

I kept asking: What happens if a real teenager contacts one of the fake numbers?

Then I did, and I nearly died.

According to Wesley Marks, he monetizes footage from hunt, as well as stolen footage from security cameras in the dark web.

I'm not alleging anything, apart from some people of this TCAP community give me the creeps. And whether it's "Lord Teabo" or "Wesley Marks" or even Phil Provins.... something is off with these people.


Frank Teabo

Frank Teabo US

There is also a program manager for the State of Washington by the name of Wesley Marks. I hope it's co-incidence, or more likely, that they want to mislead the survivors of their death hunts. A few searches, and it might confirm what Wesley Marks said about the government paying for the death hunts.

A few days ago, there was a program manager “affordable housing” on LinkedIn, or I saw that wrong. I looked for Teabo. However, a day later when I wanted to screenshot the profile, it was gone. Upon checking the official site, there is no program manager affordable housing by that or a similar name.

Imagine the government would hand out dangerous weapons to random junkies—how would they protect themselves?

In any way... hard to stay on topic, when the topic is so .. horror... sick ... evil.

Wesley Marks made several videos against a person by the name of Vincent Nikotra. Mocking his design skills.

As you'll see in a separate post, that's what Wesley Marks does. Plastering the web with face, sub-par sites.

And Anonymous Gene? Whoever he might be.... he potentially helps officials by posting Google Voice screenshots, Google doc links, and whatnot.

I might be wrong or engage in wishful thinking.

I don't think a professional, such as Chris Hansen, wouldn't know what Wesley Marks is ... just by his negative voice.

And then the face of an “investigation” on Onision. The funniest was the person who appeared twice as witness. Once as a person who had never met Onision, the second time as a trans who blackened out their screen.

I had a Twitter conversation with Anonymous Gene. I noticed he did not share with Wesley Marks that I had tagged the FBI Chicago. Onision also didn't mention that to Wesley Marks.

However, Chris Hansen and Anonymous Gene are a problem for me. They are the only two people who claim Onision is where he says he is.

That said, Chris Hansen only heard a voice.

But Anonymous Gene claims he watched Onision's house through a camera installed at the neighbor's house.

And then the net is plastered with police reports, and things that make my claim, that Onision was stalking first my ex, and then me since 2006 not very plausible.

However, Onision is the master of fake and faker. We'll see which parts of his puppets are wives.

I'm currently trying to find out if Onision really was in the military.