DNF Associates Identity Theft Scam

For context, please see

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It appears that it's a general topic of this fraudulent company to place false claims, hoping the victims don't appear in court. In my case, the order to appear has been deliberately sent to an old address. The "Commissioner Rhodes" impersonator, lawyer Katryna Child Rhodes (and then 20 names), is on the record confirming that they've been allegedly told by a current resident, that I do not live there. Also, they said "has been returned as bad address."

Why send the order to appear there without any prior communication? To my knowledge, PayPal doesn't issue credit cards, but the lawyer is on the record saying they represent DNF for their client, PayPal.

The hearing has been postponed until the 30th. I'm looking forward to seeing DNF's prove that they purchase this non-existing debt. Also interesting: Why did they not follow due procedure, and why appear all of the identities listed as working there to be fake/taken-over?