Real Life Murder Mystery

Crowdsourced Investigation 

This is a crowdsourcing project for an unreported crime. The crime includes stalking, kidnapping, several murder attempts, hacking, drugging, and more. With your help, we can get more clarity on details about the acteurs who might be serial killers. As a local police person IS involved, I don't feel safe to report the murder attempts yet. Also, most of the stalking was done by an influential German person from organized crime (likely.) This has to be reported to the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA too. The stalking has been reported in Germany, where the FBI investigated. They found crime, but couldn't connect it to a person. Together, we can.
"Drama-YouTubers" and other negative individuals are NOT welcome. 
Please register for a symbolic fee of 1$, or a different level, if you want to become a supporter or sponsor of this initiative.
Mind-reading and illuminati death stalking

The Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homless Mafia, cannot read minds. However, with powerful tools, such as Holos, owned by my bank now, you can predict things with incredible accuracy. This is not the paper I was looking for, but Rebecca Saxe's work is hard to find in the spoofed version of the web. I founded […]

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Hardly seeing anything, pain, targeting

I'll just post which complaints I want the FBI/CIA/ICE/DHS/NSA/Cops/SS (one version is enough) to officially put in the computer, with evidence. Cops have a line to someone who sees the live-chat, and they can search the Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homeless Mafia data base for their cam works, Rolex serials, videos where they state (to […]

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New Law - animal fighting

This was a facebook post, on day 16 of the death hunt. It's now several running on all "Sima's", and I also requested that cops or FBI tell real staff to leave. Just not attacking... it's not good enough, and it makes them part of the problem. We feel safer than we are. For two […]

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More harassment, but they sell my organs bc I'm the only "clean"

On the record, this shelter tried to make amends with the Colombian Cartel leader who got stuck on their death island, now Holiday Island, and in fake MKE that looks like real MKE (I think... I'm really not sure where one of us had to get out... ). It sounds so sick, bizarre and absurd […]

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The one move maintenance - heat attack

Supervisor Michael came at 9am today, to fix the high temperature. Like several before him (two on the request of "Slut Mohammed" (CIA name), and two on my request), he removed the lid, and made one hand movement, i.e. push one button or turn one knob. I'm not overly suspicious against Michael. Just ... I'm […]

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No shelter has paid rent/utilities

Reggie had a contract with the medical monsters, because he was (does not remember) the owner of all open shelters, that's what real papers say. Not just a computer. Good old signatures. As I told you repeatedly, the medical monster mess with people's brain, and they use HAARP that they stole from Gregory Rothschild, Onision. […]

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They try to kill me tonight

I'm already extremely overheated, and targeting my heart with microwave is the most common reason for death in Illuminati death stalking. Now they allege I steal people's money. They try to make it a cult of personality, when it's the first World War, and every government in the world will kill every single illumianti and […]

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BIS - please do that

I'm not sure how much longer I survive the diseases they gave me, and the nightly heating up. They kill many people like it. They knock us out with infrasound, then target the bed frame with electricity, and use the microwave to cook us from the inside. Normally, Vanguard and the main illuminati fighters get […]

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New law - possession of infrasound, stolen HAARP, microwave and other torture weapons

This law will be in effect world-wide tomorrow. Please add: Any theft from Vanguard comes with a death sentence. That is necessary, because we protect the most sought after and/or dangerous items. Also, items that can be used in different ways, like a knife. The Vanguard rule applies since 1970. It was a Sunday. January, […]

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Tyra Banks, question

Busta Rhymes is a bot. Eminem is a bot. I don't know about the first, but Eminem exists, he's just not a rapper. Rihanna is another mysterious person. Who might exist, but ... was she the singer, is she still? Was she taken over?

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