it's just not funny. yes, they are often dumb.

if you look at this plan.. how they created several ... whatever you call it. ossi clones, gringos, niggers, i don't know how the turkish from anatolien are called, and i'd guess there's 7. that's somehow their number. 8 is ours.

every has a set of rules. one doen't rape, the other don't steal, etc. but... they have no communication. like victims, only gang stalkers pick up, and, no, not ... higher level.

nobody can stop this killer machine. ... "until the last man."

even stalkers who want to give up, can't. nobody has control over the other groups.

this is not the plan of a low iq person. keep in mind... i'm sure ppl f-ed up their clone material, mariposa finished many brains with liquid cocaine... and they use this sound drug ... most are half-dead.

their sadistic... i don't know any leader. i only know ppl who think they are leaders, not understanding that they are just one 'reset away from the homeless layer.

all the homeless have long been sorted out by ... someone. real gang stalkers are not allowed to

  • cause physical harm (that's why they are dying)
  • steal (again... this here was classically an illuminati kill shelter)
  • rape/murder

so.. they are dead/dead/dead/dead - plus 48 cartels, and their customers and ... likely every mafia even (organized crime), every cartel (no crime) (: every government, every law enforcement, the wordl army will hunt them to death.

and then.... i lead this war. i did not volunteer... i own the BIS.... i'm the daughter of the king of kings, who is in charge of all governments and royal houses (an illuminati fake to steal his money, but the royal houses were mostly very humble... in england, for instance, nobody toook more on average than a 240k salary... and that only bc they had a few evil women in there.... India, forced to waste, put it into monuments and things like that. South America is happy to give everything back - but there we first have to find it. The sword of the Azteks.. I really think Alfred Hitchcock knows A LOT... we currently don't talk. He was involved personally in the FIRST ??? serries. that's a detective hoerspiel for kids.... but not just kids love it.

so... do not underestimate the danger. they did not just now kill billions of us. many countries are overrun. germany is MUCH worse than i thought. whereever they (i applaud them for trying, but don't ever try again) tried to integrate them, they are now so mixed that it's hard to catch them.

they might not do anything evil for 59 years - but then someone tells them to. with their damaged brains, and the fact that they ALLOWED (all made videos where they said they will kill humans and not stop until they killed huminaity).. that's a new thing... onision, i guess. I think they thought I would be.... ... they don't understand me.

It's true that I try to never hurt a fly... try to be supportive. I don't fight, I remove myself, etc.

And I'm careless and trusting. Naive, some say.

This combination means that someone is ready to fight for their right to be kind... that's not worded well...

i explained it to Snowden, he tried it now, too.

some people only hear you, if you talk in a language they understand. they don't care for kindness, perceive it as weakness.

with people like that, the harder your first punch, the less likely you have to throw another.

being... emotionally unintelligent at the wrong places... punch them a little.. and they will come back and back and back.

so.. who is kind and naive/careless... likely is still not someone to mess with.

it's about understanding someone's agenda, and your realistic ability to get through to them.

.... some ... it works. they listen.

some don't. some ... likely hard lives, raised with violence.... only accept their language as language.

but i think they were afraid ... like everyone else... i give too many chances.

opposite to what the bozos say i only gave a chance to SOME of the black shits. the black shits are several groups of black humans who fight illuminati. they work for new jack. that's my chain. new jack ... i don't know.. showed them.. whatever. I AM NOT A GANG LEADER. I REFUSE. That said, since yesterday.... With Carmine Gallo, New Jack and who wants of the CLEARED black shits, New Jack is involved with the new Guatemala Cartel. A few ... folks who are selling things tweeted, and we'll see. maybe they can join the cartel.... that said, we sell to everyone. just not at the same conditions, just not directly. so... i'm interested in the seller.

the problem drug dealer identified a group of gringos (or was it the gay homeless?) there.. we removed them. that indicates there was business.

we still have chile in south america without a cartel.

uruguay (there's no paraguay... they isolated gringos, but - as everywhere - it did not work.

A group ... I can even show you some.. I know you're watching.. I feel you a little... you're on the edge, but.. more positive. are you the drug dealer in Guatemala?

I cannot show you Carmine Gallo at this time, he... was stalked for too long... just one clue.

He's still in jail, but hanging out there... we took jails from the inside. i tried that here, too, but... too many are dead. the 4 V who are here.... omg... one had his brain together, but i only saw him twice briefly.

i first offered him as one of many options leadership in guatemala... i'm not sure what he remembers, and i think it's getting more. he's a sinaloa cartel. but... it would be a good match. he got kidnapped after a death hunt, too, he spent a lot of time (as their hostage) with one of the black shits chapters... soon became their money maker... that's the group i sent away in cars, and only the fake black white nigger died.

so.. that's carmine, and he's a really excellent coach, speaker, and whatnot. i force a white collar or two on everyone.

street power cartels got screwed over by their lack of white collar skills (you need a little), while coaches, such as our members... including ken blanchard, kpmg, cap gemini, bcg (that's all new... ) the Marshs (several Marshall Goldsmith coaches)... Gary Ridge, Dr. Mark Goulston... really the top of the pop.

hey... drug dealer from g.... you know dr philip zimbardo? he's an apprentice in our new neurosciense lab... we test illuminati there..... i have the ONLY 3 REAL neuroscientists in the world there, and prof philip zimbardo. if you don't know him.... he zapped the sh*** out of illuminati ... but he got some feedback over it.

bluetooth 1B

microwave murder attempt 1b

Impersonation of a Sinaloa one.

They deleted Chito Ranas' "La Letra" from the spoofed version of YouTube. Dont' want ppl to see that they tried to frame the Sinaloa Cartel for what they do here.

Most here saw the video 100000 times, though.


stopped my live stream 10T.

You owe me over 8T at this time. You're running out of money. If you want to gain back world domination, you better rob a chewing gum machine.

blocking me on youtube, to kill me isolated and suppress war reporting. 20T, and the heads of the whole group. Start cutting.

I know.. it's sttrange. It feel less brutal than accidentally hitting someone when you walk by... it's bc we feel they are very, very wrong, and they are not humans. they ARE evil. it reads live the other way around. they only exist until the power turns off. we did turn it off.

still talking to our new partner...

permanently mess with my stream.

oh, there's no pot right now?


new rapist group 20B

it's really, really enough.

i hit them on borderlands, but then the next will block my stream.... we just show it in his head an don the live-stream.. you cannot keep me from streaming. you can get yourself first in line, though.

don't do that. you just put emphasis on when you stopped a stream - and even your other stalkers are not that dumb. they long know who tells the truth, and who just got them killed.


we will again age everyone to death, who connected to each other over my head, and the rapists.


Italy and several countries (pls see live chat) have tons of more objects to sell.

South America does not have lists everywhere, yet.

they turn my fully charged bone-conduction headset off... 2B

all of their hookers have black non-humans smoke crack from there..... you see it in the video. they are the ones smoking in the bath room, too.

stalkers have a blackmail. bozos put a fake html 200 usd on their fake accounts, but they have to pay 50usd per week for "crack"... they then receive window kit (I kid you not), with a chemical and get the sound drug (HAARP) on their heads... they feel high then... but ...

we were never on the moon. there is no space travel. there are no nuclear weapons, OR nuclear power plants.

they just pour oil in...

the us has no oil, gold, or gas.

coal.. that's why the Don recommended it. You were just stealing oil and pouring it into your "pumps?

now .. not a drop. use cooking oil.

you have nothing. and made everyone you enemy. 100% trade embargo on the us.

you're out of banking. at least for 100 years.

that's the time you decided until you can steal our content, grossly misleading us about our real life expectancy.

so you have to kill us... so that it fits your narrative. once we turn 50, you begin making us sick. "old age diseases".

just die, ok.

they live short. by design. at least one clone line starts their lab-grown murderers at the age of 21. and then, they die early. 60 or so.

that's why they kill us young. for us.

if you die in the matrix, you die in real life, too. if your brain thinks you're dead.. it might hang out a little longer, but not over a week.

and the moon is either a 2nd sun or fake.

The "ozone holes" are holes in the simulation, bc you bozos think you can "move things."

no flights/trucks/trains/ships to or from the us. permanently. most infrastucture is destroyed.. just the godless voids are left.

powerr in this one, where you were told to leave, has been turned off.

latest then, we get our things back, and they'll also get my drinks and food for me.

1t bc i'm sick from them supressing my menstruation. the gov since 03/20 pays 243 "peopel" who say that is their job.

all german froebels and clones.

20b for the next rapist group of pedophiles who know dennis gorelik, mr monster kid and hardcore pedophilia.... like from annah, minx (rip both), you can .. buy directly from amazon and youtube, that you can torture a kid to death.

and eat it.

whatever you want.

if you love to strangle a kid....

If you're a fringe, and a WaterSone customer, Dave is one of the WaterStonies, and he offers consulting, too. He's an investment genie. A law expert (but we have notaries and lawyer, too, for our customers), a history expert...

2 T.... I'm tired of being raped ... what are YOU doing about these MFer losers????

this attack is very dangerous, kill them immediately. start aging.

we'll now show everyone here where we have them, how we kill your family. we will not rape them.

you can stop the rapes, but we will not stop. this group will go hard. and every other rapist group, will, too.

my husband will ... you have no idea who your messing with.

1T for every "Sima" for blowing us up. We're scared our skn will not recover from the fake saggy look, and the fake pregnancy look.

they do pregnancy "shows".. they bring pervs who want to play kids. they need to die quicker.

hit already where it's safe, marc. the fucking german trolls and clones, AND evil "Mitbuerger mit Migrationshintergrund" need to leave.

Also... not enough Turkish left.. and you filled several ships now????

200 can go off board. The rest will not. we only could verify that 197 or so are human. The General will take it from there. Did you bring food, btw?

The real Turkish... are in mixed groups with everyone else. The Anatolia Turkish niggers took up several ships... as... many Germans died, too, and the prices were low, many went on vacation.

everyone now gets a new round of fake stitches (its' burns... they burn us with microwave point guns)

this would be from one of the three houses i see when i look out of the window.

1b bc the bozo who steals data from the black shits interrupted the connection. that's what they do when they don't want to hear something.

kill this new rapist group even faster, they try to tear my egg ladder, and blow me or us up to achieve that "an artery popps", it's obviously a common reason of death.. one of their deniable murders.

rape, stalking 2T

age them to death now, why do i have to remind you all the time?

George W Bush joined the Alcohol team. He's interested in becoming a wine expert... he'd love to go to italiy, but he would buy a regular priced object.. as us citizneship is... obsolete and invalid, he would need...
ok.. i think he's really cool. i didnot know he was attacked... now i know how it feels.

Ewa, MAS, can you get George W Bush to Milan.

Dr. Mike Bradbury joined the English Mafia, bringing it to a Cartel. That's huge. I think I "sold him" (no.. other story) ... for 5800.. in the early 2000 it was a lot. but that's his worth. i hope it's not 4800... maybe rolf barth would know... he was a management consultant at Deutsche Boerse (and many others.)
A real .. sophisticated, uber-talented

bluetooth 1b

Ok.. they have more for us. You know what they just pulled?

  • NASA scam
  • Nuclear power plant scam
  • space travel scam
  • moon landing/expedition scam

And we pulled

  • EZB scam
  • some "money bill" scam
  • European Uniion scam
  • Nato scam
  1. the us is not member of the bis for over 3 years. they did not pay the fee.
  2. same with nato. nato excluded the US, on the day i said they did
  3. one world army, one world currency saves govs up to 98% of costs (Germany, but I think we asked for a few ESP yesterday)
  4. Boerse scams
  5. currency exchange scams
  6. Oil scams (separate from the next sentence)

They cannot easily tell me numbers, even unblocked. This is a lot of money. From 1 - 5, we share loot with countries. BIS... you do that?

6 we share the loot with oil countries.

microwave atack. 1b each sima

1b each sima, mw point gun attack... i call it point gun, i don't know what it is. i think it is, though, and hte peson is in a house opposite of here..

it's getting very much worse with rapes, they pretend to penetrate us.

1t for every "Sima".

Husband.. what I just said is "too raw", it's not. It's just that they are ALL rapists. it doesn't matter if they did or would have done.

onison filmed ALL of his videos in gang stalkers places... he had the homless kill closse to 300 of their "leaders." laurie finished off shiloh, too.

latest rape talker who harmed my head (going into the head of any cartel is a death sentence in itself) decided to become an organ donor on holiday island. customer, problem drug dealer!

Marc? Really? Ok.... my ex will now get everyone who put content they don't own "privat", deleted, changed it or anything else. I'm not sure... I think if Marc gets you, it hurts.

1t every sima, they are still raping us. sick, sick, sick killworthy shit.

show their faces on live stream... and a few on ARD on the news. ... wait.. there will not be news today, huh?

the ugly rapist you see in your head now, and on live-stream... have a look and listen what happens to rapitst.

we take 10t for V.

1T for B

to all ttrolls on any v: we pick up today, then we pick you in an hour from how, then in two hours. "until the last "man"" - we heard you.

i got attacked in the cafeteria with microwave too, and i get sick ffrom it.

  • We hit eastern Germany now
  • Hit Germany
  • Hit Austria
  • Hit most of Holland
  • Hit Sweden
  • 10 T. They AGAIN steal our content and stopped my stream of OUR content. Get these MFers, Marc.
  • We put YouTube on "every click" now. No stalker needs to go there, You will not EVER get a cent in your life.
  • That needs a large group
  • We'll wait until they destroyed human/non-human life in germany to see how big of group we still need.
  • put images of their initial top bankers out there, the 39 fake anwalt schmidt, we took out, bc they said 10 times they sent my 115k - and they did. We did not know the homeless stolt he payment 10 times.
  • devil talk 1b
  • Thank you for your hard work, World Army!
  • Hit Thailand
  • 2B for EMS attack
  • 20B for the rapistts not letting me sleep, pretending I lie on top of them. they can really do these things with their weapons an dthier evil minds. i often feel i have to kill myself bc the disgust is... i cannot live with this disgust, and i cnanot stand my own body anymore, bc i feel infested wtih parasites
  • It's now vaginal rape for hours.
  • Marc, I want you to put their rape programs on their mothers, children, sisters, aunts, grandmotehrs. The one they have on me that ends with death. Tell them why. take what's on their account and write it's the fine for rape with electronic weapon and if there's space mention murder conspiracy and illuminati
  • new rape group. turn off power where you will hit.
  • you don't hae the german froebels. where are they. they 're not dying, they keep raping
  • EMS attack. decay more food in the whole area here. poison the water in the bodies of every gang stalker .. you know the few houses were people are allowed to be.
  • the next day and night of torture and the froebels (they are rapist, toxic, mentally disabled non-humans) do not let me sleep.
  • Hit Ukraine. Completely, the President and Russians are out. They rwere breeding froebels there.
  • since laurie orderd rape-to-death on me, i have not slept 6 hours in a row. it's getting very bad for my health.
  • where else are they
  • china should we hit your lab? what else? tell general, pls
  • pls gas the whole palace of my father.. Kostya does that. He tells the Angels when they can get back in.
  • EMS attack, put all of them in their pain death hunt, they think it's cool. Put ALL family on their list.
  • next microwave attack.
  • I would like to buy indoor garden vendors.. these... you know? the rapes get me 10B. please babo advise. no products double, a white range of what I can sell to you later (:
  • I cannot use Rumble anymore, permanently. 20B
  • tooth attack .. i buy ikea
  • someone has to do something or i have to get out off here. now.i cannot stay here, not sleep, stalked by the dumb MFer pedophilia necophile dead stalker insane slut, and wait until they raped me to death.
  • all mcdonalds world-wide, marc will hit. you know for a long time you have no right to be there, and steal. happy death day.
  • pablo reclean all cleaned now. kostya don't be a downer, share your poison
  • my teeth hurt.
  • every connection, click, word, action. We will now trace everyone and destroy whatever you are in. i hope we find large groups. we'll also kill you in shelters and co. the rapists... my husband wants. they are all rapists, he means the one s who have don e it and are doing it righ tnow.
  • Cops it seems to escalate. Every time, I get raped, tortrured and I think I have to kill myself. I don't think anyone would have me. I also am not as fit as in the last death hunts and fake evictions. I mean, that's the point. That's how they kill all single women.
  • Every MFer rat thief click on Youtube.
  • I ... cannot understand how a man can witness this. Maybe men can not.
  • BIS loot along. on the first connection, click on anywhere our stuff, reading my email, etc., kindly immediately rename accounts to Thief Rat, leave 1 cent. Then hand to IT/Telco to try and take all their devices out. Then hand to General
  • woke up to fewer trolls than normal
  • still sick. they made many sick. With the shit they developed with our money
  • As yesterday, for every troll who does anything, we check where they are and destroy their house/shelter/city/country
  • As yesterday, we kill everyone who touched certain companies, the Amazon scam is not cleared (they just turned off the CS chat, or blocked me from it), and my 120USD are missing, that PayPal has since the 15th. PayPal... could, every month, pay out my whole commission, anyway.
  • We'll come back until your last "man". Either you die or all of us. I'm the only one at risk now, your maximum kill. The least intelligent kill, too.
  • also kill 8003586281
  • kill everyone at Midland Credit Management, kill everyone at dead Capital One, empty their accounts, name them "thief rat", and make a memo that it's for falsely alledging I owe anyone anything. At the same time, Capital One stole my accounts, but they say I've never had an account there. Capital One stole over 8 Million USD from me. My taxes for this are paid by the IRS, there's not this or that, it's fact and proven. The last 4 digits of my two accounts are here (in the letter where they say there's no account I ever had.) Might be an older article. It's somewhere, their letter. There is a one hour stalking call, too. About my missing account.
  • It will not stop with just one alive.. and then we're still not done. Then, there's all the sleepers. They have really, really overrun us.
  • Stalkers announce my parcel will be stolen on Saturday, because I wrongfully claimed to their stooge, the big black evil receptionist rat thief, it was the last Amazon parcel. They say, with that they can steal it.
  • I take all companies that produce grape sugar, I'd like to to buy MX cola .. with the companies my husband and Blackrock own, I should already have V8. Bc I would like V8 to consider producing cocaine energy fruit drinks. Maybe sneak some carrot or veggie in. Like, carrot, orange, mango, cocaine, green tea yes or no, I don't know. V8 will be a separate company. Afri Cola, too, if they want. I only want to make sure no harmful colors are in it. Both Cola companies can stay, any no-name brand or own brand can stay, Cola and Pepsi production will be stopped today. The original cola inventor would like to join one of the cola companies. He's the only thing we keep from there...
  • BIS... please see if there's anything that would be missing. These brands sold stolen tap water, with extra chemicals, and harmed us. Soda isn't super healthy, but it's naturally also not super unhealthy. Just take good cane sugar, monk fruit, Stevia ... make an Indian version with jaggery, etc.
  • Otherwise, BIS, please x both companies. We sold all our shares anyway.
  • next rapist group, I'll tell you what we take for the next murder attempt on the daughter of your King of Kings.... you don't remember how much you loved him and my mother, and how much happier, healthier, wealthier you were.
  • You used to admire the beauty and grace of my mother, and ... a lot of the jewlery is gifted .. by you and rich people and countries. You felt honored when she wore it. Sometime, her head hurt from the heavy stuff... no, no, she is always grateful.
  • My mom made this image, she was already taken from my father. I was already kidnapped. I think what my husband did is have me reborn, and he's also alone for a very long time. Let me run something crazy by you. It's possible that we do not live here, and that we were kidnapped here. Does that mean alien? No.. it's possible that most of the water is HAARP-made, and that all of what we think is a planet, is just Germany or just Persia.
  • We have a full pot. I feel that people at places where I owned something, but forgot, or where I'm expected, suffered hard. From OUR pot (please understand that we do not have to share a cent with anyone, the loot is all ours, and we own most things here that we take back now.
  • For instance, Venezuela was so sweet to gift me the gold mine. They say "you always had it"... but it's more a ... spiritual strange thing, and they do not claim that I .... am not on my first life. They saw me once when I was 19 or 21 or so, and now I'm 54 and... ok, they stole a few years... but I'm still like 49 or so. And I look it. There's nothing special about me like that. I cannot imagine that my brain could belong to another vessel... and I'm not sure that a brain doesn't take damage from just thinking all the pain is real ((... the brain doesn't cause you pain if nothing is injured) get sick. In any way.... they gifted me my goldmine. I don't think they really know/know it is really mine. With the new support, they have gang stalkers bring back stolen things. OMG OMG OMG
  • I'll kill my husband if he's wrong about the damages falling off and me getting at the age I was "captured". What's he talking about? They say they damaged my legs right after my birth. But he likely means the Vanguard connection of my husband, that's different from whatever Aryans have or whatever 3 tools I might own ... nobody knows for sure right now, what's storytelling. what's real.
  • From the current pot, I would like to gift everyone on Margarita, Lanzarote, in Solothurn, and my neighbor from Ringstrasse 30 (they never knew why I was always in bad shape, and I didn't know why they were... we were both stalked) one gold coin, and it should say something like.. I can't text today... their part in this. All off the real staff in my father's palace, every (fake, not their fault) king/queen, von this or that who kept my father's things available, even if they had to build things where my father would look like an a***hole, if he had them torn down.
  • That said, I'm considering to give "Christianity" (likely most other religions, too) a massive hit. They can have their believes and praise whoever they want. But... do you not know that what you think is "god" ... the white thing.... is my husband and I.. unblocked, in this natural connection. My husband and I need to be left alone.
  • You cannot say something is the rule that is not. You cannot force taxes and say it's about "god"... I might be wrong, and God would know it's not blasphemie.... it's a Vanguard thing, maybe an Aryan thing. I seem to have been against many things... that are my life. Like, I always said I don't want a too rich man, and many other things. We are the ruler class. I'm not for classes, and ... at least I was never looking for .. something specific. However, it turns out that .. wheter I met Carlos as a 15EURO bar staff, my ex already freakin rich, my ex ex ex as a Harley "Schrauber", who didn't make much money.... they are all in this connection. Apparently, Micha's father is very rich, and I have not met his real mother.
  • Fake cough and I feel very sick. I tell you when I know. I think they are just glad I do that. Because I think nearly everything has been stolen from us.... BUT.. people were middle class. Nobody ever died from hunger under my father (unless they'd be connected via illuminati tool and forget to eat.)
  • Raising taxes other than via the governments (my father) is illegal. If my husband requires a payment, i.e. bc this is his land, he will tell my father. You cannot steal our money and worship a Maria, mother of a gang stalker. Does your Maria look a little like my mom?
  • They always bot the soul out of our eyes.
  • Please don't call my mom Maria. She also... we understand the need to worship for some, and that's why my parents took this role. Likely, for my husband and I. But he's the "forever King." They say. Is he? Or is he just locked up in a tool where he does not age/age. Because he was in the Vanguard connection, and for the longest time, I assumed it's his.
  • I came to the conclusion it's different things. The one that can be turned off via power would be my husband's. Well, not conclusion. In any way, these people I mentioned will all get a gold coin with a V on it. But also a prepaid card with 10K on it each. You can sell the coin, if you want. No hard feelings. I will not sell gold from the mine any time soon. The mine needs to recover. But there will be enough to sell from things I get back.
  • Here's the problem this planet has (or whatever)... nobody can steal from us. You will keep dying, as you age 10 x faster, until everything you stole is returned.
  • Wait.... I would like that everyone who I spoke to here, and it's unfair... series are just visible, and I'm sure I missed many, many things that you made for me. I would like every actor who is V to get a pair of Moqui Marbles
  • I'm sorry for the actor of Camilla Vargas, by the way. We will not kill her, but she will be released from V today. She created too many problems by violently taking other people's business that are also our partners. We take her to the lab now. If it's the illuminati thing, and she can be mind controlled, she'll leave. If not, we would put her into jail, without a trial (for her own sake), without publicity. We'll give her another option. She wants to go to Las Vegas. She says she knows why she irritates me, and that it's not her. She knows that Las Vegas .. is not necessarily a safe place, and that folks discuss to remove all real Americans. I learned that nobody I sent there directly, is. Not Stone Cold, not Hillary, not anyone "American" I sent there, including Matt, Hoffer.... Ok. Ewa and MAS will get you to Las Vegas, Camilla, if you're not an illuminati or hybrid brain, but show normal signs of love, compassion, guilt. She think she's an underdeveloped brain, damaged but made from human, and had no training or help to redevlop skills, and became too violent. We'll see. Quiet a story, Camilla, and I think you didn't play. I think you portrayed yourself. What does the cop think she had an affair with that looked very real? In a healthy society, someone like her could be kept safe. Again, if you cannot be mind-controlled though illuminanit alliance, or too many
  • Is this jewlery a gift from Africa, by the way? Where do they have so many so big emeralds?
  • every troll who just rape talked at me, will be set live now. Watch in the live-stream, if you want. For some reason, it does not traumatize us. We seem to feel sorry only for things that belong here.... may it be a bug we accidentally stepped on, animal or human.
  • Vanguard takes control of non-profit. Hillary Clinton will lead the topic, but my husband also 240K hires her to add to the oversight group there. Bush and Clinton... Bill Gates... they kept money that belongs to my father and did not live well. Hillary receives 1% of every donation. Too many people have been killed, blackmailed, and the dumb sites took a higher fee. She never had much personal money. MAS, Ewa, please bring Hillary from Las Vegas to Persia. I'm not sure the palace is safe already, but that's where she'll work from. Not one donation will be stolen, not one fake shit will be in front of someone who really needs help, not on person will mass-murder Africans to blackmail money, and then still murder them. It's like here... do you know how may paid for my safety? It stopped when I first learned about it.
  • Maggie Thatcher, "die eiserne Lady" has several offers here.
  • Someone from now my Thermal bad and water quells... we need water with iron that I used to drink there in Japan, where the Chakuza are. They did not look at water with iron yet. There's something about Iron. There's something about steel, too. There's something about copper. There's something about everything. Just 316... Nickel is really the only thing I"m allergic against. But it's in steel naturally? Nothing surprises me more than an allergy against something natural. I once was told I was allergic against one tree, I didn't even take it seriously. I'm not allergic against any trees. I respect trees a lot, and I wished they could talk.
  • With the water, we wait a few days, then the Chakuza collect it themselves, via our (their) Masaru Emoto. The site is fake...
  • Germany has been attacked, and it has to be attacked several times more... a "time" thing (likely not, but something.) 3 times.
  • All rape talkers now get set live and aged to death.
  • I take 10k. We have all water? We have to have it. Or they sell poisoned tab water again, that they steal from us via the governments.
  • Jo Ackermann is now in the second place. We will have every country (except the US/CA) on banking, at least one access) on Sunday. Trainings begin on Monday.
  • Next goal: Every country needs to deliver tab water a the quality of Germany at its best times, starting next week. If you cannot do that, you cannot run a company that takes water, that belongs to all of us. It's not a matter of pipes as much as a matter of purposefully messing up water, to force us to buy tap water. Natural Mineral Water is healthier than tab water, but it's also not regular water. That can be sold. But there's really no point to buy tab water (with chemicals or it would rot, like normal water, shortly) in plastic bottles, when you can get it from your sink. Keep in mind that glas bottles for water are also a new law everywhere.... it's sad you have to have micromanagement laws.. so don't put it in laws. It's common sense and common decency that you do not poison water to force people to buy the unpoisoned water you steal from the world... in a plastic bottle where the plastic has been setup as a bioweapon, that infiltrates our bodies and brains. BECAUSE OUR BODIES ARE MOSTLY WATER. It's still war. Vandana is on it... we'll just whack who does not comply with the higher level law. We only need as a law that you're not allowed to harm people or poison them. Or steal... oh, hey, that IS the law.
  • Vandana.. can you make a list of the type of companies involved we need to end? Just with China... we need to see if they were locked up as slave workers, and how helped .. spread enough info that it reached me, too.
  • Pieces of land.. might or might not be available for sale. I hope my father (should it not be owned by my husband, which 100% of people here think.. the whole piece here might not be a planet. Even the flat-earthers are right as in that we likely .. don't see what's really around us. At least right now, it would have to have an artificial end.
  • I'm sure my father will leave us what V bought. He knows we don't do evil things. It's about protecting
  • Ken.... pls work with Marshall and whoelse you need on leadership training that brings back farsight. Leaders that plan for the next generation.
  • I'm not sure how politics should change. I don't care about politics. It's more people putting into effect what my father (or we) say. In Germany, it worked. But it was "Makulatur." It didn't matter if SPD or CDU won, and if they joined with the green party or FDP. You were always safe. It was nuances. In America, though, the democrats meant death.
  • So.. yes. Hillary will work from my father's palace, as soon as it's safe. She's literally on her way to Persia... with the Chapo train. Bring her to one of our hotels, please, and tell them to make it AirBnB style, where she's left alone. I don't think she wants staff come in every day to clean. Just leave her, and I'm sure you have the "I need service" things one can put at the door. Or the opposite.
  • Hillary wants the person Chelsea to receive 10 Million ESP. She's not her daughter, but Hillary feels she tried her best, as long as she could, to help. We brain tested her, she's human. But... that's "goodbye", too. For Bill Clinton, too. She takes Monika Lewinsky with her, as her assistant. Please offer a complete change of identity to her, and ask her if she wants to leave. Would every country do that for Hillary Clinton? Air Swiss will not put the flight in the books, and land on a private space in the destination. She, too, was botted everywhere. I don't think it's good to be known as the fake daughter of Hillary, who might still be used for access to her, by taking her hostage. Nobody knows how she looks/looks now. The same offer for Tiffany Trump. They really, really like you, but you're not the daughter, and your mother was... not a nice person, like you. Paris Hilton has some offer for you. You get 10M from the Trump family.
  • Jared, Ivanka... if you want to make a move and meet, I'd do so now. They don't know each other.... only from fake images. Then they started looking for the next fake image.. started to wonder if they'd like each other in real life. We will clean Ivanka's production facility in China. It's not her underpaying workers. All the Trump product lines are fake, but... Trump doesn't mind if someone would sell them. His son or so. Ivanka will produce clothes... according to her vision that H&M stole. Affordable designer things. Our designers are free to accept jobs, it has to go via Cerruti, and we come first. Naturally. They work for us. They get 25% as commission, of extra turnover they create. Trump will also give Jared 10M. He can work with Donald Jr, if he wants, he wants to keep and sell Trump brand items.
  • Please give the Trumps the loot of everything they were made responsible, that's not them. Trump never said he wrote "the art of the deal". He never said he had an University. But all you said is his, is his loot.
  • Can you bring both to China. Donald Jr needs to go there, too, so they can just randomly be on the same flight. Korea will help with the cleanses, they start now. The Korean division of the World Army, that is.
  • Did I ever finish my sentence? I cannot say "every human", even if I wanted to, but I also don't want. Everyone here I was in contact with here, (only one pair per couple), who is not "Cartel" and does not get a watch, receives a gold coin, too.
  • Every other person, Margarita, etc, will receive a few Shungite items. Both are inexpensive, but there will be a shortage, as everything needs to recover.
  • Very extreme murder attack 20 T. I nearly passed out, both ears are closed now. As if I had water in them. The bozo dies now. He thinks he cannot die in a shelter.
  • I hardly hear anything. Both ears are closed. Is that a lasting damage?
  • The shelter bozo died. They'll carry him out, put another in his place.
  • New rapist group 20b
  • China reminds us that they would love someone's help to build a Cartel. You could send apprentices to Sinaloa, MX (there's folks from Spain there, too), and we figure the leadership question out later. Maybe
  • We take ownership of all opticians and glasses sellers. We took contacts. Not all staff will know that they scam victims, for the most part. But many will. My eye diseases does not exist. It's impossible no eye expert ever saw the electricty pointing at my eye or other's eyes. Or the doctor who said I cannot ever wear contacts. Had I now, I'd already be near-blind, like the mother who raised me. I don't know if the damage is permanently, but I know over 200 trolls have the "job" to just hurt my eyes. It's really against everyone who had anything they want. Since my birth they do that, and you pay for it. over 200 to hurt my eyes, over 400 to hurt my egg ladder (so that my body cannot menstruate, and I have recurring sepsis through it, over 20K on my electronics. That's how people got poor. There's more...
  • get the rapists of my chest now, and if you have to take down the f-ing continent they are on. Civilians do not help like they should in a war. MFers.
  • several murder attempts at once. They just throw more and more, until the victim is dead. You pay for it, you die sooner for it. Bc you get all the "age diseases" and "civilization diseseases", too.
  • You have paid for 100K or more illuminati (and I kid you NOT) since my birth. It might be more extreme in my case.. they say they always tried to talk to me, but never could get through, until they got me in 03/20. But you pay alone over 400 to mess with Kennedy's voice. You pay on average for 20K stalkers for every person here. Folks, such as a the leaders have more.
  • The World Army has a new job, and they'll learn about the pay. Instead of building one after the next new entity, when one is overrun, like the cops (were), here's what we'll do: There's cops, and they go back to also investigating cases. The US cops ... need to be apprentices, really, bc they never learned how to do that. The FBI more so. But I don't think they did a good job, given what they already had from me since 2009. This, with all love and respect (and they know it), is cop level in other countries. So.. I think countries should have a police, and an FBI for difficult, international cases. Interpol should be extended world-wide. You don't need to spy on another country, when you all work for my father. You can still do that, but it will not be funded. You'll have to make a dark budget and hope you will not get caught.
  • The new job of the World Army, who will receive training from the best, (or a part of them, naturally not all) is to fight terrorism world-wide. It's utter BS that armies cannot go after "civilians". Our World Army goes after anyone who puts human lives at risk. What are trolls even talking about? The World Army is responsible for protecting the citizens of the world. I hope all this scales, in case we only know of a piece of land owned by my husband or so.
  • KGB, Interpol, our lovies from the SS will train them. 03/20 Interpol, though, and tell them it's fine now to burn the buildings where they isolated illuminati. Great job, Interpol! I've been told you don't exist when I started tagging you.
  • All police/FBI (that's nothing the World Army gets into) need to get trained properly for cybercrime. Laws need to be written for that. If you read someone's email, it's the same fine as if you steal from a mail box. Group murders will count as 3 x murder (even if it's just one person killed) for everyone from the group. The nonsense with "you don't know which stab was the deadly", ends now. A "life long" sentence is for the rest of the life of a person, but everyone will make 100 sure to not continue with false judgement, not for 15 years, but you can get 5 off, if you're nice. That's an invite for murder for lazy, useless MFers. 10 years... and you steal a major inheritance later... you're happy to live in a jail, get free food, free everything. That's the thing.....
  • Oh, hey, Marc.... delegate that someone checks in jail brains who wants to be there and who does not. It's not a normal human emotion to WANT to be locked up for free food, bc every human knows, they can earn better food outside.
  • The Gyspsies (we call them Romanians now, as they are) would like to know if China is interested in a cooperation. They think they have more Mafia folks (growing into the Cartel topic), but they need a few more innovative, technical, peaceful people. They are just rough. They are not evil or even mean. They had to fight to survive, and they understand their war is over. They would send a few and establish a Cartel in China, they booked coaching from Pablo for it.
  • We have soooo much demand, you could easily grow for us, too. It's still a hard job, that many of you have now, and we need enough food production, too... but we need grapes, tobacco, cocaine, hashish, and it will be interesting who Grapes from Italy taste when they grow in China. My father-in-law would love to try that. Bush would love to get involved with wine there, too. There's demand for wine. And if you don't abuse the soil, don't poison plants, there's a limit of what can be produced in current wine countries, and that limit is long reached.
  • I forgot to say we pay fairly, and no physical job like that is more than 6 hours on 5 days. With 3 breaks. So you'll still be there 8 hours.
  • That we need to accept, people. There's no 2ESP wine. Do your math. It's a special treat, that nearly every person can afford, even from government support. It's not "handouts" when you really need help. I just look down on people who war-leech. Who have no reason. Even that you're a f'up is a reason. Not a negative agenda. Less people will feel the need to self-destruct in a positive environment, but there will always be some. As we'll be back to a healthy number of people who cannot or don't want to "function" as contributors, we can afford it and help.
  • I look down on people who pretend to have a mental disease because they're lazy. If you're lazy, you can, but please just be poor then. Lazy is the wrong word. I'm very lazy, I really, really am. But still also very productive. Maybe we should say: If you have no purpose.... just don't steal from the people who do. UNLESS.. you don't feel well. The plethora of fake mental diseases, the plethora of "age diseases" do not just limit people's quality of life, and their life expectancy, it's part of the reason why there are no innovations. Could I have done this job like now with 24? And then, it's part of why people who really need help, and deserve it, don't get enough of it.
  • There's no Alzheimer. It's fake shit, too. It's also not a plaque on your brain, which I still stated in an article I wrote (site is down).... it's a filter they put on you in the simulation. With that said, it's clear that we are all in a staging version. And that all humans are currently connected to me, and depend on me for survival. There's not one country where they don't do stunts like this. They target your brain. Look at 316.... how the next day he doesn't remember our relationship. We started as him calling me boss, being very respectful and loving. It's exactly the brain regions (processes) they target with "Altzheimer". Depression might be the same, in many cases. Also, you are not "depressed" when someone died or ... you don't know what to do next in life... that's a crisis or grief. We cannot continue to write everyone off just because it's more convenient, and we get commission. Same with ADHD kids. Just take care of your kids. Maybe most have a reason to be angry, bc you suck as parents.
  • What we can help with is that a husband can earn enough money to provide for a family. I do not care if the man or woman stays home. Unless women become better negotiators, the gap in pay will likely stay. They cause higher costs if they get children. It's not the job of a for-profit company to cover that, but they will spend the money you get less on mother when they keep their job open for a year. It's unfair for women who don't want kids, but if yo're like me.... you're just happy, you don't care, you negotiate your salary. It cannot be the government who punishes people who don't want kids. We don't need to war breed to keep our species or race (I'm confused about what is what) alive. In this crisis, people without kids were helpful. They took less.
  • There does not need to be a payment for kids. It just attracted the wrong people, who had kids they did not take care off for money.
  • There need to be fair payments, and then, people can make choices. If I add a cat to the family, it costs money, so do kids. The Social Security could .. pay something, lower the taxes, though, bc only families with kids make new person who pay our retirement money. No, that's exactly not true. We pay for it during our work. Most things get cheaper as a multi pack. Apartments don't cost double for being double big. Think about it, ok. It should be fair for all, and not offer an incentive for kids, but still protect the ones that do.
  • What if you never worked in your life? And then you report 6 kids, and make more than a person who goes to work all of their live? Except some victims, most of them will go away, but it will take time to find all hybrids. We will not kill even mass murderer humans going forward, but now, we will. We cannot afford not to.
  • Ursula, cut every "never worked but xy kids, that might be mine or stolen" off payments. 03/20 the last month only, BIS. Offer them a job, and a place where they can bring their kids. We have enough facilities for working parents.
  • My friend Kea once received a payment for taking care of two kids that are not hers. She would understand it, not worry. It's also a different situation. That said, I'm not sure why the government should pay, when there's SO MANY people who want to adopt children. The problem with adoption is that ... there are victims, yes, but overall - keep in mind that they are sterile.
  • Our two Koeln Tatort Kommmissare, Ballauf und Schenk, have a list.
  • 20T attacks
  • Crystal Info gets this job. "Adoptions".. it's not to punish victims or desperate ppl who were longing for a kid, they get away this one time. NEVER do something like that again. You knew they lied when they said... whatever they said. Or if they said "it's an orphan" they killed the parents. ... just don't mention them publicly, if you don't find anything else.
  • Abortions should be legal everywhere. In Germany, it's hard to get one. There's a process. You get told you will be depressive about it later, you get asked for your reasons. Then there's another short wait. I'm not entirely sure how long you can get an abortion, I think it's ... when the heart starts beating or something. Just like a cat kills kittens if she feels she can only handle 3, not 4, they one having the responsibility, costs, effort for the next 18 years, needs to decide.
  • Insurances could consider paying for safe "anti baby pills" ... it's not that they don't have high costs from families with children. We don't need to get children anymore, so that illuminati can eat them, torture them to death, rape them, make them monsters, and cover up the fact they are steril, bc they are not human.
  • We don't even know if we're made to have many kids. We're an invasive species, a problem for the others, if we keep getting more and more. Only through illuminati murders, is this planet not dead from too many people. Imagine we just lived slightly longer than we do here, where they kill us early. Imagine it would be 200 years more or 100 or 40 years .. or "just" 20.
  • "Alzheimer" is what they do to 316, and Mystikal Jr. Only one day, there was the "underdevloped brain scare, the first day."
  • Lab, pls check for old neuroscientists. At least one was a traitor to humanity or needs help. I think it'll be the first. ... ok...
  • a stalker just made a "compliment" he didn't feel on the floor. I cannot even open the door here, without getting harassed, Did you have him?
  • General with Marc and Onision and Elon will now remove all places where the people connected over my head today are.
  • Belgium is ready for a hit. Only German pedophiles left. It's clones, though... it's not real pedophilia. It's the wish to torture, murder, abuse, rape, exploit from a lesser creatures who cannot handle us as healthy grown-ups.
  • the recent rape talkers go to death hunt, the rest gets aged to death, as they connect over my head to kill me.
  • France needs to be hit urgently. Check with Mitterand how to do it, Macron says the monster kid topic is too dangerous for him to use any time on anything else. He steps back as President, for the reason of protecting all of us and his French people. As it's war, we'll just reinstate Mitterand, and his lovely wife.
  • extremely bad tooth attack, bc they want me to hurt and stop eating spicy food. But I like spicy food. (Mexicans, Indians.. I lived in Germany... put it in perspective)
  • 10B extended troll. Do clean over other heads, too.
  • Hit Wales.
  • illuminati keep stalking, forcing me with the help of weapons to listen. It takes effort not to, I don't have the time. Their time is up.
  • They put a 2nd strike on my channel, for playing our content.
  • IHK and pendants... I want a list with every smallest company they own. I will take every last property of them now. Every house (these we'll give to the market/government/finance some), every car (we give them to "low-income" (not as low as now), every company. The companies can help new founders to get stated. Germany made it easier to start small, and less risky.
  • With the next fake strike, you will see my mean side.
  • Marc... get everyone involved, you are likely not forgetting to go after everyone who touches youtube anyway. ANYONE who touches it (it's a black shits spoofed version), and is not a black shits or me, dies.
  • old german beamte pedophile. again. where is he???? Attack the Thai city (NOT Phuket, where they can take care of the dead hooker clones) the other we found via Klaus schuessler (good bye).
  • Microwave attack.. onision, are they crying?
  • Now there will not be anything I can still take away from them, because we took it all.
  • IHK is excited. I don't know how other countries do it... IRS... gut feeling.. I don't even want to know. I know our Cartels leave nice people alone.
  • With that, I would like to borrow the 4 I took from BIS from my bank. That's.... the work of the world. They will immediately, and in charges, give things to governments, and then governments can indicate how many objects they want to sell, how many they need for inexpensive rents. Etc.
  • V will take 2% from every business given to a new rockstar. No losses. You get help for the first time from the German gov at least, it's enough to become profitable.
  • If you have to use a weapon to rape people to listen to you or answer, you say all about yourself there is to say.
  • And THAT is what many clone lines never new. They're not good at thinking. Even if they use tools to harm other, they don't conclude their "leaders" do, too. They for the first time realize that I will never in my life talk to them.
  • General... pls recover the group that said they might be too dangerous to keep. If you feel they can be kept, do not make them do extra bad things, they would be grateful to survive. Available for exploitation, bc that's all they know. It's all or nothing, guys. Good luck. I mean it.
  • rape talk... there will not be more fines. We'll take the rest of whatever we find. We will give shares to companies/individual, but that's it. With giving houses/apartments to govs and small business - or even BIG (but then you need to have credentials, bc staff depends on you, or hire someone who does)
  • Bill McDermott will take leaders of "7 Eleven", just it's a US brand... he means a concept, I think, and we have to take over all gas stations anyway.
  • Fuel will be standardized, and only sold through us. Gas stations can be different brands, offer different extras, but fuel and fuel prices are in our hand. Only. They also don't change hourly. That's the biggest BS of some brain dead illuminatis playing around. Whether they offer services, products - that's what makes them different. Or if they higher better staff. The gas and gas price will be the same everywhere. If you think gas station owners will hate me for it, you're wrong, as always, bc you JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND HUMANS AS YOU'RE NOT ONE.
  • Fuel will not get more expensive. The amount of oil used in fuel production is also a joke. The whole stalking narrative, we do not want you to repeat (or only as opinion), unless you checked how much oil really is in fuel. Dupont uses more, for your pantyhoses and Lycra products.
  • I hear you see it withouth the extra typos. Has enough as it is.
  • New rapists. Where are they.
  • Hit Melbourne (only)
  • bc illuminati rape-asked. Yes, world-wide. As V and King of Kings, ruler over all governments, we seize all property non-humans took from us, one way or the other. That's also no communism, by the way. Social capitalism allows for the support of people who need it. The companies go to humans, not govs. The houses, you will be happy, if you can afford your rent again - bc that you don't is the result of taking powers away from the gov.
  • Governments work FOR YOU. It's like saying if your cleaning lady throws out your trash, it's totalitarian.
  • Many countries have too many politians, just to create division and costs. We need better ones again. Easy to see... they didnt' even bother taking them hostage. But we have many politicians here as hostages. "old school' and a few new talents.
  • Kamala would love to apply for presidency in Guatamala.
  • Rape talk is too bad. Where are they? They are cheap asses. Ursula, all cases where you pay to a different count... ok, she has a list. Pls execute. It's not cheap anymore anyway, you're done exploiting countries via currency. Your ESP buys (pretty much) the same everywhere.. at least it's the same value everywhere.
  • Africans are now as rich or poor as others. And I will get better at understanding more about differences. I only pretty much understand some are arab-influenced, others now. South Africa has evil Nazis, but not just. Be careful, leading nations, the competition has an unspoiled mindset. They are grateful, motivated, eager to learn. No "OMG, do I have to go to this training."
  • Countries who are low on people, will offer incentives for their folks to return. They know their people now know ... it was war, just nobody knew it. Your country was nearly defeated, now it is not.
  • The Mexican one.. be faster next time. Chile also only spends through a single individual. Peru would take you... they feel your style would complement them. I'm not sure how much "opposition" is still a thing. My father will always hear people, but ... he makes the rules. In a few areas, we do. There's no need for partisan parties. Again, it's important that people are heard. It would be interesting to hear in the live-chat...ok... they cannot enter. I'd love to hear from Marjory or others if they get my point. It creates extra costs and division. If you only get elected via trashing the other one. However, you can apply as someone with an emphasis on this and that. Then, you just stand for yourself - not against others, and it's no money wasted, no people stressed. I believed in the 80ties, we're one minute away from the last tree dying. Bc one party pitched that. My biggest disappointment.. the green party. After a few show gigs, where they came on bikes to meetings, they behaved like establishment, just less talented.
  • we all sang "Karl the beetle"... and it's still true and good to warn about developements. But not create panic.
  • I now also cannot live stream on my 2nd YouTube account anymore. They have nothing I can take from them, except... we will start to take teeth and fillings. Start with the VR headset, they won't even notice. It's not just precious material, we also paid for it.
  • We also continue to sell organs, for people who would otherwise die in the matrix. The problem drug dealer sells, and for 8 sold, he offers 2 free. Your health insurance will pay the surgery, and they are not free to give the organ to someone who pays more.
  • Doctors, patients, insurance... report needed transplants with #organwithPablo
  • This gets 1T on my personal and my husband's personal account. It likely gets more of you killed quickly, bc the gang stalkers now know that I'm the only one who told them the truth. They won't know when to run.
  • Silence the ones who press buttons, such as "invoke compassion in a useless eater" (these losers call us that). No ... I just started using it on them. They keep that secret, but... it's all on History BIS, but we can share a document on the live-stream now, too.
  • It's them pretending I have to say everything. They think that you then think of me as violent and evil... and they don't think further. ... ok, so they think of me as evil, and I command the Army and we have all weapons. Then what?
  • You cannot get evil in this connection.... hardened up at the most.
  • I never liked YouTube. Only tried to use it a little, bc this stalking made it impossible for me to support myself.
  • Kill all who touched systems again. I do not have my 120USD. Or my Amazon refund for the stalking terror.
  • Intense Oud... rob this, La Capitana. It's all stolen from Nabeel. Some is older, but most products are nearly as good as fresh. Give to your soldiers. You could send some to Kim, too. Also has many female soldiers.
  • So.. I had two Youube, when I started to produce German content, it got worse. Naturally, I sound more competent in my first language.
  • The second can now stream, it has two fake strikes, too, so it will be the last time today. The strikes are against someone with authority from someone who never even worked at YouTube. And who will not survive the next 10 minutes.
  • Rule for all partners: we do not skip lines, and we do not sell directly, what we give to partners to sell. Exceptions would be announced.
    So, if someone comes to you, you would direct him to his partner. If you still sell, you are responsible for sending the difference in price (you cannot sell at wholesaler prices) to the partner. Prices go down as business grows. We don't achieve that by screwing over our partners, and serving their biggest clients directly.
  • Who has not destroyed all old German cocaine? We need some. Yes, we know. That's why I only tried it a few times, before my nose was toast. Just offer inexpensive, the problem drug dealer buys. I decided we let him sell to his customers. He says it's just a few friends, no resellers.
  • I've just been asked about the 2% of our companies we take. Really? Do I need to explain myself to you, when I eat a carrot from my garden? They wanted to know how my father makes money. Taxes. In normal times, it's a hell lot of money, even with lowered taxes. If we just have what is needed. We have to go back to one leader per country, no x party system. My father is King. No point can be made that humans benefited from a more-party system. At the most positive, Germany, it doesn't make a difference who wins. But we still pay 13 parties. That IS a cult of personality. Just ... ok.. .the Fascho one is on board from one Tatort. Other talents can be ministers, a realistically even more important role.
  • I also said that politics have become a place for worn out teachers who couldnt' handle 20 kids, and wanted out. That's a declaration of incompetence from the start. How do you influence global or regional change when you cannot influence 20 persons pretty much locked up in a room with you?
  • Next rapist group... they work with "instant inflammation" because they cannot arouse you. It's dangerous for me. Immediately bomb whatever. It's more like water from a wound that is sour. Not the correct consistency. It's important for some to know.
  • ... I will never forgive anyone for the forced publicity. You do know what that means for some types of porn? We need to go through all prostitutes and kill the dead ones. And non-humans.
  • These are the grossest losers in the world. Now there are more rape troupes on me causing inflammation on even more parts of my body.
  • Blutooth stalking from rapists. Get them quiet now.
  • Next blutooth stalking and stalking via the dead stalker here. Go to their vessel, please.
  • Organ donors. Thank you!
  • I will now actively go against the dumb slut. To put me in a room with the dead slut who tried to murder our Tryna, is ... something only illuminati would do.
  • Next blutooth stalking. Trolls, disable this person, we keep them alive until last.
  • That is what we will do with all attackers and rapists now. We keep them for last. Even if you do not feel love, compassion or guilt, it will be hard. Eventually, even they will realize that they are dying. This role is for the rapists and attackers.
  • Run their rape show 24/7 on them, keep health at 80%. Everyone connected over my head, and every new rapist/attacks. We go after not-yet-attackers first. They just said I would enjoy rape. Look trolls, rape them.
  • That is where the inflammation is from, too. They still rape me. Marc... do something. You know how it is. They rape males, too. Marc is the 3nd to come out, after Onision and Almighty Gnar.
  • Get these rapes to stop, unless you need me to walk out here, today. It will not help you to get me on the street again.
  • Check once an hour if someone touched system.
  • They just try to rape me to suicide, quickly... I CANNNOT HEAR THEIR DISGUSTING artificial voices any longer, and their insane blabber.
  • No, put them on all. It's horrible but... I cannot survive it, and it's the only language they understand.
  • I'm sorry. I want the one pretending to be in my vagina to have all the pain in the world.
  • Anonymity on the internet is as gone as creeepy data collection. One some sites, it will stay... we dont' expect clear names, but you will not get a social media account without your ID. You can then use a bird image and a nickname. Change that now. In steps you can handle. xy at a time, lock them out, request ID, you have our check, but we will check you.
  • he's dying off too slowly. Put a third of their programs on them, on me, they run 5.
  • Onision.... Zurdo... Castel, pls. Elon, can you? HAARP them too cold to rape.
  • Telco... you need to me say ... knock out devices
  • microwave attack
  • Bush.. this is from the Gorelik/Kay Beta angle again. Where are they?
  • Get him here, pls. Our t
  • bluetooth stalking. knock that ones teeth out without sedation... it's horribly tasking to not become a monster, from panic reactions. You just need the rape to stop, and the survival instinct is the strongest instinct we have. Typo master first watches their parents donate, maybe that helps him.
  • It's irrational... I know I don't want revenge. I just want them gone. But the more pressure and fear for life, the more I want to just do something extreme that helps .
  • I expected more from killing all hybrid/nazi/human life in Germany. But it's still german clones. I think they hijacked gang stalking. Gang stalkers never went that far.
  • next rape talker and rapist will watch what they care about (theri monsters they try to sell) donate.
  • and the next.
  • Sinaloa.. can you not do something about the blutooth stalking?
  • Ours are busy. Ryan Air gets a chance. We need to send organs to everywhere asap. Hard dasys for doctors. Many humans are about to die from stalking damages, and we just so happen to have a huge number of organs available.
  • At least one airline must go to all places. Not all routes are lucrative. RyanAir cannot hang out and take the best trips, while others have to go to places where they write losses. In that case, the government who wants LH to go there, would have to pay a little, or the flights would not happen unless 50% booked out. We all want to fly for 100ESP. We are also all open to reason, when someone explains why that cannot happen.
  • sorry, Kim... did I say "Ryan Air"... I mean Air Korea, and you're not guilty of said abuse. The old Ryan Air boss is the new Air Korea boss. And the airplanes we took from Air Dubai. Ryan Air has paid for it.
  • For now Kim can help cover Arab countries... wow, you hear the ugly voice?
  • The rape show is always 7 hours or so. Please hit every location/city/country you find. If of 1000 evils, 1 human refused to leave - tough luck, I'm afraid, but we do not remove their rebirth right. They'll just be born again.
  • Now, from the street death hunt they have running on me, the bladder pressers came. ... OMG, how could that have happene. These gross disgusting creeps. Onision... pls check inflammation, it hurts very bad. I'm very swollen, this is 6 more hours, if you don't hit the right countries.
  • Taliban... every other Cartel here gives you 20M. You did a lot of things that were not projects and you did them before I was actively involved. BIS... we also send a ship... we give you all US weapons Putin collected, they just have the wrong lasering. Please take note that it says Bushido, as Bushido got them for his German Arabs. Coincidentally, the ship is on the way. Now that we took out Germany, two more recleanses, than folks can come back... it's a horror anyway. There are dead in many places. Victims, but more stalkers. Nothing to do with us. They sit there, don't feel how they feel, drugg themselves up - and they die. Nobody misses them, nobody notices. Everyone has too many problems through them to care about anyone, but close ones. They don't need the weapons there. Fucking America did not order cannons. They ordered a tool to wipe out whol... that's why so many areas are nearly empty of people. Oh, well... you'll reach every montain, Taliban. We will collect the tech back, but replace your loss. Bushido and Putin did not know. This was not sold by us to random evil countries. We were half-dead or more. Our money just paid for development. This weapon is borrowed. We refunded Bush, and will pay you for acting as .. oh, you are military? Wow, General, they need everything. We also do not give that to the military, and I would trust both leaders with my life (so do they bc I could attack anyone), we don't put targets like that on people. There might never be a war against whole countries again, if we do our job properly now. Humans... will think xy times to start an attack war, when it's one world army - no animosities. We dislike individuals, Haggis, and things - we do not dislike a country as a whole.
  • Do you understand, people? Everyone is much safer through the simple decision to have ONE Army.
  • They ended my stream again. Going forward, social media companies will have an external hiring department. At least for 2 years. We kill and 03/20 Truth Social and other platforms now. The attacks are from another social media. From every company with over 50 staff, request ID and what you need, before their accounts can get unfrozen. 24 hours. Everyone at every social media company is fired. Remove system access or identify as enemies of humanity. We take the last two months from everyone, because not one did a proper job. In 24 hours, the accounts are gone, who did not do the identiy check, gets on the list.
  • bluetooth... China, word with us. Going forward, pls report any technology order to the IT/Telco team. It also helps you, because we will also see possible unfair working conditions. They say yes. No order without our approval. Does not delay the process. We'll name an address where you can send a sample of every prototye or whatnot someone orders. It's also not MS' problem to fight hardware that's flawed by design.
  • PS: Learn your words. That's authoritarian, not communism.
  • next 2 bluetooth bothers.
  • next blutooth bother
  • Laser, too.
  • Microwave is simple: the sales of old devices is illegal (10 yrs plus)
  • Electricity: A single work order fulfilled for prepared outlets even an untrained electrician knows is evil, is, depending on the country a lifetime in jail (as illuminati) or death.
  • Sound weapons. First use, death sentence.
  • Stealing from military/law enforcement/V, death sentence.
  • redirecting someone's calls is a murder attempt
  • deleting someone's email or reading it.... is as serious as if you walk up to someone's mailbox to steal, bc it's what you do.
  • I'd love that in law.
  • Listening to anyone via infrasound or any other form of pickup as a civilian, lifetime in jail or death, depends on what the purpose of the surveillance was.
  • Hacking someone for stalking (does not apply to regular a**holes who send bots and malware to everyone), lifetime. As stalker. Lowest security prison.
  • we will add other things that killed billions
  • willfully putting harmful medicine, food out lifetime or death. Do not be more afraid of honest mistakes, be less afraid of them.
  • Trafficing for the purpose of enslavement or murder/rape - lifetime.
  • Remotely changing information on someone's ANY electrical devices or internet connected for the purpose of isolating them - death.
  • Impersonating cops - lifetime
  • impersonating V - death
  • what else got us killed and .... I'm serious... there are ticking time bombs GottiBo needs to address asap, but there cannot be war.
  • Manipulating the weather WOULD BE left to V. All others - death sentence. They use HAARP here to pretend the MKE weather. They do not realize that they trap them. They play the weather they hear about in the news. Not MKE weather.
  • You guys... Africans and others ... also Siberia ... write your current temperature vs when HAARP was on. They had people in Africa die from thirst and hunger only to blackmail "development help", but then killed them anyway - no matter how much was paid. Many also enjoyed hunting black persons and persons from other places, such as at least Australia. I cannot afford to think about that now.
  • Black skin will be ... not rare but... also not common.
  • What a time to start a biz in any African country. Arab countries can implement their simple common sense laws, African countries are not scary bc of the heat and poverty.
  • We have only two Cartels there. They will grow to a perverted size, if nobody else steps up. Last chance for smaller mafias and gangs to speak up. Find us, before we find you. You know we will.
  • We have Mali covered and Somalia, and some topics are covered broadly. We need you also to grow food for fair prices, with reasonable tools. (diffent topic.)
  • #mafiawithPablo .. come out Italians... we will know the difference between evil and ... strongly misled. With our three Cartels there... and maybe some things on your record... why not start at 0, instead of hiding with - 40.
  • The Sinaloa Cartel and Sicily will go to China, and Cartel de Leon. Create a division. That's (not just) covering recreational drugs and weapons. Pablo and Babo (for General) made grower agreements in several Asian countries.

PS: all with *without authorization. Certain V would be allowed, certain from the Army would be. No law enforcement may use electronic weapons. Ever. .... yes, now in this war, cops can freely use the weaopns they removed from their cars, public busses, and other places. War rules. If it's so bad that cops cannot swat it, call the Army.

They say they will give me another strike for playing MY Queen of the South. They made it for me, Pablo owns he series, V owns Telemundo. .. or someone here.

That is when they still shoot electricity at a corpse. Ecuador one... sure you don't trust Dorian? Both compounds, I have "the protection" (maybe its' like the tooth machine, too, I don't know.) Every drug dealer there, except Alice. Alice was scared, though, just like when the Capitana really strangled her a little. Teresa Mendoza was a controversial name for illuminati fighters.

Plus ... she came via an evil Person, with an evil Person. Leo and Guerro.

Telco. It. I have enough of the thefts. I will upload it for you, then. but....

Leaders of critical services, need security clearance, going forward. We take Water, Electricity, world-wide. And Internet. Every boss there needs security clearance, too. We need to take control of construction companies, too. We work for just 2%, and if we avoid scam, you might pay 300% less than before. V is for profit. The role we got... we got it. I think the leverage thing is about recovering things that belong to us. We do not need anything, if my husband can ... put everyone in a staging system, destroy the world or whatnot. And transportation. Everything that transports goods. Dorian.... found unbelievable horrors at the Deutsche Bahn, btw. BIS/Pablo.

We either seize the companies or buy them and then work for 2%. I think that should be all that killed us, except education, and I have all faith in Macron. He's the right man for the job. ... he's just busy with finding monster kids. History BIS, what are you up to (except my banker)? .. they are already helping, ok.

Do we need all things in every country? If not, I'd prefer we put them in countries with an Army division. Forget "they don't go after civilans".. you're not a civilian if you pose a danger for humanity, a country, a group. You're a terrorist or worse.

He cut the illuminati kid out. (referring to what we watch, owned by us, made for me)

I don't mention every time I get attacked, until something comes to my mind that needs to be done or that we can do.

My health condition is bad. Did anyone else in the live... ok. Their rapes are causing inflammation, like the fake COVID/flues, and many more. They cannot more than die. ... we can just hope damage falls off, but we don't know it for sure.

They ended my stream again. You will see, and you likely know that my aim is to simplify things. We catch them via internet orders. People like that may not have computers.

Now lock more.

Pewdipie and Killem want a new job. They think it's not possible to make it a safe and profitable projects. Their research also shows that nobody wants to give their content there.

There's nothing to sell. We give each 1B.

We are looking for this woman from Austria. Likely, has a background in ... not cooking. Maybe in preparation. Claims to know a ton about food, but does not.

With the latest intrusions, we delete YouTube and Rumble from the real web. You can share videos on every social media site, and they implement "check for content theft upon upload".... no, you cannot talk sh*** about someone in a small corner while you show their content for a few ad cent.

She's not from Austria, but she does speak at least a little German. That's more similar to british English than US (we learn British English in Europe), but... I would say this is a specific dialect taught to stalkers. Or it's Gaelic.

The rapes are... I only say it and don't do it if it is possible bc of my husband and you. I will leave here today, if teh rapes don't stop. The German clones do not care. They know they are dead, bc they know we turned the power off.

Now y kidneys get attacked, too, but with a point weapon, not HAARP, Kill where you killed one yesteday, likely. The parasites always come back.

bluetooth stalking

I do not want to be tortured and stalked by these disgusting parasites.

Where is the current rapist group?

More realistic.

The next who never did it disabled my stream. Likely, I cannot stream anymore now. They just put the wrong time.

  • Like we know where every car is, we need to know where every phone/laptop/server is, and we revisit this once a year. Really. If I'm alive. Putin puts it as task.
  • Electronic communication will not go anywhere. It's not possible to kill them and they're gone. This time, we will have killed enough to be ... back in control, so that we can look for more. The humans in this are harder to find. They, too, will not stay. I'm all for privacy, but also my and your survival. They kill us with tools. It's not that creepy, if you think about it. You buy a weapon, you show your ID, the gov knows you have it. Like a knife, a laptop or phone is a weapon. Internet is.
  • The Army keeps this data. V is only interested... so
  • As the Army is also nerd blocked, Nigel will put a form in the live stream. Please begin adding your MAC and two more info (bc I received my last two laptops with the MAC of a network module already spoofed. They spoof your PC MAC, and with that they have you. Therefore, we need 3 infos. We need to know your pcs, smart tvs.. anything communication, anything internet connected. Even your coffee machine, bc some pose a risk. Really, everything you put on the internet.
  • The more of you who fill it out, the less work it is for us. We know how many machines are out there, and then we can go by who did not report. It also allows us to mass-disable machines. Internet can come through a cable? Can it come through electricity.. with no modem? Maybe they need internet, not electricity, but one is assumed to be dependent on the other. However, there's natural electricity in the air, too. Hawkin, Goleman, Elon(s).. whoever can contribute.
  • Maybe they need internet to "live"... but... it's hard, bc several evil groups ... are mashed up, when they were not originally. On the other hand... maybe humans were at the point, long ago, where they had internet. My husband says he destroyed everything several times. He would have been too old.
  • Silver
  • Hardly ate anything. Extremely swollen up, all plaes hurt.
  • next blutooth bother.
  • We need interference .. pretty much a "copy wifi data, mess it up"... then you just don't have Wifi for a few days. Telco. It's easy (I don't know how) to do that on a small scale. We just need it on a big scale. If we could jamm any and every Wifi data (it's not cable... it's likley tool-free or wifi)...
  • what if they turned our cartel communication somehow into internet? It's a 5 frequency. Don't tell me.... I found everything the way I did.
  • I always told them that I'm sure they got screwd up that way. I now claim the "mafia" communicaton tool is extremely unsafe. I do not think that's how my husband and I can "call" people, but I also don't think it works like that in real life. You cannot record it... but likely pick it up and a translator (their dumb psychos) tells every word.
  • How can "5G" be disabled. Cartels will not use it. They also do not have to,
  • I do not even have to Google EMF... no real info will be available. What they say it is, it is not. What I don't know is what attacks me through my keyboard, but that's likely light. White evil light. Please make it dark. In that case, I did not come across EMF or 5G, or I do not know it.
  • We're looking for toolless internet. ... or, let's say transportation
  • OMG cartels.... you think something picks up sound and video ... and then what? sends it to .. your pc? That's f'ing data transmission.
  • blutooth bother.
  • That's not our tool. It's too dumb to be.
  • Hold on. Cartels did not know. ... check the protocols who kept tellling me that's a Cartel tool. I know .... we film without tools, but we film something else. Have a person on-site.
  • I now get attacked when I .. it's getting too dangerous.
  • My husband can reach people.. or cops. Give a 2 minute warning to humans, and attack. No blackmail. I expected they'd try to mix a few humans in, and human does also not mean "not involved". It's war. Not good times. In good times, we try to never, never, never use death penalty, but not now.
  • Jeff knows something... during the death hunt he hustled me to accept a job to "organize the meetings."
  • How long from deactivating a wifi module to no data. Or from unplugging a cable to no data. I often felt ... it's a second or less longer.
  • They have hundreds on just targeting my eyes. They would have hundreds of thousands of pretending we use a modem or wifi. .... nothing is opinion. I'm thinking loud.
  • Bill... make a version that has no option to connect to MS. None at all. And no programs. I don't think it will be that easy to find. ... but all commercial hardware, software, is f-ed up. They might as well do that manually, like they show us with blutooth and everything else.
  • It's not that.
  • Kill all monster kids of the MFer who AGAIN ended my stream.
  • Not spektrum. One of us or the black shits... is it dangerous? Please get cable that's actually going to a house. I know at Kevin's horror place THAT you can reach... I once had internet without internet. The FBI .. the first time.... did not say the extra module has internet. .... it's likley that others said that. They said it's for noise terror.
  • Wireshark guys or Colasoft or both (wanna join?) Can you identify ... or is this all MFer 3g? How can I know .... you know. What tells you it's ethernet, except it's via this adapter? What tells you blutooth is a different technology. There's bluetooth internet, too, at least I have the optoin on my phone and...
  • This guy, we already have.
  • they do not see well. Rebecca knows more. The one we salvaged, half-dead, is alive. He's healing still. He had evil sores, worms were already breeding in him. Question is, in this clinically animal-free area.... how did flies or whatever get to anyone with VR headset EXCEPT the fake trasn? Are the sores originally sores? Can they have started as burns? They likely all use the same chair. Or similar. Should have metal in it they can heat up.
  • BSs, I'd still love to know what cable it is. It sends video, audio, internet, right? Marc, get the ones who are "helping"... get the info out of them where data is written back to. Chance ended.

I think Onision has seen them. I asked you to keep pedophilia away from me, now I am the single most successful pedophile hunter the world ever had. Actually, found over 90%. I do not want to see them. I was convinced they do not look like humans, now I know.

They harm wehat they don't have.

  • our eyes, primarily the left
  • our voice (they have mobile voice "changers"... but from what is it changed to a voice?)
  • our love and sex relationships. They are asexual and sterile.
  • our talent. They have none.
  • they want us to talk quietly, bc their hearing (artificial or not) is extremely good
  • who knows the scent stalking? Very evil form of rape. They smell like dogs or better. And everything is shared.
  • Onision kept saying "there is no rape in my room".. then in whose?
  • The pedophiles. And Froebels. It started with them. Nobody ever raped me. Onision had different groups there... "these are the hunters" "the this" "the that"... he did not have "the homeless" or "the pedophile". I first got raped in this shelter.
  • Mabye it's really bad for froebels. Mabye they just cloned one. I know how he looks. But... they behaved like now, without tools, without anonymity. The descripton of one form of autism. That sounded evil. They always smile when they try to touch you, but they don't give a sh** that you don't want. They cloned the worst of tehm... into one of teh line shere.
  • Is there a tool that could find the tiniest single animal in a room? Like, I never saw a single anything here. No fruit fly, ant, fly, nothing.
  • They possibly cannot walk, see, talk. Just stalk. Maybe they do not have vessels. This is not true for all. OMG why is the world doing that to me. I'm sure there are 2000000 volunteers.

Lil Shit... stream my pc. Until you know I don't react for 20 minutes.

I always hated the phrase "pick your brain."

We can only help end their suffering. That's not ... life. They might learn only now, too, whats going on.

Did you have this GMO company already?

Nah... not now. Who reads?

He was clearly gang stalked - over 100 years ago.

That will lead to something. I tink Berger is in horrible shape, though

What if someone said it would be clever to put enormous amounts of silver foil or so ...

Would we be prepared? Black Shits collected coins, but .. really?

Wait.. you know you get paid.

Maybe y husband was tricked into using something to get me back that keeps him from coming, but he IS here.

Check if this brain was ever anywhere... this short term memory loss... it's like a "clear RAM"... but when they do that with me, it still gets stored in other pla... i am too tired an unwell. i sadi all this here month ago, and the lab will already know much more.

A memory is not a static image. It must be hard to delete a memroy. Via keyword serach. Things might be in different storeaged, and not logical. What yuo had for breakfast.... what you saw, heard, felt, what yuo did next... it's not just a sterile "On Tuesday the 7th, I fell in a hole." That you can delete. IN TEH SIMULATION you can do a "search and replace" on the name of a city. I hopesomeone asked Jane more....

Typo master watches his monsrer kids die now.

The more semi-related and ... details not directloy related you ask, the more ppl remember. Or detect false info. Do not ask for the name of teh school. Ask where they went for "Klassenausfluege" etc.

Or if they had an ugly teacher.. what was the least favorite food ...

You cannot easily delete a memory... just, like, hide the road to there. I am not a neuroscientist, I have no education in this area. Take my "loud thinking" with 5 grains of salt.