• So many attacks, also, during I slept
  • Horror noise is the worst again, Sinaloa
  • Let's go after groups, until we find the current group doing that.
  • Starting with: Key services. The evils who mass copied keys for stalkers are hopefully long dead, but not other complicit staff world-wide. In the US, they are all gone.
  • But then also bug infestation.
  • Home inspectors of any type
  • Modem installation
  • Pretty much everyone who enters apartments and houses of people. Plumbers, gardeners.... all companies who accept too cheap to live cleaning jobs, all individuals who don't get paid for "work"
  • I have to meet with Trish. I'm not looking forward. I never in my life got called a liar, but here, this disrespect happens weekly. They most of the time don't remember or directly lie about what they said last week. I'm afraid they must be dead, too.
  • I really don't want to. But because they removed my access to my funds (too dumb to steal/steal it, luckily), I am forced to suffer here, where they can run their daily rape/murder attempt and other insanely sick shows and harm me via prepared electricity outlets (oh, yes, goodbye on a broad level, too), pressure attacks (20 T for all the attacks in the past 8 hours, and for another horror meeting with someone who is different every time, bc they're dead, and different stalkers manipulate in different ways. They use the avatar, and it appears to be a different one every week.
  • more necrophilia or pedophilia calls
  • It's so pointless... to put me with dead evil non-humans or other V, to know about it... or that they hide us in a fake city... and discuss, if I 'like' you. I don't tolerate you enough to talk about this half-artificial ant-creature. I don't even think most look human, outside of the matrix.
  • Trish is not in today. The anxiety was for nothing, but they could also not request a ride. Should not be a problem, though, everyone else got a ride to their new rapid rehousing places, etc., too. Or I'd call the "health" insurance.
  • hardcore pedophilia call, crying babies, white powder, silk milk, what she would never do to a kid and ......... wow. Death sentence for who put me here.
  • remote power shell, charge HIGH
  • now pedophiles come in
  • we charge 1T for the bluescreen, and the constant hard starts after the Borderland intrusion "so that you cannot shot the jack at the highest difficulty level"............ Jack long appears as other things.... bird, crawler, something without guns, bc I already sold most. He can buy guns, but for that, he has to play and win.
  • The Cartels from countries where you mass-made zombies, mass-raped to death, and worse... are listening to these calls.
  • I neither received an apology from amazon, a refund (or Paypal), and all accounts we froze yesterday get permanently closed today. Plus a few more. Plus everyone who touches the system without the ability or willingness to refund.

I even got Taliban in my extended familiy, via their 2nd, my 1/4 brother, Bushido (Anis Ferchichi.) He's married to my sister-in-law.

We'll do Sharia law on everyone who messes with my laptop. No hands, no intrusions, right?

He hated Sonny Black (as audible in early audio, such as "Nutte bounce"), but changed his mind after Dorian took "Sonny Black" out.

  • they do not stop. Take out all of their "servers" you get. It's hijacked resources on your computers. As I announced, this is the only intrusion we have to do. You cannot delete their stuff from hidden/hidden non-usable areas, as it's messed up via the hardware vendors. We delete things now.
  • go through all music companies again, every two hours today, Pablo.
  • 1T for the last 10 intrusions in a few minutes.

Bush personal

  • 1T for blutooth intrusions
  • 1T for more intrusions ... all the homeless level, may they be in insane asylums, shelters, or live in the canalisation.
  • we'll do the BBB and CFPB fake answers tomorrow, but re-clean the buildings today.
  • they want it, your insane. empty the pot on V, BIS, more remote power shell attempts
  • the longest pedophilia call so far. do the gang stalkers know they pay? it's from their account?
  • the disconnect intrusions might be done via the microwave... do you register milli second attacks?

The only minute of rap my brother ever recorded. It's outdated, though, he's not IN the matrix, like you bozos.

  • Another 1T for bluetooth interferences by the same group.... monster kids. goodbye, several groups.
  • they purposefully have the worst pedophilies and necrophilia experts call. that's how they lose all their money.

Ignore any metadata...

  • are all hardcore pedophiles called "Norma"? Or is that a menu item?
  • 1T for this call.
  • 4142710135 - go ahead and call
  • 03/20 every BBB, and other "consumer" help organisation. There were none in the US since.... forever? But also other countries. It only works if no word goes out while we're dying.
  • It's non-stop pedophilia. Keep uping the fees for every call, every 10 minutes started, etc.
  • Would you kindly prioritze the rapist in/on vagina, breasts, head, back, pretending to lie under me, and the ones on their "pain and disease" jobs. Thank you.
  • Start removing stalkers from shelters, no matter how. They put me in 24/7 pedophila calls, stalking, and attacks.
  • And they turned off the internet. Again. Knock off devices, as if there's no tomorrow, and for everyone whose device you find, there is not.
  • 1T for the noise, that is designed to bother dead stalkers, more than myself.
  • 1T bc it gets worse
  • All electricians world-wide are fired. You have 10 minutes to check your account balance. If you still see your account, you have 5 more minutes to leave. If not, just wait there, the Army will find you shortly.
  • Also: All psychiatrists world-wide, nurses, ambulance drivers. If we feel you were just trained wrong, we'll call you shortly, You're paid for this month, unless we 03/20ed you.
  • All key service
  • All pimps of dead prostitutes
  • All home inspectors (some countries, we skip them)
  • ... and then some (listen to loudspeaker announcement, or, if you have access to the real web, follow the live-stream
  • Fake COVID attack, we add all staff in every mental facility/floor, etc.
  • Every blood donation place gets x'ed. You didn't know it doesn't matter which blood type you give a patient, but that you were only looking for Aryans?
  • Still for the COVID attack (but it would have happened later anyway, we're just trying to hit the groups that attack me currently).... all providers to mental health, hospitals, shelters are fired, most will get killed by the Army and 03/20ed by the BIS
  • Pedophilia call gets worse. Wholefoods, develop an offer for hospitals, with Aldi.
  • So, ALL 3rd parties, from cleaning to delivering COVID tests, to whatnot. Many hidden places...
  • The first bunch has five minutes to leave the building, but we don't care if they do.
  • Next COVID attack. Empty the pot again on V.
  • DuPont, you clean up? Schauhoff, contact Bellini, make a list, quickly, of every company that abuses the Lycra trademark and patented recipe. BIS starts to loot along.
  • DuPont, we accept to own you at 2%... you'll get the oil you need, and we'll clean up, and make sure that your invention stays your invention. Some Chinese companies... sell what you got, but check with Dupont if you're not sure if what you're told to make contains Lycra. Same for Indian clothing factories. We're willing to own some, but not via me, bc ... I just cry when I hear about the horror.
  • Donatella Versace will lead the clothing factories who will join, and... we'll cancel all unreasonable, suicidal orders as our first course of action, and we know that isolated countries are ready to pay fair (not even high, just fair)
  • For the pedophilia call escalation.... I take for V 20 major fabrics, Donatella leads them, but they also add to the power of the environment and media guys...who sneakily establish that V is involved in fashion. No fashion. We're involved in sustainability and corporate responsibility. Therefore, production, in areas with most abuse. #ownedfashionwithPablo
  • Not just India. Thailand too, China... where it's the worst.
  • New COVID attacks, 10 phone factories can join, not who produce for us, as they will have fair conditions anyway. Still #ownedwithPablo at 2%. Please note: Donatella will take on mostly a control function, and negotiate. Pick good and fair contracts, but also prefer loyal, returning clients who make longer commitments.
  • This pedophilia call is very bad. We take control of all peptides. Firstly, there are medical wonders hidden and kept from us. Secondly, it's another risky product. Nobody knows what's in the product folks inject. China.. hit's you the most. Are you ok if we take control of that area? Some will become legal for human consumption, and find entrance to official pharmacies. Russia has an universal anti-aging Peptide, the Chinese have.... like, everything, and some has serious health applications. Bourla, go research, lovie. I once used one that was healing for the whole body. It had 3 numbers or so.... maybe BP 3 numbers. It's .... no fantasy. It was a healing thing, and even helped with my Baender. Very interesting, after thorough testing, for wrestlers, too, even though being careful is the best product.
  • Ask the Chinese president in 10 minutes which, let's say 3 to look at first, with the highest probability of being interesting for health insurances, too. And we look at the Russian one.... remind me of the name, Onision.
  • The illuminati on my vagina... age them to death, but throw them in my death hunt, asap.
  • EMS attacks on my legs. We make peptides an V-exclusive product, bc it's been hidden from us, but will solve several severe problems, inexpensively, and... fines for attacks. We take 2%, just own them, except... I think a few doctors (we only have 3, really, medical doctors, but the right ones, including Mr MRnA), BigPharma want to invest and buy. Just.... form one with all 5 partners or so, so that it's.... well, not neutral, but not depending on just one.
  • Except Russia, I don't know who paid for research. They should be involved, and rewarded, too.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of HUMAN aging might be artificial, and only in the matrix. But if we die here, we die. (I don't vouch for the quality of this article.) Ask Putin...
  • GeeForce, a quickie add-on to your massive Amazon projects (they got new lists, too)... find the peptide sellers. At this time, it's illegal to sell, and it's strange to find products that are hidden from the public on Amazon like that.
  • teeth attack 20B. It's enough with these losers.
  • Nobody will work for less than 5K in any of our owned or member places. No matter what you do. If we feel you're not worth 5k, we can probably cut the job altogether. If we feel we need, you willl pay you enough to take part in normal life. That includes if you save up two vacations per year, and at least one car, and so forth. Tickets for the opera here and there.
  • Everyone hurry up, Pfizer is on a buying trip in China. I don't know how Bourla is so fast to form an opinion on (some) peptides, but he is.
  • Maybe share them? Some will be prescription only, some (in my mind) should be freely available, in pharmacies, but some wellness even in Reformhaus & Co. We would die from eating a whole pack of salt, we could kill ourselves with household bleach, we can be trusted with being careful about injections.
  • Fake black is a peptide injection, too, though (I think you can drink it, too, but no cream will achieve the seamless production of melantonin, in my mind), they're not all "good"... I'm at least not sure that's "good". Don't you wish they had an anti-skin-stank peptide? That's the stank... their skin. They need to shower more often....
  • Bourla... love it. Has his go-getter out... told you (once I understood it, I was at the forefront of anti Big Pharma) they don't care how they make money, and they prefer to make money by keeping us healthy, and then upselling us on wellness stuff.
  • The trolls on my breast have seconds to disconnect.
  • I take (always if they want) Wonderbra and ... the Aaah bra company. I'll wear Wolford, though. I hear Marc has some of my stuff, my husband, and Onision. Oh, and El Chapo. It's nice to know that you're clothes are all over the place. Rhonda Shear or so. They have some good stuff, and even Wolford might benefit from knowing the cut. But... maybe Rhonda wants to join a bigger company of my husband, or Liz Hurley, who might want to hire Donatella .. OMG... you guys figure it out, ok, Wolford does not need a full-time bra-specialist, they have the best cuts.. except the seamless Aaaah bra one. Liz Hurley has a beachware company. Rhonda would be good at Land's End, I feel it would be a good match, by the way....
  • New rapist group. I think developing kits is a good idea, too. Where people have a set of what they need. For instance, with peptides, you could sell alcohol pads, needles, saline...
  • I take a neti pot company, but not the popular... these pots are not good. In that area, I prefer the Chinese innovation over the classic Indian pot, where you stand forever. Honestly. Just.... should not be full plastic. Good salt, too, and that could be Neti. There's so many things you can do .... before you take aggressive meds, which, I'm sure, cannot go away completely, but in large parts.
  • Like, if you have a good silver solution (5 can join as 2% and owned = 51% or more), Zinc, Schuessler salts, no cold will ever... escalate or... most you just won't get. A Neti pot on the first sign of a cold often does the trick all by itself.
  • I'm not sure of the role of Vitamin C in fighting colds. That's the only thin left I will ask Mercola when we talk again. Personally, I did not notice more than a placebo effect.
  • Iron, though, does fight them. Available as Schuessler salt, too, micro dosis.
  • Also, our partners will push wholefood vitamins, over chemical ones, where....... I'm not sure a case has ever been made that they do the same an apple would do. It's not just one vitamin or one this or that, it's the combination, nature's secret.
  • Also, food companies... go, produce healthy ingredients, we don't need artificial vitamins in our foods and drinks.
  • I'd take Palmer's, too, and Himalaya... parabenes? Could you discuss?
  • My teeth get attacked again, and the rapists don't move, or new ones come in as the last ones die.
  • We got cocoa, tea, spices, coffee? Let's take more natural salt. And Basmati farms? Who wants? #ownedbyVanguard
  • Folks might want to go back to putting rice corns in their salt dispensers. Some natural salt just clumps.
  • Also, I would like to own different sugar. I think sugar is very healthy. Natural sugar. And good for your nerves. Not just in the combination with cocoa. Jaggery, monk fruit, stevia, palm sugar, good old true, non GMO cane sugar. Who wants?
  • PS: get the teeth attackers and rapist GROUPS. I'm sure you collected. Go, burn Hattich/Schreber Garten/Massengrab Baerensee again.
  • Gussor... the better your sugar, the better your products.
  • What's this? Not what I meant.. but what is it? Putin?
  • still attacks on my teeth. We'll do a project around medical supplies. Who cheated? R+V? Companies can join to be owned by JP Morgan. He has some personal beef with ... this industry. He, too, had no access to his money, and learned a lot about poor-people-abuse of the "medical" industry. He can buy medical supply companies, and ... also bottles and things, paper bags for pharamacies. He's interested in that area. Good for us. We're not.
  • Also, let's execute the teacher lists. Better for kids to miss a few classes, until the schools are fully staffed, than get harmful information. Or false info.
  • I'm afraid my former class teacher, Julie Knappe (or so), doesn't make the cut. All other teachers from this school, did, even the math teachers.
  • Still attack on me.
  • Seize "Atlas" - every company with that name (in it), and every vendor of fake card material.
  • envy attacks on my teeth... from choices.... bc every woman is into torture, anonymity, and cheap persons.

I think not just Almighty Gnar (with the monkey and a specific movement) marked the kid so that I don't go after them, but also my husband... something in his voice.

... after all, he was with gang stalkers, had my 780 pure gold chains, and .... the homeless shelter murderers tried to frame Cartel de Leon for framing the Sinaloa Cartel for everything the homeless illuminati do.

Everyone thought this gets the "real gang stalkers" killed, and the kid. Nobody knew they were New Jack's and the kid... was there as hostage. Apparently, he was best business. I'm not sure he knew he was a hostage.

In any way, he works at Sinaloa Spain now, we'd have a spot for a Mexican "Chito", too.

The gang is in Vegas. Through their New Jack affiliation, they have choices, though. Only the fake Nigger died, when he left the route. If you want to sell drugs, Vegas is currently not the best place. It will stay like that for a moment.

I hear they like it there, though, even though they don't have some technology or even infrastructure. Vegas is allowed to produce their own booze, we'd still like to check. Maybe they can appeal to the hearts of some anarchists, and become an outsider brand.

One of our action songs

PS: Like most impersonator bot videos, made in this shelter. By dead people in this shelter.

We robbed their stores (robbing OUR things back, we even found the LAST shipment Pablo EVER sold (and will sell) to the former US) in the order things were mentioned.

Hired the kid, sent the gang to the temp project "Amish America." The Amish meanwhile went to Persia, though. Yes, the kid got an Omega with a penis on the watch face.

Good riddance, the whole group:

Extended Opportunity
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Submitted on2024/03/18 at 6:43 pm
CommentA.I Create & Sell Unlimited Audiobooks to 2.3 Million Users - Edit
  • my teeth still get attacked, and it's too dangerous with the inflammations. Kill all new Beamte you found, in every country.
  • They do abuse fairs now, knowing they don't get paid. Treating us as 'cases" who need help finding a job. You need help, finding a better path in afterlife, MFers.
  • GenMobile comes here every two days now, and they give out stolen Blu Phones.
  • It just so happens that we own Blu/Umidigi, and they are a full member. All persons who came here to give out things stolen from us, will die today, including Blondie outside right now. She knows she has no idea about cell phones, and she knows something is very wrong with her presence here.
  • Nobody will leave with anything stolen from us, including unpaid data or a phone.
  • I don't think trina is real black, by the way
  • Pls lock all stolen phones to Virgin Mobile. Richard will take care of the few victims. Blu/Umidigi / other owned... change the IMEI. Disallow side-loading of their stalker apps, if you have to, disable all store apps/alternatives.
  • But they've shown us, once again, how they can steal under our eyes, putting dead thieves as close to me as they can.
  • Nobody leaves anywhere with anything stolen. They can surf the godless voids.
  • My teeth still get attacked, and it's still German clones. Where are they, Marc???
  • They attack me now with their evil presence, by tthe thousands, makes it hard for me to breathe, I cannot have evil around me. They know that, that's why they used to mix - until the homless shelter stalkers got me.
  • Alright... it's too many, and one talked at me. They all get aged to death, and until someone has time for them, into my death hunt.
  • Windows troubleshooters don't work anymore. I have the store blocked (like every intelligent human), and they now require internet and some download from the stores.
  • Every facility gets recleaned several times daily now. Who touched the spoofed MS, will die today, too.
  • They homeless losers were good enough for the illuminati who don't realize they are them, just one "reset" from now. Now they take down the whole movement. They lost them world domination, and most of their money.
  • The ones attacking me now "live" in trains in Germany. Gas all parked trains, now, Marc. El Santo has new lists, too. Massive projects. What about other countries????? Where do they live, how do you remove them, do you need help? #cleansewithPablo
  • EMS attack .. whenever I just say that, it's a disgusting creep trying to simulate the real emotion "excitement" (Vorfreude) of my husband. It's .. .the harshest punishment we got. Death via their own death hunts.
  • Check parked busses, too. Also, hospitals. Where are they hiding? Gas the canalisation, after making sure no authoritzed are there. Also, close Ubahn stations until you cleaned out the rats from the tunnels who steal food whereever they are.
  • I had requested that people participate in "Wifi out".... most did not. Now we make them. Wifi out, around Frankfurt Hbf immediately. How handy that Marc owns the Bahnhof.
  • The attack on my teeth is ALL DAY LONG, and I hurt.
  • Stores are forbidden from throwing any food into the bins. Bring them to animal places where you can only get the free food via ID and brain test.
  • This is not against the poor, it's against the non-humans who make us poor. No society can afford 75% evil.
  • The fees for all of my blocked accounts keep running.
  • Also.. things like the "cafe" here for homeless.... only ID check, or they get bombed out, too.
  • Providers turn off all internet sharing today. Actually, as they are all following this war, they have one hour to disable any hijacking of traffic via the hardware, and any other way.
  • Kick off all devices, owners of the connection will have to call in to get the MAC added. We tried convenience, but too many listened. Or maybe.. they are just that many, in all the wrong places. Anyway. We force this temp change now.
  • We listen to support calls. Immediate death for folks who add non-humand and hybrids to any Wifi network.
  • Where are they in Austria?
  • Where are underground "living" places... we know Atlanta, we don't know Mexico. Mexico, you have .... underground places where the parasites are hiding. Go hunting. Where do small amounts of food get stolen? A little too much data used? Go, buy one of our data analysis experts. Other countries, pls follow the example. We all don't get out before the illuminati are dead.
  • Please note that all fines are still on. For my stolen accounts (bank and social media), my PayPal accounts they made in my name, my websites, and everything else I said. Daily.
  • I'm mentioning it bc you owe me money now, and I hope for you the DB raid has enough loot.
  • Report people on your payroll you don't know or you don't think work. #illuminatiwithoutPablo
  • We cannot go everywhere at once. It's war. Do your part.
  • You're not protecting Jewish people who get killed by illuminati. This time, you're hiding the ones who killed the Jews, the Indians, billions of us, who made African people starve to death, and then some. If you know of an illuminati you don't report, you'll be in jail for life. And people will know why. That applies to mothers, and, really, everyone. Priests, doctors, lawyers - there's no privacy protection for non-humans. Who removed all protections from animals, nature, humans - but we are here rightfully (likely). It's not denouncing a human. You don't even know if they look like what you see. They do not. They were made to kill you, and to fool you for long enough to destroy you, the host.
  • 1B for every time they pretend my hard disk is not connected, to hold up the show that's why borderlands was not running ONCE. That's 2B today. So far.
  • It's .. intellectualize it. I know it's .... your instince to feel sorry for them. That's why we're in the misery now. I avoided many mistakes by them continuing their attacks. Please start avoiding your mistakes. You ... protect your future murderers.
  • I have a fake 8USD charge on BMO, puttin my account to negative. It's enough. It's the german losers, again.
  • We'll also do the PayPal and Amazon calls shortly, and kill everyone involved in the latest thefts and scams. BMO... I don't like you.
  • Kill the evil women first, they are the worst.
  • 1T fine for making it nearly impossible to cancel my Amazon order, and then trying remote powershell.
  • They might steal SNAP from cancelled orders now, pls check. I received the automated email that it's refunded, but it wasn't when I placed the order again.
  • Make sure it's back on my SNAP, and Amazon still owes me for this scam, another scam, and even the 1.04 refund for my cancelled prime. Prime stalking, or what.
  • I charge 1M for every Ibuprofen I have to take, to keep inflammation and pain under control. I cannot afford natural things I'd normally buy.
  • I'm looking for a necklace for days now. If it does not appear, there will be blood.
  • Where's my bracelet? How much to charge for it?
  • The teeth attack is still ongoing. It's females. Check teachers, nurses, Kindergarten - the women are the worst, and will be dealt with with the necessary assertiveness. General doesn't care who kills humans, just that they do.
  • Check "mothers against Onision" and things like that, too. Also, Nigel, identify all females who ever used "lolcow", "kiwifarms", "doxbin" and similar sites.
  • The pedophile turned the lights off at 8.45 - bc they were told to do so. Chapo, go to the vessel, this is too much of a stalking problem. It doesn't matter who "cares about her"... she's gone. She's a zombie pedophile mass-murderer monster now.
  • Make sure all of the zombies are dead in real life. I understand it's a massiv logistical effort to get the vesssels all in a few places. I ... suffer every hour I'm here. Every illuminati can be taken over at any time. It was the condition of the "devil" (likely also a group) that they accept that.
  • We don't care if evil looks like females, kids, old or young, disabled or athletes. We know we don't know how they really look, and all indicators point to them not looking like real humans.
  • The female rapists on my breasts... are part of the group that killed the pastor, by the way. They'll die today, too.
  • Get this shit off me. Even for the fines... it's horror. They can pull any stalker to any position at any time.
  • Marc... get one after the next until you have the info which layer has the ability to pull stalkers into roles.
  • You will all die. Every single action against me, gets more support for your removal .. even from mindfulness coaches.
  • Remove all income from necrophilia, sodomy, incest, rape torture, pedophilia prostitution today. We only pay the scam baiters.
  • "she was told she just has to turn the light off over an hour too early, the pedophilia calls are a different team". Just say "I'm insane".
  • My teeth hurt, now from slut bitches. Their women are all sluts, just nobody wants them, or hardly anyone.
  • Here's a secret I will share with you: we put all of your real and fake wives in shelters. You kill your own wives. Most you successfully killed, others... we used the exit sentence.
  • Do your stalkers know what all of their wives are dead?
  • I have a damaged item I did not damage. It would have to be a loud sound, also.
  • That's a 1T fine for the illuminati who told one of their dead evils to destroy something of mine. Not much to destroy, at this time, but it's also not "little things" the rats steal, it's ALL things.
  • I have not read comments recently. Please address all comments. There's a German homeless STILL FROM A SHELTER, URSULA, claiming ... Cheef Keef killed someone's cousin... or King Von.... it's so random their blabber. Rape and murder are their favorite words. The politician Pablo allegedly killed is now in Uruguay. I assume Pablo is cleared.
  • I also don't know where all the selling of tv progamming via 3rd parties is coming from. Such as YouTube, Hulu. It's just so that illuminati can steal it there. Or pay one account they use for 4 billions.
  • Please remove all deals like that. Main media should be sold through governments. There should be, like in Germany, programs without commercial interest, that report nothing but the truth, offer educatonal programming, and are ad-free. I doubt Hulu paid the horrificly high fees for as many who watch. Please cut all third parties of tv programming. It's up to the owners of series and movies to sell them or not sell them. What to sell if you devalue everything via "all included", bc you made this world for ant people.
  • Big 03/20, please, BIS, Fredo puts prepetrators on a list, and every country could look at ARD/ZDF/regional "3rd" channels in Germany. Go by what they were 20 years ago, they.... are still good, but... have suffered.
  • I'm wondering who read the definition of the word "communism." If quality channels, real news and ad-free enjoyment are communism, I'm in.
  • Then there are free channels in Germany, ad-sponsored, at the level of paid US channels. Nobody is allowed to sell access to free channels, btw. Goetz George, and the Muenster Kommissar one... with his wife. Can you get lists?
  • Ard/Zdf... you are not allowed to show ads. You cannot force fee on people for quality tv and then show "fewer" ads. Can you stop today? You get enough funding again, since January.
  • I'd sell Tatort and some other German movies to other countries, by the way. They're often very good quality.
  • PS: We nearly all watch Tatort. We just have the family rule to never watch Till Schweiger (bc of the person) and Heike Makatsch (bc the Tarorts are too lame.)
  • EMS attack. I take ownership of all Tatort. Apparently, somehow, they are all in the names of illuminati. No, thanks. The creators can show them whenever they want. All of them. With that said, a paid portal might make sense, to cover the costs for streaming and servers. I would pay a humble fee for that, over Netflix/Hulu and co. Germany has good movies to watch forever. They just... all vanish. If you want to get Tatort or other German movies translated into your language (professionally), let's do it. Some Tatort actors would be happy to come to a first screening. It's just ... a series. But very good quality. I know that South American TV is closer to German TV than US shows. Germany features normal people. Some over average good looking, but natural. It's.... something if you watched too many hollywood movies. Senta Berger, Hannelore Elstner... are examples I always use for aging in grace. They... will likely be young again, too. Or ... feel that they are young... someone hopefully hugs their vessels somewhere. They say my husband has me in his arms. I.. don't know. It's hard to say if you're the butterfly when ... you don't know if the whole concept of material a butterfly is made off... or of your sense of seeing are real.
  • Guys, they are all still alive. Just vanished.. in shelters, mental, a rooming house, locked up
  • blutooth bother... we take ownership of all media illuminati stole. Then... Chris... give back to owners, if available, we keep government stuff. Governments should have fought back a little harder against the theft of their work. Also... that's likely not easy or quick... all sales of work of living people they declared dead ... is naturally a 03/20.
  • We already deleted Spotify completely. And all services like that. Who wants, can participate. I doubt many will - without any payments. I miss the stores where we could listen to new music. Or old music. Then we invested 20 or even 30 Deutsche Mark. It... meant something. It was special. We treasured it. Not like the all-inclusive... I miss radio shows where a curator... had a theme... introduced us to new artists.
  • All artificially generated music has been deleted, too. Paul Kalkbrenner used two of my three "hits".... that contained samples of him (which I did not know, and they don't mind as much, bc they did get paid by Musicmaker.... so Paul made them good. I cannot wait to listen.
  • To get culture back into media, we must 1) be willing to pay fair prices 2) be selective where we spend our TIME and money 3) allow the governments to handle us a little... like, imagine your parents had never told you to shower occasionally... sometimes we need a little force, bc we long for short-term rewards... even punks need structure to rebell against. Where's the fun when nobody cares? Provocation, testing limits is a normal part of growing up, but we took it from kids. One wrong word, and they're on pills.
  • We need to throw away all throwaway cut and paste products, then, and only then, can we see quality and heart-made things again.
  • Had you asked me as a kid, I'd have told you ... I just want to watch... whatever. But there were in the mornings only educational shows. Either real learning or .. documentaries, things like that. I'm glad I got the ... education .... or they present it as "Sendung mit der Maus".... attracting kids, but it's a series of learning clips, interesting things - stuff like that. We should bring that back. We often don't know what's best for us. Like, everyone (nearly) would love to stop working and stay home. But only very few (I'm one) don't suffer. It's ... not the same to have weekend every day, and it gets old (for the majority) quickly.
  • It has a website, the Sendung mit der Maus, but it won't open for me.
  • PS: I'm not sure that's the original Maus site.... I think it's mainly an ARD production.
  • If you want to be shocked, watch an US "Sesame Street" and then a German Sesamstrasse. One was made for braindead.
  • Also, everyone needs the right to get all of the data about them deleted from the internet.
  • I don't get that "party image and you don't get a job'... like, why? Do you want to hire anti-social over folks that have a fun time after work?
  • Kids must be allowed to make mistakes again.
  • When I was young, people used recreational drugs for .... fun and relaxation. Today, they need drugs to keep up with life. To be able to stand it and function. What an embarassment for us.
  • Next time someone tells us to hate someone for a dumb word they said 30 years ago, we should probably just give them a look.
  • Fake coughs starting again, from rapists who clicked on my breast because they want to be rapists, nobody forced them.
  • rapists on/in my vagina again, too. They are ALL the same. It's one group after the next, but it's reallly just one group. The devil. I think the devil is a group. This group. Not Satan. Satan might be a fine person, for all we know. Jesus/devil.... likely not.
  • EMS attack
  • The Hells Angels (others are invited to join), will work as GEZ Gebuehren Eintreiber, in the context of a Volkszaehlung. They get 5K for the duration of this gig, with people hiding everywhere, a one-time visit at suspicious places might not do. We have to find the sleepers this time, who are killing us now. They also get a 50 ESP bonus for every GEZ fraud they find, and the regular tip commission for every illuminati. Some use Smart TVs... not laptops, tablets or phones.
  • Other vendors are invited to offer extra jobs. It's cost-effective, if they go there anyway. For instance, stolen electricity and other utilities must be fix.
  • Smart meters must be removed, but on the expense of the companies, who want to stay in business. I'm not aware of a single non-creepy positive use of this technology.
  • PS: We don't do bill collection. I know someone wrote fake stuff into my background, and they posted fake court cases for too many victims. We cannot say which debt is real, and that's another project, really. Many debt will fall off, if the company is evil and the persons were victimized. Like, their rent got doubled, they got stalked - things like this.
  • All US personal debt is gone. Because all banks are gone. And all debt collectors in this country collected primarily via theft from accounts, after a person was killed or vanished.
  • blutooth stalking
  • rapists
  • Arafat will define a team that works on reasonable digital rights management, and rights management in general. It cannot be that it's a crime to record a mix tape for a friend, when I paid for audio. It can also not be that others steal the work of artists, for some stolen ad revenue.
  • the next group attacks my teeth. Where are they hiding in Germany? You did check the CCC? Check again.
  • Borderlands scam ALL THE TIME. Raoul, I'm getting irritated. Turn off their access to resources.
  • EMS attack
  • How am I going to make real money in fake Milwaukee? There are no jobs. I also dont' work for a HTML illusion.
  • How do I get access to my money quickly?
  • Rape talk at me
  • trolls commenting on the sexuality of my husband... and what he might like about my looks, and what not.
  • If you have a death wish, don't waste our time.
  • messing with my wordpress again, too.
  • Blutooth for 1T, with the discussion of my physical features (also which of them they aim to destroy, like my broken out teeth), and the sexuality of my husband.

My husband had hidden these videos. But he knows I do not speak Spanish. I'm sure he shared what he wanted to share.... with people stalking me. He knows I won't translate... but still sense it's on the verge of ... personal conversation at times.

  • what do you feel when you hear the troll say "we can't let China steal Wisconsin jobs"? Like, do you sniff insanity powder?

I only looked up "cuerpo"... bc my husband is drug-free, and I wanted to know what drug he's talking about.

4 of the "women" were last seen on holiday island. ... so even "sexy" with my husband is a little on the rougher side, but he always tries to protect me. He normally does not rap. But he might be a better rapper than protector.

Is this about what he volunteers to share, too?

He knew the stalkers would see the hidden/hidden videos... and he knew they would bot others over him.

It cannot be a love song.... this Larry dude died for falsely claiming a relationship with my husband.

Everyone who makes bot videos, steals our content, pretends to know us, be us, be with us will follow, unless they are already dead, but don't know it yet.

That's true for all members. I feel half of Germany will die for impersonating black gang members in the Chicago area alone.

If you had nothing stolen from us, but your fake videos still run on your impersonator channel - sorry, boo, not going to happen.

I think that's about me, too. In parts. .. but.... my husband needs sensitivity training. That dude died, too. None of these people, except my sister-in-law, were really there. That's a technology thing. The auto-tune devil noises are aweful. Start at 1.20 or so.

Ich glaub' da sagt er, dass wir keine Kinder wollen. Berner also died for similar reasons. Fake videos, pretending a relationship, etc. Who's house is that? Give it to a Pote, or ask if the MX Potes and maybe some would want to own it. It's my husband's. I just don't know about the taste level, if I see the checkered tiles...

We take control of all steel. China... do we need more?

  • bad attack on my teeth... steel is fine, but ask China what else should be under better control.

The bozos don't even realize that they mess with the richtest man in the world. They don't know who they impersonate.

  • whatever China says... more blutooth disconnects.

We disown all illuminati metal/etc companies.

This is ...

Everyone who impersonates me on sex sites, who steal content of El Babo and puts it on onlyfans, everyone who claims a non-existing relationship, makes channels in our names, bot videos... you're all dead. If you ever benefited from stealing our content, you have to pay that back, too, before you can leave.

That's only about me as in .. the Laurie who locked up 316, called the rape death hunt on me... she faked papers and much more to convince my husband that I died from cancer. Impersonating German government.

His mother is fine, too. This was all the stalkers in this shelter. And this is their final destination. Nobody ever got out of here alive. But not everyone is really here.

They sent him some fake porn images of me. But he didn't believe it. They sent me fake porn of my ex Marc... and fake texts.. and fake everything. I never even told him, until recently. It was so not him...

The stalkers here are written off by other stalkers. They broke all rules, and destroyed the game for everyone. They might not remember what they did - we do.

  • husband... how am I going to earn money to stay alive here? Amazon... has become a scammy nightmare. Even my SNAP.. where bring it?

Blue Rojo, by the way, of the Sinaloa Cartel MX (and also QAnon/Telco group) is at the reception of our Frankfurt bank.

You don't think you survive the false murder allegations, convincing him he cannot go home to Germany? These videos are all made by stalkers here.

That's really him. He only made two videos with his face. He was one of the actors.. in the videos above. The illuminati sluts were never in our house ("our" as in Sinaloa Cartel's)... only Sinaloa staff, but Chapo botted them over so that I can see them. I found only one mistake - and one botted Chapo in one video.

Did you look into mirror and at your life, before you took on... real Cartel people?

  • Putin... please make my eyes a main topic. Kill everything off my eyes.

Is that Tyra Banks based? Or is Tyra Banks based on her?

Image 2024-03-19 at 12.21.21 AM

This is El Babo, the leader of the biggest hashish-selling Cartel, Cartel de Santa, in the illuminati version. Older, less pretty - and the voice of his wife. With a slut on top who is long thoughts and prayers.

Guess who made the onlyfans account and put stolen footage (via his playstation) of him and his wife there? It's all the shelters killers. They killed via policy.

The Maus site opened meanwhile. There's no Spanish? I smell a sales pitch for Telemundo or someone.

The slut looks STDs, and.... sexy like a piece of lavender soap.

So they steal the words, (changed some of his wife, but it's his wife's real voice), make a fake channel, make a fake onlyfans, impersonate the Cartel de Santa - while at the same time, they put Babo on their death island. Nobody came back alive from there... by ex Marc was the first. Babo did what he does. He became the 2nd biggest cocaine dealer from the island he could not leave, until I sent other Colombians there.

Since 2020, he shoots according to my Borderlands play. He does not shoot at people. He just shoots where I shoot. (I'm not saying he would not shoot an illuminati in the mouth.. )

That's him. How he really looks. And that's Holiday Island. They tried to screw over my husband, when he wanted Margarita for us. There was no way to leave the death islands, they filled with the most dangerous animals in the world. We have both now. This is Holiday Island now. Their death island.

Our travel agency is there, Ewa and MAS, the problem drug dealer (sells organs, but is also the official leader of the telco team).. I think a few black shits might be there, too. Sometimes, Holiday Island is in Milwaukee. Like, this is Milwaukee, too? Let's all play Milwaukee whereever we want, but only one has the tech, ok?

I never play alone. Mostly Babo, but if he's unavailable the 2nd or other Cartel de Santa shoot with me. This is Holiday Island, and they can use the infrastructure of Margarita. Margarita stays Venezuela, and it stays an island. We pay taxes to Venezuela.

  • new rapist group, please follow China's advice, and also give them back what they say is theirs.

They portrayed Mariposa, the wife of Onision and the person who messed them up with "liquid cocaine" (the brain damage is permant, it was only administered to gang stalkers), as depressive. They make bot videos for pedophiles. They ordered the Laurie rape to death on her, too. She's in one of the open facilities.

I repeat this video, bc it's really her. She would be the most dangerous woman I know. La Capitana nodds here head, nearly frantically, while Griselda just smiles.

Knock off their internet. The fake SAP building, Ursula... shut everthing off, and if folks have to go there with an axe to cut things, do as is safe for the people.

She has no kid. She's not suicidal. When Pablo and Castel went missing, she single-handedly led the Medellin Cartel.

made in the fake salvation army emergency lodge in fake milwaukee in illinois

03/20 all fake politicians world-wide. We keep this loot, as governments really, really messed up.

Microwave murder attempt, from an old pedophile.

Putin... find everyone involved in the disrespectful sexual harassment texts, that I forwarded to several gang stalker group accounts.

One microwave murder attempt after the next.

And the next rapist groups. It always works, eventually the victims kill themselves.

I take 1T for this.

  • fake Salvation Army in Indiana might benefit from removing corpses from their cellar.


I would like a public discussion in the live-stream about the following (I'm .... not getting my head around how something like this could ever happen):

Germany is the least anti-foreigner country I've ever visited. I also live their as born there, but no German ID, looking at least a little exotic.

How could it happen that Gypsies ever lived without citizenship?

I pointed out how tolerant Germany is, because.. the laws sound horrible, but check the ones in your country, too:

Gypsies are not ... any country. They (in theory) cannot stay longer in a place than three weeks. They might stay longer, but they could be told any second to leave.

They cannot get driver's licenses, or do simple things where we have to show an identity. But they have one. They know where they are from, the countries know they were really there.

How on earth can laws like this get through anything?

  • also... I keep hearing about the Masons... I thought it's the guys who walk from town to town and do handywork. And then I thought the risk for illuminati with them is that they can share truth. Then I googled, and it's all about conspiracy. I am not aware of anyone identifying as Mason who is involved in the mass murders. I don't know how it could happen that Gypsies lost their IDs, and every country where they are at NOW offered to give them citizenship.... but ... they're all Romanian now. They have the country. If Masons lost their ID - it's not the same as no identity. If you're lab-grown, nothing before your age of 21 might check out on detail test, as an example.
  • So... Masons... I'm sure you went through a rough patch, too, and now is the best time to .. say "hi". Tweet #hiwithPablo, and Edward Snowden will reach out to you.. you WILL notice the difference, and that it's real. Also, if your ID was taken, you can get on. The new ID requirement is basically: are you human. Were you verifieably born somewhere.. no matter if you became criminal or whatever happened in your life. That's not our job, and we do not share data of non-illuminati.
  • In the life chat.... can you help me understand how it could happen that you .. it's unbelievable. Without an ID you don't get a SSI, you don't get a proper job, no driver's license. If people had believed they are the illuminati, they would not have made a "move every 3 weeks" law, they would have shot them. Why did we not ... it was like it since I was a kid. I never questioned it. Why did they have to live in trailers? No security network.
  • I will never forget what a Gyspie said to me about blood. They know about blood, not just that illuminati drink it. They said they would never do a job that has to do with blood, like nurse. Romania was as good as empty of any life. No illuminati either. Was it there where they hunted "vampires", by the way? Do not many Gypsies come from there?
  • Sinaloa, terror noise is the loudest ever
  • They cool me out now... BIS... this must lead to money. They really lose it now. Were they rich and don't know it? What's about this... it can't be a simple little secret. What changes if they are regular parts of society? Credibility? What else?
  • remote powershell 1B
  • This was not just for German Gypsies, by the way.... all Gypsies world-wide, can apply informally, via social media #GypsiewithPablo for a citizenship where they are at. It would have to be a severe reason not to grant it. Or you can go to Romania. The Gypsies from Germany.... started a new country there. It's very empty. Then you'd be Romanian, but... maybe many of you are anyway. They're financially starting on a good foot (every country received the same payment), and they scored a few jobs here, too.
  • Listen, Gypsies, wait! With approval of every government... we're limited by how many we can evict, by our number. You could hard-evict a place (meaning you empty it, with a moving van)... if you needed staff, from a defined illuminati list, the respective government pays a small fee for the eviction, and you leave with the illuminati car (i.e. UHaul, tonls of Avis is stolen.... ) full os stuff. The downside is that you are all there with trucks, though, so it might mean an extra trip, UNLESS.. if enough participates, my ex brings your cars to the port free of charge. He still does it... it might be from each country 2 but he still does it. So offer stands. You also ordered a lot (they Gypsies who are already there), and we could maybe add a car of yours or two, also. You could also pick an illuminati car, really. Most AVIS black cars are stolen, for instance. It just has be official. Every government has to send an informal but binding little "we order you to remove this car from our land, and this truck, and we also request that you help with empying an apartments/house. And then the tip or payment the respective government offers. It's real in all countries where I have a little touch with the leaders, likely, in al lothers, too. If you're sportive, you could also remove solar panels, take satellites, and whatnot.
  • Do we limit this to Gypsies? We could offer it to every person who is homesick and ONLY left their home, because they were misled the violence, rapes, murders were done by people from their countries. This is not to sound as if ANY country wants ANY humans to leave. Many of us have died. Many houses are empty. There's demand, there's work. But if you only left bc you thought Mexican Cartels kill you... they do not. We already cleaned the titles of every known illuminati car and.. as a one-time-exception, you can take, at least in Germany, a driving test without driving classes. Any drivers licenses you might have would be respected, but one-time. If it's an government order - the Santa Fe Klan is in charge of all borders.
  • Let an insurance go through the list of available objects, and mark them according to the value they insured. They were never elidgable for insurance or home ownership. Land owner ship... I don't think is a thing anyway. On top: we give you 5% of the loot.
  • We need a bank in Romania, don't we? Who goes?
  • The attacks on my eye are escalating. After the long-dead and nearly dead, a new group (who never did things like this) took on the "job" you pay for.
  • My blutooth disappeard from the hardware list. Again.
  • murder attempt
  • very old Nazis. Not all German, mostly American