Did I request? SS/FBI/cops/whoever can - find out if this brain has ever been anywhere. What does slicing of a brain do for a neuroscientist, by the way? It's not a Hackbraten.

I don't see without explanation by an expert, why slicing a brain helps me understand more about it.

I was fascinated by Henry Molaison. somehow.

This is likely gang stalking, and "just" a rich man. It's not my husband.

This is like the weirdest sickness ever. I once saw a man crash at Frankfurt Hauptbahn hof. That shocked me, not the water corpse at Baerensee. He bled from his head.

They said it's epilepsy. I just saw him fall as if he got struck ... does epilepsy exist? You're new in the medical topic, cocaine sellers... find an expert who can check the medicine and if it makes sense that this medicine would achieve what they say. I get brain trauma. I do not get... random events from a head injury that are not permanent and constant... but just here and there.

"If you don't take your medicine" is what they do to us. They do it here to ppl, too.

The term makes me feel like I just felt in this monster taht was so gross in Borderlands. anticonvulsant medication.

If nothing else checks out, Rebecca would hire me.

What would this supress? The transport of an order from the brain to the muscles (sounds like EMS again?).. or the muscle activity? That cannot be or the person would be disabled on his "meds."

It would have to be the info from the brain to the muscle.

You guys... that is all gang stalking. I'm convinced this is "just" a rich guy, or was.

I think they found Hans Berger?

Arrest Ellen Langer. Unless you know more. Then whack her and everything around her.

He is in our lab in Sinaloa. Brain surgeon.

wordpress stalking.

What do they have that is not internet-based? How can we mess with their brains, with HAARP, for instance, in a way that whatever they do does not work? Do they even have hands? Do we think they do? I think the VR headset ones, do. Naturally, who rapes with glocks, does, too.

Who uses a cell phone does.

A long time ago, I requested that they look at the stuff Stephen Hawkin has. The ..... mind controll of several things, or so.... in the matrix. It's important to keep in mind that we might be in something where things function differently than ... in nature.

The blutooth stalker goes on my nerves. get him. stil the stalker group who "has never done this"

Guys, it's war. Sure we took stalkers to the lab. Sure Rebecca loves the extra possibilities, because she is not a medical brain person, but a scienfiic. Ian has both backgrounds, and he's ... will be interesting. What's he doing in South Africa of all places?

Did he study in CHI? And Manno.... can you sizzle him out?

Sinaloa and Army... I want the lab extremely protected... put it Harry Potter, pls. If it's 10000000000 percent risk-free.

Well, "yes" it appears to the first question.

I would have to lie down, but, likely, they bother me anyway... close the "room" kill them off, I could not rest with the rapists on my breast.

  • try to kill the pedophiles during the call.
  • again they wake me up by ... you hear it in the live chat. you see the ugly face of the necrophilia lover
  • appointment on Monday morning, details on Sunday. It's not even pedophilia, it's bestiality
  • it goes through a "church"... why is there still a pedo church open
  • I wake up from this evil shit.

The law enforcement (Interpol and others) reports every offense, and they kill most illluminati, the only ones who use services like this. I thought it gets more real for the stalkers, if they see me file this, too, understanding that the cops are with us. Not "with", but on the same side of the history books.

They think my tone is not formal enough, and my info not complete enough. Here's the thing: firstly, they all know me. Secondly, they look for tips on actual, real pedophilia, not the best texters. If they know (but they do know.. they just cannot get her in the jammer field, and when the electricity goes out, the pedophilia/necrophilia prostitute drops dead anyway, bc she got (the FBI told me) raped to death here over a year ago. (typo master... I also don't remember what the one sentence was supposed to be but I also got woken up after few hours.

Stalkers, I warn you. I don't know of anything now, but I will think of things to get back at you.

Let's start with this: Play in ALL heads of gang stalkers the screams of children who died in these appointments, just in 2024. Until 10k committed suicide (not another one presses their kill button)... you decide for how long.

Ready, MFers? 3 - 2 -

  • can you play it in the dead hooker's head, too? Do so.

And for gang stalking and involvement in the murder conspiracy against me. They will contact shelter staff about it, and then they can seal their fate, depending on their reaction. It's the 4th identical complaint from inside the godless void, but the trail of death she left behind.. not really her.. that someone left behind so that she does not gets exposed as stalker and pedophile. As someone who fixes dates for bestiality against children, etc.

  • rekill everyone at the "church" as best as you can in the godless void. I cannot be woken up, on purpose, by stalkers with these calls .
  • keep the suicide wave rolling. 10 extra for ever rape word, 10000 for microwave attacks 1000 for other offenses, unless also worth 10k ,you decide.
  • include the sleepers. include involved "humans"
  • that's also not V2K. It's only in YOUR head.
  • thank for adding .. these are not sleepers, they ARE connected over my head. some of them, i feel the horror, shortly after writing to include the
  • rape show just started again. 10k per minute of rape... depending on how fast they kill themselves, we'll do numbers today
  • however there's no connection or communication to higher levels, most involved humans, most sleepers. it will still help me.
  • BIS tell involved humans we recently found by renaming their accounts to "illuminati heisenberg" and empty their accounts on V.
  • kill this group
  • Extended Opportunity
  • We take control of all IPs. Nobody can give out IPs, except us.
  • Plus resolvers. NO GOOGLE, CLOUDFLARE... gov resolvers. Do you really think if the government is looking at you they don't know what you do? and do you really think a cop cares where you surf?
  • Registrar. Only via us... we don't care who monetizes it, but we take ICAN and whatevver, and I'm sure they are glad.
  • immediately get the data, help the good ppl there, if any left, and they'll give us infromation.
  • add another 10k suicides before you stop the "to head".. .take worse calls now, i'm still stalked with pedophilia.... take bestiality calls she set up and murders she set up. next up: die from pain. unless you stop after the really, really many.
  • over 9k of you disconnected. A few are still alive. Most already died in this. Not even by our hands (but we would have gotten to them)
  • shocker for the froebel politician from the ad and others? Sorry... for illuminati heisenber and illuminati heisenberg and illuminati heisenberg
  • I was wrong about black people and pedophilia. So far, I did not come across black humans involved in pedophilia much. Only two. the churches will change the ratio
  • calling any church "house of God" is a crime, punishable with jail time, if repeated after a warning.
  • calling my husband or me strange things just shows how gullible and beta you are. We're V.
  • now she's taken over, switched to her devil worshipper voice and noises
  • add 10k
  • they replace callers that get killed during the call with their stalkers.
  • not all stalkers knew they do that to me, too. and that it's real. they ask their other dead slut if the audio is really playing here
  • can you block them from connectiing over my head? they bother me. even though their busy enjoyin their shows.
  • Is the "mental connection" just the illuminati matrix trap?
  • And here's how you know it's not god, and everything I ever said about God now makes sense.... my husband might be violent, under attacks. they made me forget it. it was a 100 argument. just... register that, pls.
  • the "instant inflammation" is maybe why ppl wear diapers. I think they think they were raping me forever, but untilt he homless, that would have to be redirected to whoever.
  • do you have new major hits? can you turn everything off in germany, completely, in a few hours, except Nidda, where my place is?
  • 1k more suicides for every snake hiss and fake 'jesus' (there were 3)... 3 hissing. at least jesus is or was a gang stalker. so that's the correct one to praise.
  • oh, trina would like to complain about my vape. I would like to complain now about trina, too.
  • 1. she's dirty
  • 2. she stinks like death, and she sh*** herself
  • 3. she was at my stuff repeatedly, hid my key
  • 4. she started the whole drama here, by alleging everything she did against the pedophile pastor was others
  • 5. she tried to murder Tryna, the wife of Rick Ross
  • 6. she makes out via illuminati trap with - everyone
  • 7. she;s a stalker
  • 8. she does not do any part in cleaning this room, but she's the only one who messes it up (beyond normal use)... she doesn't even see 20 inches around herself.
  • 9. she expects 20k "when this is over"
  • I would like to buy the building the Handelsregister is in, because I have SEVERE doubts in them. Also, I think they try to scam me out of my apartment in Nidda. They say here that it's all fine, and that it's in my name, but Marc might only have confirmed that in a spoofed version, we'll see.
  • I send a few Angels there. I bought it from the city. 20k.
  • All 20k sales are invalid, all 20k sale involved: congrats, you just made the list
  • all loot is ours, we give 2% to the Angels... (you'll see that's a lot)
  • microwave attack adds 100k suicides (or not.. we just play the things they do to them ... loud. they normally just put comic faces on victims and mock them, and filter out voices they don't want to hear. no filtering now. focus on "humans"... they are not pure humans, but also not hybrids. they, on their free will, made the decision to be evil, not anticipating they'd have to do the dirty work themselves, and anticipating they get paid big, and become the leaders of the new world order .
  • 3 more jesus and a hiss 40k nore more hissing... homeless tell her not to worry and to continue. you could mind-controll here to shut tf up. it's in the rules also that you are not allowed to do callls in the room. nobody says anything, if it does not bother anyone. i'm not bothered by calls, but by pedophilia, necrophilia, sodomy, bestiality.
  • there's no NWO, we go back to the roots.
  • this shelter knows she's clinically insane. I want a complaint against the "good" ones, too. i want in theiir files.
  • luckily, my room mate talks at the necrophilia slut now... stops the insane hissing and "jesus" "jesus" "jesus"
  • "the lord says", says the pedophile. you think the creator of the universe has time to say things to a dead slut. or my husband, who wrongfully gets called "god" talked to her? Chapo... help however you can, pls. is it on the level of a ghost in the ... what's i.. ah, blackburne series?
  • my 120 or amazon refund did not arrive. every hour, pls, reclean, but i know you're also VERY busy with youtube... sleeper coming out.... we now have a politician attacking my heel. a really elected one, that's rare.
  • It's .. who now targeting my egg ladders? in my case, the rape might just be a distraction from that they made and make me really sick. we up their sepsis dosis NOW to "you have to see a doctor or
  • homeless stalkers try to get everyone who bothers me killed, psychopath style, they thnk when i'm gone, i forget about them. i will. but my husband will not forget about rapes and repeatedly puttingg dead stalkers in my room, that ttried to get me killed in my first day here.
  • They feel safe bc of their "natural electricity", but they overlook that the device that allows for the utilisation of natural electricity needs electricity.
  • now they try to kill me again. both groups. they told me via my room mate, that they will give me a high fever now and i have high fever. i'm worried about my organs that get cooked every day
  • we leave this on until further notice. everyone make a hand-written note if you have a pen, to check every 1 hour it's still running.
  • all will now die from suicide or be busy listening to their murders. make it louder.
  • they tell someone else whatt they do to me, they always do that.
  • fever attack interrupted or stopped
  • yes, you are everything bad in the world. you ARE evil. that's how evil works. it doesn't care about replaceable bad folks or lab trolls - until recently, they could just make more.
  • get her out of here homeless. she normally now does her pedophilia in other rooms
  • it's currently not the homeless, it's the persons who don't realize they long have nothing to lose anymore.
  • the "middle class" ones.... it's not unsuspicous anymore, by the way, to be middle-class, bc the real, human middle class fell off. They're upper poverty level (until recently, at least.)
  • NO! Not 'everycan can be pulled into this' - only persons who agreed to target people. if you did not say "yes, i will rape/attack/partcipate in murders", you don't have the tool
  • fever again. kill them fast... show them.... this one right now, in his current condition, posed as the German fascho party, AFD (or so)..... look at him now, while he tries to kill me.
  • Sir, is it bc I'm Swiss-Mexican, really a Latina, but don't know yet from where (not Mx, I don't think), with an American/German background?
  • It's also too hot to sleep here. between pedophilia calls. but they cool my room mate out, and the dead don't care.
  • V takes charge of gun permits. In accordance with the law, we will give gun permits (after appropriate training) to every elidgeble human. Laws are made by local countries. Don't you wish someone with fewer typos would screw you over? Well, I normally have less. We just enforce the law, keep the register clean, any change of even one letter triggers alarm. We put voice security. All things agents enter, are not yet in the database, until the new Cartel "Tigres del Norte" adds them. Per country, two persons. There used to be long waiting times. Why? No idea. We would have shorter waiting times, and if both are not in, it's just what it is. Please name your 2. We'll go through all existing permits, too, and find invalid/dead/stalkers.
  • add everyone who ever connected to anyone to the voice loop.