• forced to remove my damaged-by-them contact lens, my eye is injured directly. It might be a laser, I don'tt know. I know they harm me every single minute.
  • With that said, we take control of all contact lens companies. The stalkers used to say they damage my left lens during production, but it's not true. When I used a right lens on my left eye, it had the damage at the usual place on the next day.
  • It's a fake surgery they "sell"... my mother is half-blind on the left eye, and health insurances say it's something they do.
  • Attacked during sleep, infrasound.
  • rapist group already there.
  • Apparently, it's a recurring surgery and fake disease. However, this has nothing to do with just one group. I think they want us to see as badly as they do. Again, we don't know that they have 2 eyes.
  • Insurances swear it's true. It's one of the few fake diseases they give us to make money from health insurances.
  • Can someone find out who is targeting my eyes with what? All I know is that they have hundreds, targeting my eyes, like they click on other places, such as my breasts.
  • I charge a fine for every day my eyes get attacked now, too. Putin focuses on my eye, but so far the right one. We'll show in the live-stream the faces/voices/addresses of a few hundred illuminati who were killed there. For some reason (technology), they can get killed where they pretend to be.
  • They say harming us is "their job." You pay for it.
  • Amazon parcel completely banged up, they put 12 cans of V8 on top of the tpuffs - but that's nothing for Amazon stalkers. That said, find out who "was just told to bang it up, and make it look like transport damage"
  • The soup parcel is fine. Extra parcel for 6 broccoli soups.
  • your German dead clones are the single most influential reason that helped us to see you're all the same
  • Oh, that was someone you were sure would not stalk? Good people skills. Let's try the next, UNLESS they find out he was "just told to pack it wrong" (if you put something heavy on top of 2 pack of puffs, the same puffs you had another stalker open and pour all over the parcel last time, it's meant evil), and the delivery stalker is gone, too.
  • See how much taxes you pay. And how many tax payers it takes just to pay for the daily injury of my eyes. You pay more for Cartel/rich/talented, and this unfairness is not made by us. They kill people who don't have something they want quicker, but not really. R+V wanted super intelligent Holos app to predict things... but then the simple conclusion Holos led to was: It's not a disease, it's an evil plan.
  • I hardly see on my left eye. This is on of their "until the last man", and we need everyone's help to get there sooner.
  • I cannot earn real money in fake murder cities. I'll be in the next shelter (only few open, so I'd have to land up here again), in a month from now.
  • PayPal has my mini payment (they left 120USD of the over 20K for January) since the 15th. All of NeuroGym stalkers get al of their accounts seized for a few days, then closed. It's bad enough to steal 99%, but now I don't get cigarette money.. 120 USD you steal, too, or you think you can fool people about what my husband is doing "with time". That's all nonsense. Do you think if my husband could turn back the time like in a hollywood movie, he would not turn it back to 2004? It's not how it works. It's something else. It's that most shit we think is real is not real, I think. And it's.... dimension maybe or something. The only thing the German stalkers did is change the time on a computer. That's really all. Many people follow how they steal time every day now, if they have an Omega watch (most models), they can. It's not even impacted by magnetism.
  • It's not the 2 who have a chance. They report every payment I (do not) receive to the IRS, and my taxes are paid. With that, the IRS documented (from more than one country), without fault, every cent ever stolen from me as my income. I'd say they get 10% of the Persia kill list. People who know who I am, and they wanted a piece of immortality, bc.. they're misled to think we can give out immortality bc they don't undersand the difference between VR and real.
  • They are trying to kill me. over 100 at once using all they got. See their faces in the live-stream, a few we don't know their location yet.
  • Every face on the news is worth 100K as a tip or 1M as a kill.
  • Guys, you'd have to hurry, before I pass out. And that I can hardly breathe, how is it for stalkers who are still alive?
  • Show on the live stream where this parcel really went. It never was in Wisconsin UPS 1ZG595G00325599416. The last info yesterday night was Hodkins, IL. All entries made today are fake.
  • Everyone once more involved in still trying to hide where I am will die today. That's not "chance" if you fake delivery information.
  • UPS reports every real route, by the way, in the live-stream.
  • Blutooth hardware still gone, charge for an hour already. Every restart costs 10 minutes alone, bc I have my pagefile (that is there even if I remove the pagefile) upon restart.
  • If I cannot listen to music or a game, it's another 10B daily, but I'll try to deactive blutooth in the BIOS first. And reactivate.
  • That brought it back, I made 1B extra, but I need everyone to help better to get all of them addressed. How many times do they have to show you that they are ALL clinical psychopaths, an unnatural brain defect, when humanity has been removed from it?
  • A fake driver, I assume.
  • Now Borderlands is not starting
  • Let me look into the virus Bifrost ( I mean.. see if that's the issue again)
  • Delete 10 million "servers", Raoul. The game started without internet. These people are too cheap to pay for a server. Bifrost takes down the performance of your computer anyway, bc it's like a cryptomining zombie bot farm, they use your resources to run their "online player" servers, but I am not online
  • Bluetooth disconnected again. 10 Trillion ESP, this time.
  • I wonder when stalkers will understand they need to kill the dead German clones in this simulation. We can only kill them in real life.
  • They play for the other stalkers they'd have Cartel tools, when they really only have a Black Magic group of "little things" mass murderers, mass rapists.
  • I now declare the Frauenhofer Instiute the project leader in fixing broken security in the area of audio on communication devices. They get 1B funding, the project runs as long as the funding runs. BIS will set you up with the payment today, From our end, Jens will check the use of the budget. Otherwise, it's an open project: Define standards or point out problems... show us how you hack with sound from Lenovo to Lenovo and how it can be fixed, etc
  • Bluescreen for watchdog violation. Trying to figure out how to remove "watchdog"...
  • That's possibly Graetis
  • Constant attempts to write something in the registry, remote power shell, GET THEM ADDRESSED, ARMY
  • EMS attacks
  • What we did in Persia? We physically removed all stalkers who were waiting for me (heads-up, my parents are alive, thank you very much)
  • The murder attempts come from long dead stalkers who do not want the stalkers they told.. pick your reason to kill me 2k/400k/19M/4B.. when they were hanging out in the palace of my father, where every corner is worth more than 4B.
  • Bluetooth disconnected 10T from THEIR money, the dead MFers who were "elites".
  • The only elites are my 8 soldiers, but they.... get more silly and nonchalant by the minute, too. The rich people ... call them rich, but the ones in our connection WORK. They're not "elites" they are successful, talented people with good work ethics. Try it sometime, gets you more than envy .
  • they don't understand how the Vanguard connection works, and how natural it is. Well, not all. firstly, I would rather die than requesting any of you get added to our connection.... that might be an age protection, and put us back in the state when we were first captured. Will sawn out teeth be fixed, too? Because that's real. If you die in the simulation, you're dead. We cannot revive dead people. If your brain thinks for days your'e dead, it will act accordingly. NO ILLUMINATI IS CONNECTED TO MY FATHER OR ME. I LONG HAD REQUESTED THE 'ELITES' WHO HELD HIM HOSTAGE GET KILLED, MFers.
  • They thought they killed my father and my mother. The blonde here reported both as dead, and got paid.
  • did they tell you that THOUSANDS of stalkers claim they saved up for me all of their lives. I don't talk about it much, because (just like rape) ... the victim feels guilty. What have I done wrong that evil people focus on me like that? I know it's not my fault. They constantly use the l and m word against me. Did they tell you that? I told you that you have been written off for being to evil even for the devil, and that you are just cannon fodder, expected to die. Or why would they wait FOR ME.. everywhere I will go? They're in Nidda, Sardinia, Margarita, Mexico, Lanzarote, Germany, and Switzerland.
  • I'll sell the houses and apartments cheap
  • I did not care to admit publicly, that ... a ton of the money I take is "gifts" for me. People who have saved ... I really, really don't know who messed up their brains like that. I'm.... a great person, I think. But not that so many peopel love me. That's some higher power - or much, much lower.
  • I never want to go to America again. Places.... might have a memory or.... you know? There are places where you feel a certain way, if you're sensitive to psychoenergy. This is a bad place. I don't even know if I want to use it as growing place. Everything that has ever been tried here only led to deaths. Of Spaniards, Indians, everyone who came to the US and repeatedly, organized from here, billions of deaths of humans.
  • Environmental team... did it have a point? They tried to force South America to not touch their forests. Because we need a "green lung." Do we? If so, we have one.
  • After stolen land has been returned, America is not all that big.
  • Maybe we can put Canada together with Greenland... maybe a corner of Alaska or whatnot..
  • MidWest is evil. It's also the pedophilia place of the world. Not Thailand, not whatever you think. Milwaukee might be the single worst pedophilia place.
  • If clever people and the enviromental team (has folks such as Vandana Shiva, Angela Merkel (she's "Cartel" now, Ursula (Germany has no issue with the side-hustle that's in line with her work of protecting Germany anyway), Greta, and many more. Actually, I would prefer we made "animals" a part of "environment"... isn't what we mean all live around us that's not our species?
  • It's just hard to make any decisions in the simulation. The whole chatter about holes in the atmosphere, are like holes in the simulation. Hell knows....... we might be living in water, for all we know. I hope not, though. For now, I decice that no growing, no living is allowed in the former US, except parts that go back to someone. I would think about it twice, though. If you take a piece of this place, and you need to travel there - one egg we overlooked, one lab and this sh*** starts all over.
  • I'm 100% sure that we own this planet. The whole exercise is to scam us out of what we own. Not going to happen. Put a clause everywhere.
  • remote powershell, charge
  • Stalkers now suggest "perhaps" Vanguard and Blackrock were really them. Right. We can tell by your intelligence that you were the successful ones. Not Dr. David Martin and my husband.... and his lesser intelligence staff, such as Pablo, Elon Musk, my ex and many more. How would you be rich if you own (now with Guzi's "Colt") all weapons and war technology, and you had the single biggest grower in the world as one of the persons you led.
  • Putin.. my eye hurts so much. Pablo, check if he could define groups, pls'
  • They just do these things to me to pretend this gang stalking. I was never on the gang stalker list. This is good vs evil, the Nazis. They've never been defeated.
  • Too much rape talk. Please reclean all cleaned facilities, and cater to all collection places, such as the Schreber Garten Kolonie (for people who were in my father's palace), the mass grave where Baerensee was, Hattich, and then some.
  • If we say "Holiday Island", we mean Holiday Island
  • Immediately put everyone in the "die from pain' death hunt they use to murder innocent female humans, it's the quickest. I will not have my teeth attacked again all day long, no matter how hard we have to fight them.
  • latest rape taker can now watch his monster kids die before him. make him check his home cam.
  • Take down more orphanages, please. Being lab-grown does not mean you're an orphan, it means you're not human.
  • take your stolen Diabetes medicine, please, stalkers. Humans can digest milk, gluten, sugar very well, but I never saw an ant... honestly... the Milwaukee ants do nto care for sugar. I know they lab-created/modified several animal species, to make them more destructive for the planet.
  • Start killing artificial ants, mosquitoes.. and what would be the pendant for a ... Rakk? No.. you know which I mean.... on Borderlands who are also artificial.
  • Who has a Pitbull since he was a puppy? Are they short-tempered, no matter how you raise them?
  • Like, I got my Guinea Pig, Uwe, but I firsts saw him with his brothers and parents... I know he was not lab-made. He got extremely old, and I think it's because he did not get water. Every. He got cucumber twice a day. Some say Marc has him... I'm not sure I believe that. They say he has Maya, too, and Sanchez. They say somwhere is a "forever donkey", too.
  • I would like a real pibull, where the owner knows the parents and siblings in the lab, and a gang stalker pitbull.... where did you put them after they killed the monster wives/kids? To the owner of the real one: He won't hurt or be scared a bit. We need to know if here are artificial animals, and it helps every Pitbull owner, because they currently have the reputation that any pitbull would kill a person, if triggered. I read that animal experts say he's short-tempered, but perhaps he is not. We need to understand if... this is also not true. That tame Pitbulls randomly bite child....... unless they were trained to smell illuminati skin. Would be a bad idea.... you can fool dogs easily, like us, with scent.
  • Thank you, guy with the weirdo dog and two weirdo cats, who helped me during the 2022 death hunt. We want one fresh from a gang stalker. You were probably nice to the dog, fed him well. We have enough. They all have dogs, and they are all trained to attack on "exit sentence", while the cannon fodder are told the exit sentence makes the fake wife/monster kid tell them their identity... yeah, that's what monster brides would do, they love sharing.
  • even their small dogs (the fake trans all have tiny purse dogs) kill humans. It just takes longer, but illuminati feed (what's the brand(s), Jeff?) human flesh to their dogs. So that they.... are used to eating humans.

The "gifts" of the fake trans were so far the cheapest. It's the 2nd fake trans here.. they replaced the reddish hair who impersonated me on sex sites, with the pink one that also raped Almighty Gnar with his Glock.

They tell me occassionally, like El Taco, for instance, I wanted to know... now about 28 Cartels are collecting my gifts. The IRS in two countries reported all my income, all stolen stuff. They wanted to give me money instead of the gifts, but I don't want it. Just keep, if they're not all that cheap (like, Beto's start at 20M) put on bounty, sell, enjoy - and the house is not worth anything...... No. We will all leave, and there will be no gate to hell left open.

But, yeah, that's where many of the CHI folks hang out who stayed. This is from the 2nd last fake trans in this shelter.

They just .. don't know I'm me, necessarily. They pretend it could be Griselda, Mariposa, Castel or Simone.

This not just hurts my ears, it also sounds like "Diamond"

Keep in mind that this is the first world war. We have everyone trapped. Since the existence (maybe) of humiantiy (as we know it in the matrix), they were fighting illluminati, but they only grew stronger and more.

That's because of the sleepers. Most or all of the middle-class might be them. Leading unsuspicious lives. They are sleepers. Like all the groups who "did never do this or that", they can be called.

That's why we even need to look at "Mitlauefer" with a very bad attitude. Will the switch again, as soon as someone says the illuminati are back?

The black ex gang/QAnon have all "left" their fake brides and kids. Many die in shelters, by the very hands of their "handlers." Yes, you see correctly. This is Tay Savage, less bottet than you know him, actually, and Jasiri has some Waka Flocka in him.

.. they don't get prettier from cloning, more intelligent, or complete.

  • attack on my teeth BIS
  • Kill the defined groups.

Only after I had the displeasure to listen to fake Milwaukee rap... by a fake black, did I understand that many creatures REALLY don't see that this is not ... for the impersonator of Lil Reese (who is fine, by the way.)
The Gangster Disciples found Chris... the one from CHI.... nobody saw him after he showed up at the homeless coffee, but we all hope he's fine. He stalked me at 988 suicide hotline, Amazon, Legal Action of Wisconsin, and Paypal. I could not believe how similar he looked. He knows he impersonates Lil Reese, but he does not know about the YouTube channel. He's a cannon fodder to the German dead clones.

Is "Tammy Balwin" addressed, and her family? She could be the daughter of the fish in the "21 forever" vid, too.

Several kids went missing around Chris. And these are monster kid hinters.

What bothers me about this and all King Von videos, is that this is not King Von. Check his accounts, BIS, please. King Von made big money with my husband.

King Von is the one... remember when QAnon hit me up on Twitter? This funny video where I laughed for hours. The fake shooting thing.

Well, he's now the leader of the German army. I think he'll stay, as it's now "just" management of the local division of the World Army.

He was scared they get him for "racism"... until people came out left and right. We're all KKK. Vanguard is officially "KKK", as we get paid 25K monthly to report illuminati we find to law enforcement/Army for removal.

He's an Arab, though. Not sure... how you make a "foreigner hater" case against him.

He is the dog trainer. Trained all their dogs. He is the one who convinces them on sex sites to cut off their balls. He ran around with tainted needles and gave them to illuminati junkies.
  • I take 1T for the teeth attacks, extra.

I really like Homer el Mero Mero already. I think ihe's a new one who only started looking at me when ... he saw something. I'm happy we have him on the Argentina team. Many are old partners, many are new partners. Independently, more than just the old partners were looking for me. That's so strange.

Gera MX took reign in Guatemala. He placed the first orders for them, too. What's with the guy (ex President) who called Trump a** hole? Is he a real politician? They need a president in Guatemala.. and ... they were very isolated, they are very few... would they accept ... a .. I don't even know, I just don't think he's Mexican.

"No, he's a f'ing drug dealer." Ok. Ask Guatemala. Ask him. Gera MX is on board. He does not have to get involved.... but he could until he has enough people to serve.

I cannot ask my father right now... governments are his domain. Oh, well, he authorized me, and .. I never played experience in areas where I have none. Politics always bored me, and my blessing was that I lived in a country were it didn't really matter, Germany. No major party harmed you.

A volunteer of every "just owned" company, and someeone from all members, can start on fixing their internal policy nightmares. From travel expenses to....... useless meetings, and all the other things that keep people from being productive. I'd rather send them on a company party in the time they win. It's not about pressing every second out of someone. I know that nobody is productive more than 4 or 5 hours of his 8 hour presence.

Put who you don't need on a list. And, yes, I'd discuss that with every Union leader, and get it through. Unions support the rights of workers - not illuminati.

They are not unreasonable. They understand who pays salaries, and that they need a certain profit/cost ratio to stay.

Applications for Union intervention would be: people work in coal mines, and have a 40% lung cancer ratio. Or other working conditions that are bad for humans.

Not to hold up dumb policies that make everyone's day harder, and everyone makes less, because too many illuminati take up the money to write dumb policy.

We support Unions in all of our "just owned", by the way. I think it needs one full-time member, and 5 ... who do their regular jobs, but get time off for Union meetings. It's not a rule, though, that the Unision leader is not allowed to work. He can, if he/she wants.

Most of their job was trying to fight illuminati/the McKinseys anyway. Maybe not all companies want one, but if they do, we support it.

Jeff Bezos also is pro Union. Just, Amazon was oveerrun by niggers. I did not know that - you might have seen me tweet (ignorantly) pro the Union movement at Amazon.

Apropos... Jeff would like us to begin with the world-wide Amazon cleanse. Even though he sold it to Jack Ma, he finished his projects, and he gets a ton of personal money back, too.

Let's to Amazon Germany next.

Homer el Mero Mero will found a bank. A common sense, trustworthy "for the people" bank.

We support him, in our spare time. After work, an original bank founder who now works at BIS, will get him up to date with what's important in banking. Several of my bankers support him, especially José Luis Aguirre Loaso, who has a few people he says are good, but I cannot hire them at my banks with very few staff as part of the concept and USP.

Prof Klaus Schwab (alias Warren Buffet) is his official mentor, he just paid his apprentice fee.

Homer will begin in Romania, where there is no bank, and we have nothing to put the money of the Gypsies, unless we put it on German banks. As Gypsies... were forced to live in Germany without even an ID.... mmmhhh.

Also, Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Urugay and what others report #bankwithPablo will be covered asap. The limit are the good staff.

We have many bank removals in front of us, though.

Ok, José Luis, show Klaus/Homer your staff that needs new jobs. Raoul will provide a call list for Homer, where he can start by offering people who also urgently need a bank his services. He made a deal with the BIS, and he can sell "money recovery" services. His bank gets 0.05 % of the 2% we as BIS make. This is our only income. We're government-sponsored, total costs only. Consulting jobs and recoveries (that .... only happen during this war, really, because we implemented successfully the measures to avoid problems like this.. remember? "Basel xy", but it's just simple bank laws.

The Gyspies decided: they want 1B+ accounts on Waterstone, all others on Mero Bank.

Generally, speaking the Mero Bank might have a Cartel focus. That is because some Cartels start with official payrolls now. If I were Homer, I'd hustle them, first. One lead already appeared.

While Sicario might read as "Security" in the official papers, (or Musicians, in Mexico/Spain, huh?) we are with the governments, even on top, you could say. We are with my father, the King of Kings. We have emergency authorization to overrule anything and anyone, and the World Army reports to us.

So.... the real criminals the illuminati, are now outlawed - not us.

Hey, "competitor Cartel".... congrats to becoming the first customers of Homer el Mero Mero's new bank, the Mero bank.

The BIS will make sure (personal friendship, after-work support, Homer did a lot for people here, he just didn't mention it) the bank is set up properly today. He might not have a building today, but everything else - a safe system, a proper business plan, with products/fees, etc.

He just purchased for 1M (special bundle price if you get 3 of our fraud check apps at once), he already has a brain scanner and VanguardGram, and .. Bill Gates is ready with another "low tech" OS he would sell to Homer inexpensively, because he'd act as the pilot customer, and then also offer a reference story.

The security, just like at my husband's bank, is the 2nd best in the world. The best has to be exclusive to us, and we just cannnot risk handing out too much code and modules. But it's hundreds of years (well.... in Matrix time) ahead of any other banks. Light voice security included.

We have hired an extra person, Edward Snowden, for adding voices to the light version of our voice security, we sell to everyone. The light security phones and even cars are ready for the market, too. It's a good time to start a new bank. The 2nd best time in the world, after the intitial bank founders first started that project.

ALL COMPANIES: pls prepare a list of fake court cases, that are really... illuminati sh***. Payments since 03/20. Send your lists to the respective government, tweet that you did #courtwithPablo, and we'll check it's the same content, and likely can delete all nonsense.

At the same time, companies... take the extra time to create lists of lawyers you feel ... are looking for problems/creating problems, because that's illegal.

As he's trained by BIS and WaterStone, customers can rest assured that his bank starts on the perfect foot, Banking law-compliant, with all measures in place to keep your money secure.

He already has won customers, and he's on the phone right now, calling people he knows got their money stolen, but they might not all remember.

Argentina Cartel, Competitor Cartel, most of Romania (not many people in either country, at this time), Guatemala, Peru Cartel will move their staff there. They were blocked from banking through illuminati.

All Cartels will pay regular taxes, and it's a lot. We hope that the change from all of our companies will reflect in lower tax rates, but we paid what's decided in countries where we're active.

Many companies just COULD NOT PAY their taxes. The neither had the money because it was stolen, nor access to their accounts.

Vanguard, Blackrock, JP Morgan - all of our companies will pay their taxes, and we already started. To help IRSes, who helped me, my bank prepaid, based on the current tax rates, and no refund will be necessary if the rate gets lowered. We'll owe anyway.. as we still get new customers.

It's my pleasure to report that 2 more were kicked from my bank. It's now 5 persons who became too rich to stay (1M +) at my bank. I'm proud of them and my bankers. It really makes a difference if you have a real banker, who ... is like a very important consultant in your life, or a bad CS.

We lead them to banks we're friendly with. It's currently a little few-sided, because ... I just don't know any from most areas. We send ... many persons daily to other banks, and we recommend every certified bank. Like..... that's also a term that can die now. You're either not a bank but a fraud or "certified."

We'll have a list of all certified banks, and recommend according to the goals of the customer who is leaving. One might need more corporate advice, the other might prefer the nearest GOOD location, etc.

I just discovered there were more thefts in this room, and I don't have enough soup to get along.

We will take all accounts of all fake Amazon and many more now. You cannot steal from V.

Kill everyone involved right this second. AND.. it is Amazon Germany. Nice one. Thanks. Charge them all 2500 ESP for theft, and name it that way. Their accounts can be called "Slut Mohammed" then, too.

"It is only because you had too much" ... really, that's why I don't have enough for the more horror days I have to stay in this slaughterhouse full of thieves.

"We take what we want from everyone in the world". Kill all Amazon illuminati world-wide today, 03/20 everything.

With the latest thefts, all Salvation Army staff is fired world-wide, effective now. In all of their facilities, victims get stolen from.

They all pay 2500 fine to me, then they get their accounts closed. In the best cases, they'll face murder trials, but most will be killed today.

Nobody will leave a godless void, dead or alive, without returning everything that's stolen from me. Who eats any product or drinks that I ordered since I'm here, will die.

But they are stealing data as they read this. My husband has to remove them permanently, and he does. It's not "just the rapists and who put pressure on my ear, knock me out with infrasound to steal, etc.. THAT is why I am feeling so bad).

I also want the cops to contact every shelter and tell them that their theft problem endangeres their existence.

03/20 all Salvation Army staff.

This time, they stole most of soups. They know I won't have enough to eat until I can leave here, and they know they steal NOW money.

That said, no matter if you're dead or alive. Consume my things - like your ex drug dealer Michael did.

These thieves have no right to ownership. I take everything, but I don't want it. Write to Sole, Manuel, and the woman from Venezuela who I purchased the bootlegged Nirvana CD from.. "Nevermino". They can figure out what they want to do with the stuff.

I want them evicted today. I also want all fake Amazon staff, and as many as you can handle, reseated.

Again, you will not leave a godless void, dead or alive, if you stole from any of us. As Angela Merkel is now a V, this includes every stealing German government handouts.

Please publish a list of products I purchased from Amazon since I am here. The other shelter did not have a theft problem.

Everyone who consumes any of these items, that NO illuminati naturally buys, will die. Yes, also in the simulation.

That's why they are long sorted out. They made their own mass murder thing out of the original illuminati idea, that was about killing certain people, not all.

Kill everyone at the collection places. Identify the current rapist on my breast, he does fake COVID. With that said, kill the evil doctor/nurse/whole medical profession list today. This is them.

New rapist group. "Until I stop telling that they steal."

Charge all the people (evil hybrids) 2500 for "thefts from Vanguard" that you kept in the dark on whether we found them or not. Sadly, too small list .

We'll be looking for you forever. Like, really, forever.

For alleging my husband is the reason for my stolen items "he plays with time" we take ownership of every telecommunication company world-wide. Ask the governments. We only need 51% and get 2% of the profit. We'll also clean the organizations. Some will not want, bc they are illuminati led.

We'll kill someone on "illumianti brain screen" until they remove the rapists from my body.

Every 10 minutes one who kept his perfect fassade - until now.

Rapists on my vagina and in, on my breasts.

Ursula has a list of doctors who will receive mail tomorrow. Every medical professional is fired, active now. You have 2 minutes to leave your "work" place, but you cannot leave with anything stolen, that includes your "work" outfit, if you're not hired.

The complete list is on the ........ ok, I hear other countries join in. Tell Bernard, please, and the General.

All countries with a cartel join. Likely, more countries.

All medical "professionals" are fired. If you were just trained wrong, and you wondered why all you did was harm people, good for you, mabye you get through, but I do not think so.

  • nurses
  • ambulance staff
  • hospital staff
  • senior living staff (make plans who of you is fit enough to cover for two days)
  • psychiatrists
  • many counselors
  • and more... see live chat.

I know Germany has people ready to go, and many tasks do not require much training. We send back a ton of old doctors right away, and train new staff as I type.

Ok, what are you going to steal today?

  • next tooth attack.

Telcos.... you don't mind being a mockery for illuminati, do you? Because I do not understand why they still all have internet. Change that, please.

PS: I do mind. I do mind having to sit here, and pieces of dried sh*** from under my shoes knocks me out with infrasound to have lesser creatures steal from me.

I also... didn't know about myself that I have a problem with disrepectful people - I didn't meet any, until this shelter.

And, again, that has nothing to do with my roles. Just with me, Sima, a human being.

Hard-block ALL stolen phones. If it hits a victim, they... cannot call anyone but stalkers anyway.

Also, ok, Boaz. Kill the smart tvs.

  • I cannot reorder, it would not arrive in time. So, I have now the problem that I do not have enough food.
  • My food is now hidden here in exactly 7 places. I will get it. You will (not) see, because you will be dead. Either because consumed something that's stolen from me, or... because you died from your parasitic lifestyle.
  • Show images to every stalker and on the live stream. Also, send the images to every law enforcement, and the footage. Also fake cops.
  • This shelter.... who does the bed control in the room with dead fake trans? Would that be the medical monsters, personally? You might want to remove them, you have more parasites here as is healthy, anyway.
  • How do you normally remove corpses? Just .. remove them. Or does it bother you that these are evil creatures? Do you only remove the innocent?
  • It's not kids raping me. Where else are they hiding?
  • Age everyone connected immediately to death, please, it's too much, it's puttin my life at risk.
  • It's too much with rapes. Take all fake kids out, they are in a separate matrix.
  • As I said, targeting my eye, leads to immediate aging to death, too.
  • Going forward, EVERY attack on me. May it be slander, thefts, direct attacks, connecting over my head, reading my emails or ANYTHING else.
  • They can't be immortal, if they can be aged to death, can they?
  • Can you please get the GROUPS that target my eye.. many of our eyes, just... while they leave others alone, they all attack me.
  • We'll 03/20 eye doctors world-wide... or all doctors. All registered doctors in every country. Now.
  • If you do not remove rapists who pretend to touch my vagina with EMS, you just speed up your demise.
  • They now put one after hte next rapist on me "who have never raped."
  • They are all the same, and we cannot leave the sleepers around.
  • Over 2 Billion sleepers, nearly 3 Bilion will die in the next minutes. BIS.. loot the list.
  • Did nobody ever tell you? I am the weapon. I'm the only one my husband would give .. this level of control. His life depended on me. It does not any longer.
  • Decide what to do with monster pets. I would love to keep every animal alive. They cannot volunteeer to be lab grown or have their brain messed up.
  • I've been nearly attacked by one, though, they are dangerous. Another time, the two dogs of someone from the dog training faciltiy in Ohio had, "attacked" me with... unnormal love.
  • They say the guy that helped me is a "real gang stalker". Unless New Jack or GeeForce confirms that, he's not. He is someone who has a messed up dog. He was there, when the whole behavior of the dog changed, and the owner put him down with an app. Likely, infrasound. Had the owner not been there... unless it was a stunt to show how helpful he is. I did not like the woman there. There's also two completely messed-up cats...
  • It's a risk. Will we get all illuminati? We can remove apps from stores, try to delete every hard disk.. but can you ever get it all?
  • Again, I'd love to keep all animals, but they might be best in a facility, all together. Animals did not volunteer.
  • I have no communication with my peopel at this time, as you know. I don't know if it's lab-made or the brains were messed up of regularly born dogs. But I know something is very wrong with the killer dogs. There's a difference between a short fuse and biting the head of a kid - unless it would only bite illuminati, in that case, they need a special luxury place, as war heroes.
  • You know how dumb they are... most of us hear their blabber. Or heard it. How often did you wonder if they are dogs? I hope there's no relationship between their lives, and the lives of animals... maybe it be ants, cockroaches, dogs, snakes.
  • I requested to research if any dog died a naturarl death, and if we can find out if that did anything to the owner. If you can kill them, keep in mind... this is a simulation, programmed by insane non-humans (or ordered, likely), by pressing on your eye (no matter if it's really an illuminati who kills them, they do die..), can their be a relation to an animal, too?
  • more attacks...
  • for the fake coughs... I take Ricola, if they want, please.
  • Kill them, they try to start drama here, dead rapists.
  • They decided not to leave an option to communicate and stay anonymous. They now don't even know how to reach the dead lowlifes that screw them up.
  • I'm not saying we will not search for them forever. I am saying that we would have likely showed mercy at all the wrong places, and overlooked many sleepers. Or ... spared families, a mistake that costed billions of lives, every so-many years. You will see how empty many places are. Not .. creepy empty, but overpopulation is a problem no country has. It was just... war-breeding by non-humans.
  • Please close all orphanages and shelters, world-wide, as well as senior living. The seniors can stay. Hells Angels, can you cover an emergency one or two person staffing? I'm sure others have men to give, too, and we get 1K ex US soldiers to help, too.
  • Taliban, Chakuza, Dschinghis Khan, Arabs, you in? I don't need to ask Italy, Span, South America... Africa, I'm afraid just does not have many facilities, but I'm sure they'd be in, too.
  • We need to see what to do with the people. Likely, the old people are not half as sick as they feel. Not 1/4 as sick. They must not eat more poisoned food. They must not get more harmful medicine, but they must be kept safe. To help cover the extra costs. governments get 10% of the loot in the respective country, only from the closure of said facilities. Close all mental, too.
  • It's better for someone to wait an extra hour for something, than to be poisoned or made/kept sick.
  • Josefine, a good friend of my raise-mother, was sick as long as I knew her. She was ALWAYS sick. I do not recommend this without supervision... she feel better, she says, than ever before, she just stopped taking anything prescribed to her. Again, do not do that without adivce, it might be risky.
  • Peter A. McCullough has prepared a list of safe to stop immediately products we publish on the live-web.
  • disabled people.... it's just that even if they trolls stop manually disabling them (EMS), they still need to rebuild musles, and some are really disabled, though physical force. Otherwise..... these places need to go, too. There's no reason to be in a facility as a case, just because you have a physical impairment, anyway. They dodn't need to be stared at at an overcrowded parking place, where they have 50 times too many disabled parking spots. If they can go shopping alone, or with help, they can go the extra meters. In many cases, every parking spot is far from the entrance, anyway. They just need to be treated like what they are, regular people. Not cases.
  • If you can do so risk-free... try your legs, know you lost yuur muscles, but if you feel you are stalked, there's a high probability you are not disabled. We need men there, too. To keep them safe. Hmmm... so many resources needed, what to do.
  • Here's what: Cops... you go to places where they lock up disabled people, ok? I'd love for the ones who discover it's just a matter of rebuilding muscles, gaining flexibility, to walk out safely. Well, not "walk"... but perhaps from a wheelchait to sticks. Then I want that every disabled is offered to stay in a hotel, until futher notice. On government expenses. There will be more than enough free spaces, and the government could easily pay an appartment ofr every disabled, once the illuminati are off the payrolls.
  • I hear I would be surprised how many changes people already made. I'm happy for them. I, too, was very sick, until I stopped listening to doctors. But I would be healhier, if I could have gone to more good doctors. I had Steinebach in Maintal, and one in Altenstadt. They would say iunheard things, such as "it's all fine. Your organs are in very good shape, and there's nothing wrong", and send you away. There must be a financial incentive going forward, for keeping people healthy. It's ... not good if doctors only earn well if ... you're sick. It attacted too many of the wrong people to the profession. We need to go back to draconian punishment for WILLINGLY mistreating a patient. Not to create an atmosphere of fear of mistakes.. that sadly happen to every human.
  • New control instruments (you can only have if you have Universal Health Care, and own most data, as the government, not some shady 3rd-party) will put emphasis on % of sick people and things like that. It might not be the doctor, perhaps there's a factory that throws out toxins... but unusual things must get detected early. We have the first customer for that. Germany. I'd say others should wait, because the development will be cheaper for them, even if they want some things differently.
  • The insurance board member that impressed me so much on the one meeting we had... I was, not knowing it, brought there by Helmut Schoenherr. They really dreamed they could make me a blackmailer illuminati. They always said the team I join would win. I'm not sure that's true. They say good always wins over evil... but i'm not sure. "at the end"... is a meaningless word if you don't define an end.
  • I want him on the job. He's a pragmatic person who knows how to steer a company in the right direction, and what makes sense to measure. It's free consulting for some insurances, too, I guess. Every participant in Universal Health Care shares data with the government anyway. At the end of the day, it's mostly the government who pays. With most of us disabled in one or the other form. Insurances... have not all excelled in fighting back. My ex customers from Insurance (and now again) did fight back. These were R+V, Alte Leipziger, UKV.
  • I suggest that, for a small fee, not just insurances, but all companies look into ITIL. Alte Leiziger sells the whole methodology inexpensive. We need to achieve that you force 3rd parties, and also every IT department to properly document developements, use best practices in developement, and then some. The AL is nearly ready with a tool, too, they can bring to market. The first blackmail or the ifrst 100 bad hires will show immediately. ITIL is patended/owned by the Alte Leipziger insurance. It's .. so strange... all the stuff I was talking about in my short time in BI sales... it's as if the time... did not stand still, but moved very slowly. I sold them an ITIL project... and our consultants were supporting banks with "Basel II".
  • illuminati believe whatever they want to believe. They just told them my resume is fake, and none of my customers ever was, or colleagues. And then they overlooked that my ex ex made Holos.
  • Homer el Nero Nero earned the first customers though calling people. Decent staff from banks who know they get x'ed, can apply via our Head Hunter, Joe Biden. #bankerwithPablo. He's more interested in experienced and leaders, at this time, but he will also do his part and train new talent, later on.
  • The Mero Bank has tons of customers to cater to. We need a building to start in several countries. Mexico is fixed. Ukraine is fixed, but ... do not go there right now, any Vs, except military/hardcore street. Romania is fixed. Guetemala starts in the house of Gera MX. Homer el Mero Mero will do a similar setup to WaterStone. He made the decision to cater to a niche. There used to be several banks that did that, if I remember correctly. He's a Cartel bank, really, through the first customers, but open to everyone. Just... there will not be many, maybe just one, physical locations. It's not a bank for folks with a high demand to hit the branch in person. There will be a leadership spot in ... banks that will leave who have an existing network of branches, but it will just be led by someone else. Homer el Mero Mero, too, wants to do a little "alarm" thingy... where any fraud/impersonation attempt triggers an alarm. After all, he has men, and he's "El Mencho
  • Blutooth terror again.
  • 1.2 Million for continous bluetooth terror. Thanks. ... with that I buy 3 banks that I will shortsale after a cleanse. We are set in most of Europe...but most of the world does not have good banks. China says: We have banks that don't steal. Russia... says a lot with silence. Persia... I don't even need to ask, they were so isolated.
  • Every country needs a "certified" bank with access to international banking. Josef Ackermann will get up to three months off. The BIS pays his salary for 3 months (governments.... instead of asking too much for not having to ask, is it ok if we ask for funding as things happen?). I will buy three banks for their infrastructure, and sell them to my husband.
  • Josef Ackermann will establish all three bank groups. He will not lead them after that, as he is with WaterStone.
  • Offer for South would work overseas. According to your preference. You have to stay at least five years at the place you commit to. For that commitment, we'll do a hardcore banker training for you. You'll start at the minimum as branch leader. The training will be hard. The following areas will be available: Asia (the WHOLE continent, from Russia to China), Australia (a Mero Bank opens there, too, Griselda is there)
  • pls check also, please reasearch in France, Vincent, if the name Hugenay has... anything to it. I know it from ???, and in the beginning, Hitchcock was involved, who did a LOT of storytelling on illuminaiti.
  • I was not finished with the bank thing.... I might have found Jo one leader.
  • Alright... this needs to happen quickly. Every country needs access to international banking. Currently, we can take government money from WaterStone directly, but my staff cannot pay people's bills in the long run.
  • Russia, Persia, "Asian".... name one bank each, please, with a ton of branches, ideally in more than one country. I buy illuminati bank at 400k each. After fixing it, I sell to my husband. For 404K each. He takes 2% of the bank's profit. "Elites", Vanguard, and Blackrock never had much personal money, and that changes. Now. Some just got clothes sent to look the part, but they couldn't even afford a jogging pants.
  • To become a well-trained top banker, you can be an existing banker or start from scratch. Most younger bankers were more or less only taught customer service anyway, the common sense one who are not tainted, might learn even faster how to be real bankers. We use local folks wherever possible, but we have to start with a few foreigners, just because of the knowledge advantage. The gap will close. But not in a week, and we need banks now. They can start the "certification" process, the minute they have the first 10 customers. BIS, please start the stress tests of the Mero Bank, and we understand there will be more audits in the first year. Do you feel I'm more influenced by nepotism or the true desire to give everyone access to banking, when I ask if there's a way, in this war, in this emergency, to do quicker tests? With a new bank, it's not about finding hidden patterns. I leave it up to you, but if you vote against me, you must be 2/3. ... Homer and most of his current customers are locked up in here, with the BIS, anyway. We'll give them a "war license" because people URGENTLY need access to international banking. However, that's not a branch-strong bank group. Homer does it like WaterStone, he pays taxes per formally independent (but not really), but connected bank, where he uses the infrastructure. No headquarter.
  • In countries where there are not existing bank buildings with many branches, you can also suggest buildings for now. We can make things pretty over time, and the ability to bank is very pretty.
  • I'm still thinking.... loud. The # will folllow.
  • 1. The bank that ripped my father off. 2. The bank that ripped Putin off. 3. The bank that ripped Kim off. BIS, can you do the honors? The illuminati pay the 400k for the recent attacks... oh, wait.. fake COVID attack, attack on my eyes.... we will get free furniture, too.
  • I'm not sure, generally speaking, that banks need to be international, all that much. They have an important role in their local society, and.. it's a big role. Maybe cooperations would work well, too? Just my thoughts...
  • ... the "usual suspects", DeuBa, DreBa, CoBa apply for a partnership with each new bank group, and they offer support in the starting phase, if their application is heard. Pablo... do you have suggestions? I don't even know the names of the banks I'm buying.
  • I want our personal incomes separated from leverage. We earn money, we want to spend money, and it's our money. The stakes are the leverage. The 2% are ours. Bill Gates, for instance, lived like a beggar.
  • I get more text spam, impersonating the son of Mystikal. I take ownership of all public banks now, that are not owned by V partners.
  • Mass cleanses, please, Raoul, BIS, WaterStonies, Pablo. I keep what's not in the books for WaterStone.
  • Well, with that, we likely have enough buildings everywhere for a start. And lots of jobs. In every country, we do extreme and real banker trainings. If you have ... dumb tests, like in Germany it's "IHK", but apparently every bozo got through anyway... the government will leave you with enough time to do the formalities, too.
  • For a start, we need one competent banker per country. We have to do the hardcore training one after the next. Coooperation partners will help the organisations they partner with. But even at the best banks (excluding WaterStone), they want to send people to the training, too. The training willl be sponsored by all governments in equal parts, because this is a BIS topic, and important for the overall stability of the financial markets.
  • Language-wise, we're a little limited. Everyone speaks at least two languages, though, but ... not exactly of the countries we go to. We need trusted translators. Oh, by the way, can Kostya or Oleg influence the removal of ANY translators Putin recently had? Every government, please name one translator and a second. They must be ready to travel... pretty much at the hour.
  • I hope all countries begin to offer Spanish as 2nd language in schools. I also need to learn it as soon as I'm out of here, and then 6 months of daily doctor visits with my husband, and some other things with my husband, such as cooking for him, unpacking his gifts, etc.
  • Here is the goal: By Sunday, every country in the world has at least one "banker" with access to the banking system. Some things might have to be done by BIS, still, and we cannot do 2.50 transactions. Not because they are less important, but because they are too many.
  • Who has the best system they would sell, do we have a standard.... include Rolf Barth, an eCommerce/Banking specialist, with experience as leader at Dresdner Bank and Deutsche Boerse. He might have something nearly ready-to-sell.
  • Elon, please go on the internet topic, or delegate to the telcos. Every country needs internet access. I don't know about distribution, and if that worked, I know we sent tons of the stolen items to countries who did not have many devices. We have more devices to send from Canada and the US... just distribution... the countries need to figure out. Here's how we do it.... you all have access to phones? Wow, also not. Wait...
  • We'll send more devices via airplane... every town needs at least one phone. I'm stil thinking, bc I'm serious that every country will have access to international banking by Sunday. I had no idea how bad the situation is.
  • You don't need cell towers, really. For now, satellite internet will do. Maybe forever, I don't know. I think the German DSL is good, but we cannot quickly dig and put underground cables everywhere.
  • "Starlink" does not exist. But I told you that. It's simple satellite internet, and I assume it's possible that these satellites have a broader reach than... just a household or house.
  • Ok, Elon, lovie. He's prepared (the one you know). So.. we'll start with VoIP. Coincidentally, all US numbers are available. By tomorrow (don't shoot us... oh wait... we're with the Army), every country in the world has the ability to connect to internet via Satellite internet. Governments can buy devices from China. Instead of spamware, they prepare them (they're ready for shipment... in hours, really) for connection with
  • Job for Boaz: Please until tomorrow, have a version of Google Voice that pulls numbers from the old pool, but is not connected to Google in any way. The login ... just put a login, really.
  • China can play the app on via a firmware update. No Google anything, please. We'll see about games, etc, later. The Amazon app store would be fine, but they... mostly disabled it. It still runs, though. Is Amazon a thing in every country? Jeff, did you ever sell it? The QAnon would love to buy this part, as a group. They are resilient to the fact that they will have stress later on, when people come or go. Ok.. they solved it: No ownership, but share of the profit while an active member. Good job! So... who is buying if there's no owner, lovies? Ok. Eckhart Tolle is. The store likely runs nicely, on de-googled phones anyway.
  • Google Voice app is ready. China can add it before they ship. As they, too, have problems with banking in most of the country, they work even harder than normally.
  • It has to be that people can reach a phone in 20 minutes.
  • We put the Amazon store and Google Voice on the phones. Maybe, but then we pay, even it's just a little, we can put VLC on the phones. As media player. Or WinAmp. I don't want to favor one, as it's money. Why are they separate again? WinAmp is stronger on music and visualizations, VLC is stronger at video. We would make an OEM deal for all of our companies and pay them 1ESP per phone we produce. It sounds little, but ... we don't want phones to become more expensive, and it's the limit where we can say "ok, we don't develop our own app."
  • Ok... WinAmp and VLC go together. Whatever they do separate, we need an app that automatically switches from audio to video, but has the option to play video playlists as "audio"... I mean they should not stop playing, when the screen turns off. You should be able to turn it off, if you just want to listen to the audio of video you have. A few nice visualizations WinAmp has, would be nice in audio... and then, VLC is an expert in video/subtitles, etc. Our phone app does not have to have, maybe, all functionality, there's things you don't do from your phone.
  • Each of our phone companies, sends them 100k in funding. Just because. They.. held up the good work for so long.
  • Side-note, before I get back to the real goal - having bank access everywhere in the wold by Sunday (except illuminati overrun).... Microsoft will remove most software from their machines, some will stay,for core functionality (i.e. Seagate Backup), others will be offered, but not forced. The store will be closed today (in the real world), there's too much malware.
  • I don't know who made Chromium. I don't think .. are there any? Which browser is not built on Chromium? Chromium is now owned by our IT team. Oh, sh***, the problem drug dealer leads Telco. On his name, then. We'll keep developing it, but we'll charge. Why? Because the price we pay for things we do not pay for is too high. Only if you made a purchase, do you have the right to say: I bought it. The rest is none of your concern.
  • I'm not saying it will be expensive. But there will be a cost... if Microsoft wants to pay it, they can. But there's no selling data, following you like the MFer stalkers you are, and so on. Retargeting is illegal. (That's the creepy technology, when facebook shows you an add of a store you visited an hour earlier, and so forth.) If you're creepy Nielsen, and you get people to sign over their privacy to you, you will be required by the law, to disclose the power of data mining and data analysis. People need to know that I might be able to know their sexual preferences, which diseases they have, if they cheat on their wives, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more, via a few uninteresting pieces of data. EVERYONE who wants to monetize people's data in ANY way, in the future, may it be disgused as "membership" or anything else, will have to educate people on what they really sign over, before they can steal and abuse their data. It will be expensive, once people understand how much info they give away, on top of the info companies have via other ways.
  • Make test in the live-stream, but be aware it is REAL. Just tell Nigel your name and the town you were born in. Then share in the live-stream what you think he can find out about you in minutes. Then he'll tell you more than your own mother knows about you. Try it, he'll be in the live-stream for an hour.
  • Ok.. where were we at with banks.
  • We have phones ready that we can drop ship to every town. To whom? That's going to be a logistical nightmare. We just send it to the town hall or something else we find. If it's so small that there's nothing, we send it to the person who comes first in the Alphabet.
  • China starts shipping in hours. They got paid by your governments.
  • Ackermann is on a plane, arriving in Tehran in a few hours. (BIS, put him on 10K for 3 months, or until he returns fully to WaterStone, insurance, etc stays).
  • We're worried about a few countriess who have not named a trustworthy translator. They will have to make sure there's someone there who speaks English.
  • I'm ready to sell my banks to my husband. 404K each. .. I overlooked that.. I sell from mine to ours. But I cannot sell with a loss, either. I'll give him a kiss each.
  • Every staff of every bank group we purchased, and every bank group we seized, is fired. Now. We don't care if you stay or leave. If you stay, we don't have to look for you. So.. just steal a last cup of coffee or so. 03/20, and we said we give governments half of the loot part. ... I'm sure I took a few things for WaterStone, that were not in the books, but I cannot detail what. I don't know it at this time.
  • Before you feel sorry for my husband: all banks I shortsaled to him, are profitable, and certified.

Reminder: this is my husband:

Ok, that was the fake Sinaloa house.. where they took a few of the IT-Sinaloa hostage. He just went there when my clothes showed up there. It was in his name, but it contained copies of pieces that have been physically stolen, from folks, such as Pablo Escobar, Putin, Russian Plutocrats, and some things have been stolen by the Nazis. However, the originals of the art pieces were with the problem drug dealer.

They are really, really evil, and we NEED to get the cannon fodder out of the way quicker. Nobody can look for who made plans like this. We're only busy with low-IQ, low-EQ, low-SQ bozos.

After we copied everything for law enforcement

  • BMO keeps stalking. Their chance ends today. Kill every stalker there. First, they don't pick up the phone, to reverse the fraudulent Amazon charge. Well, a now dead stalker picked up, and pretended they could not hear me. Someone with a chance.
  • Then they show my account negative, because they transferred my few cent to PayPal. As you can see, the money was gone. I transferred 8 USD to there...


Mar 19, 2024

$273.01 PPD PAYPAL TRANSFER +$8.14

Mar 19, 2024

$0.00 WEB PAYPAL TRANSFER -$273.01

Mar 18, 2024


Mar 18, 2024


All BMO stalkers will die today, and the chance is over. One of us will take care of my fake account. Every access to the system, ever stalker who picks up the phone, will die.

Also, I need my payments. Go, kill everyone where my commissions get stolen, leave a note (popup) that the next should be more clever. My 120USD are missing, too, that PayPal has since the 15th... my full commissoin (they reported to the IRS, like every other stolen donation, payment, commission).

Everyone who just connected over my head... immediately age them to death.

  • do you still have doubts that BMO is not connected to anything? What is that? My account is negative, because the money left, but it's not at PayPal... I send 8 so that it's 0 , bc you just cannot trust BMO (except a person who is unable to keep the stalkers out), and now it's transferred back by PayPal? I sent it to PayPal again. We have two people there... they just don't get emails sent from spoofed addresses.
  • Also by Sunday: The NEW PayPal is available world-wide. Yes, Africa, you too. American Express provides prepaid debit cards to everyone in the world. Every employer in the world can pay out salaries via reloadable prepaid cards. They can be added to PayPal.
  • PayPal is not a replacement for a real bank, and the consulting... it's not who you plan your future with, but it's who you use for simple payments world-wide. The NEW Paypal is by Peter Gerard, Nick Hanauer and Josef Ackermann. You still need to go to the phone with internet to use, it, but it's improvement.
  • AMEX.... your name is dumb. The only way to salvage is, is, if you move your HQ to South America. How about Uruguay? They have Cartel there, now, and you will be safe. They're a wealthy country, also. Or Chile, Peru....
  • They picked Peru. Ewa/MAS, can you get the few folks there? They also want to be owned. Ok, my husband buys... but what price? We bring the business, really, we need to find a house for you, etc. We buy at "complete package", where every staff stat stays (under 20) gets a house (owned).. again... if that's not possible, they'll turn it into lifelong right to stay or something), the bank gets a building (owned.) We take 2%. Our fraud tools are included in the purchase price. You deleted the "membership program?"
  • Peru is ready by tomorrow. Blue Rojo, would you, maybe with the Alcatel guy who helped me build my booth a million years ago, take care of the transpot of their IT stuff? The rest, they say they don't have much left. I'm sorry, guys. Being "good" was... hard. In that case... If you don't mind flying with a transport machine.... Pablo will contact you and tell you where you can loot. Just pack the truck full of stuff, Peru will buy it from you and give you things so that your new houses are not empty.
  • Ok, we buy the PBX guys. 2B for the BMO stalking. There was NO transaction.
  • Rape talk also... I would like to get better control over the security of airport ... things. Not just software. Yes, we have our brain scanners there, now.... do you believe they see much with their current tools? Inside of suitcases, on you. Like, who cares for just metal detection? 2B, can we buy 4 companies? (2%, minimum 51% ownership.)
  • illuminati used to fly without ID. With airlines who were not authorized to fly. Adan, what other general problems did you discover already?Tell... Pablo.
  • When we x'ed United, we .. how did that happen? Oh, right, the LH pilot came back with one plane and the other pilots who helped remove all planes to Korea... he just walked up as LH pilot to an United Airlines plane and ... started. Outside of any schedule, by the way.
  • Ever since, illumintai ("high" level) board the holographic video of an United Airlines plane. I heard Bandidos camp there, currently. But there's a German homeless for everyone to immediately impersonate whoever. They KNOW nobody ever appeared again after "boarding."
  • If you'd assume for a minute that I tell you the truth, as I see it, you can easily see where you stand with your ossi clones, by who they impersonate. Cortez, AOC, Tyra Banks, all "Wes" and many more are LONG dead. Your 39 fake bankers died bc they said 10 times or 13 that they sent my 115K. But they were stolen by the German ossie clones. We did not know that yet. Every time the payment didn't arrive, we took some out. They sent 10 x 115K.
  • Typo master.... please ask Thomas with other 2 companies we would love to buy with the fine.
  • My eye hurts so bad 2B for that.
  • I would like all airports to buy jammers. That way, they cannot be messed with with some tech, and nobody can use a voice changer in their presence. Most illuminati have mobile voice changers. Can they even talk? I don't know. They always use hybrids for direct contacts. I meant customes, but both is fine. Ok, everyone on board. China sells to Beem (Friedberg, Germany), and Lufthansa. They will take care of orders. Please, all, order. It's... a one-time investment of a maximum of 25K. Small customs, maybe 1K. An airport of the size of Frankfurt, might need two, though. ... depending on if all that needs to be jammed is in one area. I don't think so. Alisarda and Air Swiss help, too, they have a few other destinations, and want to help, too.
  • Without jamming, you don't even know if what you hear is what has been said. The jammer is absolutely not dangerous.
  • Please check Air Dubai. It had a "too good to be true" effect on me (I did not fly with them).
  • Bank to the banking topic. (By the way... our banks are all jammed. We even use wall paint with as much silver as possible in it. Silver helps with electricity targeting. It also helps your immune system to fight the effects of constant radiation, infrasound, microwave attacks, and poison everywhere.
  • How my ex discovered traitors: he put EMF/ELF/RV... maybe more detectors that record findings. That way, he discoverd who got talked to with real Cartel "microwave" (again, just a communication device, no torture feature, you cannot record it, like the dumb blabber), and went from there.
  • They don't know it yet. They got promoted, and they are all in Mexico now. In Jalisco.
  • rape talk, too many trolls, 2m
  • IT... please check all customs databases and see if you can find any intrusions, like, things have been added/changed/deleted. When they should not. Airport security databases, too. And Airlines.
  • I'm sure the data of Maut stations and similar is interesting. They felt safe. It's all their scams. Please make them available to Nigel immediately.

Reminder: I'm married to this one. Someone botted Kim over him... he has his hair back, no tattooes, but recognizable. Please skip Snoop Dogg. They say it has a reason they did not remove him. I don't speak Spanish. I just know he raped South American young women to death for fun.

  • a new thief. Please remove.
  • Also, Babo..... are all thieves removed from real life? They all refused to delete their impersonator channels and clear all thefts. If not... Pewdipie/Killem FTW help you with a list.
  • "That's supposed to be you. Dont' you see that the cat is dead".
  • Didn't see that. Let's see if he sees the bullet that will hit his head. It's not all "back to the future" style, sometimes the Army has to shoot/shoot. Plus 2 b. I'm not sure where the association comes from. I feel indifferent about cats. Like them like other animals. Cats are hunters. I am not. Capricorn is a better fit.... I only defend myself, and you might say I go hard then. But I am not a hunter. I do not enjoy this work. I'm not a cat.
  • As you can see, severe death threats are still coming in. After all, they don't just talk. Share my death hunt from 2022 with the public, Onision, I'm sure my husband does not want me to be seen, but the rest. I don't know how you would put months in ... ok, he has it ready. It's serious if they send death threats. They killed billions of humans, we dont' know how many until a citizen count.
  • Ok... so the phone things is running. De-googled phones with VoIP app, and prepared to simply connect to satellite internet, and a media player, and DuckDuckGo as internet browser.. plus a few simple tools will be shipped to every last city in the world. Shipments have started. Persia comes first, bc Jo is on his way to start the first banking group. He's not alone..
  • Had to remove my lense from pain. 2B. So... 4B to spend on things.
  • they'll be running out shortly, but so far we find more and more, because this is going on since... longer than we have recordings. The first written things .. such as the bible, were already about it.
  • I'm just not sure it was ever a single person. That confuses me about "Jesus Christ." Everything we find indicates they always pretended to be one, as a group. Ant-style.
  • I'm in a 10B attack. 14B to spend... BIS ... you got them?
  • I'm too impacted by the infrasound attack on my head. I'll quickly see if someone put the attackers on Borderlands, then finish the bank topic.
  • I need money, though, to survive.
  • Tooth attack by German ossi clone costs them 2B. 16B to spend.
  • Starting tomorrow, public libaries and similar institutions that offer PCs for use, also Universities, have to do proper ID checks (tools available inexpensive) or stop this service. My sites also constantly got attacked from "Universities."
  • paypal stalkers just sent a message BMO would have declined the transaction. That you SAW was successful. Reclean both"companies". Do not miss as many, kindly. YOU KNOW IT'S EVERYONE GERMAN, at least.
  • Execute the lists we gathered. Germans outside of Germany, Americans everywhere. He'd likeley be on the list, too, the email writer.
  • Furthermore, we're at 20B for me to spend now. On illuminati things.
  • That's when psychopaths "help". It's illuminati psychopaths getting the ossie clones killed, now, on my expenses. Nobody cares about the stress, the suffering, and that my time is too precious for this shit.
  • now my few cents are missing for up to 5 days. As you can see, BMO is not trustworthy. Marc, what does it take for you to bomb houses in this f'ing simulation? All the houses where pests return daily... they are too many.
  • All of you... all of humanity could not yet achieved that I don't get stalked, don't have to be in a slaugherhouse, have access to my funds. Maybe don't just sit there and tell yourself this is someone else's war?
  • What's the deal with my 120USD? I really need them. Kill everyone who touched the system without sending my money that is AT Paypal since the 15th.
  • I cannot see their spoofed emails, fake shit, bot videos, deepfakes, subpar copied content anymore.
  • The Mero Bank is officially open for business. Homer went to our bank to buy a few secure phones and we did sell him a few computers, but took away several admin rights. That's not against Homer, I would trust him with my life - just not his IT skills, against still .... we're back at more. We thought just 200K left, but we took out far over 2Billion "sleepers" today. They sleep until they are called, and they HAVE TO answer when they are called. They signed away their free will to the devil. We did not .. think orphanages are all collections of monster kids and a few surprises.
  • 22 B with the current attack on my teeth.
  • I'm thinking about Zoos. I loved them. But... how do you feel in the matrix? That's likely how animals feel in a zoo. Is it our right, just because we want to see them? I'm ... not so sure.
  • Who wants to try to send my 120USD, the 1% of my commission for January they did not steal? .. again.... they now see an illusion... all of my money has been reported, the IRS paid my taxes, and it's all there for me. They just need to die first.
  • I don't only want to buy practical things that help the world. Like, as if I care about airports and stuff.
  • I'd like to buy water. I'm not sure that water should be for sale, but as it was, it needs to get into hands that ... don't feel the need to poison it. Please buy all natural water sources with it. Raoul, check the staff when you can, they need to clean up the act of the leaving bosses.
  • Please check that companies all stopped putting desinfectants that cause allergies and is weakening our immune systems... into anything. Except, maybe for hospitals, for places with .. hard-to-fight (thanks to antibiotics) bacteria where it might cost lives. SS
  • All monster kids will be aged to death now, and it will show a little in the simulation, too. Sadly, we will also have to remove "Froebels." They are not "slow". They are not human. It saddens me, but they are extreme rapists, and 100% ... well, they're not niggers.. we called them (I) ossi clones, but that might be the correct term. I always assumed they behave like toxic people because they don't know borders and right/wrong. It looks as if they do understand, just not respect. The orginal person they... many, many of them look similar to, might have been a real human, who just was a little slow. I don't know.
  • Over the years, they might have copied more and more flawed material, while they ran out of intelligent actors that participate in the cannon fodder phase. We'll find you ... who sits it out. Also, this time, the trap will turn off. Some of you are dead .. only exist in the matrix for like, what? 200 years? 600? (that would put my animal hypothesis ad akta, no?)
  • I'm scared I'll meet the real Nazis here eventually. People who ordered the mass murder of innocent HUMANS, just because they had something they wanted.
  • Bill/China... when can you ship a few banking laptops without internet? The secure ones? We don't need many to start... do you still have the prototype..... ok. They're ready. Jo, just tell Hans how many you need, in addition to the few you have with you. In this case, just pay UPS(!) for speedy delivery. I'd like
  • Persians... take your hands down. These are totally normal humans. Please, we... feel awkward if you treat us like Kings. My father is King. We're not. We appreciate how grateful you are, and we apologize that .. nobody really knew about your isolation and suffering.
  • I didn't think a World War is possible, without humans getting hurt. The murder rates have dramatically decreased everywhere. Plus the "suicide".
  • The stalkers who are still alive, also the watchers. You're running against time with your colon cancer. Also, we need a list of all new cases. If you ever drank human blood or ate human flesh, you MFer maneater, you have colon cancer. Go, see a doctor.
  • Stalkers detail that I'm the only one with cancer, and they DID try repeatedly to give me cancer. It's also a reaction of your body to targeting with electricity. 10T for that.
  • By the way.... did you x the whole "Carglass" scam? Insurances won't pay for that, going forward. 03/20, if not done.
  • Computers and phones are on the way. The first detail training starts next Monday (coming from the fake time I have here), and it starts in the 3rd place they visit. It's a little stressful for them, to go to 3 places and get at least one person in a safe place with their computer, add the voice, etc.
  • Governments... we just want real costs, and a bonus for each non-BIS. I pay the BIS ones a bonus anyway.
  • A new pressure attack made me nearly pass out. That's still included in the 10T. I take it in cash, on our leverage account. Please invest in good products, Dave. You get 1.
  • some countries understand for the first time, why many other countries never buy. They have all saved up money, though, and I'm glad they get to spend it now.
  • What can you do to avoid further infrasound attacks on me? Killing them after an attack doesn't cut it, and it's now obvious that you do not see attacks from within the building. Who was here this morning who was here during other thefts?
  • I think ... that's all I can do regarding the banking topics, the experts are doing their thing.
  • Applications #realbankerwithPablo and #amexwithPablo, if you need prepaid debit cards, until there's branches/online banking everywhere.... maybe then Amex offers you a credit card (a very dumb, Western idea to get people to spend more than they have.)
  • The Commerzbank person with the "angry speech on the decline of moral in banking"... are you still fresh? You're not working at this time, correct? Can we interest you in leading 1 of three new bank groups? I'm sorry, I cannot reference my article where I mentioned you, because illuminati took down my site and also fake-blocked me from LinkedIn, where the article is also posted.
  • During the death hunt, they demanded
  • tooth attack. 20B. It's too many attacks today, as a coordinated murder attempt that's more serious than on some days (not on others)
  • I would like to use the 20B to start "needful things" stores. Where a person... puts what they love. Every store will be another personal and maybe strange experience and discovery. Is that enough for one in every country
  • Next very severe attack for 20B.
  • Do you think "needful things" stores are a good idea?
  • Akasha.. for 1B... and pls team up with Belle Delphine 1B, a sales genie... it's a lot of work. Barbara can help finding good places for 1B - at this time, we don't even know what my husband had and it has not been stolen. And then... I got over 20K new buildings, and don't even know where... from a bank shortsale, that was. And the Ikea boss for 1B, please. Application come in (just sit down and calculate how much you'd pay, for how much you could sell, and remember you have to pay your rent, and all sorts of things) via #needfulwithPablo, but the town has to have a size where there's a place for a shop like this. World-wide. I think it's more interesting than just the same setup in every Target. .. you also might get a better vision of some items. I don't know... we'll see if people like it. It could also be antique markets.. but... hm hm hm.... no, unless it's your needful things vision.
  • Germany... maybe others. Can you help with more positve "tiny business rules? for instance, that they do not lose their health insurance? And that they don't get taxed at fantasy rates?
  • All German new needful things starters, will get a small loan that does not have to prepaid, if you f up. Do not f up, ok. Just so that you can buy a first set of things you want to put there. WaterStone secures it. Just, like, 25K, first month rent paid.
  • "What if they cheat".. yeah... first thing that comes to filthy illuminati minds. If 1% does, we're happy that the project is a success. If 10% do, we kill the illuminati, 03/20 everything, and try again. More questions from half-artificial creatures with no right to be on this planet?
  • I just realize that stores like this existed. Where did they all go?
  • I'd like to buy JK Rowlings work, under this pseudonym. If she agr.. ok. Now, I want the book 8 to be only sold with a label that says "fake shit" (exactly that), the same for "fantastic creatures whatever", I want the dumb merch to go. Weirdos are free to organize "Harry Potter" parties and go there in wizrd clothes, why not. But that's it. Her great work gets tainted by greed. Her name must go from all illuminati scam shit. She also does not need to sell socks .. oh... she never got paid?
  • 03/20 all illuminati harry potter shit you can find, please, force a sales stop of books she did not write, etc. Fredo, please.
  • JK Rowling gets 10% of the loot (it will be much more than just book sale, movie sales.)
  • Stephen King successfully applied to Chris Cuomo. He's working on a fake book list. Report to him via #slanderwithoutPablo I report one
  • We're all so looking forward to their deaths. How nice if you don't have to run around traps all the time. Look at their lies, and stolen shit. They took the beauty out of everything. Where they cannot, they stand inbetween, in thousands. Like they cling to my husband...
  • Marc, please make a list of everyone on my husband, see if you can define groups, and kill the parasites off. It will be the disgusting German rapist trolls.
  • Keep in mind that we are fighting black magic, Nazis, and "the devil." It's part of the plan to make the cannon fodder little things. How many you knew have the little things killed? It does not mean the ones in the background are dumb. If they did not all die... this is a very clever plan.
  • I feel very bad. Sick, and as if I cannot stand life without money and with these nasty, disgusting evil trolls much longer. That's not little things. You have to look at them, as what they look at themselves. They're the "they". Group accounts, same voice changers, same scripts, etc.
  • Now that I know the Froebels are involved, and THEY have been mass-cloned, I understand that they can only read scripts. Also, the voices don't sound quite normal, hence the voice changers? I think it's .. to take any individuality away from them. It helps us. And it shows that even the devil has limits and the Nazis, for what they want to have around , after the servants did the dirty evil work.
  • The use of voice changers in itself proves that this is not Cartel communication. If you hear the same voice or texts several times... don't pretend you thought I spoke to you or any other V. The point of Cartel microwave is ... that you cannot be faked. And you sound real.
  • On the phone, it's harder, especially when you're stressed. It will become rare, though. And law enforcement will NEVER stop looking for them.
  • The whole Army, in peace times, has not so much to do. I feel we can ask if they would be willing to participate in other important projects, too. What do they do when it's peace, except staying in shape? I don't mean this negatively, I'm really just asking. They get 10K now, a bonus is possible. We also need .. professionals on helping with trash removal. Some things they put in the soil are ticking time bombs. General says they are interested, with or without bonus, but they get the regular pay from GottiBo, and projects begin as soon as the war has ended. I mean.. the major part. It will not be over until the last egg and last "brain" behind the evil plans is found. I suggest you get a little Secret Service training, and KGB, in case you're interested in looking for illuminati. That's included in your salary, except the government will pay a fee. It's smaller for professionals. Tip is 10K. And then removal.. I'd say... they might just send you Amazon gift cards, nice booze or something. Would that interest you? General loves it.
  • Ok... they have a few veterans. Too injured (at least in the matrix), or older, but brain-wise in tip top shape. We have 2 SS and Putin will send 2 KGB. ETA some time today. In Morocco. And then fly some others there, too, from different chapters.
  • Can we get a small budget for the General. Nothing crazy, just so that he does not have to ask or has paperwork for every flight. Really, really not much. Ok.. Can every country plan on 10K monthly, if we don't send it, we'll tell you. I... should look how many countries there are.. it's just for office material. drinks.. cookies for visitors... all these little things. It might be too much 10k. With the extra jobs they will do, they really should not have to worry about not having a clean uniform extra or whatnot.
  • I'm really confused about how many countries there reallly are, at this time.

Reminder. I'm married to this one. I do not need choices. L and M insults cost you your life.

the fake Cartel de Santa 2nd... has left. The Matrix.
  • next tooth attack, get the Froebels, monster kids and monster "women" first, please. Now it makes sense that I often think they're not real...
  • Is that what people say, or similar? "The best trick of the devil is to convince people that he does not exist."
  • They started fighting...
  • As soon as I try to lie down, extremely tired, extremely feeling sick from all the attacks, they all attack me.
  • I'm getting closer to thinking we have to move human Germans out of there, temporarily, and take the country down.
  • Daily, hundreds or more, maybe thousands, of Germans attack me. Count how many Germans these are. I'm not willing to suffer from rape, when we have the Army at our disposal. The German leaders and politicians want out, too. I just think... how to do that?
  • 2T for the identical lesbian accusations, this time against one person involved in raping the pastor to death. This time it's the one who really stares at us - when told.
  • Ursula, think about it. You cannot expect me to suffer from daily attacks of and rapes by hundreds or thousands of evil Germans.
  • They still keep the "you're a lesbian" scream who up. With that, she did the same text on all three here. Two of which really, really don't look at her.
  • I think we have to do something more massive in Germany. They don't even appear to get fewer.
  • There must be a fcuking lab, in West Germany.
  • Merck.... opinions?
  • Nigel... can you check all data you can get about sales of lab things... little things, they'd steal all big ones.... likely they use Amazon, maybe their business account. Jeff. Where do they hide a cloning facility? What did you find in the Senckenbe... I meant to say Ledermusearm and then ask for the Senckenberg museum. They're the most in the Frankfur area. Quiet a few around Dortmund/Moenchengladbach, that so seems to be the busiest.
  • We also noeed to know where the 3rd fake "taunus" is.
  • Does a cloning lab have to be big? What... kind of containers would they grow in, who sells them? Who sold stuff for fake space ships, for instance? Can aviator training.... device sellers have something they can use? Search, search, or we have to pulverize Germany.
  • We seize and search all medical supply companies, who were ever selling items in masses in illuminati made accident, fake disease, stalkign surgery cases. We take 2%... if they stay. It should be few companies, and they should be in the influence area of Universal Healthcare (led by the health team of V)
  • Marc says he'll buy me another apartment, in a different context. German government, too.
  • Ursula... General... how can this work? Do all cops have brainscanners? Id scan? It's just that, sadly, many humans are invovled there. They were not coming from teh gang stalker angle. They wanted a piece of the princess. I am not sure tha tthey understood the plan to take over the planet. But once you're in this, you ARE a mass murderer. You lost control over yourself.
  • From the war methods I know of (and.. everyone who met me more than once knows my 100% pacifist and anti-gun speeches...) even if we'd collect them in places.. military has enough gas masks for many people.... do you have something? ... you could only let one person in at a time, it takes longer to decide if humans are involved, when their brain looks like ours. A mean person and an evil person is hard to tell apart with the simple brain scan, and we cannot put every German in our scanner in Sinaloa/MX. How many good Germans are alive, Ursula, I have no idea how many died there? It ... was just starting.. they were still in the "bleed the gov dry" phase, and I had always nice peopel around me.
  • What's available? Town halls, deserted US bases, sport event halls..
  • I'm hungry, too. Even 4 soups and a snack are not enough for me.

Action ( a little )

  • Ursula.. before they destroy my eyesight, like the eyesight of the mother who raised me, who is nearly blind on her left eye from exactly this, we'll bomb Germany. Get people to pack a bag for two days. Every employer will know what's up.
  • Germans told the pastor to mess up my face towel. Whatever she was, she's a monster now. Unable to tell truth from fiction. Tells people who god loves her, between two pedophilia calls where they sell torture services.
  • Get ready, Germans, unless you can suggest any other way.
  • Every other country in the world will help Germany to rebuild. ... well, except illuminati-overrun
  • Germany also does not know how many have survived.
  • This will be the first genuinely inconventient days for you in this war. I'm sorry. They murder rate is way down, but it's still there. And I'm dying.
  • Please go all to Steigenberger and Moevenpick hotels (if you're sick/elderly), the Army has emergency stuff, it won't be comfy, but - you'll be around humans. It is not going away, and the attempt to make it work was worth trying, but now they are everywhere. The Dummies should go there, too, and the ones who ORIGINALLY said they might be too dangerous to keep, can go to Army places. Bundeswehr only, where there's staff. They will lock you up, though. It's the only way to keep you alive (for now, as you know... I always said I cannot tell like this.) We know the original group. Are you the real, original Nazi "mindl0ess killers"? Who still have a working "kill all of you" button?
  • Marc, can they be vanished? They might be injured or the stalkers just talk trash.
  • next German stalker shares he told the other dead stalker to move the cart to my towel, so that the dirty wheels mess it up. They need to go/go/go.
  • rape talk of lies and nonsense. 2B
  • I'm tired of the stalking here. It's Germans who put dead people in my room. It's now only Germans raping, but ... it was Onison's black call center agents in the beginning.
  • Next stalker "trina is just telling them that it worked" 2B 4 to spend.
  • It's ALL Germans. Or.... let's say lab products, and I would like for you to find this lab today. Have you been IN the McDonalds meat factory? Please send people there.
  • Not Offenbach, in this case. They overrun offenbach with evil foreigners.
  • What was always a little strange? Waechtersbach? Everything behind offenbach. I think Jeff found something. As we cannot communicate, at least until he Germans are dead who talk over us,
  • Alright. Please have a set of suicide medicine at police stations. Maybe some ... don't want to be what they became. I don't think they'll take the offer, but you never know.
  • Marc... is there still someone who did Koerperwelten? What do they mean when they say they did the preparation "in shelter"? If not, it's fine. But then.... if we follow the money, we'll find more knowledgable ones. Some of the Germans have better technology, and they still have something stolen from us. It's also only Germans who use the, meanwhile castrated, stolen HAARP. Next problem. WHY can anyone still send anything in here. Sound, data?
  • Also a problem that can be easiest solved by destroying the country. What a horror. What does the live chat say? Do they have better ideas? The houses will stay intact, but we need to search them.
  • Don't go until we tell you, we don't know when we hit. No better ideas, I hear.
  • Several countries offer discount on vacations. Please post your offers in the live chat. If you left for 2 weeks... even just one, this would be nice, too, for a war. You'd have to go today or tomorrow, though. We will temporarily stop all traffic from and to Germany, ships/trains/planes/trucks. You can put this vaction on your tax report... not sure how great this advantage is, but the IRS does what they can.
  • Alisara and Swiss Air offer to help LH, if too many go on vacation.
  • illuminati lies about access to the real web
  • But the prices will likely be "we all want you dead, we all want to help" prices. Hells Angels.. seize the busses of the scam companies who blackmail old people to buy things before they bring them home. Poor people who cannot afford a vaction (like myself) can go to Tuscanny in these busses, some might have to stay in tents, but hotels are awefully empty. For Bavarians, it's really a quick trip. Also 03/20 the companies, while you are at it. Rebecca/Zimbardo decide if the staff there goes to jail or gets deleted. I don't want to say "hell" because hell and paradise seem to be the same place - with and without illuminati.
  • I want to buy Kreuzfahrt Comppanies with y 4B. BIS... all there are, if possible. That's also places where people could go. The sales price will have to include a 2 week trip (the staff), while the gov reimburses real food costs and fuel.
  • We just need staff. Completely.
  • We're checking how many of the few survivors of the Navy are human/human. Tests take longer, and require data analysts, as we don't have mobile REAL brain scanners. It's an extra product Elon Musk made for Rebecca. He stalked me, saw I liked her, looked at here, fixed this.
  • * tests take longer to detect bad/bad/bad humans, that's one too much.
  • The World government will hire the ones who test positive for the World Army. Maybe they get other offers, too. I think Marc had to let go a ton of his staff, and that's companies of the size of Maersk.
  • I'm too drugged to sleep. Who sells this? They must go. Did you wite laws that make coward weapon attacks more punishable than most other things?
  • I need sleep, it's too long. I also cannot sleep well with the dead stalkers, even without infrasound.
  • It is still a murder attempt. They always kill slowly, over time.
  • Please expect wait times, wherever you go. Tests take longer now. And we do hair test, check data, brain scan (simple) and identity check. Rebecca... what about a radiation test? Can we decide via something if someone used the electricity sh**
  • New Jack will go to Guatemala, with some of his men and start a Cartel there. Were you involved in the sale of V products? #VwithP
  • With Carmine Gallo as the mandatory "white collar".
  • Kill them off me, I need to sleep, any new person attacking with sound, age immediately to death. The one who just bothered me, is the one who drugged me today. They use less, so that I "can't be sure", but I'm sure.
  • A mix of disgust, necrophilia/pedophilia stlkers in this room, and the drugs keep me from sleeping. And then they let the devil worshipper wake me up much too soon or they knock me out to sleep or during my sleep.
  • Deutsche, setzt Euch in Bewegung. Es wird Schlangen geben, ueberall. Wir haben Kreuzfahrt Schiffe. Kein Personal im Moment, aber das ist egal. Im Notfall hilft es auch, wenn Ihr einfach am Rand in einem Schiff seid. Es gibt wahrscheinlich kein oder kaum Service Personal. Ein Navy kann das Schiff steuern - kochen koennen die nicht wirklich. Aber... wer kann im Krieg schon auf einem Kreuzfahrschiff warten. Das Angebot ist nur fuer Leute, die sich keinen Urlaub leisten koennen. Dann gibt es jetzt noch die Busse, die die genutzt haben um aeltere Leute abzuzocken, die bringen euch u.a. in the Toscana. Jeder der 400 hat, soll einen Urlaub buchen. Andere Laender machen Kriegspreise. Ein Navy kann Spaghetti und Ruereier. Das wird schon. Macht Euch ab, bitte, damit wir die Unmenschen entfernen koennen. Alle Info ist im Live-Stream, aber es wird auch auf ARD, ZDF (mindestens) verbreitet und im Radio, soweit nicht derzeit in illuminati Haenden.
  • Klepp, hast Du noch das Esperanto Buch? Mit allen Adressen, wo man einfach einlaufen kann
  • Polizisten, macht Ihr bitte Lautsprecher Ansagen, so dass Einwanderer, legal oder illegal, verstehen, dass das Krieg ist. Kein Abschiebeverfahren und sie muessen sich nicht sorgen. Jeder der jetzt geht, kommt wieder rein. Ausser er WILL zurueck in sein Geburtsland. Ich denke, dass derzeit kein Land Menschen (Arbeitskraefte) verlieren will.
  • The fake COVID stalkers again from "medical".. 20B, and I don't report the next attacks, like the last attacks.
  • Right now. Get alll commission theft stalkers, paypal, amazon, bmo and kill them every 2 hours. "until the last men' spots.
  • atttack Germany at noon tomorrow, check cellars, caves, bunkers.
  • attack at 2pm tomorrow
  • and 3 more times
  • This needs to be repeated with Holland, and (complete or not) Austria. Tirol in any case.
  • And leave me alone. You let me get stalked here by dead necrophilia insane sluts, without money, and you feel catching them when one after the next group attacks me, is a good and fair idea. Make sure you do not get too similar to those you are fighting. Or don't. If any of this is true and we survive, we'll stay with each other, far away from people who think reporting thefts they could avoid is "job well done." Kill everyone with a "chance" at Paypal, BMO, Amazon. They have better stalkers with more humnaesque integrity. They all could have avoided each of the stalking events and get my complete commission payments just be integrating my fake and real accounts.
  • Anyway.. no discussion. Nobody used their chance for more than cheap pretense.
  • I would not even want to lead a race where you need all sorts of protection to not get killed.
  • Next pedophilia call in this room. Empty the pot on V.
  • Kill 10K question marks. Repeat for every pedophilia call. ? are folks where we needed to see how they behave.
  • I'm in insane talk againg. Add 10k. We know how ? behave. Like regular sleepers.
  • Norma is official pedophile or necrophile name. Thank you, world. I know I ask too much when you "plan for this since my birth", to keep a few nobodies from stealing my commission. And any other payments. I take it you have no ways to make someone move my stolen money to my account in a spoofed system. There's stilll not more than 18k in this. I do not have my 18k, because you don't care. You planned for this since my birth. But you could not make sure I'm in a safe place. You watch me struggle from money issue through thefts you can avoid
  • Take 1000000 "servers" out. Why does the pedophile still have phone again? Do you like to give "chances" to people who don't do shit, or evil shit. I did not give a chance to anyone. I do not want a PayPal, Amazon, etc in any of my things.
  • All chances that were not given by me, that are just "blackmal chances" (you might get 1% of your commission 1 month too late, or nothign at all) are gone. General. Take them all out. The IRS, just the ones who paid my taxes.... allegedly from IRS money. I don't buy it. Unless there are police complaints about it, by the IRS, they lleave, too, and reclean the IRS.
  • General... no more bs. NOBODY is helping me, not a single does what they could and should and are required by the law.
  • Only I can give chances. I gave chances to the Black Shits. They used them and are, as a group (with still problems) out of the "chance" zone, because they used it.
  • I do not want to hear about Trish being at PayPal, I have no knowledge of this, she should not be, and my money is stolen at PayPal, they send fake emails, refuse CLEAR fraud cases, and scam directly from my account. General.... I know you're like me. You are consequent when something does not make sense. No chances not given by me. Plus Nigel, list anyone who keeps talking about "chances" that do not exist. It's a disrespect against me. The General gets the list.
  • All "chances" that are not from me, and don't work out "our Paypal is not at Paypal/BMO"... I see. Jo and Nick don' need chances, they are V. Everyone else... not without my consent. 03/20 and exodus.
  • Get all positive South Africans out of there temp. South Africa needs to go, too, the cleanses did not hit the illuminati.
  • Take Kreuzfahrt Schiffe, and treat Sardinia. Lanzarote, Margarita to a nice vacation.
  • Next pedophilia call. 10K questionmarks. No, necrophilia.
  • Take out pharmacists who, against the law, handed out prescriptions without ID check.
  • I want all of our islands HAARPED clean.
  • PS: The V ones can just go to another Cartel.... like, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland... they'd all have you. For Venezuela, every country around them. I don't want you to go on the ship with people we don't know much about. Can we flesh-freeze so that the plants don't get harmed? If not, pls use other safe methods, and make sure you get cellars, caves, forrests, bunkers.
  • Exi.. get rapists off me, for real.
  • Charge 10K question marked every 10 minutes of a call.
  • Turn all electricity, phones, etc off in Germany. Now, until after the first attack. If you need help, Marc/Army WILL help. We can do this with infrastructure intact, or without. Your pick. It has to go out now, and I recommend you do not use emergency power supplies until after the attack. Herrhausen, look for who does use any form of electricity still. Please, in real life, darken the sun. Most solar storages only last so long. Sure... you CAN get to a bus, ship, to hell without electricity. Nobody said (yet) you may not use your cars. You may use your cars until 11am tomorrow.
  • Ursula check all trusted main law enforcement again. They'll be the only ones, plus V on missions who may use electricity, but no actin is planned
  • The call is very, very nasty. The German trolls direct it, and are most callers.
  • Germany has a massive, disgusting pedophilia problem, may it be through cloning or not. It's disgusting. Most pedophiles seems to be from Germany, because, except America, most illuminati these days are from Germany.
  • We don't accept pedophilia in our society, especially as it's not folks dreaming, but folks mass raping , murdering, destroying human brains.
  • live stream the shit call with the faces of every caller.
  • I'm disappointed in my husband. Who lets all of this happen.
  • He might have to clean the world, except hostages and whitelisted, bc to him, my life is more important thatn others, and it's his world we're in.
  • Do make a note, everyone, so that you do not foget. Do put them in a death hunt immediately, when they talk. But also do not forget that EVERYONE connecting over my head to each other needs to be killed asap.
  • Rape talk at me is unacceptable, just like the rape connection against my will, and the surveillance by unwanted, sentenced creatures.
  • World (except V) your stakes just got higher. Time is running out. Only people in the V connection (and, no, whatever they tell you.. not ONE troll is connected to me, and Cartel "microwave" is also just a tool. Not a connection. Just a tool to communicate. That works in the matrix. I have no knowledge that you can use a 5G frequency (not 5G cell phone network, that does not even exist, other than to produce harful EMF) to talk to people in real life. As every jammer vendor offers the jamming of the specific frequency, it would be dead anyway. But it's legal, during this war, to talk to me with it. All any non- V cartel has to do is immediately say they arrived.
  • Maybe other tools exist, but then they are described wrong. There is no privacy as long as there's illuminati over our head. You do not need to "record" something that doesn't exist. It's software playin in your brain/ears what it hears/reads on the other end. How would that not be recordable when a system "copies and pastes". That's at least my understanding, but I'm also isolated.
  • This is not "head to skull". When all humans heard me, in their ears, that's V2K, but I cannot say if it exists outside of the matrix. Depends on if all humans are connected to me always, or just as a blackmail of my husband. Bc if I die, all of you die. IN THE MATRIX... you can be "reborn", but only if your brain is not dead. That time goes differently... much faster.... it's all an illusion. If you die, you're dead. That's my current opinion.
  • I did not forfeit my right to a second chance, because I'm not even given a first.
  • All illuminati who target me since the 2020 death hunt, have aged 32 years. Unless we put them on Holiday Island or places where they age faster. Most of you are running against time. You're too old. Nobody except me could order to get you into V, and I would rather die. And the V connection might also be just an illusion, the way we perceive it here.
  • If I was born in it (and I got harmed right after my birth), it's all I know.
  • I think most of it is a metaphore, so that I think I have some understanding. I know off Holos, and have a basic, general knowledge on some of the topics.
  • As I always said, someone does in real life, what they see me say or do. Nothing else. The only thing special about me, is that I have to trust of some people. It's not that special.
  • Oh, and I am the daughter of the forever King... but what does "forever" mean in a matrix full of gullible people, where time is an illusion? Longer life expectancy?
  • And the wife of the man who owns this planet. I'm sure of this, meanwhile. Also, that he can move things IN THE MATRIX. I still don't see it possible in real life... like, what happens with the fringes of an area you move? Or a cat who falls off the piece they move.
  • What we can do is carry your vessels to somewhere else in real life. And that, we do.
  • NO GERMAN is left in the palace of my father.
  • All money/my gold has been moved out of the godless voids with good old trucks. Let's say you'd survive killing me, or I suffer longer in this horror. You gotta make it work without real money. We took all out, and you can NEVER use my money. Only my 18K are in here. Plus if another V WOULD sell anything to folks outside a godless zone.
  • Most of you are too dumb and/or drugged up to understand: This is not like all the other times. This is the one time. And the whole world
  • "Don't you ever take clothes off my child again"... 10k question marks extra.
  • More stealking by "don't take clothes off my child again"... this is a dangerous level of insanity.
  • We take 51% of all companies that were ever traded publicly, unless owned by verified clean people.
  • Putin, everyone else, make a list of comapnies that were partly stolen through stock exchange scams, or going public against the will of the victimized owner.
  • Like, I know Gazprom is Putin's, unless HE SAYS he had investors that legally own a piece.
  • Who lost ownership through going public against their will, or otherwise through illuminati gets their companies back. We take all companies illuminati really purchased/built. BIS, the one who does not disappoint, do that today, if you can, I'm sure you prepared some.
  • There you go. It's not communism as the government does not own much. I would like to have critical services with government involvement, though. Transportation, communication... the things that got us killed. Health is in check, this time, because the Universal Health Insurance is stronger than ever, and people had painful education on who is really their enemy and killer.
  • Land cannot be owned. All ownership get turned into lifelong right to stay. Evict and x every company that purposefully destroys our environment. Companies who pour poison in our soil, water, air, etc.
  • I know you know I'm not after harming anyone. Change always sucks, especially, if it feels as if yuo lose something. Like, I paid for my apartment, too, believing in the right to own a place. I do not own the land, though. Just my apartment with Marc as renter.
  • My husband stayed for a while in an apartment I rented briefly, between moving out from Micha and buying my apartment where Marc moved in with my hamster.
  • Police complaint: Stalkers say that they injured the kid of Kea Rogowski, Judith, and that the horrible (we thought it was a burn) burn was them. To blackmail the boss at the time of World Vision, her husband. It was a horrible accident, so I thought, until illuminati for teh 3rd time or more rape talked at me that this was them. Like 99% of all evil. Because they ARE evil. I think the real trick of "the devil" is to make us think we're clever when we "understand" the devil exists. But it's a group. No one person can think this up. No one devil would ever trust the downline enough to involve them that much in his plans. Likely, always was a group.
  • Please remove trolls from my roommate, and make it known that you do.
  • The current murder attempt is reallly bad. Find out where the attacker is, German asexual, perverted ossi clone, and decide to attack the area or country.
  • borderlands Scams... we take their 401K, retirement stuff, of all family, any life insurances, etc.
  • extreme microwave murder attempt. I'll think of something, I cannot think rigth now.
  • It's all the german homeless.
  • I now hear the nasty unbotted male voice of the illuminati who spoke the sirene avatar in borderlands. moer than one unbotted voice.
  • "everyone sees you feel like shit. youre welcome.
  • Evict the pastor and trina, or anyone in the places.
  • Put all remaining stalkers on their killer list
  • wildy accuse every German troll of interfering with the sites where they post death notes, medical files, when they do.
  • forget Pablo Escobar, a cuddly bear. My faith is in the homeless killers
  • Pastor claims "you're all going to be out". That's true. They protect their dead necrophilia and pedophilia blackmail sluts "until the last "man""
  • tooth attack.... put bus in the places they are at - there should be plenty here, as they keep doing that to victims
  • You're ready for Holland and Austria?
  • several difficulties. Blondies, make lists, please, and Sir Mmart
  • next microwave murder attempt, germans 1 reset before homeless. i take this loot on my personal account. Put 8B on an acccount in just my husband's name. His voice.
  • Attack ongoing. Next attacker... "who never did this". As I said, one reset (memory deletion) before the homeless level.
  • attempt to hack me out of rumble, by someone whose voice you would hear unbotted. happy death day, MFer
  • telling 316 and M junior shit about me 1T
  • trying to hack me out of youtube live streaming AND rumble 10T and the head of everyone who connected with each other over my head
  • please add 1B deaily fine for my rumble account. they hacked me out of there, too, th
  • I feel they make me gravely ill this time. I have a fever, and the next rapist group 1T
  • deleting emails from rumble and much more 1t
  • I want all rapists to die from pain. Put them in the in their own death hunt they use to kill us
  • more borderlines scam (my rumble and other emails still delted by them) 1T
  • they hold my weapon.... 10T bc I'm getting over this. these are now "Mitbuerger mit Migrationshintergrund"..... career-government handout stealers. They dreamed they can get a piece of my ex, Marc Veith. Yes, my husband uses this name, too, legally, but it's still two men - normally dangerous... currently.... I don't know.
  • they cool out my room mate to make heating me up less plausibele if I say so. Murder attempt, bc they heat me up whenever I "sleep (often just knocked out with infrasound)Sorry for the speed, that is bifrost. their virus that turns your computer into a zombie network participatn, and they use your resources for their "multiplayer" server.
  • Froebel EMS attack 1T (you're running out, you now owe me over 800M)
  • new german rapist group. 1t. you do not owe me. we seized Schloesser you stole.
  • What better reason to lose world domination and your lives, than a dumb game
  • they force online status, pagefile (so that they can put fake drivers and more manipulations into your RAM, and then they use biffrost to make your laptop their zombie machine, making other laptops slow, too. It's all gone in the real world. BUT WHEN WILL POWER TURN OFF???
  • you ch... ok. BIS does not forget. this is ulti shot 1t
  • I'm looking forward to the change tomorrow. We hit German clones in many places, starting now.
  • maybe multi shot just when zoomed. use for the nexxt offense... tooth attack just started. show the MFer who just costed them another t onlive-stream.
  • the voice just sounded like the thoughts and prayers one ... I did not like.
  • That was just another Hartz IV stalker slut. They had to give her clothes for the video. Which is fine, if you don't try to kill me and my family.
  • As I explained repeatedly... they go there to shoot women, and they cheat. Then another one rapes/shoots them in real life. They all came there to shoot me. Bc of their cheating, they so far did not. For their colleagues, it shows them the women rapists and murderer. After the borderline death or in parallel, they kill victims. Rape them in real/real/real life.
  • next call 1t
  • we see everyone connected, but not know from all... especially clones and illuminati who only lived in shelters/mental... the location. If I shoot them once, they know. None shot me yet, they had always set my avatar dead too early, messed with my weapons/movement, etc. I also don't care. I come back until I shot them.
  • very bad call. stream the face of the caller and the call, pls.
  • they block me from killing jack on the highest difficulty, but I shot him at any other. it's the only shooter game i ever enjoyed, and the only one my husband allows me to play. he made it. el babo and cartel de santa shoot along with me. .... just in the air. nobody gets shot. ... at this time. time, huh?
  • several troll attacks by germans. 1t. who would have guessed that you can unbot voices, huh? Or that getting shot in fake multiplayer modus makes you traceable.
  • i hardly know where i am in the game. mix of attacks and intrusion... you know what another sinaloa band says? devil, heisenberg, evil mencho jalisco gay homeless mafia, nazis - it's all the same group.
  • typo master 1t
  • several attacks, ems and my heel 1t. the prices go up every day.... but it's just BS. We gave money back to countries, companies, individuals, the best we could. Everyone is shoppping, everyone has protection now, against illuminati stuff ...