Fake Dobberstein Law Firm

Emma Schaefer represented DNF via proxy for PayPal (according to her on the record) from Dobberstein law firm.

However, this, too, appears to be a company run by fake identities. In the context of the extreme stalking with the declared goal of killing me, that's a severe crime.

The person named on the court document, Jillina, might be a missing person from Ohio. At least, that's the voter registration. What happened to Jillian, the real person? It it just nerd impersonation and she's fine? I certainly hope so.

Report of fake lawyer to the BBB New York. They referred me to the State Attorney who, on the first look, is either part of the black nazi gang, or in trouble herself.


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I will not publish the lookup on Jillian, as she's likely a missing person who's being impersonated. Just this: according to data brokers, her voter registration is in Ohio, and the rest looks like a "typical" vanishing person.