Somebody's Marriage Proposals in Farmville and Yoworld

Even though stalked by him since 2006, I don't know who Onision is or (except psychopathy) what his personality would be like.

Before I left Germany, I left information with the German police that showed that "the stalker" manipulates major sites. Not a little, a worrying lot.

One of the things (next to hundreds of fake teenager profiles) were Zynga games, now owned by Big Victim games.

Onision used to contact and harass me with profiles he named after my Ex.

I'm not certain how it's technically possible, but (maybe 2005?) he put a sign in Farmville with a marriage proposal. At the same time, the real profile of my ex changed their status to "engaged."

In 2021 or 2022, Onision again proposed to me inside of game. YoWorld. I'm uncertain if or how many real players are left in this game.

Sadly, seeking contact with "the stalker" has always been the only way for me to get something in my hands that I can present to make things believable. To make unbelievably horrible things believable.

Apparently, to Onision, that is the equivalent of a real life thing.

If you check out the timeline of his deleted videos, his wife left him in the year when I left Germany, he had married her in the year when I received the first fake proposal.

Since he confessed that he'd been stalking me (which ... seems unlikely because Chris Hansen and all the police reports about Onision floating the web), I haven't heard much of his current wife.

He wanted to meet me in April 2020, that then turned into the first death hunt by the person identifying as Wesley Aaron Marks from Vancouver, WA. Well, and many other places, and many other names.