PayPal And Gofundme Stole 802K

I felt a little frustrated, when over the period of six months, not a single soul gave a dollar to help save my life.

After all, so I felt, I gave so much, by exposing criminals the world was looking for for at least 25 years.

Little did I know, until today, that generous, good people gave 802K, through fundraisers and the PayPal link, that vanished from this site today.

Please note, that it has not been stolen FROM this companies, but BY them.

The whole PayPal stalking drama is a different story, you can look it up in parts HERE.

PayPal is out of business

From today on, PayPal cannot make transfers anymore. Before the donation issue, they stole a total of 398K USD from me. The company, just like gofundme, is OWNED by gang stalkers.

While they pushed me through a homeless shelter and mental facilities, and I didn't even have a phone for nine months, they stole my payments.

Additionally, the gang stalkers stole 3 Million EURO, by impersonating me in Germany, and the US.

That's around $4.6 Million, plus fines that will apply for involvement in murder attempts, and theft of money, with the declared goal of killing me.

Gofundme is a scam for a long time

I kept bringing up, to Onision, that I know that Gofundme is mostly a scam. So far it's just an opinion, but there will be a private investigation into Gofundme.

I think that many victims tried to raise funds, before they died. And that these payments were stolen by Gofundme and PayPal. If they died from “no money”, that equals murder. It is murder in any way, but then folks have evidence. That their loved ones who were forced to suicide or died from a lack of medical help/the attacks with electronic weapons, were killed by people with names and addresses.

Until recently, “Illuminati” and “Gang stalkers” were two nebulous terms, but you didn't have any evidence against persons you could hold accountable. Nobody believed victims.

Follow the money”, is always good advice. Luckily I have some banking friends, and a husband who knows banking, who are all also stalked, locked up in an electronic weapon. Most were half-dead or more.

Everyone is feeling better, but we're still apart, unable to access our funds. There's another, longer story to this, but I'm not sure if it will ever be told - outside of Twitter.

My so far partially unproven claim

  • Gang stalkers steal the money of around 500 victims they kill every month, not counting forced suicides, and people who have not yet been declared dead, because the stalkers use their identities, and signal to data brokers they're still active. (Proven.)
  • Most or nearly ALL fundraisers on Gofundme are fraud. Stalkers would “donate” money they're stealing from victims, and cash it out that way. (Not proven yet.)

I might be the first victim who managed to gain visibility and did a few things right, after discovering that phones won't work, my network traffic was hijacked, and all the other sabotages. Fake police, fake this, fake everything.

Going forward, gang stalking is not a hard to explain phenomenon. The murderers, pedophiles, and cannibals have names, addresses, and bank accounts.

Sue the crap out of them. Go through my content. They are not that many. It's extremely unlikely you have not been stolen from by the same people I have.

PayPal alternative

Another victim and friend is Nick Hanauer. He was an early backer of PayPal, and knows the site in and out, from a business and technical perspective.

Using the time as a hostage, he befriended another victim, Josef Ackermann, former Deutsche Bank boss, and they're working on an even cooler, even better product. Most importantly, a site that doesn't punish political “enemies” and understands the first rule of the financial industry.

Another addition to this new team is Peter Gerard. Ex Deutsche Bank, Mannesmann, Karstadt IT Director. I make fun of him, referring to him as “lucky charm”, however, I didn't know he was stalked, too, for over 30 years.