Is Nick Hanauer a Blackmail Victim

Nick Joseph Hanauer

Nick Hanauer was my favorite plutocrat, and I was happy that he accepted my request to connect on LinkedIn, and the following interaction.

This was before all of my social media accounts, websites, business and personal email accounts, subscriber lists, podcasts, mobile apps, and more were taken down.

Why do I say “was”? “Gang” Stalking (even though the self-righteous lowlifes who do the “little favors” don't have any idea that they take part in mass murder and systematic destruction of America and innocent people) entails blackmailing elites. For their money, their companies, and other things that endanger our security and integrity of our systems.

This will be a big hit for the BLM movement, as well.

When I didn't receive a response from Nick after a virtual “wellness check” on LinkedIn, I got worried. Yes, his Tweets are still rolling, and they sound as abrasive as ever, but a few things caught my attention:

  • He writes "I'm not a plutocrat" on his Twitter profile. When did that happen? And how?
  • He was an investor in PayPal, but it's not listed in his accolades.
  • The menu point “business” leads to a site without SSL.
  • No recent live events, TV appearances or new videos.
  • My accounts were taken over too. They have (you learn about some of it throughout this site) the technical ability to pretty much cut your electronic and in-person communiation off.)

Audio version:

I've seen similar behavior with other blackmailed elites, and decided to look into the matter.

In this lookup, you will see (not limited to):

  • Two emails associated with his website that lead to questionable profile or taken-over profiles of people who might have vanished. "Vanished" is sugarcoating murder. They have been killed. Stalked to death. I think we're in time to save Nick.
  • Completely fake companies.
  • Fake or taken-over profiles of individuals.
  • And then (surprise) we land in Germany, where the head of the gang is from (in my mind.)

This is German-led organized nerd crime, consisting of two groups:

  • The heads who harass, influence, incite on a high level, for instance Ligue de Lol
  • A black gang (so far all of the many, many “end points” at the end of the ratholes were black, including three black cops involved in murder attempts on ME)

Both have electronic weapons, whereas the latter have only stuff any sicko can buy on stores, such as this: https:// www.amazing1. com/ultrasonics.html, whereas the “heads” who benefit from the blackmail have more sophisticated weapons, that shouldn't be in civilian hands.

In my mind, the only person knowing the whole “story” and agenda (“The great reset”) is Onision. That said, harming people, even if you only see the small picture, doesn't make it less awful. It only makes them look more moronic. Like, ok, dig your own grave.

Sudden internet problems (yawn, tell me something new) kept me from continuing, and I will post a second part later.