Update PayPal/Synchrony Stalking

UPDATE: I say occassionally that I will update the PayPal stalking. There is MUCH more. But I won't. It's just that the public gets a bit of irrelevant (in the overall picture) details less. So... I have, for instance, the stalking recording where they claimed on the record the birth-given name of the stalkers who wanted money from me is "Ransom".... maybe Hope Ransom or Harmony Ransom?

Let me share the letter with you that prompted the CFPB (also see the live-streamed calls with the CFPB on Facebook) to close my complaint.

Background info: PayPal staff stalked me. They impersonated other people, and one agent went as far as calling themselves "ransom."

Then PayPal claimed I owed them money. A fake court case was filed (sent to an old address, but I had an active mail forwarding order), and I was subjected to a fake Zoom hearing. Every actor was just that. An actor. Using fake identities. You can listen to half of the hearing, if you follow the link below. Also, there are tons of lookups, but I would rather not post 20 links.

Info and evidence:

PayPal stalking escalated

PayPal and GoFundMe stole all of my donations (it's over 900K now)

PayPal stalking

The non-existing court case

My complaint was:

  • PayPal used Synchrony bank to book payments to me ( manually to a different account.
  • PayPal staff stole all of YOUR donations to me. Including donations from three FBI agents, one CIA agent, several cops, and 12 Army/Army reserve. Three other good people who donated went to the police about it, too. They noticed I didn't receive their donations.
  • According to the Bank for International Settlements, the stalkers at PayPal made a second account in my name. I'm not a banker, so that I cannot tell how Synchrony bank was used to book my payments wrong.

Fun fact: Neither PayPal nor Synchrony bank (that has lost their banking license) report to credit bureaus. Fun fact: All three major credit bureaus lost access to banking interfaces and are out of business.

The CFPB used this shady letter to close my complaint. I reopened it today, but it will be ping pong until the US Army (and others) removed the very last illuminati gang stalker.

I don't think I will survive this. I'm forcing myself from hour to hour. As I shared in this article on my "real" website:

I cannot survive like this, I cannot afford to live, and all the negativity is killing me. I feel that I'm out of options. It's still murder. All the forced suicides, are not mentioned in the number of 400K murders in the past three years. If I die, and it's listed as "suicide" - you know it's not.

I'm still in the homeless shelter, but my time is up soon. I will not go to the street. It's not just that I have 18 Million USD in my name (a little more), it's also that I cannot do any work. I would need medical attention, realistically, before I can attend a physical job. However, they send people there.

Fake customers, colleagues and all sorts of interference was one of the reasons I had to leave Germany.

I could work from home... but I would need a home, and the ability to send/receive emails and other forms of digital communication. As you can see in the Wireshark protocols, even my internet traffic is redirected via a different modem. And altered.

This is how they all die. It's just the only time you see it.

We're still talking about these lowlifes that are not dangerous per se. Only if you allow them to attack single individuals by the hundreds.