Blackmail of Site Owners

While the gangstalkers have several ways of blackmailing innocent site owners, I thought I share a little example, because the speech makes me think this is a Wes Moast (Wesley Marks who knows Chris (the fake lawyer, and then some)) who currently lives in Chicago.

Side note: He is not a member of the Black Disciples or any other street gang. Even less QAnon. However, he likes to use their names in vain, when he commits his psychopathic murder acts. He has sadistic tendencies. During the murder attempt on me, he pretended to take cocaine over and over again. I don't know much about drugs, but going by an interview with one of his victims, it would likely be "Molly."

The funniest is that he keeps referencing his "high contacts." That would be AOC. However, he is a male drug dealer. Likely using a fake identity. Just google and take a closer look at the images. Do they even look real? If you have the tools to unbot deepfakes, also look for him on Youtube (the recent videos of "Blaire White".)

Look for Phil Provins at "Jim Browning" and for Wes Moast at "Kitboga", and then some. One of their Wesley Marks looks similar to the comic on the Wes Moast channel. Fun-fact: When he was sure that he can kill me, before a kidnapping, he gave me his M-Card. Long story, all recorded via drone. In any way, I gave the M-Card to Chief Keef.

After all, he said ALL street gangs refer to him as "master", and I wanted to make sure he gets it back. He said he doesn't know him, but he'll do his best, and also check in with other gang leaders, which he did.

Also, see
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Back to the blackmail of website owners:

Here's how it works (I'll post more screenshort soon.)

  1. mxtools is or was taken over
  2. to the list of credible spamlists (such as Spamhouse) they added three fake ones
  3. they blacklist your IP. Because it's three fake lists, and it has been added to mxtools, etc., it will cause a delivery problem
  4. You try to reach out to this lists. Then you discover that not YOUR IP, but any IP of a specific ASN allegedly has sent a spam message
  5. You didn't send any spam, but you can write the Wesley Marks-sounding gang stalkers a message that you'll be good from now on, and send them money
  6. don't do what they want, and they'll go after you.