PayPal is out of Business

A few short days ago, PayPal lost their banking license, for severe financial fraud, theft, and involvement in a mass-murder conspiracy, that kills 500+ people every single month. Please see HERE.

See: Banks that lost their banking licenses in the biggest clean-up in the history of financial institutions

They failed to inform their customers, as required by the law, and tried to continue their thefts and scams with manual transactions, that they still could initiate until today.

After I exposed the massive Skype scam yesterday (and the gang stalkers lost all of their numbers}, they tried to steal the charge I disputed from my NBKC bank account.

I reported the circumstances of the pending charge to them, and they apparently looked deeper and informed relevant authorities.

Just like a German bank, they are not available 24/7 (unless you need to report a lost or stolen card), but when they are, they are. I am happy with NBKC, and since I got on the Illuminati New World Order list, I didn't have reason to be happy with many companies.

With often less than $10 on my account, they always treated me like royalty, and with the uttermost respect and care.

Since today, PayPal is officially dead. Their ability to process payments has been removed.

Any available stolen funds, have been returned to the owners. However, in addition to everything else, they didn't have enough money to pay out the balances of their customers, breaking every law applying to the financial industry. As they are now owned by gang stalkers, even if they're personally liable, they won't be able to repay what they stole.

Also, the Army is after most of them. They are dangerous mass-murderers, cannibals, and terrorists. With the declared goal of destroying the United States of America, by provoking a war, the US cannot win at this time, the Army must address them as soon as they can.

The 500+ death every month, do not include forced suicides, and people who are not declared dead, because they stole their murder victims' identities, and kept using the – signaling to data brokers that there's still activity.

For instance, I was declared dead for several years. Masculine impersonated me in Germany, to steal my funds and inheritances, in the US (at this time), that much effort isn't necessary.

Through this blog, people can see for the first time, how people slowly “vanish” and then die.

This is War, and, sadly, like myself, some of us have to take a hit. Most of the victims of theft are dead. The more they had, the more likely they killed the whole family.

They tried to kill my entire family, too.

Sadly, they already repaid as much as they could (involuntarily.) There's no money left a PayPal, who acted like a dishonorable thug group, more than a payment processor.

By the way, while it's not official yet: The same applies to Cash App, Venmo, Ko-fi, and then some.

It's the cost of war.