Onision Death Hunt - The Game

Wesley Marks and Onision referred to the death hunt as "the game". They switched between "police hunt" and claiming a group of "elite" "hunters" were responsible for the increasing number of "vanishing" people and deaths.

It's a difficult topic, but I'll share info on the 2020 death hunt today, and the 2022 death hunt shortly after.

According to Wesley Marks, I'm the first to survive "the game." While I cannot say that this is true, I can say that they tried to kill me. And that I nearly died, over and over again.

It was the most psychopathic thing I ever even saw on TV. They didn't do that for the first, tenths, or likely even one hundredsth time. Everything was perfectly planned, and enough people were involved.

Kevin Kuschel was named as the one with contacts to fake ambulances. That checks out, according to the internet. And low-income housing (that leads victims to prepared stalking houses with ancient outlets that can be turned into EMF weapons.) One goal, before the actual murder is to frame victims as people who cannot take care of themselves.

Then they (in my mind, mostly Onision himself) create fake websites, that purposefully mislead victims, so that they would say things like THIS. However, even then, the number of people who are targeted by an electronic weapon our own military shares about in declassified documents that get a "schizophrenic" diagnosis might be owed more to a medical fraud conspiracy than psychiatrists mass miss diagnosing people.

What's the point, you might say. Here's what the lookups seem to show

  • strange asset histories of taken-over profiles, purchasing houses at way, way below market prices
  • SSI scam
  • Covid money scam, unemployment scam
  • Money laundering?
  • Ties to medical billing

According to Wesley Marks, they also monetize Ring camera footage of the deadly hunts on the dark web. I'm sure he didn't put my video up there.

Every until 05/2022, I was stalked "just" by Onision. He called the death hunt on me (in my mind) to distract and deflect when he noticed that real people are looking. u

In many of the videos, you'll notice that apparently and mostly very obviously missing people are not declared death. Who takes the bodies of people who do not survive?

In my case, two black cops were involved in 2020, and one in 2022. I know their faces. There's a receipt for 2020, and a witness for 2022. So far, Onision kept me successfully from reporting the crimes, as he turned this ghetto city into a death trap for me, and so far stopped every electronic communication. Even my letters to lawyer, according to a lawyer, and telefaxes don't go through.

Murder attempts and kidnapping don't have a short expiration date, though. The purpose of this community is to get behind what is what, and help with sharing information will be appreciated.

Onision left traces all over the place. There are leads, people to ask, and much more. He relies on information not getting to the right hands.

One of my LinkedIn is an ex FBI Cybercrime agent, and I'm currently considering publishing our conversation and the lookup. He, too, might have disappeard in 2020. I received an not-so-convincing message on LinkedIn yesterday saying he's fine, but he didn't even confirm that our conversation took place. I put the article into "draft" status for now.

While it appears that the lookups share plenty of personal informaton, it's nearly only false information (fake identities) and information of missing people (identity theft). I might report the conversation, and just not the lookup. Or just a short clip that compares how he looks on a recent public video, compared to a few years old publicly available image.

It's a high risk position to be in. Just one email/fax not deleted from being seen as what you are (allegedly): The head responsible for world-wide gang stalking, a trail of dead, and other horrible crimes.

While it's not THE police, he must have helpers in every city where several people report that they're targeted. Mostly not knowing it's an electronic weapon messing up their heads.

I'm tired of this German who lives (alleged by me) as an illegal alien here and talks bad about our country.