First Federal Bank of Wisconsin lost their license

In the case of this "bank", there will be no opportunity to ever apply again.

Because of the severity of the systematic crimes against innocent Americans, it is not expected that the mass murderers killing people at "First Federal Bank of Wisconsin" will attend a court trial.

They are involved in the murder of over SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE, not counting people in my situation (vanished, cut off from my accounts), not counting forced suicides, not counting people whose identity they use, that were not yet declared dead.

How does it work? Similar to my stories. See

  • PayPal stole my donations and payments
  • NBKC will go to jail (I hope not)
  • Chase stole my account

They say I will die from "no money". While they stole 18 Million USD from me, they got me fake-evicted, by clowns with Sheriff costumes. My rent is prepaid for the whole year, from my Chase account. Mafia understands why that't the case.

I have less than 1 USD.

I cannot share with you the feeling of horror when my intel person reports what they are discussing on their gang stalkers virtual machines (they have 4, different peasant levels). The NBKC stalker from 63067 Offenbach will die. Says the German Army. He offered a fake US cop my 3,800 that he also tried to steal. He sent the payment back to the sender. The call is somewhere in the NBKC articles.

These are very disturbed, sick individuals. Many of them have sepsis (nearly all) from drinking human blood. And then the Medellin cartel made a "special" product for them: liquid cocaine, a non-existing, highly addictive poison. The damage is permanent. Bless the Junior Patrona of Medellin.

So they do what they're doing with me in front of everyone's eyes. They sit it out, until the victim is dead, and make sure they don't ever reach real police.

It's just that another peasant group is after me since 2000 and 2004, because they want something from my ex partner. It sounds complicated, but it's very easy:

  • the New World Order illuminati mass-murder citizens for many years with electronic weapons
  • the "higher" peasant group are going after folks with certain contacts.

I have nothing to do with either, but somehow am on the receiving end of every peasant group.

The black community and Turkish community are the worst. They are the only two peasant groups who kill/kill people. Completely dehumanized.

I understand that the US Military has accepted the help from Mafias/Cartels/Gangs, and other countries to kill all Illuminati New World Order mass murderers.

The US Army has been poisoned over an extended period of time, and each of the last "wars" didn't happen, and pose only a trap to kill US soldiers, and steal weapons.

These people work at First Federal Bank of Wisconsin. There will be no trials.

Let's pray for their sepsis to take them fast.