Fake Trials Onision Repzion / Dirk Sulzbach

Repzion is or was one of the ad frauds around Onision. I won't spend too much time on him because I cannot say if he's still real at this time, or if his profile, too, has been taken over after he went missing.

He certainly looks a little like a bot in recent videos.

He says it. He's not been to court with Repzion, or before.

Unsurprisingly, Onision doesn't care to show his fake identity in court. As I mentioned in several other posts, he goes after "bad" people, even if he hires/controls them. Especially, when they harm me. And, yes, he called the murderous gang-stalking troupe on me in 05/2022. In my mind, only because real people were looking. He had the killers replay the 2020 death hunt, potentially so that people would think that was them, too. But it was not. They tried to kill me seven times in 2022, had me kidnapped, and terrorized with electronic weapons (also took out laptops, phones, rerouted calls, and then some), tried to get me in jail on a false accusation, falsely evicted, and three times (without diagnosis) declared mental.

In a group with the other ad frauds, he “exposed” the same people the group was targeting. However, his channel is an issue for the FBI/CIA. It's too depressing and hurtful for me to look at that graveyard of missing people who might have been real before they became bots.

On the first look:

  • Trishia Paytas (was targeted as "lolcow")
  • Eugina Cooney (I don't have information if this once was a real person, or it could be a mock for another missing person, for instance Onision's former digital fling, Adrienne
  • Onision's wives. (He wasn't married, in my mind, and both individuals have been replaced by bots)
  • Joy Sparkles. (was targeted as "lolcow", now appears to be a bot.)

Spoofing of an official County domain and falsifying documents?

The official document I used as basis for my research is here: DOWNLOAD

Fun fact: I started to record my lookups after during the lookup into the alleged lawyer content has been changed under my fingers.

Without further ado, see it with your own eyes. At the very end, I communicate with the support chat of the company in the Bahamas who registered the .org domain “for” Pierce County.

  • The lawyer might be missing, but they were also in their seventies
  • The official named on the document doesn't check out
  • Even a reference of the lawyer is missing
  • Onision's kid (that doesn't exist) was named as accuser?
  • The org domain on the "official" document (why not use the .gov?) is likely fake and re-directed to the official County site - or a look-alike
  • Meet Mr. Jackson
  • All sorts of weird things

Live Look-up

(click on the link)

Lawyer & Reference of Wetlands Lawyer

Jane Koler, Wetlands Lawyer lookup

Reference of Wetlands Lawyer, missing person

And then, finally:

The fake "Onision sues Chris Hansen and Repzion (Dirk Sulzbach)" trial

Normal-sized Onision, Room 1?
Still normal-sized Onision with bullet-proof vest
According to the Repzion (likely) impersonator (attacking me on Twitter) "a matter of perspective." Little Onision, Room 2?

A recurring dumb, ugly person

Much can be said about the murderer from Germany who uses the identity of Wesley Aaron Marks.

It's all not nice so that I won't say it.

Just one word. Dumb.

He “hired” protesters for a fake trial. And then he also exposed his Craigslist account.

Yes, you did, uggo. Yes, you did.

PS: Here's the "real" Chris Hansen reacting when Onision dismissed his case against nasty harasser Repzion, and served the wrong Chris Hansen.