Real Life Murder Mystery

Crowdsourced Investigation 

This is a crowdsourcing project for an unreported crime. The crime includes stalking, kidnapping, several murder attempts, hacking, drugging, and more. With your help, we can get more clarity on details about the acteurs who might be serial killers. As a local police person IS involved, I don't feel safe to report the murder attempts yet. Also, most of the stalking was done by an influential German person from organized crime (likely.) This has to be reported to the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA too. The stalking has been reported in Germany, where the FBI investigated. They found crime, but couldn't connect it to a person. Together, we can.
"Drama-YouTubers" and other negative individuals are NOT welcome. 
Please register for a symbolic fee of 1$, or a different level, if you want to become a supporter or sponsor of this initiative.
Somebody's Marriage Proposals in Farmville and Yoworld

Even though stalked by him since 2006, I don't know who Onision is or (except psychopathy) what his personality would be like. Before I left Germany, I left information with the German police that showed that "the stalker" manipulates major sites. Not a little, a worrying lot. One of the things (next to hundreds of […]

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Does A Certain Milwaukee Cop Force Drugs On Hunted Victims?
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The Fairytale Death Threat From 2010

In 2010, I received an eerie death threat. The account who sent it to me called themselves "Maerchenonkel." The most important part of it was that the woman in the story would “vanish” because she knows too much about the organization. Back then, I was still believing that the Exi I was stalking me, and […]

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