Onision potentially "vanished" missing people

I'm in a rush to post a few more things so that we'll look at videos, etc., later.

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For these people who might have met Onision in person, I couldn't find convincing social signs that they are alive and well.

  • First wife
  • Second wife
  • Cyr
  • Leafy
  • Onision's former associate Vance
  • Onision's wetland lawyer Jane
  • A reference for Jane, Amanda
  • A Trisha
  • Hannah Minx

What you can do: Look for very early footage and compare it with the latest. Are these still the real wives or bots?

Is there any real-life evidence of sightings, that are not social media profiles who anyone could create.

Keep in mind that I nearly vanished too.

And that the threatening fairytale of 2009 or 2010 that's with the German FBI suggested I would "vanish", because I know "too much about the organization."