Real Life Murder Mystery

Crowdsourced Investigation 

This is a crowdsourcing project for an unreported crime. The crime includes stalking, kidnapping, several murder attempts, hacking, drugging, and more. With your help, we can get more clarity on details about the acteurs who might be serial killers. As a local police person IS involved, I don't feel safe to report the murder attempts yet. Also, most of the stalking was done by an influential German person from organized crime (likely.) This has to be reported to the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA too. The stalking has been reported in Germany, where the FBI investigated. They found crime, but couldn't connect it to a person. Together, we can.
"Drama-YouTubers" and other negative individuals are NOT welcome. 
Please register for a symbolic fee of 1$, or a different level, if you want to become a supporter or sponsor of this initiative.
Amazon is open for me only

Amazon has left the US. Their new HQ is in Germany. The Black Shits purchased things from their REAL money to keep me ... and they are ok with the 4 others, alive. Stalkers ordered in my name to cover up their thefts, but they did not pay. So the Black Shits have to collect […]

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Facebook suspended my account over false copyright complaints

Every house they stay at will be bomed and burnt today. All of their accounts, the accounts of their families, their properties belong to Arafat and me, 50/50 because it's HIS content and as we're family, I can say "mine." Just like he can say "his weapons." It's enough. I will appeal, and everyone who […]

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Attacks 03/07

I'm on the list of the Pastor now, too. For what trina did. She wakes me up now every day, like she did to jJane, and all the others. Plus I get drugged , bc the stalker who EMS makes out with his trina wnats her gone. You allow very sick people in this room. […]

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Attacks 03/06

They will show all faces in live-stream, the German TV will show some on the next 8pm news. "Politicians" I guess, but hopefully also a homeless living in a subway station. Kostya is the boss of one of our two Russian Cartels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLgE7Pfykss&pp=ygUZcXVlZW4gb2YgdGhlIHNvdXRoIGtvc3R5YQ%3D%3D Dang, what's that stuff? Oxana is the 2nd of our Polish Cartel, […]

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Rape to suicide / radiation disease

I'm loosing all of my hair, my nails break, my skin goes bad. My belly looks like a horror show, because they give victims a "colon falls out" look, and it's mostly also because over 200 are busy pressing on my egg ladder. Chronic inflammatin, and I have recurring sepsis, because I am not past […]

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More rape

Show everyone the faces, and all details, and what they do exactly.

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Thefts of my commission

While the Bank for International Settlements has ALL of my payments, from Logica to money from my father, my commission from Neurogym and Mary Morrisey, etc, I only get 1% paid out. Also, two inheritances. Then they stole the rent Marc paid, he moved into my apartment, but Marc thought I'd have at least that, […]

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Alberto Cortez and Batman

The real Batman is fine, though. Before he passed away (no, after), Cortez killed the fake Mexican Army. 2.4 K non-humans Joe Biden hired as Armed IRS. Like 12 in this shelter, we was a maneater, too. READ I requested that you get the stink too, I'm forced to sit in.

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Dead stalkers do shows

They force a dead victim to do their pedophilia streaming right next to me. They say it's because humans did not believe I do the sex shows (as they told everyone).. Everything their "Trina does and is", they tell people I am They just exchanged the name. They also produce EMF via my keayboard, and […]

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I need the rapists gone first Black Magic Voodoo

But they are ALL rapists, they are ALL mass murderers, they are ALL pedophiles. They are ALL thieves. It's day 18 of the "rape to death" (with EMS) the Laurie who locked up the kid of New Jack and harms him. This will all blow up, because the thefts, rapes and attacks don't stop. They […]

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