Shadi Albouyeh, Patents, and what doesn't check out

I've been told many of the BS stories you would find on "Targeted Individual" sites. I won't bother repeating them, as they're just lies to help frame a victim as mental.

My understanding is that Wesley Marks and Onision (or the person taking over his identity before 2010) want to make sure that the only risk is for what they call the "bottom line."

But back to patents:

The reason this story is more interesting than the others, is that in 2020 when they tried to kill me my German (not US) papers have been stolen. I thought about what might have changed in 2022 for them to go on such an aggressive killing spree.

Only two things had changed:

  1. I just started taking bellydance lessons on Zoom with my old teacher.
  2. My mum had just sent me the original of my birth certificate

Obviously, it's now in the hands of Wesley Marks/Onision. Onision claims he had ordered my papers to be stolen in this homeless shelter in 2020.

I didn't understand why he would force me (by blackmailing me with my sick mother who he already got deaf with his infrasound and she can hardly walk, probably a result of the same electronic weapon he uses on me) I'd marry him.

I have never seen Onision in my life, and I don't even know his real name. The longer I look at his content, the more confused I am about what is real. Especially, as he's a native German speaker.

In a detailed post on my former bellydance teacher, you will learn that Wesley Marks asked me twice to remove hidden (unlisted) videos I uploaded on YouTube. He called her by her legal first name. As most bellydance professionals, she goes by a nickname. She does so for many, many years.

Wesley Marks detailed that M had asked him to tell me to remove the videos. Why is he worried about them? And did he admit that he's hacking my computer, YouTube and whatnot?

Back to the topic. I will edit this posts before the site opens officially... at this time, probably only bots, police, and killers from German organized crime reading this.

Please ignore the last minute of the video below.

Shadi Albouyeh


While it can always happen, I was surprised that her Twitter handle on the official IBM Cloud page is wrong. Moreover, while other pictures carry the name of the employee or a typical combination of numbers and letters cams would use, her image is just called "pic.jpg."

I contacted her and "Emil Albouyeh", on LinkedIn but have not received a response.

My opinion is that the longer you look at "aliens" and similar phenomenon, the more it looks like organized crime and money.

I haven't come to any conclusion. Something is very strange about this. However, even if they kill me and have my German papers, I'm not sure how they would get to own the patents.

I don't know the least bit about patent rights, but I would assume they still belong to IBM.

You will have to agree that this is the only BS story that survives an initial Google search and still somehow checks out.

During the 5-day death hunt, they told me that all of the Persian people I knew as a kid had been killed. While I couldn't confirm that, I was really not able to find any traces to any of the names I remembered, except one.

None of the image have results in a reverse search. Apparently, they've only been used once in the relevant locations where I found them.

Onision was soon to point out that the man looks faintly similar to my Ex. But that's also the ex that has been targeted since 2004, two years before me.

According to Onision, he was responsible for pouring acid over my ex back in 2004 and later killed him.

It's difficult to pick what might be real between the lines. However, the acid injury was real, and he's been in intensive care for several weeks. They had to remove skin from his leg and use it on the burn.

I connected with the IT admin of my ex. After filing so many in retrospective false complaints against him, I don't intend to scare him by seeking direct contact.

Through the IT admin, I learned that he's alive. So the "killed him" part was probably a lie, unless the profile is fake/taken over too.

That said, after his burn, he had a series of bad luck.

His IT admin is someone I went to school with. So I felt comfortable, even though it's strange, to share with him that someone had recorded us in 2004. Both, Onision and Wesley Marks have access to these tapes.

My former bellydance teacher used to have her studio like in the opposite building where my Ex lived back them.

I told him that I was wrong about him stalking me, and that I have learned someone was after him since 2004.

Who is he?, you might ask. He's the CEO/Board member of a transportation company. I read organized crime often goes after business people to blackmail them.

But that's speculation. I don't know why they are after him, and even less how killing me would get them closer to my ex I haven't seen since 2005.

The last time I heard from him is years back, when he offered help with the stalking. However, I was still convinced he is the stalker and rejected his help.

Onision's version is obviously that my ex is trying to kill me. In the lala psycho land that is his brain, that obviously makes sense.

Wesley Marks wasn't pleased when he learned I spoke with the IT admin of my ex. He left me alone ever since, but apparently didn't call off the black gang.

Apparently, I'm being stalked and hunted by people that are not even my enemies, really, but enemies of my ex.

Unless they'd be friends of my identity, but I don't understand how this could work.

The police knows who he is, and I will not disclose identities of people I'm not planning on filing police reports against.

Onision, in a character-near attempt to throw his partner Wesley Marks under the bus, did tell me to tell the police I'd be married to "Pablo Escobar."

I thought he's a fantasy figure, and it was just another move to later make me seem insane.

I feel it's possible to explain that the combination of terror/no sleep/no food/nothing to drink and fear for the physical safety of my mother made me say what I've been told through my headset that they told me never to remove.

Wesley Marks made fun about "oh, you're married to Pablo Escobar", but apparently at some point got tired of his jokes. As I said, I haven't heard any death treads from him since, even though I mentioned I had just spoken to the IT guy, a highly trustworthy former schoolmate.

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