War Reporting 17 - 02/25/24

In Germany, we have a ton of people:

  • Hells Angels x 2 (they made a fake Arab/Turkish Hells Angels, but they're good people, and united)
  • Bushido's Arab Cartel
  • Jean (Onison's little brother, works for Marc, my ex).. his little brother, Marius, worked with me at a company in Germany. He does the cleaning (it's not horrible work) for all my top buildings and our banks, world-wide.
  • Till Lindemann has a Cartel, too
  • The Blondies (Sweden-based mafia, with activity in Germany, including my first boyfriend ever, Jan Jacobsen)
  • The "Faschos" (the German Army, currently led by MAS, but he'll leave after the project)

Sole (missing the accent on a US keyboard, bc here ppl think the world is very small), is with Jean, for instance.

Just so that you know who some are. You're either trusted or not, anyway.

  1. Rammstein (1 cleanse we should probably do now that he sees it.)

2. Hells Angels have many great artists. It's hard to pick one, but I'll try. By the way... I reminded Lemmy that he was with Hawkwind. His memory is returning, and he works with Roger Waters on it.

He had to add some "postive" words to not get it deleted. This, he made for Annah Minx, the impersonator of Hannah Minx, a Chakuza boss wife.

3. The Blondies are led by Martin Lindstrom... then they have the "Swedish House Mafia", also folks, such as Kenny Omega, Tyler Breeze, Pewdipie, Fandango... and many more.
During the death hunt, Martin gave 5 years of his life. They put him in the simulation or as long as it takes to age him that much. That's the difference between fear-based management and (thanks, Ken) servant leadership. I hope he can get them back. People have prepared for this final Good vs Evil for ... forever? Lies have been told through generations, so that my monkey brains might assume things are true, bc ... their ancestors already knew them.
It's still the most competent people in the world, I could interest in joining Vanguard, on top of the power Vanguard already had.
Only very evil creatures do these things.
As I said, every country has death penalty, for non-humans (only) and hybrids (evil sadists, pedophiles with only near-human brain activity). I don't think humans can turn evil. To where there's no hope. They can be bad, very bad - but that's it. There's always hope, and it's someone from our planet, our race, our country. (the site is so slow, I leave the video at the wrong spot.. he's an Angel.)

They strike me for watching content the people made for me.

4. Bushido wears two hats. He's the 2nd Taliban, with Bin Laden, and he leads a rather large Arab Cartel - Frankfurt-based.

If you know Bushido's work, you know it's serious now. He made this for extreme pedophile and monster kid sellers, Dennis Gorelik.

Bushido made this video just in time. A group of gang stalkers attempted to kill the young man in the video. I had to have him put to jail. He's there with Manuel. Jails are getting safer every day. The "Fremdenlegion"... gang stalker fake military attempted to murder him.

Bushido was most surprised, when he understood he's on the other side ... with the government. There's something special about the woman you see briefly. I got the same vibes from "Stella Maris" and "The saints are coming." The same vibes.

It means "final enemy" (or something.)

As this was more of a promo for the German government, I'll add one more, it meant a lot to me. He showed me he was immediately gathering people, creating new connections, nurtured old ones - including Bass Sultan Hengzt. And "Faschos." Stalkers wanted to destroy the label "Aggro Berlin", it was a Fascho label. Without their knowledge, they signed Turkish and Arab artists - but they don't mind. It's the same race/species. and (we got the creep.)

How long Bushido knows things, can also be seen, if you check out the most-striked video on YouTube, that he gifted to me.

5. Jean (not sure they have a name, but they work for Marc, like the Angels, too, by the way.) So when I sent a letter to my ex Micha (show does Harley repairs and builds), he showed it to an Angel, I once advised on how to fix his skin problems from his tattoo, who brought it to Marc.

With Sole, who excels at evicting "Beamte." While aliens sit there enviously, humans take opportunities.

With a few of his men.

5. German Army with MAS ("Massiv")

This is the current leader of the Deutsche Bundeswehr. He trained their dogs. He got them to cut their balls off. If you do that with a VR headset on, you don't even feel it. He did more for the world. He's a Fascho. He's an Arab. And the two are our "travel agency." They're currently on Holiday Island, though.

So that you at least get a glimpse.

That's Ewa who was never a prostitute (as alleged, and ... we don't judge people by their past, but who they are now, it's also up to everyone what they do, just V does not support prostitution in any shape or form.) It's harmful to society.

A mix of bill and bills. She was hunting non-human prostitutes. It's the only ones who don't appear to suffer. I'm not sure that there will be a huge demand for prostitution (not to be mistaken for erotic), when the illuminati are dead. It appears to be mostly them who use the services. With all of their disgusting fetishes.