Update Murder Attempt involving Chase Bank

Via the CFPB, I received a letter stating Chase Bank closed my bank account in 2018. And that they had sent me a Cashier's check to my Fox Lake address. A check over $150 USD.

However, my taxes were paid for my account with over 6 Million USD on it, FROM my account.

After they took over my account, they paid the rent for the horror stalking room in Milwaukee for the full year of 2023 from MY account to REAL Baylor Rentals.

My account is OPEN. I'm not a banker, and I cannot say how you can technically close an account when a Cashier's check is still open. Unnecessary to mention, that I did not receive a Cashier's check from Chase bank.

I reported the theft of an inheritance and other payments, and that it occurred after a death hunt in 2020.

Therefore, the response is unacceptable and inappropriate. But, like the nonsensical response from PayPal (Synchrony), it was enough for the CFPB to close my complaint.

Interestingly, the file format of both "bank" letters follow the same pattern as the letter from stalker organization, Legal Action of Wisconsin. While that in itself doesn't say much, the sum of little things speak a clear language.

I opened the case again, and requested proof from Chase who cashed in the cashier's check, and when. I also requested a transaction history.

The account has over 6 Million USD on it. It's in my name, BUT (clever, clever), according to the Bank for International Settlements, Chase changed the last digit of my social security number.

Whenever I called, they said they don't have an account with my SSI. Were they already planning to murder me later?

Fun fact: It's hearsay... allegedly, Chase became JPMorgan Chase when the government went after illuminati gang stalkers the last time. Instead of destroying the bank, they put it under the wing of more sophisticated J.P. Morgan. Well, that didn't go so well, did it?

This time, Chase has lost their banking license for good. All transactions since March 2020 (all fraudulent transactions, that is, and only all the BIS, Vanguard, BlackRock know about) will be reversed.

Not only Chase is operating a spoofed site (after the loss of their banking license and website), they're operating a spoofed site on top of ... what you could call "alternative version of the internet".

This has been done to save the world. Does that sound too melodramatic? I'm not sure. If you look at the combination of Pfizer and other contracts that could and would break countries, the made-up Ukraine war and moneys they try to steal under this topic... I'm not sure.

Also, they didn't just take my accounts. From Bill Gates (you can literally go by "worst reputation", as in "most framed") over Jeff Bezos, Mark Benioff, Bill McDermott, Marshall Goldsmith, Ken Blanchard, Mark Goulston, Gary Ridge, to whonot. They also steal the salaries of your Army and (in parts) police force.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm the only one who can share things publicly. But I know Elon Musk (who also doesn't have access to his accounts)/the Lil Sh** went through a great deal of effort to make it possible.

Also, the Lil Sh** convinced them that I would be on the "fake" internet, and that nobody sees my content. That might be right in parts. Just not that nobody sees my content. I'm under the impression that it's too many high level people who don't get things done.

Allegedly, leaders from most or all countries are watching. They are attacked, too. illuminati gang stalkers planned a coup d'état on several countries at once.

They had already overrun the United States. That is why EVERY recent post/video of several people (including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris) is botted. And you can even see that with your own eyes, without any professional software.

Well, here's the letter.

If you can do anything to help, I wouldn't be mad. This isn't survivable. Because I'm the "speaker" of the whole hostage group, I'm the most attacked.

I know this all sounds like the fever fantasies of a lunatic, or a bad dream. But it explains everything around you that doesn't seem to make sense, and that's unfair.

I accredit 80% of all evil in the world to them. Poisonous food, hellish medicine, the attempt to create a dystopian world without privacy and individual rights, the organized murders and thefts (goal: kill 40% of us), and much more.