TruConnect Wireless Stalking

One anecdote I didn't share yet: I had my Assurance Wireless calls rerouted to the FBI. For as long as I had it. I'll just quickly drop that here.

Regarding Truconnect, I made a test today. I don't really care about spam calls at this time, because I just post them on Twitter. It's like reporting them as connected to this sh***

So I said I'll do a quick test to see if Truconnect, too, is stalking folks, and that I'd request a change of number.

It's the typical pattern. It takes 20 minutes to verify yourself. They never find your number, then they stall and are as unhelpful as they can. I heard this one is a black female. They live-streamed the support call on their infiltrated VM.

Government scam times 3

The audacity of this black nazi community is unbelievable.

  • people receive SNAP benefits and don't pay (much) taxes, because they either cannot work, or work jobs way beyond their abilities and normal pay range
  • the government pays for lifeline service and SNAP
  • and then these harmful, foul individuals receive payment for their "services"
  • lastly, they get payments for the scams they run

Stalking by Truconnect

Just see for yourself. I cannot tell you how much I hate being a public person, and sharing all these embarrassing things publicly. However, adaptability is the most important survival skills. You have to be what you have to be.

Here's a list of RECENT calls to the Truconnect number. LIST The new number I received less than two days ago, is receiving spam calls, too.

This is a typical support call. Nothing special about it, except that it will have consequences.