There's a problem with the lawyer of the Exi I

I am not entirely sure what kind of framing and scam is going on. Potentially, more than one.

The person really died, and it's not unlikely that I would get a tiny part of their inheritance. However, I'm not sure why a lawyer in that city, who appears to specialize in other topics, would take care of it. The only "link" between my ex and Dreieich is from a fake phone call of Onision. You can read more about this HERE.

In Germany, and also the United States, Onision has used my image, deepfake videos, and he could do things with my IP from my network with my voice.

According to Onision, Marc has stolen a part of a small inheritance I should have received, but only received a small part. This has obviously nothing to do with my ex partner, but Onision is great at framing. He knows that I'm under pressure because he deletes emails, steals payments I'm owed, etc. I still know what's what, and that Marc has nothing to do with whatever is behind this.

There will likely be more traps. Onision watched Queen of the South and Harry Potter, and the most dangerous psychopath in the world is highly influenced by these two shows. Would that mean double/triple contracts? I don't know.

I would rather avoid posting more personal information on here. But my ex needs to know that Onision, again, might try to frame him for something he would never do in his life.

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