The public murder

If I suddenly stop posting or podcasting, you know what happened.

No dangerous criminal shot me in the head. A nerd gang, together with negligence and cowardice of law enforcement agencies, costed my life.

I never felt as emotionally and physically beaten in my life. Hopelessness is another emotion that's entirely new to me.

I have evidence on

  • murder attempts
  • thefts
  • technologies/methods
  • frauds, impersonations and much more

and delivered names, facts, faces to law enforcement. We found missing FBI agents, several vanished officials, people get attacked less with electronic weapons, or not at all anymore.

I got the attention of also-stalked mafia leaders, who so far did the most part (together with the armies) in removing gang stalkers permanently. Our over decades or even a century attacked Army, is getting back in shape, but is currently not more or less effective than an average street gang.

It's mafia, elite, leaders from other countries, who are helping - just not me, and I'm not sure why.

Why am I in a homeless shelter?

Every banker can see my open account, every police person can easily arrest any of the non-dangerous people killing me with nerd-tricks, and psycho terror that makes people who get paid to help too afraid to do their job.

My emails still messed with, in poor physical shape, I couldn't find a job. No, I've tried. If I - with my very attractive resume - send 800 applications, I might get 2 invites from gang stalker companies for disrespectful one-sided video interviews.

Once you stalked someone poor in America, you can slaughter them, even in front of everyone's eyes, if you want to.

That over 95% of all gang stalking murders happen in America is a logical conclusion of the negligence of law enforcement.

What am I going to do? File claims cases, hoping they remove the necessity to pay filing fees? Most of the stalkers use fake identities, and it's unlikely they'll ever show up.

The most difficult question is: Why is Martin Lindstrom not doing anything?

Well, he did. He sent 400K to my NBKC account, but they booked it on the second account in my name. They even booked 45K I received FROM the FBI there.

It's a race against time, and my mood today is that I cannot win it.

I need money, medical attention, and a positive environment.

What happened to your donations? The same group stole it via Gofundme PayPal. Why does he not send someone with some cash? Ask him if you can find Vanguard.

I'll publish a list later today with some of their ugly faces. And then you can explain to yourself why you're not going after these crack heads, pedophiles, wannabe hackers, and other scum that's as far from mafia as it can get.