Rules about Onision

The following rules apply to Onision under all circumstances

  1. Onision isn't confrontational. He doesn't argue with people who he doesn't partner with/who he doesn't own in some shape or form.
  2. Onision talks about everything. A profiler or psychiatrist who can stomach looking at this content will soon realize a pattern.
  3. Because he has a lot of crime to hide, Onision does not talk about people that could argue back. If he talks about people, there's a reason. He would change a name, detail, and think he's perfectly hiding the truth.
  4. Onision does not have real detractors. At least not the ones who publicly claim to be his "enemies." It's his accounts. If you're in law enforcement, just get the registration details of "detractor sites." These sites conveniently don't mention the potentially most interesting relationship Onision had. Where is Hannah Minx? She's said to have disappeared around Halloween. Then there's a growing list of other people I suspect have vanished.
  5. Anonymous Gene is a honeypot. Who follows the "fake copyright strike" advice not only gets their YouTube account deleted, but Onision will also know who they are. I got into a death hunt after using one of the numbers Anonymous Gene leaked. This super detective also never mentioned Hannah Minx with one single word.
  6. Except a video with Billy the Fridge (to establish "don't come here, I sue trespassers) Anonymous Gene is the ONLY witness to see Onision and his wife daily where they say they are. Chris Hansen heard a voice. Onision did fake voices back in 2004.
  7. Why did he not make slanderous videos on me? Where's his receipts?
  8. It's a circle of trickery, and Onision is a genius at multipurpose, repurposing. For instance, he would have call centers and work for legit companies where he gathers information. Then he has scambaiter channels on YouTube. He sells anti-ad software and anti-scam, and he does scams.
    Another example would be: He sells Snapchat, then a clone appears and next thing you know whistleblowers share information on critical privacy breaches or security leaks. Onision sweetens the deal by winning a considerable amount of former clients back.
  9. Onision has NO ego. He is an extremely talented, highly intelligent trickster. Also dumb in that he thinks he shows he can do a certain thing at a certain quality, people assume he can't do better. However, he can do everything he shows low-key professionally. From deepfakes to guest to host escapes, and whatnot. Think NO EGO.
  10. Onision shows low-key on his channels (whether it be the "Indian call center scambaiter" niche, mukbang, TCAP, gamers, drama commentary (yes, even Mr. Beast, Pewdipie, Markiplier are owned in some form of the other) what he does with sophistication in real life. For instance, he shows an ok fake bank on "Kitboga", but then tricks people in real life with perfect fake banks.
  11. Onision also doesn't promote products of others. According to himself, he is Vanguard. The truth value is irrelevant, as he doesn't own a single thing in his legal name. Not even his trademark or house. But he owns/infiltrates/hacks an unbelievable number of companies. You'll see some in the lookups.
  12. I'll repeat, because people don't get it. He has no ego like that. He doesn't care what you think about him, when he tries to get you or what's yours. People underestimate him. Even people who think they don't.