Psycho terror with AI hostages and stalkers

The biggest part of the gang stalking is the psychological horror effect. Onision claims that my ex-boyfriend is responsible for the world-wide gang stalking, while I am convinced it is him. Whoever it is, it is certainly not my ex partner. I don't date sick monsters, and these are sick monsters.

They belief they're working for a mafia, and it gives me the chuckles every time. They are mildly intelligent street betas. Lowlifes.

Onision is a sick monster, though. While I am writing this, Onision changed the tune to “it's his (my exes) people without his knowledge.” I'm not entertaining any more from my perspective unverifiable psycho terror stories, but in this or any other case, he should probably know.

Whoever is trying to frame Marc, might get him on the bad side of the American government, as these beta clowns run around killing people, and telling them it's a CIA-funded US government-led “test.” Really, a test without any reporting of results? Read also "Targeted Individual Conversation" HERE.

Read my opinion on that nonsense HERE. And, yes, they told me too that the US government wanted me dead. They read a few tweets and posts back to me and named them the reason.

If the US government wanted anyone dead (and I'm not saying that for a second I believe they kill random people over an opinion) I would be. If my ex were what they allege he is, and he wanted me dead, I would be. I attacked him hard when I was convinced he was behind all the stalking.

I know that most of the alleged “hunters” were just AIs. They sounded idiotic, they had no knowledge of the people they play (it's effortless to fool people when they're half dead, targeted with an airborne drug that messes up the brain, electronic weapons, little “favor doers” and these sick individuals know just the right mix of no sleep/no food/no drinks/horror noises/pain guns/ microwave (suspected) weapon targeting to make you your most gullible.)

Like, wouldn't you show the slightest hint of respect and read a chapter on Wikipedia, if you want to impersonate Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Edward Snowden, Nick Hanauer and Elon Musk? These beta murderers don't have knowledge of even the most simple facts.

They don't have the accents people have, they speak German, and they claim it's "the machine." Really.

While these criminals might blackmail the people outside the brain-rape connection they force on me, it's impossible that they are who they say they are.

One of the variations is that “his people are trying to take over his business” (whatever that is supposed to mean.) How does killing me help in taking over a transportation company? The only one I heard talking about him potentially being a criminal is me. I actually started the rumor because I was stalked since 2004, and thanks to deepfakes and much more, it was impossible for me to think anything else. I reported my ex to the German police, German FBI, US police (Lake County Sheriffs, Fox Lake, FBI Chicago.)

However, it's Onision who calls himself (Netflix style) Pablo Escobar. Or because of all the shady asset deals I found, I'd like to spell it like Pablo Escrowbar.

This is one of the few articles that don't come with facts. Lookups with information from legit data brokers, verifiable lists of “people to ask”, conversations with actual email headers, memory dumps, and much more make it seem unlikely that the victim, not the perpetrators would be declared insane.

One of the killers even gave me a membership card with potentially identifiable information. Sounds more like street than "mafia" to me.

My description of the events and situation can easily be verified with a simple trifield EMF detector, that I cannot afford anymore at this time. And then it can be reverse engineered where this is coming from, and who is pretending to be the people listed further down.

I ordered a jammer that would immediately remove the forced connection by removing the ability to connect to me. It's sadly stuck in Border Security.

However, (and we'll look at several links to potential medical billing fraud) it would typically be the victims who receive further punishment through a schizophrenia diagnosis.

While the technology used to infiltrate a person's mind is uncommon, and typically not used in personal stalking, they is far from unknown. The US military had a section on their very own website.

Don't take it from me, read for yourself HERE.

One of the most surprising things is that incredible amounts of people got declared crazy over sharing how they get targeted with KNOWN electronic weapons.

Nothing ever checks out or makes sense

None of the alleged hostages have any knowledge on any detail of their businesses. They appear to be mildly intelligent. Or less. Nothing ever checks out.

Ever since the death hunt, it appears a group of AIs or actual people that are of low intelligence and didn't take the time to study as much as the Wikipedia description of the people they try to impersonate, are forced by Onision in some .. mind reading? connection with me.

That might sound science fiction, but it is more like sick stuff you just normally don't read about because you're a decent human being, and that stuff should not be in the hands of civilians.

Going by this simple fact, one could rule out that it's the people Onision names, and that theythemselves repeat every day they would be these highly intelligent people of high morale that are witnessing the death hunt on you.

Potentially so that you would get declared crazy when you repeat what the few real stalkers operating the known

Elite hostages

Edward Snowden - for being uncomfortable and sharing too much information that bothers Onision. However, he pretends he's not even able to secure my laptop. What he did is deleting my games from my hard disk. I'm not sure if that is such an advanced skill.

Jeff Bezos - allegedly blackmailed. What I can see is that it's more than likely (I also found a potentially missing AWS staff, see HERE) that there are problems in this support and possibly IT.

Bill Gates - allegedly blackmailed. Support seems to be in Onision's hand. See how they tried to frame him HERE. Or watch all the crimes looking up a simple Bill Gates troll led to HERE

Honestly, it's too dumb to even finish the list. One doesn't know any key figures about “their” business, the next doesn't know how many books he sold of the book he's so proud of.

Legal Implications

Obviously, watching someone die would have legal implications. I cannot confirm whether any real people are forced into this connection. It seems highly unlikely that people who could get real police on this case would watch me die, knowing that they already committed a severe crime by witnessing the near-deadly murder attempts and kidnapping.

It seems likely, that a few real individuals are forced into this.

One call by any influential or not too weird person would get real police on the case. A simple jammer would get each of the alleged stalkers or hostages off this forced connection.

At this time, after being in this brain-rape horror nightmare for nearly seven months, I cannot assume positive intentions any longer. They know they will have me back on the street in a few short weeks, and they just sit it out.

It's easily possible to reverse engineer who is connecting to the victim.

However, if you're an AI, perpetrator or random person, you might just not have the power to pick up the phone, call the police, and say that you're forced to witness the murder/kidnapping of another person. Or if you're a captured criminal who was trying to take over another criminal's business (Onision.)

What they can do is reroute my calls. Drop my connections. Mess up everything else, and you can see a lot for yourself with receipts.

Onision's declared goal is that I cannot earn a single cent, and that I will die on the streets. If you read only a few of the articles that are already up, and also, for instance, the fact-filled, evidence-based information on technical problems I suffer, you can see that this is true.

The fact alone that these people for seven months now effectively keep me from getting help (by deleting emails before they are seen, hacking my computer, re-routing calls, and then some) shows the most evil of intentions.

Every attempt to report the horrible crimes committed against me, was blocked by these beta trolls. They claim Onision's "weapon" would make thinking and acting rational impossible for them.

Well, what a great reason to watch someone die. At this time, they are a worse concern for me than Onision, who never read my thoughts. As long as they are around, he will not stop screaming psychopathic stuff every five seconds with a high-pitched whiny voice.