Money Mart Cashed Checks from Stalked-to-Death

Wow, this company is genuinely evil. I tried for half the day to find a bank or whatever who is willing to cash in my cashier's check from stalker bank NBKC.

Sadly, the NBKC psychopath stalker who is in 63067 Offenbach, promised the local stalkers (there are many here, as it's one of the few street death hunt routes) 400K of my money if they refuse to open an account for me and to cash out the cashier's check.

I knew Milwaukee is one of the hotspots, but little did I know how bad it is:

I recommend you bookmark this link HERE:

Hearsay (from the source): The stalkers

  • Were offered by NBKC Bank that they can split 400K from my account 2 (with over 500K on it), if they refuse to open a bank account for me or cash in my check. But I also have to die first.
  • Yesterday, NBKC offered a gang stalker fake cop my 3,800 USD from my primary account.

However, they don't recruit new banks/currency exchanges/Western Union. If the call gets streamed on the gang stalker server, it's because I called a number administered by them - a mass murderer, Illuminati.

This company didn't pick up the phone.

I found irregularities in the list of folks associated with this site. Example:

The following investigation by a superior panel of high-integrity bankers who joined the fight against the Pedominati/Illuminati, lead to horrifying results:

In addition to the scams they all do, and the stalking of people marked in their CRM/call management software, they

  • cashed in checks of people who they stalked to death
  • cashed in checks of dead and still stalked (like myself) folks with a fake identity
  • the fake identity didn't have to be presented. It's not even a physical fake ID
  • Money Mart received a percentage.

Just wow. Don't expect a court trial for these folks.

These Illuminati have send our Troops into several fake wars. There was no war. It was a money and weapon-theft scam, and a death trap for our soldiers. They've been killed by gang stalkers, from afar, with electronic weapons.

Sadly, the black community and Turkish community (who just tell victims "You're not who you say you are") are responsible for most of the deaths. They are the only ones killing regular people and soldiers.

The pedos kill a few, because they have the most to hide and lose. Then there are a few low-level drug dealers and wannabe mafia. But they don't go after regular folks, they don't write or influence policy to get everyone sick and miserable.

I stop here. It's a horrible day. Still no clothes, not one dollar, nicotine withdrawal, stalked in the CRC (weekends are more problematic), horrible inflammation that affects my whole body now, damage from yesterday's infrasound attacks, etc.